We are Unstoppable

“I know that you can do anything, and no one can stop you” Job 42:2, NLT.

Nothing could stop Jesus from bearing our sins on the cross. Nothing could stop Him from rising from the dead with all power in His hands. After He ascended into heaven, there was nothing that could stop the Holy Spirit from rushing in like a mighty wind on the day of Pentecost. God was determined to reside in the hearts of people rather than in temples made by hand, and there was nothing that could stop Him. If nothing could stop the plans of God then, nothing can stop His plans now.

When we align our lives with the plans of God, God makes us unstoppable! When we are saying what He tells us to say, and doing what He tells us to do, there is no mountain that can stand in our way. There is no one that can hinder our progress. There is no opposition that can intimidate us from laying hold of God’s promises for our lives. If God is for us, then who can be against us? Because we’re on the Lord’s side, we can’t be sidetracked, derailed or delayed. He is unstoppable, and so are we in Christ!

Prayer: Father God, You are truly unstoppable! Nothing can stand in Your way and hinder Your word from coming to pass. I align my life right now with Your plans. Help me to keep constant watch over my words to make sure they are aligned with what You have said. Help me to make sure I’m thinking on what You tell me to think on, and doing what You tell me to do. Make me unstoppable in You. Help me to keep myself properly aligned with Your plans. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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12 thoughts on “We are Unstoppable”

  1. Amen Hallelujah Thank you God I was reading this morning devotional My God tears just begin to form in my eyes I’m unstoppable with the Love of God true words and Plans continue to help me Lord to Walk in that beautiful purpose of my life again I say and the name of Jesus Amen ❤🙏🏽Thanks me to God

  2. Thank You God for another blessed and wonderful day 🙌🏽 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me 💪🏽 Hallelujah 🙌🏽 I AM UNSTOPPABLE in Christ Jesus 🙌🏽💯 Help me Lord to keep myself properly aligned with Your plans🙏🏽🙌🏽 Hallelujah Praise God 🙌🏽 God , You are truly unstoppable, nothing can stand in Your way are hinder Your words from manifesting in my life. 🙌🏽 Hallelujah Praise God 🙌🏽 Because of You, I am more than a conqueror 🙌🏽 Thank You Jesus 🙌🏽 and because I am on Your side, the enemies can’t delay me, derail me, are sidetrack me🙌🏽 If God is for me, than who can be against me 🙏🏽 NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST ME SHALL PROSPER 🙌🏽 Hallelujah Praise God 🙏🏽 Let Your will be done in my life Lord🙌🏽🙏🏽 I am willing and able🙌🏽 There is no opposition that can intimidate me from laying hold of God’s promises for my life 🙌🏽 Hallelujah 🙌🏽 Praise God 🙌🏽 God, let your will be done in my life, not my will, are the will of man🙏🏽🙌🏽 BUT YOUR WILL🙌🏽 I receive it🙌🏽 I believe it and I decree it🙌🏽 in the MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD AND SAVIOR 🙏🏽 MAKE ME UNSTOPPABLE IN YOU GOD🙏🏽🙌🏽 Amen and Amen💓🙏🏽💓🙌🏽

  3. Thank you my sister for being obedient to the will of God. May He blesses you and your family in ways that will literally “blow you guys away”. Shalom

  4. Thank you God for your word! I receive it in Jesus name! I am anchored in you and your word!!! Therefore I know without a shadow of a doubt that I am unstoppable!

  5. Amen & thank you Jesus! I’m healing from my surgery & living another blessed day; I am eternally grateful to you Lord God for this wonderful life. I pray that all of your children will also be blessed today & always; I humbly implore you, Dear Lord, to send your angels to guide & guard all of my friends & family today & always. Please & thank you Almighty God 💖🙏🕊️†🎄🎆😇

  6. Thank you Jesus Christ for moving mountains and for taking our sins and making us to teach other about your love Amen

  7. 🕊⚘🕊⚘🕊⚘🕊⚘🕊⚘🕊⚘🕊⚘🕊⚘Thank YOU my LORD FATHER GOD,” Yes my LORD i believe I receive YOUR WORD i come in agreement with Your Servant my Sister’s Kesha Dotk Ministrie GLORY TO YOU my GOD and KING.” Yes my LORD i am unstoppable in “JESUS NAME” AMEN Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Thank You my Sister’s Kesha Dotk Ministrie GLORY TO GOD.” Timely message indeed. LOVE and GOD BLESS You All ALOHA Always Sister Chrissy Honolulu Hawai’i United States 🕊⚘🕊⚘🕊⚘🕊⚘🕊⚘🕊⚘🕊⚘🕊⚘🕊

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