The Trauma of Poverty

“Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers” 3 John 1:2, NKJV.

My husband and I came from a life of poverty. We know what it’s like to struggle and not have enough to do what we need to do. We know what it’s like to live on welfare and walk away from it because we wanted a better life. Sometimes you can know what God’s word says, hear all of the prophecies, and know the promises of God, yet still struggle to believe any of it because of all you’ve experienced in the past. Maybe you’ve struggled for so long you don’t know what life looks like any other way. Don’t let the trauma of poverty keep in you in poverty. Don’t let the fact that life’s always been a struggle cause you to believe that it always will be.

The trauma of poverty can cause you to see the financial promises of God, but never enter into them. It can hinder the very desire to apply yourself to go after it. Jesus has made you free and that means you are free in every sense of the word. Now it’s up to you to make forward steps toward what God has put in your heart to do.

When you’re saying to yourself that something has to change, and when you’ve reachedย  a breaking point, that’s an indicator that it’s time to breakthrough. It’s time to apply yourself. God desires that you prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers.

Prayer: Father, thank you for your word. I long for this area of my life to change. I want to experience your promises in my life. I want it to be real for me. Help me believe. Help me to apply myself. Help me breakthrough. Help me to not be afraid. Remove trauma from me and anything hindering me from moving forward and applying myself. You’ve given me power to get wealth, now it’s my time to do what it takes to get it. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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29 thoughts on “The Trauma of Poverty”

    1. I needed to read this. For so long my struggle has been so real. I came to a point earlier this week when I told myself this is just what it is for me.

      Thank you for this message

  1. This totally was on point with me today. I have been struggling w so many things. Gods got me. He always has had me but it took me to long to know this. Jesus i praise you and thank you everyday for life. For beauty in life. I praise you Jesus and I’m learning in growing closure to you everyday and finding my purpose. I love you and thank you in Jeuse Name Amen

  2. In the name of Jesus I give thanks as I take charge over my finances. I will be a lender and not a borrower. I have ample supply and I thank the lord that I can use it for the right purposes. Amen

    1. You words is a wake- up call to the promised words of God! I am the head& not the tail, above&not beneath.BLESSINGS in Jesus name!

  3. This is for me, in my finances, but also regular trauma, thats all i know, lord help me because i dont know what it feels like to not be in trauma, help me to be free in you, you have forgiven me and are know helping me set my life right, injn Amen

  4. Hallelujah I needed this word right here just morning thank you Father God continue to have me to go in the way that you want me to go in my life remove trauma in anything that’s hindering me in my family to move forward for God’s purpose we have suffer for a long time but through God’s grace God I trust you to see my tears thank you lord Hallelujah for your word Amen

  5. You game me confirmation about my current circumstances but I Am Staying In Faith For A financial breakthrough. Thank you God for your faithfulness at promise.

  6. Thank you father for who you are thank you that we can come bOldly into your throne room and pour out our praises our need for forgiveness and our daily bread. If we sisters are in his throne room with a loving father then we shall
    Know he will open doors blow down strong holds for his child that he loves more then we can know. I love you sweet Jesus diane

  7. I hear You, Daddy. You are talking to me. I don’t know how to change this mindset in me that defeats me in truly believing that things can change for me and my family, drastically. I open today’s devo, already feeling alone in my struggle on this side of the front, and see You say that I may be letting the trauma of poverty keep me in poverty. In reality, that is what kept me in poverty in spirit, all the years of my life, isn’t it? I was so traumatized by my childhood that I couldn’t change that mentality that I was not good enough and not anything anyone wanted or valued. Yet, You stepped in and broke that devilish curse! The trauma of poverty in my heart and life kept my soul alone, all of my life, sewn into the garments of worthlessness, afraid in shame to approach the Most Worthy of them all, King Jesus! You let me out that cage door, Lord. You rescued me from the dungeon in my soul. Now, I struggle against my own mindset and the mindsets of all of those around me. I am oppressed heavier by the enemy, and You speak straight to the heart of me. I hear You, Daddy! You made a way through this stubborn mindset caging me in! I hear this! Make a way for me to do this! I am anointed in courage of the Lord. It was yesterday that I said again and again and again, I can’t take anymore! I can’t take anymore! I can’t take anymore! And yesterday that You showed me if I don’t step up to the plate, I could be trampled upon in my own pursuit of You. It didn’t happen, but You opened my eyes to it. My soul had to go to a place that left me gripping onto You, wholly and completely, in the midst of religious mindsets. I went there and faced the shame of my name in the heat of the battle at the pivotal point in the game. The devil tried to scare me. It didn’t work. I picked up the faith and grace You gifted me! I didn’t keep it wrapped up without opening it up! I opened it and rejoiced in the joy that exploded before I even read the words You said to me. My discerning heart just caught up, my Lord! I am reading the message now, my Lord! “I am close to the brokenhearted and crushed in spirit. I have chosen you. Many are called, few are chosen. What are you doing? YOU are chosen. What are YOU going to do with what I have gifted You with?”

