My Sister, God is Your Ultimate Provider!

“And my God will liberally supply (fill until full) your every need according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus” Philippians 4:19, Amplified.

Nothing puts a strain on a marriage like financial pressure. As God’s daughter, I’m supposed to look to the hills from whence comes my help, but my husband and I had reached a point in our marriage when I was about to head for the hills. The landlord was threatening eviction, the refrigerator was empty, the water was cut off and our car was broke down. That’s enough to make any woman want to leave. Everything in me wanted to say, “You know what? I can do bad all by myself!” Oh but thank God even in my emotions, the Holy Spirit reminded me that as much as love my husband, God is my ultimate provider, not my husband or anyone else. He is the source of everything I need. And once that truth settled deep in my heart, I was able to stop feeling so angry at my husband and our situation, and was able to focus on letting God help us get through it. Not only did God help us through it, He blessed my husband with a job making twice his salary. Everyday he goes to work praising God for His faithfulness and goodness, and I praise God for helping me to trust Him!

If you are in a financial crisis like we experienced for so many years, know that God will meet your needs even when your husband is unable to. Maybe he is sick and unable to work, or he may have been laid off, or is in between jobs. Or, you may be a single mother and having to work and take care of the home all by yourself. Whatever the case may be, know that the Lord will provide for you and your family. He will bless you with supernatural provision and will see you through every trial.

There’s no need for you to go around slamming doors, throwing dishes and throwing a tantrum because your husband isn’t providing. Turn all of your attention and focus on the Lord and say with all your heart, “Lord, it’s hard, but I trust you. I trust you will take care of me when my husband can’t. I am Your daughter and You are my King. You are my ultimate provider and my source. I place all of my expectations on You. I ask that You fill every lacking place in my home and every lacking place in me. Strengthen me God. Encourage my husband deeply and help us to know with confidence that everything will be alright because You are our God and You are our provider. Get us through this and lead us into your blessing for our lives. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

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  1. God Thank you for supplying all our needs.Thank you that when we need the encouragment you are on time God .And thanks be too God for DOTK and for all my sister’s I love you all

  2. This is soooo on time as usual. I Thank God for my Sister Keisha and for her obedience to God and HIS will. I have been missing out on you Sunday Evening teachings because of prior obligations and I REALLY miss that connection because It has helped me through sooo many trying time. How can reconnect, are the teachings on this site???? My email is below, please let me know. Thanks for ALL you do!!!! 💕

  3. Oh dear sister I too can relate. Remembering when I had to get fuel assistance for us stay warm, and food stamps for us to get groceries, and ask for money to stay in our home, and it’s a hard “go through” but Oh God is a rewarder of those you diligently seek Him. Yes my husband did get a better job and God provided. Help us Lord to keep our eyes on you and trust you and keep giving through it even when it’s like “How can I ” Oh God you honor even the widows mite. Lord when you see our hearts it’s like you don’t even have a choice. You open the windows of heaven and pour us out blessings that we don’t even have room enough to contain. Thank you Father. Please bless and care for all my DOTK sister’s in Jesus Mighty name 💜

    Thanks for the words of encouragement this morning it is confirmation for me. I am a single grandmother raising my 6yr old granddaughter. Last month Jan. 2, when the temperature was well below zero, my furnace decided it was done heating my house. I woke up and my house was freezing. Even with my home warranty, I needed to pay $1900 out of pocket, needless to say I didn’t have it. I started talking to God and praising him. I started speaking his promises over my life. I told him I couldn’t do it without him, and that He was gonna have to work a miracle. I contacted the gas company who put me through to a crisis program. On Saturday they came to my house and installed a new furnace, FREE of charge. That’s the God that I serve! Now Here I am a little over a month later and I have no gas service to my house because the line on my property is leaking. Well one thing is for sure, I know my God is not limited. I had a peace about me. My thought was all right God what you gonna do? I just started praising Him in advance. I was told that to replace the line could cost up to $10,000. Tears of joy, cause even in my mess, He still loves me and is providing for me. Again I contacted a crisis program who forwarded my information to another organization. The plumber just left my house, having me sign some papers. On Monday morning they will be here to replace the line. FREE OF CHARGE. GOD is still in the miracle working business. I am blessed to serve an Awesome God. Be strong in your faith, hold on tight, you might have to wait a little while, but everything will be all right. People are watching you, draw them to God, by your actions and responses to the situation. Remember you may be the only bible they read. 💖 GOD BLESS YOU ALL

