Praying for Those who Experienced Loss

Dear Readers, a sister of ours by the name of Pamela, lost her daughter in a car accident. Her daughter was only 19 and was entering her second year of college, and she knew the Lord. Because we are our sisters keeper, tomorrow morning we will be praying specifically for Pamela and for anyone who has experienced loss of a loved one. Please join us. God is going to move in a very special way. πŸ’›

DOTK Live Morning Prayer
6:35am-7:05am EST

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27 thoughts on “Praying for Those who Experienced Loss”

      1. Father God have mercy upon Pamela. She needs you now like never before. Comfort her heart by granting her your peace which passes all understanding. In Jesus Christ name we pray.

  1. I pray that God will comfort and give peace to Pamela and all her family for the lost of her daughter. May God’s grace and mercy be with them through this time of sorry. I cover them with the precious blood of Jesus Amen…❀

  2. Yes Oh Lord pur your loving arms of comfort around our sister Pamela in this terrible loss. Please let her feel your presence like never before. Lord we come together as sister’s in the Lord holding up her arms like they did for Moses when he was too weak and pray, like you did for them, you will do for Pamela and part this Red Sea of sorrow for her to make it to the other side with peace in Jesus name..Amen❀

      1. Amen…..Father God WE, Pamela’s DOTK Sisters..are in agreement with Sisters Keisha & Lynn…WE humbley come before You lifting up our Sister Pamela & her Family in their time of sorrow, knowing only You can be the Comforter & Peace they need right now. These Prayers WE Pray for OUR Sister in Jesus’ Holy Name AmenπŸ™‡
        Be Blessed, Stay Humble & Encouraged!!!

    1. Amen His grace is sufficient. My heart goes out to this sister and her family .psalm 23 The Lord is my shepherd . Yes though I walk through the valley He will comfort me.x

  3. Dear Lord, we come to your throne asking you with tears Lord to comfort your daughter Pamela! Pls Lord fill Pamela’s heart with you peace, mercy and love. You are the only comfort for her now Lord..
    It’s done in your precious name my Lord Jesus Christ..

  4. My prayers go out sis Pamela and her family so sorry for your loss I pray God comforts you and holds u in his loving and surrounds you with his peace and comfort and strength in Jesus name amen

  5. Dear Pamela,
    Jesus said “Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted. Peace and Love to you and your family at this very difficult time.

  6. So sorry for your loss. I pray that Almighty God keep you and your family in perfect peace and strength as you go through your time of bereavement.

  7. My condolences to you and your family during this difficult time. I Lot my daughter at the age of 4 in 2009. I was lost but God comfort me. My word to you today my sister is that I am here and I know the pain but God can give you peace and understanding. In Jesus name I pray Amen…

  8. Pamela,
    I am praying that our Father in heaven will give you and your family peace that passes all understanding!! πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ€—πŸ€—!!

  9. Father drew close to my sister Pamela today and the days to come. Blessing to her and her Family with your presence. I love you Jesus

  10. AMEN! The LORD comforts those who mourn. I pray FATHER GOD wraps her in HIS Loving arms and guide her through with peace and the assurance that she will see her baby girl again. In the name above every name JESUS, Amen.

  11. May the Lord comfort your family and give you all strength and grace this trial period. The Bible says “say to the righteousness it is well”. Be consoled in the Lord knowing that your daughter slept knowing God.

  12. May our heavenly Father hold you and your family in His everlasting arms. As a mother who has experienced this same pain, I know that He will rock you in His arms, like none other. And, because He is so gracious, He will patiently and lovingly wait for you to let Him in again…

  13. Father in Heaven, in the Name of Jesus
    I ask that you would comfort and give Your Divine
    strength to Pamela and Her Family. Heal the mother and
    all the family, in Jesus Name, Amen

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