The secret to walking in favor.

“And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man.” Luke 2:52

When we are facing a crisis in our lives, we often feel as though we need more favor. When every door is being slammed in our face, it can seem like God has gone on vacation and His favor has run out. Your back may be against the wall and time is running out. You may be wondering, “Lord, where’s your favor in my life?!” The favor of the Lord is what causes someone to do for you what they wouldn’t normally do for anyone else. It’s what causes people who don’t even like you to bless you anyway. It causes a way to be made when there was absolutely no way. It causes you to stand out from the rest, to win in life and to be successful. The world calls it “Luck”, but in the Kingdom of God, it’s called “Favor”. However, there’s a key to walking in divine favor. The key is growing in wisdom. The two are directly proportional. The more you grow in wisdom, the more you will increase in favor.

So many of us want favor, but we need wisdom. As a wife, I need constant favor with my husband, not so that I can get my way, but so that our marriage can be all that God designed it to be. So in prayer I ask God to increase me in wisdom as a wife. As a mother, I need favor with my children so they will respect me, so I ask God to make me a wise mom. As a leader, I need favor with my team members, so I ask God to increase me in wisdom as a leader. If anything is going to function the way God intended it to function, it will be because someone is walking in wisdom.

Wisdom and favor are closely related. So how do we get wisdom? The Bible says, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom (see Proverbs 9:10).” To fear God is to trust Him by obeying His word. It’s when you realize who’s in supreme authority in your life and you obey Him, knowing that He loves you. We can’t grow in wisdom by simply reading the Bible alone. We grow by applying its principles to our lives. The more you walk in God’s wisdom, the more favor you will see.

Prayer: Father God, yes, I hear you so clearly. I thought I needed favor, but now I see I need your wisdom more than anything. Help me to apply your wisdom to my life. I know you love me and you only desire the best for me. I know you care about everything I’m facing, but you need me to cooperate with you. Help me Lord. I receive your wisdom in every area of my life and I thank you that I walk in your favor. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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15 thoughts on “The secret to walking in favor.”

    1. This was an awesome devotional. To know that not a only do I need favor I need God’s wisdom on my job, at home and even dealing with my grandchildren. Thank you!

        1. Praise God For These Inspirational Daily Devotional Scriptures… They Have Truely Inspired MY Level Of Wisdom And Knowledge To Endure In This Kingdom Of God On This Earth..Thank You,DKM.

  1. Thank you God for Wisdom I ask for everyday. There’s nothing like God’s Wisdom it’s so amazing from GOD!!!! Thank you God In Jesus Name Amen 🕇

    1. Thank you Father for your daily favor thank you for the wisdom of seeking your face each day I love you Jesus


  2. Excellent! The Word says the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. To fear God means to honour Him for Who He is, the result is to walk in obedience through allowing the Holy Spirit to guide you thus to yield absolutely to the Holy Spirit . The Holy Spirit must sit on the throne of your heart. Thank you your messages are so powerful, they need to be read over and over and to be followed. Those who are absolutely sincere in their walk with God can drink it in and grow through practially living it. God bless you.

  3. Hallelujah thank you Jesus Lord you know that I need your wisdom each and every day of my life I love God’s wisdom and that’s what I live for the wisdom of God and God’s grace and his Mercy guide my footsteps into the wisdom of your hands Lord thank you for this ministry in their wonderful the devotion that they give daily in the name of Jesus continue to give me wisdom and you Lord Amen Hallelujah thank you Jesus tears of joy for God’s wisdom in my life and favor I’m waiting patiently and have faced so many trials in my life but through the grace of God I praise your name Hallelujah Amen and AmenAmen Amen

  4. Yes❗ Yes, LORD👑I hear👂💘💓💕💖💞 you clearly❗ 💗💓💕FAVOR ❗🏆💯🙋THANK YOU SWEET JESUS👑👑👑OMG❗😘🎁💝🎉👐👏🙌🙋🙏🙏🙏🙆💃💃💃DOTK😘Ty❗💌💜💜💜

  5. It’s late and I’m just now reading my devotional, I’m glad I did this really hit home for me. Thank you so much! I recently was trying to fight a battle that’s not mine is the Lord’s to fight for me. God gave me understanding of wisdom through this message today. Thank you. Good night.

  6. Thank you for this powerful message.
    Lord I ask for your wisdom this morning as a wife, a woman in the workplace, as a sister, daughter and friend and as a mother to be. Teach me your ways so that I may be fruitful. Holy spirit guide me and help me to lead with Godly wisdom. Amen

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