Raw Forgiveness

“For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you” Matthew 6:14, NIV.

For most people when we hear the words “forgive them” our skin begins to crawl. It has to be the most difficult thing to do when you have been hurt and emotionally scarred. And I’m not talking about forgiving them with empty words, I’m talking about forgiving them wholeheartedly to the point where you are compelled to earnestly pray for them frequently. It’s all the more difficult to do when you have to face them often.

But the Lord has commanded us to follow His footsteps in everything, including forgiveness. We must forgive others just as He has forgiven us. Now a days people forgive certain things but not all. It’s like we have a “severity of offense” checklist and we go by that list in order to forgive like Jesus did. We are so wrong, my friends. The moment God forgave us, He didn’t go by any checklist, He entirely forgave us because without His forgiveness we wouldn’t have access to our eternal salvation.

The opening scripture tells us to forgive in order to be forgiven. Although this can be a hard truth to receive, it’s ultimately for our own good. How? Because forgiving them, detoxifies you!

Forgiving others is about you, not them, so it’s in our best interest to live a toxic free life. We will always encounter betrayals and offense, but we must forgive right away and refuse to allow the toxins of unforgiveness to pile up. However, if we refuse to wholeheartedly forgive right away, we will be like an atomic bomb waiting to explode. Unfortunately, we end up hurting innocent people. Let’s be wise and obedient. Let’s forgive and be set free.

Prayer: Father God, I can’t count the times You’ve forgiven me. So I freely give what You’ve given me. I release any unforgiveness that has been stored up in my heart for ____(fill in the blank)____. I forgive them right now by faith. I ask that You bless them and cause them to see Your love for them. I also pray that heal my heart, heal my emotions and fill me with Your love. In Jesus name, Amen!

(Read Matthew 18:21-25; Proverbs 21:13; Mark 11:25-26; Ephesians 4:32)

Penned by Evelyn Suarez

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22 thoughts on “Raw Forgiveness”

  1. Thank You Jesus for through Your death on the crooss we can get forgiveness and forgive. Thank You for setting us free from bitterness and bondage through us forgiving others who have grieved us. The harm done to You, God changed, unto a blessing for us through forgiveness. Help us not to hang onto any harm done to us but to forgive just as You forgive us when we repent because of wrong doing. We choose to walk in Your Love and forgiveness, to be set free of any bondage we are under because of unforgiveness. We love You and are eternal grateful for what You have done by setting us free. We praise Your Holy name. Amen

    1. Thank you Jesus because it’s not about them, but it’s about me.
      I do not want any toxins in my life.
      I’m healed by the precious Blood of Jesus 💜
      I want to glorify you and honor all the days of my life..

  2. Thank you Father God I have forgive him and them that have lied on me keep showing me your Love God forgiving and the heart is the key to God kingdom Amen Thank you God for my forgiving heart

  3. God, thank for extending grace to me; It’s your Love & forgiveness you’ve for me, why I’m saved today. Please help me to freely forgive just as you forgave me. It’s sometimes difficult to do but I believe if I’m in total obedience with your word, so I must forgive those who have hurt me. Compelled me God to forgive even when I finds it difficult. Jesus, keep my mind focus on your truth; lead me not into temptation God. I was created to do your will and live according to your word, in Jesus Name, Amen 🙏

