Real Love is Obvious

My sister, you should never have to look too far to know if someone loves you. It is clear based on how they treat you. If you find yourself making excuses for abusive, unfaithful, or immoral behavior and saying to yourself, “They really love me deep down inside.” No, real love is obvious. Love is an action word that shows in our behavior. It’s not buried deep down somewhere in the abyss of someone’s heart. It’s not something you have to strain your eyes in order to see a speck of hope. Someone either loves you, or they don’t. In many relationships, this is the harsh reality that people face. They come to the realization that their companion does not love them. As heartbreaking as this could be, it’s a truth that needs to be exposed and admitted to before they go any further.

The best way to know real love is to discover it in God. How does He love us? The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 13:4-13, “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”

Only the Lord can put this kind of love in someone’s heart. He plants His love in our hearts, and it produces visible fruit in our lives.

Prayer: Father God, I thank you for your wisdom. Give me the ability to discern real love. Help me to know real love when I see it and not make excuses for behavior that is not right. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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  1. AMEN!!! AMEN!!! AND AMEN!!!
    Love is a choice. If we choose to love someone then it’s our responsibility to show it. We should never have make excuses for love. I am so glad GOD loves me with an everlasting love! God bless You!♥️♥️

  2. Of all days this is the message! I have been wrestling with this all weekend, wondering if I’m too much and why my husband can’t seem to love me the way I need to be loved. We’re not newly weds, we’ve been at it for awhile. I have been going along to get along, being a trustworthy, dedicated wife and mother only to feel lonely and unloved.

    1. Wow! I was in this same situation. And this month one year ago, my divorce was finalized. I was asking and seeking God wknd (very emotional) about this decision cause I do miss him. So, I feel like this scripture is saying if you can say yes and he could say yes to all the above questions in 1 Cor. 13 then I was in alignment with Gods love for me!

      Have you tired to read the “5 love languages” & therapy helps too?!

      1. Yes. It gets better for a season and then reverts back to old patterns. He does not feel counseling is for him, but I go.

    2. Wow…I too was here. But God is so faithful to reveal the truth even though it may hurt. Believe Him…but love yourself too want better. Stay prayerful.

    3. The attraction of two people at the beginning of a relationship is powerful and exciting.
      Roll forward a few years into marriage and the shine may have worn off and the need to make the effort might fade with the riggers of everyday life but its at this time you need to both MAKE the time to simply sit together and reminisce over the things that drew you to each other and talk over the things you both need to bring the spark back into your relationship. True love will always surface eventually, no matter how beaten down by everyday day life you get, so long as you still respect and care for each other and keep Christ in your daily lives, you will be OK.
      God bless you both. x

      1. I understand what you are saying, but what happens if this has been going on for 10 plus years and is getting worse daily ? I prayed and is still praying but I’m so beat up now I can’t really pray. When I told he hate me wished he never met me or married me. Than what, where’s love in that?

  3. Amen yes Father God continue to help me to see the real❤ 🙏🏽🙌🏾Thank you Sis Kesha for delivering this encourage devotional Love you Sis 💞🙏🏽

  4. Thank you God for giving us this wonderful emotion. I pray that everyone who wants to be loved will receive the true experience. I thank God for loving me even when I didn’t love myself. Peace, Blessings and much Love ☮️✝️❤️

  5. Thank you
    I do have desisions to make please keep me in prayer
    I do love him but not sure if he loves me
    You are known by our fruits
    Maybe I don’t love him
    Our marriage is tough
    We just argue all the time and it’s only been 9 mo but I have known him for 3 1/2 years
    It’s just crazy we can’t come together
    Again thank you plz keep us in prayer
    My prayer is Lord let your will be done
    If is going to end
    I want to make sure it is of God and not me
    I know God hates divorce
    Thanks for True Love
    In your heart to share openly

  6. Yes, Jesus loves me, yes Jesus loves me. Yes, Jesus loves me for the Bible tells me so. 🎵🎶🎵🎶.

    I learned this the hard way. I looked for love in people and got disappointed in all areas at different levels of my life. It hurts but I have peace knowing the love of the Lord. It’s a blessing.

