The LORD is building your momentum!

“For by You I can run against a troop, By my God I can leap over a wall.” Psalms 18:29

Momentum is made up of weight and velocity. It’s how much you are carrying multiplied by how fast you are going. My sister and friend, you are carrying God’s glory and with every step you take in obedience to the LORD, you are building momentum. Pay no attention to how slow things may seem in the natural because in the Spirit you are gaining ground. I encourage you to keep going! Keep obeying God! Keep trusting Him! Keep following hard after Him and doing what He tells you to do! You will become like a fast moving train and the devil will not be able to stop you. He will get ran over every time as you tread over him. What stopped you before, won’t be able to stop you now. What hindered you before, will hinder you no more.

The LORD is saying to you today, “My daughter, you wonder how you will finish strong. It will be as a result of you letting Me build your momentum. As you carry My glory and run at the pace I have given you, it will cause you to increase in momentum. What a beautiful sight it is to see you moving forward in Me. What a beautiful sight it is to see you allowing nothing to stand in your way. I am building your momentum. I am building your momentum. I am building your momentum, and YOU WILL FINISH STRONG! Says the LORD”

Declare from your heart today: “The LORD is building my MOMENTUM and I WILL FINISH STRONG! I will pay no attention to how slow things may seem. By the grace and power of God, I’m like a fast moving train in the Spirit. I will keep on trusting in the LORD. I will do what He tells me to do. What hindered me before, won’t hinder me now because I’m carrying God’s glory and I choose to operate at His divine pace for my life. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

(Read Hebrews 12:1-3; Psalms 18)

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15 thoughts on “The LORD is building your momentum!”

  1. Hallelujah hallelujah in the name of Jesus I will move with God divine pace for my life and Jesus name Amen ❤❤ Thank you God for allowing this devotion ❤😇

  2. Yes Amen. The devil is on notice “I’m not giving up, I’m going all the way with Jesus” Thank you sister. I feel the momentum and I and all my sister’s will finish strong in Jesus precious name 💜

    1. Amen Lynne!! Yes WE will finish strong in Jesus’ Mighty Name!!!
      99 1/2 WON’T DO…WE’RE GONNA MAKE 100…

  3. Hallelujah! In the mighty name of Jesus I’m so excited about Allowing God to build my momentum because this time I know without a doubt I will finish strong!

  4. Goodmorning my LORD I receive I believe and trust YOU. Thank YOU FATHER GOD for all that YOU are doing in our lives GLORY to YOU my KING IF KINGS And LORD OF LORDS. I LOVE YOU SooOooo Very much . In YOUR GLORIOUS MIGHTY NAME JESUS AMEN AMEN AMEN. Thank You my Sister Keisha DOTK Ministrie GOD Is Sooooo faithful: HIS Powerful WORD Of LOVE illuminates through my heart giving me Strength and hope as I we go through these battles. You are Blessed LOVE N ALOHA Always Sister Chrissy

  5. Amen..Amen..Amen!!!
    Lord, Thank You for this on time WORD!!! I say “YES LORD, I AM & I WILL CARRY YOUR GLORY ALL THE DAYS OF MY LIFE”!! I WILL move at the pace YOU want me to move, not a second sooner! I put ALL my Faith & Trust in You Lord, I KNOW, YOU’VE got me covered & will let NO hurt, harm or danger STOP ME, I know there may be some trials along the way, but they WILL NOT STOP ME, from giving YOU ALL THE GLORY!!! Lord, I Pray that You keep Me & My DOTK Sisters/Family STRONG & CONTINUE TO ENHANCE OUR MOMENTUM & FAITH IN YOU!! Lord, I ask You to keep Your Loving Arms Around My Family today as we walk this last mile with my Auntie..I know it’s going to be rough for some but Prayerfully it will bring them closer to You! These things I Pray In Jesus’ Holy Name..Amen
    Be Blessed, Stay Humble & Encouraged!!!
    May God & Heaven CONTINUE To Shine Upon Sister Keisha, Her Team & My DOTK Sisters/ Family..
    Always Your DOTK Sister In Christ, Wendy

  6. Thank you, for this on time word. Confirmation that our God sees all and knows all that we are going through. DOTK I am grateful for the words of encouragement that you send out to your followers daily. For you are definitely doing the work of the Lord. I pray that my God will continue to keep His hand upon me and direct me in the way that I should go. In Jesus name. Amen!

  7. GLORY HALLELUJAH! This a now word for Me! I Declare every promise that FATHER GOD has made to me WILL come to pass in HIS perfect timing. Thank YOU FATHER for Loving me with a Momentum that CANnot be stopped!

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