The Lord has given you fruit here!

“Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.” Matthew 7:20

One day, I found myself questioning God about difficult season He has me in. But God gently replied to me, “I have given you fruit here! Stop focusing on the when and focus on the why.”

Walking with the Lord will produce fruit in impossible situations. He will take your season and use it to sculpt you into a mature woman of God. The season you are in is a fruit-producing season! It may feel hard. You may be praying for it to end, but God says I have given you fruit here! With a hard season, comes mighty purpose.

Recognizing Fruit:

• Is this season allowing you to love more?
• Is this season giving you an opportunity to reach more people for the Kingdom of God?
• Is this season growing your compassion of others?
• Is this season teaching you to have joy and peace regardless of your circumstances?
• Are you able to endure long-suffering with the power of Christ?
• Is your faith multiplying?
• Is your heart changing?
• Are you maturing?

An easy breezy season may not produce the same fruit in your life as a difficult season would. God has given you fruit here in this very season you are in! This fruit will wear the face of love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, meekness, and self-control. This fruit will make the impossible possible and make a trial beneficial. You are in a season of fruit producing! Let it grow and let it show!

Prayer: Father, allow me to see the season I am in as an opportunity to produce fruit. I praise you for the fruit you have given me! Forgive me for focusing on my circumstances. Direct my focus on the work you are doing in me and around me. Thank you God for always being at work behind the scenes! Your ways are better than my ways! May my fruit glorify you!
In Jesus Name!

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28 thoughts on “The Lord has given you fruit here!”

  1. Awesome message on fruit. It is just what I am going through! Thanks so much for the encouragement. Be blessed!

    1. Thank you for the encouragement I will continue to stave to serve the Lord in all I do I do fall weak at times but never lost faith . Thanks again well taken

  2. Amen right on time message word God is so good cause I have been to much focusing on issue and allowing distraction I Thank God for renewal in my mind and knowing His will thanks for the word this morning as God use you this morning

    1. This word is EXACTLY what I needed for today. The season I’m in has been difficult to say the least. God is faithful always!! His love and mercy never fail. Praise the Holy Trinity, Father, Son (Jesus), and Holy Spirit.

  3. Thankful for your fruits Lord
    Learning to be obedient in your ways
    I need you every moment
    IN Jesus Name

  4. Thank you for this message that I have received on this day. May 25th it’s all that I have been going through thank you so much. Be blessed!

  5. To God be the Glory!I take comfort in knowing also that even in difficult season God will never leave me or forsake me,He is that very present help in times of difficulty and to know He will NEVER give me more then I can bare,Be encourage DOTK family, after we have been tried in the fire,were gonna come out like pure gold,and Gods GLORY is going to shine even more!!!!!IT’S NOT ALWAYS EASY ,BUT IT IS POSSIBLE, AND ITS PART OF HIS DIVINE PLAN FOR ME.ITS WORKING FOR MY GOOD!IN JESUS NAME!!!!IM STILL IN A HARD SEASON BUT GOD…

  6. God sends me timely Words. I am in a difficult season but I depend on Him to work His work in me that all might see that He alone is God. Lord cause me to Trust n obey you totally”total surrender”. This piece blessed me. God bless you all.

  7. What an amazing God we serve.Thank you for this devotional it really spoke to my heart.

  8. Thank you Lord for producing the fruits that I need and this season please God keep me ass you product the wonderful fruits that I need. I Trust You Lord with everything and Jesus name Amen

  9. First time, Thank you very much for letting the Lord lead you too help the daily struggle and stress we all endure throughout our lives. It’s been a very good blessing reading daily scriptures and thoughts. Be blessed always.😇🤓

  10. WoW, what a revelation ! Pastor has,asked the church to pray, for 3 days, as I began to pray, I asked God to reveal, what else, He wants me to do ! I thank God, often, for his extra compassion, that He has blessed me with As, I read, daily reading, this morning, a Light, went off, God wants me to minister to others. I am a hospice nurse, and I minister to others, often, but this is a different calling, He wants me to be a Witness, in the highways and byways
    Thank you, Sister, for the encouragement

  11. What a wonderful message ! It came just when I most needed it . Thank you Lord for the fruits you are producing for me in this hard season , I found myself . I appreciate you Lord , for your presence with me and I am sure my celebration of victory is guaranteed very soon in Jesus name .

  12. amen praise the Lord hallelujah this is so true praying for you today whatever state you are in allow God to use it amen

  13. Yes!! We can only manifest the FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT in times like this….”hard times always manifest purpose” Amen… lord pls see me tro once.. again

  14. Amen… Thank you for who you’re God, thank you that you’re in control this morning in spite of my circumstances, thank you for being ever present with me. Thank you Lord for reminding me I’m able to bear fruit & grow through you Oh God. Thank you for loving me & taking care of me; I believe I’m able to love and do all good through you Oh Lord. I give everything to you this morning. Amen 🙏 🙏

    Appreciate you DOTK sisters for sharing and thankful for the words of wisdom

  15. Thank you father for knowing me more than I know myself and for loving me the way you do.

  16. Most of all it is the LOVE…💌they will know US BY OUR…💭LOVE❗❗❗ 💪💘💪💯🎁💝💝💝🎉🎉🎉🎉🍒🍇🍉🍓🍎🍏🍌🍈🍅🍍🍐THANK YOU SWEET JESUS👑👑👑🙌🙌🙏🙏🙏👏👏👏👜👠👠 WE LOVE YOU LORD😘😘😘

  17. So, I am on my journey through the wilderness… I pick up the cross and change my bitter water to sweet water. Thank you Jesus for every trial.

  18. This is my life from begging to end! This messabe just changed my whole outlook on my life. I know the lord do very powerful things. Im dealing with the loss of brother 6 weeks ago who was murdered and im so lost and keep asking why lord but i know god has tons of reasons. This has taught me to love harder and focus on the important things in life. I know the lord is working on me and my life. I ask that u lead me througb this hard time that u have brougbt me to lord jesus i need you lord im lost help me find my way in jesus name amen❤️

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