The Lord will teach you how to live.

“I had fainted, unless I had believed to see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living.” Psalms 27:13

When all you’ve known is a destructive life, it can be difficult to see yourself living a victorious life in God. Because you can’t see it, you don’t move forward in it. It is a fear of the unknown that hinders you from pursuing Him with reckless abandonment. This is when He must to teach you how to live. What does it look like for you to overcome and let the Lord have His way with you? What does it look like for you to live victoriously? What does it look like for you to walk in His purpose for your life?

Take a moment and imagine yourself victorious in every area. Imagine yourself doing what He has called you to do. Imagine every trial you face making you stronger and wiser. My sister, you have not scratched the surface of the vision and purpose He has for your life. You have only tasted a small portion and seen a tiny glimpse of the life God wants to give you. You will be speechless at His love for you. You will be amazed when He helps you not turn back in fear. You will learn how to live. Your sins are forgiven and He will be glorified in your life.

(Read John 10:10; Psalm 103:1-5)

19 thoughts on “The Lord will teach you how to live.”

  1. Good Morning Queens…. needed this devotional so… God heard my cry😌 I thank you so very much for being a great woman of our Father… We are victorious in Him…

  2. Hi, this is uplifting but surely not every single Christian will have a super successful life. Jesus said all His followers will suffer persecution (maybe not all but most). It’s not true that every Christian will be happy or rich. That is heresy – prosperity theology contradicted by the Bible. But it is true this part => “When all you’ve known is a destructive life, it can be difficult to see yourself living a victorious life in God. Because you can’t see it, you don’t move forward in it. It is a fear of the unknown..” God’s plan often is suffering and persecution especially in the last days when only a remnant can keep the faith (Revelation). Sorry to be pessimistic but I’m just going by what the New Testament says. Prosperity theology is satanic – heretical. No disrespect I love your devotionals just find it hard to believe sorry. Although I guess we can have maybe some joy as well as misery(?) Plus a few might be blessed to be rich but being rich makes it harder than a camel to get through the eye of a needle than go to Heaven. ..

    1. I reread Kesha’s post and have to rebuke you my sister. Not ONE word in that post eluded to prosperity in material gain. Not one. Be very careful at how you misinterpret what another has been anointed to speak and you yourself not provide scripture to balance your rebuttal. There are many who are babes in Christ—yourself included, obviously that can read your response and become confused. Our God is not the author of confusion and this is not the place to refute what God has given to encourage others. You are out of order as is your response.

      1. I interpret the victory she is speaking of as successful pursuit of our God given purpose. Victory in Christ does not necessarily equal prosperity, and I agree that it’s important as a Believer to not confuse the two.

    2. We are rich in the knowledge that God has given us. We may not be on earth but our riches are in heaven

  3. Good morning, and thank you for being there. I appreciate the connection everyday with sisters, the isolation is very difficult….

  4. Amen 🙏🏽 Thank you father God in the name of Jesus for teach me your will I trust you in the name that you Father God continue to show me your ways in the name of Jesus Christ Hallelujah Amen again glory 🙏🏽I NEED THIS DEVOTIONAL MY GOD THANK YOU SIS KESHA ❤🙏🏽

  5. An on time word! See you in an hour. So grateful God blessed you to be in Houston today! Hallelujah! God made away for me to be there this time!!

  6. Bless the Lord, oh my soul. I can see my grandmother smiling from Heaven. She sung that hym often as I was growing up. Miss her to my soul. Thank the Lord for allowing her into my life and for her brining me to you, Christ.

    Its hard to see and understand the unknown but Lord please, remain in me, with us and allow us to cast our cares on you because you trully love us. I Love you Father, Jehova Jira and Praise your Holy Name.

    In Christ Jesus Holy, Precious, Wonderful Name. AMEN AMEN AMEN !!!

    Things that I have spoken about to the Lord is manifested in this Devotional.
    THANK YOU LORD for hearing my cry, May You get the Glory out of my Life❣️

  8. I must say this devotional is in agreement with my prayers. I can’t see through my past and current situation, I try and am asking the Lord for help. The last couple of days I thought why am I always waiting for bad to happen.

    Sis. Kesha, your obedience to Christ and this website is such a blessing. I thank you, you are very much appreciated. I need to pick up my mat with hope, trust and faith. I have to seek joy and pursue it. I say joy because I know happiness is only through what happens. The joy of the Lord will be my strength. For the Lord’s Glory..

    Blessings, Shalom and Agape.🙏❤🙏❤🙏

  9. I am in complete awe of God and in tears as I write this. I literally just sent a prayer request right before I read the devotional today. Typically, I read them first thing before I start my day. Everything expressed in the prayer and everything in the devotional were all revelation and confirmation for my situation. I thank you sister Kesha for being obedient to Abba and allowing him to reflect through you. This devotional has truly uplifted my spirit and I will rest and meditate on the scriptures provided. All glory be to God I am just filled with so much gratitude 🙏🏾

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