  5. Bless you sister Margaret. You blessed me greatly with your life changing testimony. Yes, God is always on time. Our attitude in our moments of crisis speaks volumes of faith and trust in God. It is very heart warming to realise that when we leave everything is His care, He makes our worries His business. Dearest sisters, no matter the situation, Jehovah will not rest until His promises concerning our lives are fulfilled. The devil had to give way because he realised that instead of an empty room leading to sadness, it rather led to high praises going up to the throne room. May this be our story . Yes, He who has called us is faithful. I love you Lord!

  6. Thank YOU my LORD FATHER GOD” YOU are my provider in every area of my life. I trust and believe that YOU will make the way. Deliverance Healing’s spiritually physically and emotionally, Breakthrough in my ministrie finances relationships In YOU” my LORD” I Put my trust. Thank You Sister Keisha Dotk Ministrie GLORY TO GOD Hallelujah for this timely message, your dotk this morning was confirmation from our LORD Hallelujah.Things have been intense one thing after another this time it felt like when? my LORD” when? This morning I receive in my phone teaching encouragement 40 days prayers from Pastor Rick Warren. I gotta tell You I started crying as I received his teaching and praying along with him i sence a Breakthrough coming Seem like the things that was happening in my life seemed forever and I thought had I come to a place where I was losing my faith and my hope in my LORD. No!!! I realized GOD LOVE me enough to show me what I was doing wrong and How I needed to do it right. Okay here’s the tears again thank YOU my LORD for YOUR LOVE Grace and Mercy and YOUR Faithfulness. I thank YOU FATHER GOD” for Providing the way Provisions Breakthrough in every area of my life. Thank YOU my LORD for 1 Samuel 30:8 this morning. And David enquired at the LORD. saying , shall I pursue this after this troop? Shall I over take them? And HE answered him, Pursue; for thou shall surely over take them, and without fail recover all. Whooooooo I receive this word knowing that GOD Will bring restoration and recovery to my life. Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Thank You Again Sister Keisha Dotk Ministrie GLORY TO GOD” HE set You your Ministrie on my path my life as HE has with all my Sisters our families people in our lives Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah….. What a Faithful LOVING Merciful FATHER GOD and KING HE Is. Thank YOU I LOVE YOU my LORD FATHER GOD” JESUS” HOLY SPIRIT” THANK YOU my “KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS” GLORY GLORY GLORY…….. I LOVE YOU all, my Sister Keisha Dotk Ministrie thank You for Your LOVE Prayers And being apart of my life. And all my dotk sisters your LOVE testamonies your prayers our family in CHRIST. Thank YOU IN our LORD JESUS CHRIST Mighty GLORIOUS NAME AMEN LOVE GOD BLESS You all Sister Chrissy Honolulu Hawaii

  7. Thank you God for my jobs when my husband was messing up thank you for supplying your needs I give all the glory to you God hallelujah thank you Jesus I depend on you and your strength in your mercy in my finances and I’m settled to be debt-free and I’m a praise God right now in the name of Jesus I will help at home that I can call home being a homeowner if it’s God’s will to allow me to be a homeowner and with my little bit I’m trusting God with everything that I have to use everything wisely and God in the midst of everything I plead the blood of Jesus on whatever they enemies trying to attack us with but I know my God is able to supply all my needs and I thank God right now in the name of Jesus Hallelujah tears of joy in my eyes I’m walking by faith God thank you thank you for my little bit to bless others to do what I’m supposed to do the money that you give me God that you allow me to get you work with me with it in the name of Jesus hallelujah thank you Jesus hallelujah thank you Jesus in the name of Jesus Amen

    1. Peace & Blessings Sister R.J
      If God Is For You..Who & What Shall Be Against You!!!
      No Weapons Formed Against You Shall Prosper!!!
      Love Always💕

  8. I love this message!..Thank you Lord for being my provider. I am grateful for this reminder that you are my strength and my provider!

