3 thoughts on “DOTK Live Prayer with Kesha Trippett | “No more labels”- Video”

  1. No more negative ,destructive, toxic and demonic labels. Father forgive us for labelling people negatively ,help us to be uplifters and not down trodders. Help us to call sin by it’s name and still love people like You do. Help us to always look at ourselves and our sinful state so we could remain humble Lord. Father let no weapon formed against us prosper, no evil et or negative words against us prosper, in Jesus name. Father by faith I claim completely the new identity that You have given to me and help me to encourage others to do the same, let me not forget Your promises and let me walk in my destiny in You Jesus, thank You for allowing us to be Your children, a very esteemed position, send Your Holy Spirit upon us so that I can act and behave. Continue to pursue us Abba, relentlessly till YOUR WILL BE DONE,IN JESUS NAME,AMEN.


  2. Father, thank You for this message from Your heart to Your daughters to give us assurance in knowing that as we come to You daily. The Potter of these clay vessels, that You are the One that have created us, shaping us, molding us to be what You have called us to be!! As we come to You daily, we can rebuke the stars, dots, and stripes that individuals try to put on us because we are made in You image and likeness that You have put everything we need already inside of us. Father, and with the trials and tribulations You are undressing us and dressing us making us new as we continue to put on the garments You dress us with. Being “New Creations” in You. Thank You for Your unfailing love. I love You, Father, but You first loved us. 🙏🙌🙌🙌✝️


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