    I can’t do that yet, Daddy! That hurts too bad! Isn’t all this enough? I don’t want to do that. I can’t do that. It hurts too bad. I want to do this at my own pace. I lie and say I trust You completely. Yet, do I really? Is that why You wanted me to pray to remember my memories? I still can’t remember all of them anyway. I don’t write my life story for the world to read! Do You know how much shame is in that for me??
    You say, “My Glory is in that for you.”

    Okay, honestly, I don’t at the depths of me still see how that will help me. I know You say lean not on my own understanding. I know why You do. I know why You tell me my thoughts are not Your thoughts and my ways not Your ways. I know! I know! I know! My mind dares not go there! The demeaning and worthless mindset inside of me is bound in the Name of Jesus! Help me, Jesus. I don’t just fight the strongholds holding onto me. I will be fighting every person’s shame around me! You can’t be calling me to do this. This is nonsense. I have never been able to tell the truth. I am a denier! I live in a family of deniers! They all have forgotten our childhood plights. How could this heal my family? Is that not what You said to me we are doing? Healing and restoring these realtionships around me before I move out to something Yo have prepared for me! This is a small town and everyone will remember the girl I tried to kill again and again! They will remember and taunt my children, as if that doesn’t happen enough. They already tell my daughter I am crazy!!! You are kidding me!!! Right??? No, no, no!!!! I looked up and saw that picture of me above my mirror and You said I will put that picture in the book!!! No, I won’t!!! Help me more, Lord! I am sorry! I want to be obedient! This hurts! I hid from my shame and humiliation all of my life, to have You erase it and tell me that I have to drudge it all back up!!! Didn’t I do that here enough?? This was not what I was thinking!!! I was not going there in my brain!!! No way!!! God, break through!

    “What are those words I kept giving you? Jesus breakthrough. I am doing that for you. I will make a way for you. Your temper tantrums do nothing to Me. I hug you when you are done. I know that porcupine hug well. I hugged you right out of hell. You are scared and that’s okay. I am blowing courage on you this day.”

    Stand down fear. Stand down to the power and authority of King Jesus. I come in the Name of my Lord and Savior. What is that anointed prayer You had me pray over me and my whole family yesterday??? Obedience in the Name of Jesus. OBEDIENCE IN THE NAME OF JESUS!!! I SCREAMED IT JUST LIKE I DID WAY BACK THEN WHEN I WAS DYING AND YOU SAID, “SCREAM FOR MORE. I KNOW YOU ARE DYING AND BEING PERSECUTED TO DEATH, BUT SCREAM FOR MORE! SO IT NOW!”
    I bowed down then and did as You said because how do I explain it? I couldn’t help it, I had to do it. Okay, my Lord. Make this the way it is with all these things You call me to do. I can’t help it, I just will in the Name of Jesus. And then You will make me stay here and face my shame with a new name. Not here. I want to leave. What is that You insist I do in this place before I step out onto the platform You have prepared me for, and for me? This? A book to tick everyone off at me before I take off on this journey prepared for me? No one likes me much anyway. No one truly talks or responds to me or even seems to want reconciliation at this point. So I am supposed to tell my life story and how I rose from these ashes with You, without letting any secrets out of the bag! I won’t lie! I said secrets kill this family! Yet, I am afraid to step up! I am such a hypocrite!!! Help me with this!!! My mind fights with me about this now. On every front the enemy is planting his seeds of deceit and distrust in You! Help me now, my Beloved!
    Thank You, Jesus, for rescuing me from the darkness that consumed me!
    That was the sweetest thing You did for me!
    Thank You, Jesus, for never, ever forsaking me in my weakness.
    Thank You for being my perfected strength in weakness!
    Thank You for giving courage to a scaredy cat!!
    Thank You so much for that!
    Thank You for the courage of a fierce lion in the Name of Jesus!
    Thank You for the courage to do what God calls me to do, no matter what oppression I will face, Jesus.
    Glory to God! I am alive!
    How many times did I try to die?
    Who is the giver of life?
    Can He not erase strife?
    Who gives me words I searched for all of my life?
    The words that were buried beneath the spirits of pain and strife?
    Who delivered me?
    How many did try?
    Who made me forget the phrase,
    “I want to die”?
    Who erases the lies?
    Who looks at me with accepting eyes?
    Who lays down the rhyme, Crystal Marie?
    Who lays down the Truth, Cricket, dear?
    I am near.
    You are still brokenhearted.
    I am still here.
    You are parting the red seas here.
    Do not fear, for I am near.
    Remember, I save the crushed in spirit.
    I am about to do it, for the masses through you.”

