Sit with your victories.

“But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our LORD Jesus Christ.” 1 Corinthians 15:57

For a while, I had believed God for something dear to my heart. It was one of those things only He could make happen. Well, He blessed me with what I had been praying for, and after I praised Him and shared the blessing with my husband, I began talking about the next thing I wanted God to do. My husband said, “hold on, I think you should sit with your victories longer instead of moving to the next thing.” He was right. So we got down on our knees and worshipped God for what He had done for me. Tears began to flow as I praised God from my heart. We later celebrated with a favorite dessert and talked about what God had done.

My sister, God loves it when we talk about His great works. He loves when we take time to sit with our victories–small and great. Let’s not be in such a hurry to move on to the next thing, the next prayer request, the next problem we need fixing. Sit with it for a while. Get all of the spoils from your latest victory. Celebrate and “build an altar” to commemorate what God has done for you. What you receive from your latest victory will carry you into the next one.

Prayer: Father God, thank you for the victory you have given me. I worship you and praise you for doing what only you can do in my life. Help me not to rush to the next situation I need you to handle, but sit with my victories longer and bless you for what you’ve done. Help me celebrate more every victory because you are good. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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  1. Yes and Amen!!! It is important to praise God and be thankful when we experience a blessing or an answered prayer from our Heavenly Father. It also is good for us to pause and absorb the result. Especially because we tend to be forgetful when another hardship occurs.

    1. Hello my sister!! Glad to have you back.
      Thank you for the reminder to slow down and enjoy the blessing.


  2. Good morning 😃 Mrs. Trippett I’m glad you had a peaceful and restful 2 weeks with your family. Thank you again for all the Devotionals of Daughters Of The King,

    1. Amen !
      I’m so blessed by these devotionals and share them with my sister who is unsaved and battling cancer
      Her heart is being softened and these devotionals are inspiring to her as she puts it
      Thank you for this ministry and blessings ton you and your family

  3. So glad your back 💞
    The wisdom God gives you is amazing. I pray He continues to fill you up as you give out to all of us.
    Annette 💞🙏🙏💞

  4. Amen receive that and welcome back Sis it is so good to have you back given that where God leads you to give a daily devotion where it is so needed in Daughters Of The King hope you are well rested by the blessing and goodness of God.

  5. Welcome Back … Well Rested and Rejuvenate to hear more of God’s Instructions to you for your Sisters.. Thank you I look forward to hearing from you Daily to help start my day!!! Your message today was is for me this morning for I am in my victory moments with my Diagnosis of Breast Cancer Thank God for the victories of postive Results caught in time..(Just Radiation Hallelujah) going through treatments to my Healing so yea I’m celebrating where iam Now for the victories and another day to tell it!!! before moving to any other Challenges that is ahead of me… Thanks and God Bless You 🙏🏿Welcome Back 💝

  6. Thank you for returning. I have been gone also for quite awhile my struggles grew and I became distant from others. I knew God was still there but struggled. I am searching for a Godly family to b a part of to pray with, fellowship, and grow. Thank you

  7. This is a timely message for me…
    Like a hummingbird, I tend to dart from one task to the other, from one answered prayer to the next… I praise GOD and thank Him for what He’s done.
    Though my expression of gratitude is sincere, my praise is too brief!!! I need to and I must “sit with [my] victories”!!! GOD deserves Greater Praise for the Great things that He does and is doing in my life!!! HALLELUJAH

  8. Amen🙌🙌🙌 God is good and he is the one who is taking us through the battles and taking us into the victories I believe it in Jesus name

  9. For the first time today I sat and read this recent Post entitled Sit with your Victories it was so refreshing like a cool drink of water when you are well thirsty. My thirst was quenched. I am so Blessed, thank You Jesus.

  10. AMEN!! It’s great to have you back. I pray that you got the rest and self care that you needed. I thank God for you!♥️♥️

  11. Welcome back!!!! I thank god for the wisdom and the words that he gives you daily, you bless so many people. I wake up eager to read what God has given you to share. I will sit in my victory and praise him in advance for my sisters healing she was diagnosed with breast cancer last week,.

  12. Amen Thank you Sis Kesha and God blessing continue and your life Love you and So glad to have you back ❤My Sis Kesha

  13. Welcome back! God is so faithful! I have had so many victories and was just talking the other day that I need to be more thankful and to share the testimony of His faithfulness and mercies to me! He is a good Father!

  14. Praise the Lord! Welcome back! Ive missed you and the Devotionals as well as the others prayers and comments.
    Im glad your husband is there for you. Im reminded of when I purchased my first home. The one I and worked for. After I moved in I really did not want anything else for years. I just wanted to bask in Gods goodness and be in it everyday.!
    At home.

  15. You know ,I caught my self doing this. But I thank God that I could recognize what I was doing wrongly. And ths world also confirms to me how much more I need to praise and give thanks versus ask.

    The Holy spirit ministered toe while I was in a tough situation last year and I kept asking.. the Holy spirit said to me
    ” if I do this baby girl you have something else to ask for ”

    Now, I see that God actually wants to praise more than I ask.

    Lord help me to praise more than I ask . And accept my praises .

  16. Amen Kesha! Your post warmed my heart and made me smile! You are a beautiful Kingdom wife married to a Kingdom husband raising Kingdom children all for the glory of The king (Jesus). May God continue to shine His face upon You dear one. May He richly bless your family. Thank you for blessing us with a glimpse of Heaven’s beautiful marriage/Union. Make it a beautiful journey!

  17. Welcome back my sister!!!! GOD is indeed good!!! I pray that He has honored your request in an exceeding abundantly above all you could every ask or imagine kind of way! I declare the more than enough blessings over you and your family. I Amen this word 🙌💞

  18. Amen! Thanks for the wise counsel as usual my dear sister. Gratefulness brings more victories as well. Welcome back! I missed your encouragement. I pray you feel re-energized to continue the work of the Lord. Blessings on you and your family.

  19. Praise the lord ,! I always become do overwhelmed with my blessings and answered prayer that I breakdown in praise and tears and when I try to tell my husband I cry with you! Sister you have made my day , just enjoy the spoils of your victory glory be to God! I thought about a hungry lioness with hungry cubs that hunt for food and when she has found it and taken hold of it she hived out a loud growl !! My ! My! She is thankful for her victory! She then take it and enjoy it with her babies resting for for a long time before seeking her victorious hunt again ! Hallelujah! To the lord above ,he provides our every need and will give us the desires of our hearts !! Thank you dear heart ,

  20. So sorry about the error in my spelling . Welcome back ! I have been reading old post just to keep my heart set on the lord. Do happy I stopped to enjoy your word this day as. Was already touched by the holy spirit as I was making coffee! What s wonderful feeling to be visited by the holy spirit of God!!!

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