  4. Amen. Thank You Father for forgiving me of all my sins! For cleansing me and making my heart pure, I sincerely thank You. I forgive every person who has ever hurt me. I forgive them all in my heart, through and by my faith in Jesus. You, my Lord, gifted me this mustard seed of faith, in love! You, rose above all other names for me, and called me beautiful. And then, You proved faithful! So, as I rise from these ashes, from the refining fire that burnt me down, my pride stands down, and I am wowed by Your love for me! It is surely from everlasting to everlasting! For it is You, Jesus, that has set me free! Your Love, Precious Jesus, is so relentless that I have never had a chance against it! I am so thankful for this! I am forever Yours; so make my heart pure, and free me from all toxicity! Purify me, detoxify my mind! Rewind the days, and splice away the unforgiveness that remains. Take away ALL the unforgiveness that still lingers in me! I desire to be set completely free in Your love for me! I desire to receive all that You have apportioned unto me! I don’t want anything to do with the darkness that nearly took me. I am a child of Light! I am a ray of light in Your hand. Release me unto the atmosphere! Brighten me up as such, Sweet Jesus! I love You so, so, so much! Thank You for Your touch! Thank You for Your everlasting love! Thank You for a heart to forgive and let live! Thank You for a heart to love and be loved! I want to be loved by You first and foremost! So, give me a heart that is open and full of light, that You may grow within me and enlighten me, and others around me, unto Your glory! Thank You for a heart to believe to receive to achieve! Thank You, Daddy! I am such a grateful daughter! I am so awestruck by Your faithfulness to me! I don’t deserve Your favor; yet, You grace me in it anyway. You paint me in beautiful grace, and sketch a heart within me that is fleshly. It bleeds dry, and washes my heart of stone away. The joys of taking refuge in You, I do taste! Yummy, yummy, yummy for my spiritual tummy! Spiritual awakening for dummies! That’s me, all unto Your glory! Lord, bless me and help me be like You! Help me have a heart that’s steadfast, faithful, and true! Make me loyal, loving and forgiving, just like You! Give me more and more lovingkindness, and selflessness! Less and less of me, and more and more of You! Shall my fruit be a tree of life! I shall capture souls, and be wise! Help me be righteous, Jesus! Help me be loving and forgiving, and drop every ounce of resentment or pain that still hands by a thread, in Your Blessed Name. I want my anger to be dead. Kill it, Jesus. I accept the death of it. I don’t want anything to do with the rage that has associated itself with my pain anymore. So, I shall close that door, and receive something more. My heart is Yours for the keeping. I trust and believe that You shall never, ever leave me! Thank You, Jesus, for sweet victory! You defend me, I just wait and receive. Thank You, Lord, for helping an impatient soul like me. Hurry up and wait.. that’s my way. But You always make a way for me! And You always remain! You always stay! You never, ever go away! You have never abandoned me, and never will! I stand still. You kiss me with the sovereign blessing gifted me. I receive, and bleed dry these wounds within me. I am so lost in Your love story, from glory to glory! From faith to faith, Your love story is written upon me, unto Your glory! This is just a piece of Your heart for me. You have so much more in store for me! I am just a piece of the big picture! The bigger picture is a mural of grace and glory around me! Thank You for making me a vessel to sail upon the sea of sorrows! Thank You, for setting a lighthouse upon the shore for a hope of blessed tomorrows! Thank You, for never leaving me, and for always loving me, unto eternity. What You sow, I shall reap! Then others shall reap what I sow in, in and through Your Glorious and Precious Name! I know that I shall never be the same! Thank You, Jesus, for always keeping me in Your safe keeping! Thank You for freeing me! Thank You, Jesus, for helping me set others free from the remorse and regret that torment them on the inside. I shall speak truth against the devil’s lies! Help me to be upright, and with my mouth, deliver those who bleed, instead of lying in wait for blood with wicked words. Inscribe upon me the words You desire to bleed through me. I am willing. I am yielding. I am an open book. My heart You took! My tears and anguish, You never overlooked. Write upon me, Daddy! Help me let go, and go beyond yesterday’s dreams. You are the Pen upon my soul! I know I am not alone! I do not go alone. I do not swim alone. I do not face my fears alone. I do not walk upon the raging seas alone! I do not cry alone. I do not fight alone. I do not die alone. I die with Christ, and in His sufferings, I share in His glorious life. When I die with Him, I live with Him! I rise, in beauty, strength, and dignity; and I am alive, with the breath and heartbeat of Love living in me! I am alive! I rise! The ashes fall away. I am no longer the same. I am renamed and remade. I stand in faith. My faith is in You, and You alone, King Jesus! You make a way, and I will just keep following You! I shall pick up every clue! I shall chase after You! I shall hear You and follow the voice of Truth! What I can do, build me up to do. Make my tongue and lips a fountain of truth. Let the truth spew, and let it rain down in gentle, tenderhearted kindness and unending mercies; relentlessly crazy, raw forgiveness upon those I am called to release. Grant me a heart full of compassion and Your passion in love! I need compassion beyond my ration. I need humility. I need longsuffering. What I shall receive, build my heart up to believe, and we shall achieve! Together, You and me, Jesus! Just You and me! You complete me! You heal me! You restore me! You never, ever, ever ignore me! Thank You, Lord! Thank You, Lord! Thank You, Lord, for always, always being more than every obstacle and trial I face! Thank You, Lord and Savior, for erasing my disgrace! Teach me to be full of Your mercy, lovingkindness, and grace. Let Your glory shine upon my face. Thank You, Daddy, for healing my heart. Thank You, Daddy, for taking me apart and setting me apart for You. Thank You, for this heart to love You with. Teach me to honor You and respect You, and truly love You with it… with my entire soul! It is not my own! Thank You for never, ever giving up on me! Thank You, Jesus, I owe my life to You. My heart is Yours unto Eternity! I love You, my Beloved! In Your Lovely Name I pray… Jesus, the Sweetest Name I know… Your Name is miracle-grow. You grow what You seed within me. I just receive. I believe to achieve, in and through the power and authority living within me, the saving power of Jesus! He shall not be moved, and I shall bend, but not break, in the winds that shall blow away all of OUR shame. In this final hour, I accept my new name. I am mercy. Thank You, Mercy begets mercy. I shall not forget. God bless the Mighty Name of Jesus! He reigns upon the throne of my heart! You build up the warrior in me. You have taken me apart, set me apart, and defend me upon the mountain of humility. I shall meet You in sweet victory! It is Yours already, I shall just receive! I receive the glory and honor You bled for. It is not mine, it is Yours! So in the Name of Jesus, I pray. It is none of my power, but ALL of you! JESUS, I LOVE YOU! Amen and amen.

