My Sister, Focus on Your Purpose Instead of Your Pain!

“Jesus looked at them and said, “Then what does this Scripture mean? ‘The stone that the builders rejected has now become the cornerstone.’ Luke 20:17

Everyone has experienced rejection in their lifetime. Let an employer tell you they don’t need you anymore after you’ve worked so many years helping to make the company rich, or let someone tell you they don’t love you anymore after you’ve invested so much into the relationship. This can cause even the best of us to turn into a completely different person. Rejection can make us do things we never thought we’d do, say things we never thought we’d say, all because we’re hurt that someone slammed the door in our face. Jesus was fully acquainted with this feeling. The Bible says, He was the stone the builders rejected, but He became the chief cornerstone. Jesus was rejected, but He became. Instead of letting the rejection of man bring out the worst in Him, He chose to become who He was sent here to become—the chief cornerstone. He focused on His purpose instead of His pain.

How was that possible?

We all know the damaging affect rejection can have on us. However, we must also know the powerful healing affects of receiving God’s love and acceptance. When rejection is at its highest peak in your life, that’s when you must receive God’s love and acceptance the most. Find everywhere in Scripture where God declares His unconditional love for you and what He thinks of you. Ask any woman of God who has bounced back from rejection and she will tell you the only way she was able to heal and move on with her life was because of the love and acceptance of Jesus. He promises when we come to Him, He will in no wise cast us out (see John 6:37). I challenge you to receive God’s love. Receive God’s acceptance. Receive God’s purpose. Receive the loving people He sends into your life. You may have been rejected, but you can still become everything He predestined for you to become. Let God bring out the best in you, instead of letting people bring out the worst in you. Be healed in Jesus name from the hurt and go on to live a wonderful and blessed life!

Prayer: Father God, I thank you for speaking directly to my heart. Whenever I experience rejection, help me focus on receiving your love and affection, and becoming all you purposed for me to become. I receive your love and your acceptance. And I choose to grow in wisdom and grace with every challenging situation I face. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

“…Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love…” Jeremiah 31:3

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20 thoughts on “My Sister, Focus on Your Purpose Instead of Your Pain!”

  1. Thank you for this mighty word during a time when I have been facing rejection it seems on every hand. I will walk in my purpose and not my pain. I deserve the very blessings God has bestowed upon me and my family. Pray for us Saints.

    1. Praying for you both, Natalie and Karen! God has already wrapped his loving arms around you and will give you beauty for your ashes. He is our comforter and fortress!

    2. Thank you so much for sharing this awesome word from God. I am so blessed even through the trials that I’m going through. Oh Lord “Make me and break me again and again.”

  2. It seems rejection has been a mark on my life. I was rejected as a baby, a teen an into adult life. The pain I endure daily at work. I keep asking why. I just want a touch from someone. I know Christ loves me, but the pain is so real. I want to be free from this ugly spirit. Prayers needed so desperately.

    1. Praying for you sister. I too have had a life of rejection. I can relate to your pain. Praying that the Lord shower you with His Love and acceptance. That you would know He is near. 💜

    1. Amen that is the truth. God is my light. And shining honor he will never. Leave. Me nor forsake me. He loves me I am. His child. Thank you for the. Wisdom and. Mercy and Grace you have given me.

  3. I needed to hear this. I have faced so much rejection this year that I feel like maybe God doesn’t even hear me or my prayers. I am so alone.( literally) The ultimate rejection came just a month ago when my 14 year old daughter all of a sudden decided to accuse me of neglecting her so the judge would let her live with her father. Her and her dad have lied and said horrible things about me to get their way. I am a follower of Christ and have been for 14 years & my daughter was raised in a Christian home. None of this makes sense because she was fine when I put her on the plane In June for her summer visitation with her dad in another city. She never returned and all of a sudden has turned against me. The pain I feel is like nothing I have even known. I will cling to the truth that God will never reject me.

    1. My prayers are for you Natalie. You’ve been serving God for fourteen years. Stand on his promises. Remind yourself of His promises, daily. We hide His word in our heart for times like this. What God gave you the enemy can’t take it away! If you dedicated your daughter to the Lord – remind Him that you dedicated her to Him. Realize she is in His hands and He will not let anything happen to her. Don’t keep your eyes on the circumstance instead keep your eyes on God. Keep your faith in God. Stand. Trust. Don’t waver. Rebuke the enemy, bind Him in Jesus name. Ask the Lord to open your daughters eyes and to give her wisdom and to remind her of His presence and love and of your love. Pray for her safety and for protection over her. Claim victory over this situation and give thanks to God for what He is going to do in your life and hers. Also pray for the salvation of her father. IJN. Amen

  4. Hello, please pray for my country Turks and Caicos Islands as hurricane Irma strengthen to a category 5 this morning. This storm might hit us directly or come super close to us.

  5. That’s a wonderful confirmation from the Lord. I went thru a break up recently and I’m crying and mourning everyday because it hurts.
    Yestarday night I noticed some of the things I was going for the ministry before that was left unfinished and I was about to tell God that I don’t feel like doing it till he brings me and my ex back together. Then a scripture came to my head “Trust God and Do Good”. I knew that God wants me to obey and Him and no matter how hard it might be, but focus on doing things for His kingdom.

  6. AMEN AMEN AMEN Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Thank YOU my LORD JESUS. thank You my Sister Keisha LOVE And GOD BLESS You ALIHA Always Sister Chrissy

  7. Everyone needs to feel loved and wanted. Run into Jesus’ arms and stay there. He will cover you in his love. He will lead you into what your purpose is in this life. You will feel safe in Him.

  8. Thank you Father for loving and caring for me.for healing me from my pass hurts . I Love you Jesus. ❤😊😙

  9. Praying for u as well Francine and all you lovely and blessed ladies. God is in control! We are daughters of the KING that means we are VICTORS!

  10. Thank God for this opportunity. I can express my hurt and i know God will fix it fr me.
    My sister and i shared a beautiful relationship alm these many years and the devil allow turn my neice to turn against me and they have not or wish to speak to me. I am very uncomfortable and it pains my heart very much. I have been praying and am sure that Jesus will fix it for me.
    Thank you Lord fr answer to my prayer. I call it done in Jesus name. Relieve me of the inward pain dear Lord.

  11. Oh Lord I ask You to PLEASE put Your Loving Arms Around ALL MY DOTK SISTERS! Sisters, read Proverbs 3:5-6..Trust In The Lord With All Thine Heart & Lean Not Unto Thine Own Understanding..In All Thy Ways Acknowledge Him & He Will Direct Your Path..
    Rejection is a BEAST! That heartache is oh so real & sometimes so hard to recover from..& You constantly ask..WHY..WHY ME..WHAT DID I DO..WHY..WHY..WHY?!?!
    That’s where Proverbs comes in..Lean NOT To Thine Own Understanding! You’ll drive yourself crazy trying to figure things & people out..Turn it ALL over to the Lord..your hurt, anger, questions, loneliness..EVERYTHING..TURN IT OVER TO THE LORD..HE’LL WORK IT OUT & GIVE YOU PEACE!
    Be Blessed, Stay Humble & Encouraged!!!
    God Bless You Sister Keisha for this BLESSED, WONDERFUL & ENCOURAGING FORMAT💕

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