    Thank you Sis. Kesha for this devotional. Blessings, Shalom and Agape.🙏❤🙏❤🙏

  7. Amen!!! I declare I shall allow the HOLY SPIRIT to work in my life where GOD’s love is concern. The only real and true love. The fruit of love shall continue to permeate my entire bosy, spirit and soul. I receive this word wholeheartedly! To GOD we give all the praise and honor 🙌🙏💯💪😇

  8. To all my sisters who are touched by this message. Let me give you my testimony. Currently, I have to turn myself in for a warrant issued from a domestic violence case against me. Last year, in March, just 2 weeks after my 5 year anniversary, my husband came home drunk. He was so inebriated that he forced my 16 year step son to drive him home. The issue was, this young man was visiting from Florida, was not an experienced or licensed driver. The car was a rental and in my name. We live in Atlanta, all was a recipe for disaster. When my husband came upstairs I could see in his eyes he was eager for violence so I spoke calmly. I made no sudden or threatening movements. I pleaded with him to stop advancing towards me and continued to back away. He grabbed the keys and I snatched them from him and stood in front of the door. I did this because I knew my husband was going jump in the rental and try to drive. The last time he did this, he totaled my brand new Jaguar. The car was so destroyed, to this day, no one can logically explain how he survived with no broken bones. He hit me in the face with the door and I pushed him, he fell down the stairs and I knew when he got up he was gonna beat me. I ran and got a golf club and he snatched it from me and choked me, he picked me up and repeatedly slammed on the floor. I tried to run but he caught me and I grabbed the banister and held on for dear life. That’s when his son came out and said, “Dad! What are you doing?!!” He begged him to stop and let me go. He managed to get his dad to let me go and I ran upstairs and locked the door. At the time, our cellphones were off. I used my computer to call my mom and neighbor and asked both to call the police. My husband busted out all the windows. You could hear him bang the door down—he then tried to kill my dog. I heard my dog cry out and I opened the door. His daughter came out and stood in the stairwell to give my pup time to run and I grabbed my dog and locked him inside with me. My husband kicked the door open and came towards me but his son told him that the police had arrived and told him to get out of the room or he’s going to jail. The police went into the room where my husband was, first. I thought that was strange, but I am still new to Georgia and unsure of their laws. I could hear my husband crying and putting on the act worthy of an Oscar and Emmy. My mom overheard him and could not believe her ears. The officers came to me and asked did I have bruises (strange) I said I don’t know. I didn’t have time to check. They asked me what happened and I told them truth. They then asked me to stand up and place my hands behind my back. I was shocked. As they placed handcuffs on me, my husband kept getting in my face. He laughed and mocked me. The police had to ask him several times to get back. I went to jail for 4 days and 3 nights. Fast forward, I forgave him and stayed with him. I just received in the mail a Notice from the court that I had been charged with 6 counts of battery. Although my husband never pressed charges, the state picked it up. I had no idea about this since the last time I called, I was told there was no hearing scheduled. What hurt the most is that my husband promised to go down and give a statement to clear my name. He never did. I was so angry at the raw revelation of this man’s heart that I asked him to pack his things and leave. I thought about how at the beginning of this year I filed for divorce but withdrew it because I love my husband and believe in our marriage. Only to see that my husband never loved me. He does not know what love is and never reflected fruit that confirmed his love.

    My sisters, the Bible clearly defined the fruit (character) of love. Paul provided the analogy that marriage should look like Christ (husband) loves the church (bride) in that he sacrificed His very life for her. We have to stop using the world’s definition of love which is based on emotion and not God’s which is based on Christ’s character. It may hurt but you have to be accountable for choosing to give a man access who doesn’t reflect godly character. We do not have enough advocates in the church who are willing to hold these husbands accountable. It is a shame. Women are literally dying or are wrongly incarcerated because no one is holding these men accountable. God would NEVER yoke you with anyone who would not love you the way God commands. Forgive yourselves and ask God to help you discern what is good for you in matters of the heart. God’s gifts blesses and adds no sorrow.