    My finger is frozen. My heart is beating hard, but slowly, like its ticking down to the breakdown! You are the breakdown of what is left of me. I surrender completely. I am nothing without You. If the world hates me because of what You do through me, then I am like Jesus then. I know where You are taking me I will have no room for fear. I have goosebumps now. You are here. I know it. I should not fear what is on the outside of me when I have the greatest power and authority living in me! I do! I have Jesus! Emmanuel, He is God with me! Help me, Emmanuel! I sang that song to You so long ago before I became Your prodigal daughter. I am strengthened and enabled by my scars, just as You are, Jesus. I count my sufferings as blessings to glorify Your Name in. I won’t get anywhere in the Kingdom of God with people staring down their nose at me, Lord! I am nothing from the start. Haven’t even got a start and You want me to pour all of this shame out on my whole family?
    I am still struggling, Daddy. I am sorry. I amnreally sorry. I don’t want to be this way anymore. I don’t want to be afraid of the dark anymore!!!! I don’t want to be a frightened dog who snaps at the one Who feeds me! Help me, Sweet Jesus! Help me! Help me! Strengthen me. Gird my loins and make me bold and courageous. I need relentless forgiveness. That’s why You had me pray on the prayer bracelet on my ankle to forgive every person who had ever hurt me. I wrote every single name down and You have systematically changed my heart for these people. The enemy hates this and that’s why he speaks lies to their hearts about my intent. Yet, I must place my trust in You. I must lean not on my own understanding, and trust You with my whole heart, mind, body, and soul in the Name of Jesus. The dream in me is a fairy tale to all I see in the mirror of my soul! But those are intruders against Your will! I rebuke the devourer in the Name of Jesus! I rebuke satan and all of his evil spirits and principalities. Get out of my mind in the Name of Jesus. I repent Jesus! I am stubborn and rebellious. I have been so hurt, I turned to the enemy for my protection without even realizing it. Help me. My hurt is nothing to the hurt I cause You when I grieve You, Holy Spirit. I am really trying here. I am becoming someone who will stand out in Your glory. You know I don’t like to stand out, my Lord. You know I am afraid to step out, Jesus. I have been nothing but a failure and a mental and emotional wreck my entire life. It was enough that You said, “Come and preach for me.” I know You are not angry with me, and You have Your own way of doing things. But, this feels like punishment to me, my Lord. Punishment that will be on my poor children too. I have been wretchedly sinful and those who have not walked this path will not understand, and judge me for it.
    And You said, ” The ones who need to hear the message I have to give through you will hear it and get it. You are called set the captives free with Me, are you not? You have not forgotten that. You no longer have a denying heart. You tell the truth even when it hurts the most. This is what I do, is it not. Sometimes the truth hurts before you find the healing and restoration you need most. I am the Lord of hosts. I will win at all costs. I can not fail you, because my life was already given as the cost for this destiny laid before you. You dreamed of fame and notariety in your dreams as a little girl, but never found the courage to use your gifts purposefully. You hid your gifts under the cover of the light shade of shame. I know your name. I name you and I am Your only claim to fame. My glory is what will catapult you into my purpose. Nothing else. I have a plan of purpose for you, a hope and a future, not disaster. Go ahead and read it again, Jeremiah 29:11-14, the verses written on the back of the picture of you and steven. It is there for a reason. I am fixing your marriage. Just be patient in me. You can and will! There is nothing that can stop this. Whose love is relentless???”

