4 thoughts on “Instead of asking God, Why, ask Who is this for? (Video)”

  1. Thank you, father God for being a God of everything in my life continue to do your will in my life and direct me and Kia be in the right path to go in my life in Jesus mighty name I pray Amen🙏🏾🌺 God Thank you Sis Kesha 🙌🏾🤣

    1. I just seen the video ask god who,and i can indeed say from my heart where my Dear lord Jesus sit that this was for me and I receive this message.i just was brought through a mental,emotional,and physical mess and now through our lord Jesus i am healed and i will give my testimony and glorify our father so yes i am 1 of the who you minister to
      Thank you from being a obedient daughter of the king🙏🏾🕊🕊🕊💕

  2. Thank you for speaking to my issues i will no longer be held captive to that dead situation Lord i declare to have a closer relationship with you I have been set free I’m healed and delivered continue with the words my dear sister that the Lord pours into you so that you will pour into me.

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