People are our greatest investment.

Hi DOTK Family! Kesha Trippett here. I’m convinced the greatest investment we can make is not into the stock market or mutual funds, but into the lives of people. People are our greatest investment, and so far, DOTK has been able to give $500 into our partner ministry, Operation Refugee, but I know we can do much more to help families who are living in Refugee Camps across the beautiful continent of Africa. Operation Refugee is designed to give people a hope and a future. I ask that you will (1) Visit their website, (2) Learn what they are about, then, (3) Prayerfully consider sponsoring a refugee or simply giving a one-time donation. Please visit today!

Love and blessings,

Kesha Trippett

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4 thoughts on “People are our greatest investment.”

  1. Thank you Keisha for the information and an opportunity to be a blessing. I pray needs are met and Almighty GOD is Glorified! ♡

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