A few days ago, I shared an upsetting situation with my husband that had to do with our home. He listened patiently, then said, “I understand. I will take it from here.” I said okay and left it alone. Trusting my baby got it. And he did. He made phone calls and got things done quickly. Not only has he taken care of the problem, but I now have peace of mind and greater confidence in him to do what he says he will do. My sister, it’s the same with God. He is saying, “I understand what you are expressing to Me. Okay, My daughter, I will take it from here.” You will see your Father step in and get things done for you because He cares for you more than anyone. Wait patiently while He works. He loves you, and He will take it from here. This is when you say, “Okay, Father, I trust you,” and leave it to Him to handle. Your faith in God to do what He says will grow! #TodaysSpiritualBoost #YourFatherGotIt

9 thoughts on “#TodaysSpiritualBoost”

  1. This word is so personal and timely for me. I really needed this reminder and encouragement. Thank you Holy Spirit I trust you and leave everything in your hands
    Amen Amen Amen

  2. I have an injustice done to by my former employer and I have tried several times to have her pay what she owes me, yet she refuses. Holy Spirit I leave her in Your able hands for I know the battle is the Lord’s . I will be still know You are God.

  3. Glory to God hallelujah is I’m reading this devotion that you wrote this morning I’m reading it tonight I’m going to come with tears rolling down my face glory to God Father God give it all to you right now to handle it all in your hands in the mighty name of Jesus Amen 🙌🏽 Thank you Sis for the blessing spirit boost 🙏🏽 you truly bless me this night

  4. Wow! Sister Kesha, I’m so amazed at your ability to help me understand how much our Father loves me by relating that love to an earthly occurrence. Thank you so much & God bless ❤️🙏🕊

  5. Father, I trust you,” and I leave it to You to handle. May my faith in You to do exactly what He You say You will do grow even more! This I Ask In Jesus Name. Amen. 🛐🛐🛐❤️❤️❤️

    Thanks for the Spiritual Boost

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