  5. Thank you Father,
    For your saving grace. Lord I thank you for showing me the way to forgive, I don’t always forgive like you have commanded me to do so. But, through your loving grace and mercy and your spirit of forgiveness. I thrive daily to be more Christ like. Even when I miss the mark. Thank you Lord for your unconditional love.

  6. I never felt bad feelings no matter how much they hurt me and I always said we should feel sorry for people who thrive on hurting others because to do so you must be unhappy soul that the devil found a home in it , but what should I do when the evil is pushing me to fight back to save me and mine ? How do you do it peacefully without hurting them when they left no room for peace . If it was not against gods commands to take ones own life and end it to save what’s mine on earth I would do it in a second but they win if I do and I lose God . My road is at a cross point that I don’t know witch way is the right way . Waiting for a sign to show me where to walk Amen .

  7. Thank you Jesus that you died on the cross for my sins thank you for your forgiveness I have sin so many times only your blood could cleanse me of to able to be called your daughter what a gift I ask you let mercy be my path in this life not letting anger or hostile emotions guide or direct to not doing your will in Jesus name thank you for guiding my heart

  8. Thank you Father forgiving me of my sins.So many times,I made promises to you, and broke them but you forgave me and continued to love me. Thank you for your faithfulness,your mercies, your grace and your forgiveness.I love you Lord with everything in me.

  9. Thankyou for the gift of forgiveness . I felt the toxins today the bite the venom it went deep very deep. I felt rage and anger that I have not felt for years it was defiantly triggered by someone else. And I inquired of the Lord is this domevold deep seated anger coming g to the surface or anger at the situations and trials if today this week this month. Coming to head or someone else’s around me projecting there stuff on me. Prayed for discernment and wanted to process it out. I believe it was all three pretty powerful. Just made me sick. Trouble shaking it. But few times tonight went into repentance asking Lord show me and is there anything in me. What is my part. A few names came up anyways I prayed for them and myself. Also prayed yo go into courts of heaven to render verdict not guilty to forgive for any accusations or wrongful. Behavior icr committed and also against me anything holdingbuo judgment against me few people came to mind my mom. Funny these few people all mothers. .I truly forgave and blessed and released including myself. To stop judgments anything blocking my healing eating identity heritage and inheritance destiny. Tonight I felt healing in an instant as I do not want bitter roots. Don’t let the sun. Go down on your anger. Forgive your brother 77 times if you have anything when at the alter leave and forgive that brother. Lord forgive us of our tresspasses as we forgive thises that trust pass against us. Thankyoy for mypeace back pphysical healing emotional healing poisons be set free from and any venim toxins. Thank you for. My repenting heart thank you you care enough for me that you died for me and that I have beefirgiven and set free

  10. I thank God that you willingly forgive me of my sins. I thank you that your Grace and Mercy is new each day. Lord I feel hurt and disrespect on a daily basis from coworker, friends and family members. But your word says we must forgive in order to be forgiven, so I press towards the mark of forgiveness so that you will forgive me when I fall short. Praise God!

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