We are successful when we’re obedient.

“Then Jesus explained: “My nourishment comes from doing the will of God, who sent me, and from finishing his work” John 4:34, Berean Study Bible.

What does success look like to you?

Real success is not huge profits, large turnouts, a hundred likes, or fame. Success is not luxurious houses, fancy cars, or expensive trips. Some people have the appearance of success, but wonder why they are still unhappy. It is because real success comes when we are 1) surrendering our lives to the Lord, and 2) submitting to His will.

Jesus said, it is my meat to do the will of My Father (see John 4:34). My sister, we are successful, most happy, and most fulfilled when we are doing the will of our Father. Sometimes God will tell you to leave the Fortune 500 company with the six-figure salary to follow Him and step into your calling. If you do, you are successful in God’s eyes. Sometimes God will have you say something that will not be applauded but bring ridicule and attacks. If you do speak, you are successful. When God does this, He’s teaching us what real success is—surrender to His will.

Prayer: Thank you, Father, for renewing my mind and transforming my life. I want to be what you consider successful, so help me be obedient to you. Help me, Lord, to obey and leave the results to you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

(Read John 6:38; Psalms 40:8)

11 thoughts on “We are successful when we’re obedient.”

  1. Thank you Lord for reminding me to be obedient to you. I want success to be what you define that to be. I praise you for your word today Lord. Help me to be successful in my obedience to you. Thank you for our quiet times together and gently guiding me where i need to be.

  2. Trust in the LORD with all of your ❤ Heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall Direct Thy Paths. Proverbs 3:5-6 For the LORD is good, His Mercy is Everlasting; and His truth endureth to all Generations. Psalm 100:5 Amen ! 🙏 ✝ ☝ 💕

  3. AMEN!!
    Dear Sister, I couldn’t attempt to say a better prayer for today. May God continue to bless and His Holy Spirit keep leading, guiding, and directing you in His truth.
    PSALM 40:8 🤗🙏

  4. Amen Father God teach me your will and my life continue to show me your ways I truly trust you Father God ❤🙏🏽

  5. I agree, believe and receive it. Yes. Thanks for the reminder in knowing that obedience is better than sacrifice. Oh how I need the strength of the Lord to be faithful in His obedience.

    Blessings, Shalom and Agape.

  6. This was such a blessing and an on time word to confirm what my husband and I have been dealing with. Even he is in tears right now. Praise God and may the Lord continually bless and strengthen you for your obedience and commitment to posting daily Devotionals. ❤️🙌🏾🙏🏾

  7. Amen! But seek ye first GOD’s righteousness… I believe, I receive and I shall act on this WORD!! 🙌🙏✝💪💯👏

  8. Lord, help me to be still so I can hear your words to me and the direction you would have me to take for your glory. Amen. Praise God.

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