  9. Thank you fir your obedience to Our Father. I’ve been reading your daily messages and cannot go a night without them. I’m a single mum with two children but am blessed by Our Father to have a supporting family whom help me and if I wasn’t fir them I couldn’t work. God is good really good even when it gets tiring God is always good. Praise you Jesus and thank you.

  10. Amen..Amen..Amen!!!!!!
    My God..My God…I don’t even know where to tell how many times the Lord has provided for ME!! So I’ll just leave this testimony right here…..
    🎤God provides, so why do I worry about my life..
    When You come to my rescue a thousand times..
    Every other voice it is a lie..
    God provides..
    God provides..
    In ways I can’t explain & can’t deny..
    The little that I have He multiplies..
    Just when I feel He won’t show up on time..
    God provides..
    He’ll come through..
    When the clouds of doubt rain down on you..
    And test everything you thought you knew..
    Now you finally see what God can do, for you..
    So tonight,
    Close your eyes, there’s no more need to fight..
    Watch God provide..
    Watch God provide..
    It’s hard to say when there’s no food to eat..
    Or what you see feels all that life will be..
    And will this be another year of misery, for me..
    But my faith, can’t survive on just things I see..
    And my feelings can’t control my destiny..
    See God I only want what You believe for me..
    So tonight,
    Close your eyes, there’s no more need to fight..
    Watch God provide..
    God provides(yeah, He will provide)
    God provides(before your eyes)
    God provides(oh He will He will) provide
    God provides(yes, He’ll step right in, in the nick of time, yes He will)
    God provides(He’ll open up the windows of Heaven)
    God provides(and pour you out a blessing, you won’t have room to receive, yeah)
    So tonight,
    Close your eyes there’s no more need to fight..
    Watch God Provide🎵
    Lord, Please Continue To Bless & Shine Your Light Of Love Upon Your Obedient Servant Sister Kesha, Her Awesome Team, This Amazing Ministry, My Sister Felicia, My DOTK Sisters/Family💖!!
    Be Blessed, Stay Humble & Encouraged!!!
    Love Always, Your DOTK Sister In Christ, Wendy💕

  11. Sister Keisha,
    This message specifically is my exact position as I type, I’m a single home owner facing everything you testified about. Yesterday was my breaking point, I cried for hours off and on at the hurt, embarrassment and disappointment of where I am BUT I’m still trusting God and remaining faithful, He deserves all my praises and I will continue to give them to Him. I know God has a plan and I’m determined to stand still and listen, and move when He tells me. I asked Him to send me a sign, whisper or something so I would know and I click on DOTK this Sunday morning at 6:32am…tears of joy, relief and praises to you and everyone who wrote their testimonies!!
    I’ve been following you close to 2 years, my cousin told me about you and I’ve Ben sharing and telling everyone I know. You’re posts and scriptures always seem to be so closely related to “our” situations at the time and you keep them REAL!!
    Just want to say Thank you for all you do, and thank you for allowing God to use you!!

  12. These prayers, stories and comments are food for my soul. God bless you all for this! I need it like the blood that flows through me!

  13. Hallelujah !
    Jehovah-jireh my provider.
    He’s an on time God… When everything is falling apart in the natural, Father God is working it out in the supernatural.
    Thank you for that on time word my sister….

  14. Wow, what an amazing God we serve. While reading from my computer I rest my phone next to it. As I look at my phone I notice it started to go on other apps. I said to myself, what this phone doing. So I picked it up and saw Daughters of the King came up. So I started to read some of the devotions that had already passed headings. I continued reading until I reached the one that read: My sister, God is Your Ultimate Provider! Lord, I thank You. I keep reading along. After I finished, the tears roles down my cheeks and I started to repent. Can I tell you, the words came alive. I said to myself this is so true. That message came through at the right time. I can truly say that was for me. What an awesome God we serve, hallelujah. I thank God for using you to share your testimony …so that I can truly depend on him. Lord, I give you thanks and praise. May God continue to bless & favor you as the mighty God uses you to encourage others. Lord, You are worthy of our praises in Jesus name, Amen.

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