    Your love, Daddy, is the relentless love of Jesus! I just realize the dream and speak it into motion. I am not the power behind the wind that blows the sails sewn into me!!! I reep what Jesus has sewn into me!!! Glory, glory, glory. A true picture of Glory. I am writing the story in the Name of Jesus. My hand is heavy andnmy fingers struggle to write that, but that’s okay. Everything else in my life lags behind my heart. The last shall be first and the first last. My heart bleeds dry and leads the charge on this battlefield of love. Your sovereign love fits my heart like a glove, and I am warmed up!! Hallelujah!!! I am lifted up into the atmosphere of glory! The vibrant colors lead the way on! I ride the rainbow of promise unto the destiny God has sewn into the heart of me. I was nearly dead and I looked up. I know it! You saved my life for this purpose! I was going to die and leave my children without a mother! I was 91 pounds and all alone! I had no one! I had only You! So, now, again I have only You! Steven isn’t going to like this. Surely, not my children, especially my older ones. Is this something I have to do right now?
    I need You to cement this into my heart in the Name of Jesus. Your will be done and Your Kingdom come. I want to erase the prayer right now. I won’t do it in the Name of Jesus. You are my Courage, Lord. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.

    1. Hi my friend I pray the Lord release ofvthis torment once and for all trulybknowvyour worth your value.. Somedays wecstrongvsomedays not so. Dsy by day I am healing I am recovering I am being deliveref I am being set frre its a process. Im nit wasting all this pain failure and success for nothing. Im better than thatvand so are you. We are in our last trial for this seasom my friend we will survive this Lions denwe are growong maturing into greatbeagles and strongbyoungblions. Im fifty. We have the ability to understand . change. We come in many forms we can effect many people the masses. All was for nothing do you know how many youth you could touch. good if you so crazy the better once your transfirmation complete no denying how sanre you really are. we are cjanged in the process we thinkbdifferentblook differentvsoeakndifferent oeople will see many will be jealiusvtry to hold you down hold you back you push through. Direct orders. Celebratevyour differencrs thats what makes you unique. Celebrate our similarities for understanding cioheaion finding common ground. Im not crazy just enthusiaatclybexcited. Gotta be half crazy to survive. Simetimes I might thinknI might absolutly loae my mind. Nonaibdont believevthe enrmy . ehen we have giftings sometimescwe misunderstood. We ahead of ourvtime. Our brilliance our character choices emotions have to catch up becomevone. Unfortunatlybtakesvyears. Butvitvhaooens the Lordcwastes nothing.The Lord break allvshock andvtraumanoff my sistervany hinderances deprwssion suicidal thoughts andvtrust mr I was suicidal weeknago andvfeevtimrsvtjisvyearvandmynlife. Msybe notvas much as you. So I breakbthat mowcin Jeaus name I take my God givenauthority commandbit to lrave step down be arrested vacate these premises nevervtobreturn. Take the shame coat cloaknofbdeatj darkness and greyvskies deoresdion weakness the grave clothes ropes ofblimitations believe my xhild Ibrelease Life love and freedom from thr topbof her hrad through her body tobhervtoes. A peace thatvsurpasses undetstanding. Hral every area.youvare free my childvfly fly fly be at peace and joybonnthe grond Ivsat stabaliE now takecweakness fatigue anything chockinf the God given lifebout of her. The pain only for a momrnt now .we are for the display of his splendor bless them when they snicker sneet critisize bles bles bless youvwere made and created for more release ypur joy Lord no.more depressionand hurt Lord. Fill her to overflow love joy peace hapoiness freedom in Jesus name

    2. Wow..that was deep and took a lot of was long..but I read it all..thank you so much for sharing.

  8. OUR FATHER. Thank you JESUS for this day. I love you with all my heart and soul. Give unto me your power of peace. Walk with me JESUS. Help me breakthrough. Send your GODLY children to me. Help me open my power to get the moving my hands you gifted me with & change me LORD. Give unto YOU JESUS CHANGE ME FATHER. IN JESUS NAME. I LOVE YOU๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

    1. I love the DOKT family. I’m happy to be part of it too. Looks like the topic for each day is ALWAYS for me.
      Thank you Jesus.

  9. Thank you God for this word today. Things have changed for me for the better only by GOD. Thank you Jesus Amen, and AMEN.

