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Please read the scripture below and share what it means to you:

“The Lord God is my Strength, my personal bravery, and my invincible army; He makes my feet like hinds’ feet and will make me to walk [not to stand still in terror, but to walk] and make [spiritual] progress upon my high places [of trouble, suffering, or responsibility]!”
Habakkuk 3:19, Amplified Bible, Classic Edition (AMPC)

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  1. I am a 35 year old single mother, and I was diagnosed with breast cancer in August of this year. It’s scriptures like these that have been my life’s song. I am not strong enough for this battle placed before me, but I know who is! I know His grace is sufficient for me and His power is made perfect in my weakness.

    1. Hello I’m 47 year women and I must say I enjoy the Devotional that the womens of God write, what I got out of these is that God will not allow me gust stand an be abused by people I will walk through whatever the enemy have place before me I will walk in high places over the enemy

      1. FIERCE FACT: Total alignment is necessary in all things! Simply put, you must be balanced . Sideways is not the correct way to wear a crown…QUEEN UP.
        That moment when you remember the word of the Prophet… “talent will take you places your character will not allow you to stay.” Dr. Rick Layton
        Psalm 18:33 “He makes my feet like a deer. As He takes me higher, He makes me nimble and flexible; wise in counsel and swift in execution, Gracefully maneuvering the obstacles in my path for I am called to the High Places. (Paraphrase mine) #tme2emerge

        1. This scripture teaches me that the Lord is my strength in the time of trouble.he will fight my battles he will be with me always through good times and bad. I will not be afraid he will be my shield. God has been so good me. My brother is admitted in the hospital both kidneys are damaged they decided to put him in the dialysis machine my sister and her church brethren went to the hospital and we prayed for him.the next day the doctor told us he didn’t need the dialysis because his kidneys are healing on it’s own. Thank God.father birthday want to thankyou for your healing power. You are my God. Praise your name. Amen

      2. Good Morning Daughters of King ❀Jesus❀… God bless you..I recently (10-16-16) face a battle where my husband (Junior Lopez) suffered a stroke..(Ischemic Stroke) his speach and left side of the body was being affected..he had a blood clot on the right side of the brain..on the ER..my husband asked me to lift prayer.. I started texting friends and family through messenger and Facebook for prayers.. I phone called a Pastor of our church (The Crossing Church) to pray and to call other pastors of the situation we were facing..due the stoke he suffered was within an hour of his first signs of stroke..he was able to be treated with a medication.. I remember there was a moment in the mist of the comotion..where my husband was asking for water, he was thirsty..i remember me having this moment where i was looking at the cross when Jesus said “I thirst”.. After the EQG results came in the ER Dr. recomended to start treatment for
        Ischemic Stroke.. tPA..The only FDA approved treatment for ischemic strokes is tissue plasminogen activator (tPA, also known as IV rtPA, given through an IV in the arm). tPA works by dissolving the clot and improving blood flow to the part of the brain being deprived of blood flow…which it was the rightside of the brain..My husband signed the documentation in order to receive treatment..I was soo nervous..trying to help my husband in anything I could..putting a face of being calm to my daughters (Emilee 15, Zoelee 8) and trying to be strong for my husband..The ER Dr called me outside the room and said..Do you understand what is being signed?refering to the treatment of tPA.. I was almost going to burst in tears..but trying to be strong..Dr continue explaining that the side effects of the medication is bleeding and possible death..When he mentioned the word death..at that very moment I Experience God..my daddy Jesus..in an amazing way..I litterly felt JESUS lifting up my heart and Strengthing with His Presence…He was covering the heart with Strength..the Holy Spirit was pushing away those words of death and was replacing them with HIS PRESENCE and was letting me know that HE was there with me and that my Husband was not going to die but to LIVE.. The Pastor I called earlier called back and asked me to place the cell phone on my husband ear because he wanted to pray for him..that was soo loving to see..Not only me , my daughters were lifted up but my husband too..My daughters and I were escorted to a private room..they offered us drinks and crackers..we felt loved..in there my daughters started to burst in tears.. I started to comfort them that everything was going to be ok..20 minutes later a nurse came to pick us up..and directed us to where my husband was…the very first thing my husband said when he saw us was..”Glory to God I can speak again”.. the nurse attending started claping with usπŸ‘.. I knew He was going to Live..all the Glory to our Heavenly Father ❀Jesus❀..My husband was admitted in the ICU for 3 days..His blood preasure was monitored every hour…could not get out of bed…avoiding a posible fall that might lead to bleeding…while admitted friends, family, pastors, came to pray.. support.. hugs.. showing their love for me and my family..Pastorial Care at our Church blessed us not only finantially but spiritually by praying for us continually.. Family and Friends out of state blessed us as well by praying and helping us through a gofundme.com.. I just finalized a study of Fight Back with Joy by Margaret Feinbergh as part of our Sisterhood studies at our Church..where i felt lifted..embraced..loved..prayed..through this season of our lives..I am soooo thankful for LIFE..i continue to Fight back with Joy.. Daddy Jesus is Amaizing..
        I want to thank DotK..for your love to the Lord..totally guided by Daddy Jesus Holy Spirit..I bless you..and thank you again for being a blessing to all of us daughters of King ❀Jesus..❀

        β€œThe Lord God is my Strength, my personal bravery, and my invincible army; He makes my feet like hinds’ feet and will make me to walk [not to stand still in terror, but to walk] and make [spiritual] progress upon my high places [of trouble, suffering, or responsibility]!”
        Habakkuk 3:19

          1. All the Glory and praises to our Father our Daddy Jesus Christ…our savior King of all. We are His daughters and He is faithful, love,caring, forgiving, mercy and He will never forsake us.
            Thank you for sharing your most emotional and family down moment with us. I am so moved and touched by our Jesus healing towards your husband and for you and the children. The Love and helping hands of the church, family and community is all part of His Grace because you believe and your husband in Him Alone.
            You and we will never be alone without our Father God He is Truth and He is Love.
            Tears tears tears of happiness and feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit and He’s warmth around you and your family.
            Denisse I just want to say
            β€œDaddy Jesus got this”
            Leave all your trust in Him alone. Your hubby is healed by the name Of Jesus Christ Amen ❀ from a sister Vika.

