The Power of Release

“Casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you” (1 Peter 5:7).

When you are set on fulfilling God’s purpose for your life, you must remember to release people and situations to God. Why? Because it will destroy you and will hinder your spiritual progress if you don’t. Obey God and release them to the Lord. You can’t free them by your power. You can’t deliver anyone in your own strength. You can’t change anything about that situation by yourself. You can’t, but God can. And if anything miraculous is going to happen, it’s going to be by the power of God’s Holy Spirit. Don’t take upon yourself a responsibility God didn’t give you. Don’t worry yourself trying to figure out what you can do to save them. Do only what God tells you to do and then release it to Him. I know it’s tough, but you must know that God cares for that person AND for you. Give it to Him. Then, stand back and watch Him work.

God is saying by His Spirit, “I will do what I promised. I will save you and your household. Trust Me. Entrust them to Me. I can go where you can’t. I can see where you can’t. Nothing is hidden from Me. I need you to release them to Me. Give it all to Me, and you will see Me demonstrate My love and My power in ways you can’t imagine.”

Prayer: Father God, I thank You for speaking directly to my heart. I care so much for the people in my life, and I want to see them experience the life and freedom that I am experiencing in You. I exercise the power You have given me through Jesus, and I release them by faith into Your care. Because I am acquainted with Your love, I know You’ve got them. I trust You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

A Challenge for You: Make a list of every person you are carrying on your heart and mind. Go down the list and say, “Lord, I release ____(say their name)___ to You. I entrust them to Your care. Have Your way in their lives. In Jesus name.”

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23 thoughts on “The Power of Release”

  1. Goodmorning my Sister. Amen Amen and Amen. This a word of conformation to me. The lord was just speaking to me about, this last week. Praise God.
    It’s done.

    1. AMEN!!!!

      Thank you. Thank you. I just had a situation with my husband ad being its Valentines Day i had expectation, but it turn out to something else.
      I took a deep breath and said a prayer and exhale.(I release the situation in Jesus Name) Amen

      God has not forgotten and who am I to fight this battle.

      Happy Valentines Day DOTK Family……

  2. Thanks for the message, I’m dealing with family issues. I get inpatient sometimes, I get frustrated when things are not moving when I need them too. I know Gods ways are not mine. Powerful Revelation. Happy Valentine Day!

  3. AMEN! TY DOTK for this timely message. I’m reminded also:
    Psalm 55:22 Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.
    We serve a good, good Father. No greater love than His I know. We are truly blessed. TY Jesus.

  4. Thank you father God which ought in heaven for the gift of your Holy Spirit,thank you JESUS my Savior, my heart is so full of gratitude towards you all I can do is thank you lord for this is the will of God concerning me in Christ Jesus ,thanks out to DOTK Ministries peace be unto you.✌🌷❤💞💕Happy Day, in LOVE to All of my sisters and Brothers in The LORD JESUS CHRIST!!❤ from Sis. DELILAH💝🎈🌷✌💕💞

  5. Yes…I too release these loved ones that are close to my heart to you Lord. Have your way in them..Happy Valentine’s day all us sisters of the King♡

  6. This is so timely for me. For I struggle to leave situations in Gods hands, to truly rest & know that He IS working in my loved ones lives. He hears the pleas & knows the grief. Thank you for your ministry & the challenge of release. When I find myself picking up what I’ve entrusted to God, I will say this prayer.

  7. Thank You Father God that in You and through you I can experience peace about all that concerns me, thank You for giving me the opportunity to release the burdens and cares that weighs me down, I place them all at the foot of the cross.Help me not to pick them up again but to trust You when You say ” I’ve got this”. I love You Lord! 🙏💕🀄😘👏Thank You, Thank You. AMEN.

  8. Such a beautiful message…God bless all those who read it..
    God loves you and has got u covered..don’t worry .
    Be still God will fight for you. Wait in prayer…god bless you…god loves you

    1. She has a chance now to go to a 12 mo program faith program but is refusing and begging to stay with me. . Wwjd. do i give an ultimatum and ask her to leave its storming so bad here now. I think God has made a way when there was no way. Pray for her to take it. many say kick her out she has hurt you. It breaks my heart. i just pray and wait i do not know what to do and the bed will be gone if she does not agree to interview by tomorrow.


    1. I sure needed this today for my entire family but especially for my granddaughter Carrisa. who suffers from seug addiction and depression anxiety and several other debilitating things . Thank you for this reminder that He Is In Control. Amen .

  10. God’s timing is perfect! I am always amazed how he truly cares for me and demonstrate it each an everyday. In Jesus name he will fulfill his promise I give it all to you!!!!

  11. Thank you Father for this word it’s just in time for me and my daughter and her son little baby Gabriel thank you so much👶🙏💕

    1. Thank you Lord for bri g an on time God!..really what I Keefe to read at this moment in my life. .Glory to your name heavenly Father. ..praise God for you sister’s continue to let the Holy spirit you in this ministry. .Im getting conformation. .on the very situations am going through. .thank you sisters ..praying Favor and Blessings over every ones lives in Jesus Name Amen.

  12. Can all who can pray for Vanessa dealing with depression n anxiety n scared of side effects of medication Have one relative my daughter who is moving this weekend she is so mean to me with her words. Please pray that I get healed so that I can not endure so much pain Ty

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