    I am preparing to turn myself in. I have cried out to God and know that He is with me. I run towards this storm with 5 stones and a slingshot. Goliath will fall but I most then chop off the head. That is the hard part. I have to leave my marriage for good. My identity as a wife and supportive spouse must be severed because of my husband’s error before God and my inability to discern what is of God and isn’t. Because I didn’t know God’s character, I missed, ignored and overlooked all the flags. But praise God! I am here to testify. Be strong in the Lord my sisters and in the power of His might. Clothe yourselves in spiritual armor and know that your weapons of warfare are not worldly but spiritual and are constructed as to be very successful in what you wield it in. Our God is a consuming fire and is a very present help. You are loved and valued by the Most High!

    1. Dear Nikki, Thank you for your Heartfelt Testimony. I do apologize for what you have to go through as a devoted Woman Of God. We’ve all made terrible mistakes (Including Myself ) when it came to discerning and ignoring the “Red Flags” that are so easy to see now as we look back.
      We shall stand on the Promise that God will work “All Things ” out for the Good to those who are in Christ Jesus.
      I Pray that before this situation gets any worse for you that “Divine Intervention ” will be Gods weapon of Warfare.
      My Sister, Keep your head up and continue to look to the Hills to whence your Help comes from, learn from this, Press Forward towards the Mark and continue to Fight the Good Fight of Faith❣️
      (🙏🏽 For You❣️)

      1. Thank you so much for the encouragement, sis! I am looking to Jesus, the author and finisher of my faith.

    2. I pray that the children will open their mouths and speak the truth Be ye steadfast, unmovable always abounding in the word of the Lord. You trust in Him He will do the rest, love you and prayers up for you

    3. Nikki, thank you for sharing your testimony. It will help so many women. I pray that God moves mighty on your behalf and all charges are dropped. In Jesus name Amen

    4. The most dangerous time for an abuse victim is when she is trying to leave or has left. Most murders of women by their abusive partners occur at this point. They also fake being loving and caring to avoid incarceration (hence they want you to stay plus they love abusing). God wants us to use the brain he gave us and other people such as domestic abuse NGOs to ensure we are safe. Blind faith without taking action is dangerous. God doesn’t want us to not wear seat belts in cars (thinking we can have faith that we don’t need one). So be careful. It’s best to have an escape plan but do not make him know. Also do not tell anyone except on a need to know basis. On social media abusers find information to track down and abuse/stalk also. Friends, acquaintances can inadvertently tell him information especially since usually abusers have a charming facade to the outside world, and manipulate.

      1. Amen! Very important. Thankfully, my husband is under God’s judgment and is not able to harm me. But for others please be wise!

  9. Yes MA’AM!!! This message is right on time. I’ve been dealing with hateful speech from family members for years and I just had to come to the realization that it’s not love… even in my family. Love seeks to build up and not tear down… So I’m now in the process of making adjustments. The idea of separation from my family hurts, but for the sake of my soul’s healing, I have to do what’s right for me.

  10. This devotion as so many others are messages from God. If I miss reading my morning devotion, go through my day, then read it later it only reveals to me – seek God’s face early in the morning each day and he will direct your thoughts and path for the day! Thank you Kesha for being a vessel. God bless you

  11. This is a sad post , because in all reality,if we are married for 1 year or 30 years, we fall in and out of love through out are married life ..I am not saying abuse is ok at all…what I am saying is the enemy is always at work to try and kill still and destroy are marriage are family’s and are relationship’s. And I know with out a doubt are most powerful god can and will restore everything saten stole….if we truly let him and really lay it all down at his feet and leave it there amen🙏

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