When I asked God why He won’t allow me to have close intimate friendships, He said it is because of My prophetic calling on your life. He needs my ears all to Himself. I’ve accepted it, and I trust any loneliness this calling will bring at times is all covered under the precious blood of Jesus. My sister, if you operate in the office of a prophet, you’re not going to have any talk everyday all day kind of friendships. God has consecrated you to Himself. He needs your eyes seeing. He needs your ears hearing. He needs your heart receiving. He needs to be the loudest, most constant, all consuming voice in your ear.

17 thoughts on “#TodaysSpiritualBoost”

  1. Amen. I’m really starting to understand it all, and I accept it all Father!!! Thank you for Your love and patience with leading and guiding. In Jesus Name. Amen. ❤❤❤

  2. This is so so me thanks for love and patience my Lord the guidance.i really wonder about this ….I accept Father

  3. I was asking the lord about friendships. I know and love on people I’ve know for years but a friend to say I call and talk to every day or all the time I don’t. Prophesy was something given to me not to long ago and this just opens my heart, mind and soul. Timely message.

  4. I listened to a sermon on Sunday about season of loneliness. Before God can take you to the next level he will allow you to be by yourself. Instead of looking for other people to connect with, use this time to improve your relationship with God and keep seeking him. Instead of becoming BITTER, get BETTER.

  5. Thank you for giving me the perspective I have been missing. Jesus has always been my BFF but still keep asking for that earthly person. Accepting that God is my personal encourager.

  6. Thank you Lord for speaking through your daughter and confirming Your purpose in my life.
    Wean me from every contamination through my eyes, ears, heart , environment , relationships anything that craves to take your place as The Alpha and Omega of my calling and refine with Your fire and cause my members to fall in line to Your Holy Spirit in Jesus name Amen

  7. Wow sister Kesha this is so powerful and profound. I love this because it is making sense for me. I have lost so many friends without fighting and arguing with them and I knew I had been separated but missed my friends so much. God is faithful

  8. This really spoke to me today and it was a message received from the Lord with “perfect timing”. May I continue to humble myself under the mighty hand and calling from God to complete His perfect will for my life through and by the spiritual gifts He has bestowed on me. All for Him and the glory of His soon coming Kingdom. Thank you Father. Amen.

  9. This is sad. Ive finally made like 3 friends after wanting for years. Im obvs not a prophet but im happy just being a follower. Im too sinful to b a prophet. Im too worrying about worldly things to hardly even remember to prsy. I pray i can change for better tho. I can do better i hope. I was so lonely i rlly needed friends. Im quite isolated during the week.

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