The Spirit of God is moving!

“And I will pray the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may abide with you forever— the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it neither sees Him nor knows Him; but you know Him, for He dwells with you and will be in you” John 14:16-17, NKJV.

Have you ever been standing outside and felt a soft gentle breeze pass by you? When that occurs naturally, it is the wind. When it happens spiritually, it is the Holy Spirit!

In the New Testament, we find the word “Spirit” (or pneúma) means spirit, wind, or breath. In the Old Testament, “Spirit” (or rûach) has a similar meaning.

My sister, God is moving by His Spirit, and you will begin to pay close attention to His move. You will pay attention when He gently nudges you, when He prompts you, warns you, corrects you, passes by you like a gentle breeze, or speaks to you in a still small voice. God is going to help you become more sensitive to His leading. You will trust that whatever He is placing on your heart to do, it’s going to work, and God will be greatly glorified in your life!

(Read John 14:26; 1 Kings 19:12; Romans 8:14)

21 thoughts on “The Spirit of God is moving!”

  1. 🌾Good morning Heavenly Father. Thank you for your gentle breeze and nudges of your warnings when you pass by me. And your still small voice telling me to Be Still. 🌾

    1. Thank you lord for helping us each and everday ….I have to say when I was in rehab we was all sitting around on the couch and we where singing Jesus loves me and I felt a big wrap around me I cryed and cryed I told them Jesus loves us nomatter what

  2. Thank you Jesus, for my helper, my standby that is always with me. Teach me how to be sensitive to His leading, nudging and His still small voice. God bless you, WOG!!♥️

  3. I wanted to have a better understanding of Pentecost, which has led me on this journey of getting acquainted with the Holy Spirit and his many attributes. I experience the Holy Spirit as feminine and often refer to him as her. I think some of my church affiliations made me feel as though the Holy Spirit is some external being that is activated by high emotional praise during worship, making one dance, run, even be slain in the Spirit. But, there is so much more! I feel like I have an entirely new relationship with her and a renewed understanding of the Word.

  4. Good Morning Sister Kesha, thank you for being obedient to the Holy Spirit. I thank God for you. I give glory, honour, and praise to Jesus for sending the Comforter, The Holy Spirit.
    God bless🙏💪🤗❤

  5. Thank Sis. Kesha. I really needed to hear this devotional. May the Lord richly pour into you all the blessings, you sending to His daughter, one hundredfold.

    I accept, agree, believe and receive it. Be it unto me as it has been spoken. For the Lord’s Glory. Blessings, Shalom and Agape.🙏❤🙏❤🙏


  7. Thank you for always allowing the Holy Spirit to lead you in your writings. Everyday I read the devotional it speaks the very thing God has already dealt with me. Thank you for being sensitive to the Holy Spirit in encouraging our hearts to continue the journey. God bless you and your family always.

  8. Thank you for this devotional.I needed to hear this.I need to draw closer to God so I can be more sensitive to Him leading me.

  9. Thank You for DOTK… The Lord and The Holy Spirit is Working upon the hearts of all His children to have an intimate relationship with Him. I am grateful for the devotional readings they testify and confirms that the Holy Spirit is Alive and working to bring us all closers to Our Father.

  10. I know God is moving in my Life. Certain things are happening but God is doing a New Thing. Bless Me Indeed. Bless you Keisha T. For all your devotionals. They really help me.
    Relissha Collins
    Memphis, Tn.

  11. Father, Thank you for this site that blesses me each day I rise. Thank you for Your Spirit living with in me enabling me to live according to Your Will. I can’t thank You enough. I love You
    Much love and many blessings to you all.

  12. Lord, I love You!!!
    Lord, I trust You!!!
    Lord, I receive what it is You have for me today!!!
    Fill me up Lord!!!

  13. I have been so blessed by these devotionals. I dicovered your site a few months ago. My husband of over 34 years passed away completely unexpectedly this past October. My daughter had literally just recovered from chronic Lyme disease after having struggled with extreme fatigue for several years. She was beginning her senior year of high school. She and her dad were very close. My youngest son has Down Syndrome. He is mentally about on a three year old level. Socially he is on a four to five years old level. His chronological age is 27. My second son is 29. He has been living with us for most of the past three years as his brain was seriously affected from exposure to toxic mold. God has completely restored his mental abilities. We are so thankful, as he is a software programer. I also have a 31 year old married son.
    I am thankful for all of the people who have prayed for us. I strongly believe that prayer and praise are what have held us up during all of these trials. He is faithful and, beyond a shadow of a doubt, He can be trusted to care for His children.

    I am excited about the songs on the playlist, but I have been unable to view them. Is there another link that you could post? Thank you!

  14. Amen!!! Good morning from Australia. I send my love and prayers to you Kesha-appreciate you everyday! Im sorry but the link for playlist hasnt worked for me…is there something i am doing wrong? Cant wait to have a listen😊

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