The Unconditional Love of the Father

“And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have power, together with all the Lord’s holy people, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledge—that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God” Ephesians 3:17-19, NIV.

God’s love for us is unconditional. His love has nothing to do with our performance. His love has everything to do with Him. Love is the essence of who God is. It’s not that He “has” love, it’s that He “is” love. He could not love us anymore or any less than what he already does.

When we begin to understand that there’s absolutely nothing we can do that would change the love that Christ has for us, we then will experience complete freedom. He will always love us regardless of our faults and failures. When we believe this spiritual truth, no longer will we be compelled to strive for perfection in order to earn His love.

Many times the enemy will remind you of your past just to keep you in the state of shame and bondage. But Jesus came to set you free from that, so allow Him to accomplish what He’s come to do.

In Psalm 17:8, David states that our heavenly father considers us as “the apple of his eye”. Just as the pupil (the center of the eye) is valued and must be protected for proper vision, so are we as valuable to God that He would consider us the apple (the center) of His eye. Having understood that, how will He not protect you?

There is no greater love than the one of our Heavenly Father. Grasp the unconditional love that He has for you so that it could be extended to others.

Prayer: Thank You Father for Your unconditional love. Where would I find such love? Only in You Lord. Thank You because I no longer have to strive for perfection because you are perfected in my weaknesses. All I have to do is receive Your love and break free from all the lies that have held me down for way too long. Through Christ I will. In Jesus name, Amen!

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19 thoughts on “The Unconditional Love of the Father”

    1. You Know What I Noticed The Other Day As IU Was Praying? I Often Tell Jesus I’m No Good, & Don’t Deserve The Love You Give Me & I Stopped, & Thought After I Prayed, Or The Holy Spirit Kindly Reminded Me, To Stop Saying I Was No Good Because God Doesn’t Make Junk , & That I Am His Greatest Masterpiece. I Then, Apologized To God For Saying This So Often In Prayer, But , There Are Times I Don’t Feel Worthy To Receive His Love, But, I Am Most Definitely Thankful & Grateful For Him Loving Me So Much…. Thank You Daddy For Reminding Me of Who I Am To You & To Stop Labeling Myself In Such A Negative Way, Because You Have Told Me Who I Am & I Am Yours….. Your Masterpiece & The Apple of Your Eye….. ILove You Daddy & I Bless Your Holy Name…. You Are Worthy & Holy

  1. Wonderful message and I needed to read this . It is amazing how the Lord speaks to my heart.

  2. Father God thank you for your encouraging unconditional love I receive it in the name of Jesus Hallelujah Amen and Amen again

  3. Thank you, I have received your daily message. There is no greater love than you Lord. Please guide me in wisdom and faith.

  4. Yes Thank you Lord for your unconditional love…In all my weaknesses please let me know and feel it more and more as I lean on you…I need you and I love you Father♡

  5. Thank you for this devonational !! It totally ministers to me ; & alot of them are confirmation what GOD has spoken to me through a word from someone or through the Bible .. so many times I’ve read ur devonational I cried so hard I can’t read because I know GOD speaks to me through these ; GOD Bless you for listening to God & writing his words you have touched soo many lives ….. you have truly touched mine ♡♡♡♡

  6. Lord, thank you for your unconditional love, you love me even when I feel like I’m so unworthy of your love, thanks for telling me that’s when you love me the most.

  7. Thank you Heavenly Father for waking me up this morning, and for loving me unconditionally. Only you can do me like you do…. Unconditionally, consistently and unwavering love. I love you Heavenly Father. Thank you for sending your Son for our sins…. In your Son’s Jesus name, Amen…

  8. FATHER God i come to YOU asking your forgiveness of my past and present sins. I receive YOUR forgiveness and Your unconditional LOVE right now in the name of Jesus AMEN !!❤

  9. Amen and amen for God’s unconditional love. I receive it, Jesus died so that I could be reconciled to the Father and really truly receive and experience His love now on earth, not only or when I go to heaven. I am already seated with Jesus ( in Jesus) in heavenly places. I already have authority in Christ over all principalities and powers, before Jesus left He said that all authority has been given to Him, so He said He gives us that authority to cast out demons and heal the sick in His name. So I receive every thing He has died for on the cross, but most of all His love which is the greatest gift. Without love we are like clinging cymbals, that means just making a noise without power without His presence. Faith and love goes together to bring healing and setting people free from bondage through the working of the Holy Spirit , working through us to God’s glory! This is a mouthful but worth going in to.

  10. Thank you Lord for your unconditional love I have felt and experience d your love since I was a child I didn’t always understand it or know it came from you but looking back on my life I see your great meriful love forgive my sins I accept your love precious Jesus

  11. TRUE LOVE❗ 💪💘💪 INDEED❗🎁💝🎉💝💝🎉 THANK YOU😘 SWEET JESUS👑👑👑 hallelujahhhh❗🙌👏☝☝☝💓💕💖💞💘DOTK🌷💐🌸🌺💌

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