  10. I don’t know what’s it’s like to have alot money….๐Ÿ’ญ but in the same token I don’t know what it’s like to go withoutโ—I Believe it’s called… DIVINE FAVORโ—๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™ŒPRAISE the LORDโ—๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ€๐ŸŽ€๐ŸŽ€๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰LET’S ALL KEEP OUR EYES ON THE ONE TRUE PRIZE ๐ŸŽ JESUS๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿ‘‘OUR ONE TRUE VINEโ—haโ—haโ—hallelujahhh SWEET JESUS๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿ‘‘WE LOVE YOU LORD๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™AMAZING LOVE๐Ÿ’˜๐Ÿ’˜โœŠ

  11. Yes Lord, Thank You for all You have done for us and for the present things You are doing for is. I’m so Bless to be Your child. A child of God. How sweet it is to have a Father like You. So amazing to be apart of You! I need You! Yes, I depend on You to see me through. My Good and bad times I will call upon You. I need You! Amen. Thank You….Jesus, Thank You Jesus. How sweet it is to have a Father like You. Hallelujah.

  12. Amen to the Word. Help me to live up to your name Father . Praise God ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  13. Good morning DOTK a day behind thats ok. Who is on thr Lords Side who will serve The king. Here I am . I will. Yes i claim that scripture Richard and Linsay Roberts use that scriptueca alot and I grab hold always waitingvwaiting waiting well I receive and claim I am healed even as my soul prospers
    As ai read I was takiing authority over those very tboughtsbeen like this so.long , I was breaking shock and trauma and any hinderancrs off my mind regarrding my finances andvthis poverty mentality. i am ready to move forward make a another change I believe I am worthy I deserve this in healty loving self care. i say enough Ibdeserve better and more .Inam going tobwalk iut my miracles with Christ. Forgetting the past and moving forward . stop punishing myself. Like you say I want to breakdownn so breakthrough fall forward pudh through fall to my knees and pray. Stop those accusing voicrs there is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus its time to walk to thevotherside once again. The Lord hasbpromiaed me wealth health and hapoiness. Ehen we are catulpulted forward it will be jaw dropping. Today Ivwas warting and interceding for someone And I thought this onrs tough I wish Crystal Cticket was here. She would know what to say what to do. She wasmt so Ibwent ahead and did it. It was fine I value you so much and what you jave to offer. We know ourselves we are fearlessvwhen in the spirit staybin the spirit. Im letting gobwreckage of thevpast. Writingvso many yoriws today letting go gauns and losses , succeรŸses and failures. Makingvroom for nee things. Making way as I said the tides are turning i beieve Ibwoll get back what the enemy has stolen brrn given orvtaken. Words are being releasedcall over tbe body of Christ re this. Well this is for me Im choisingbto believrcandcstandcandceait for hisnpromiaevto come true

  14. I needed to hear this and read this right now..Don’t ever doubt God. I am so overwhelmed right now with a lot.of different things on my plate. Different portions are full right now. I thankful that God’s word and wisdom was shown to me this morning. I was and have been doubting my own self. For me personally. Not because of my up bringing or anything like that. Just my personal life and my self esteem and confidence in me. I am taking some very hard classes right now I haven’t study or done anything like this in years. I am asking for your prayers here please. I need them in so many different ways. Thankful for this app. Have a bless day today.

  15. Today, God you’ve showed us your truth and that we shouldn’t be dismayed by life’s trauma. Father, please let us not be consumed by life struggles and poverty. We thank you for being our provider and supplying all my needs in every area of our life. We do experienced our own individual struggles of life but we believe in you and your word which gives us hope that changed will come. Thank you for your care and blessing and that you’ve extended your blessing to others who are in need. It’s through you we live dear Lord, we know no other sources but you and we honor you with our lives. In Jesus Name, Amen

  16. Today, God you’ve showed us your truth and that we shouldn’t be dismayed by life’s trauma. Father, please let us not be consumed by life struggles and poverty. We thank you for being our provider and supplying all our needs in every area of our lives. We do experienced our own individual struggles of life but we believe in you and your word which gives us hope that changed will come. Thank you for your care and blessing and that you’ve extended your blessing to others who are in need. It’s through you we live dear Lord, we know no other sources but you and we honor you with our lives. In Jesus Name, Amen

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