        1. Valerie 54. Am a single lady going through financial setbacks after being conned of all my money. My last born son was expelled from school (3rd year high school) and I have not found another school yet. Am encouraged that my strength and help comes from my LORD.

      3. I have lived for nearly 20 years with a number of chronic illnesses and have known God ‘s providential God’s guidance and love, I asked for hind’s feet
        Escaping into the reality an love and truth of who and what learning to live according to the truth and love
        That is God has taken me on a spiritual journey in my heart walking into places of strife pain and suffering have strength need my heart and made me glad and He is always with me loving me and has given me a heart of flesh to love Him and share His love re with those who need it through a lifestyle of repentance and obedience His Joy is truly my strength

    2. Good Morning DOTK
      Your daily devotions helps me so much I feel God is giving me confirmation on my situations and he let’s me know he is always with me he is the author and the head thee I AM I’m my life
      This Scripture means to me no matter what I’m going through he is with me every step of the way bringing me out because with him GOD there is a beautiful side and testimony at the end of it all
      Thank You DOTK

    3. I am a 18 year survivor and scriptures, worship and songs of praise were a constant source of strength. I am so grateful these things were stored in my mind, heart and spirit. Certainly the prayers of others helped to sustain and encourage me. You’re not in the journey by yourself. My prayers are with you and your family. I also pray God will provide and surround you with the personal spiritual support from other survivors in your area.

    4. He is like an invisible cloak that protects me from harm. He is my personal one man army that goes before me fighting my battles for me. His Word is nourishment for my soul. Protein for my muscles. He speaks peace to my mind and spirit when the enemy tries to attack my mind. He reminds me who I am and that I belong to Him. When something tragic happens. He sends angels to minister to me to hold me up and help me through it. My Christian sisters and brothers are my strength. My prayer warriors. We battle in prayer. Prayer and meditation on God’s word renews us. Isaiah 40:31 is one of my favorite verses. When we are weak He strengthens us. We shall mount up as with eagles wings. Run and not grow weary! HALEUIJAH what a promise! Philippians 4:13 says I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me! Praise His Holy Name! Thank you DOTK! You inspire and bless me daily.

      1. You my sister have placed in words what I feel in my heart. My God bless you. I have struggled for years with sickness and our father has eased me through it all. For instance am the kings daughter and no harm shall form against me enemies will fall to my right and left but will not touch me for i am covered in Jesus sacred blood.

    5. Dear Buffy and others; I believe this verse is for all of us who are going through any type of difficulty. I was diagnosed last year with breast cancer and I am now a survivor! And will finish treatment in January. He is our strength when we have nothing left! He is our bravery when we are so scared! And He’s our invincible army, going before us, and all around us and behind us, making a way when there is no possible way, pushing back the enemy who wants to defeat us through this. In having severe chemo brain, Jesus showed me he is fighting for me, giving me victory through the darkest nights. When I could barely function, being swollowed up by sorrow, Jesus would put a song on the radio, allow me to find a special treasure, that he placed for me to notice and lift my spirits up; all the time he was progressing me forward, carrying me, lifting me up on his shoulders and giving me rest in his safe arms. He won the victory; any and all victories we each need throughout all of our lives, he has gone before us and knows what we are going through. Through! He comes back and takes us through! For his Glory, through his power, and his divine love for us! We are more than Conquerors! Write down scriptures. Memorize scriptures. Listen to Christian music. God’s word is life! God’s word brings life! God’s word speaks life! And in Him, he gives life more abundantly!

    6. Morning beautiful women of God! I was blessed by what the scripture means to me..It let’s me know that no matter what I’m faced with in my walk with Christ, I will overcome as long as i keep my hand in my father’s hand..Thank you DOTK

      1. This scripture lets me know that I don’t have to be afraid because God is with me and he will help me in difficult times. That it is by his strength that I am able to endure trials not my own.

    7. Habakkuk3:19,l once read a book on hinds feet.This story told of the travels and obstacles that were in the of a must needs journey,but though fear and uncertainty may have been present, through instructions and faith the path was clear for victory.l must find this book and add it to my personal library.God has given us
      hinds feet to climb every mountain!

    8. This scripture reminds me that God is with me always fighting my battles; in my weakness He is strong. He cannot be defeated or overcome and in Him I have that authority over the enemy. He has been with me in every challenge and trial that I have faced and because of His mercy, grace and love I am not what I used to be. I have grown in faith, love and wisdom in the Lord and just wait expectantly on what more He has in store. Hallelujah!

    9. This devotion means to me is that no matter what I go through God will give me the strength I need to be victorious. He will set me above my circumstances so I can keep moving forward. Thank you for all the encouragement through the devotions, makes my life a lot easier.

    10. Buffy , my prayers are with you.. I Decree and declare complete healing upon your life. Psalms 91 is a great and powerful psalm to study. Will continue to keep you and your family in my prayers, keep your eyes on Jesus Christ. The one that will never leave, nor forsake you.

    11. Buffy my intercessory prayer circle will place your name on the list of people that we pray for.May God continue to be your strength! Minister Terry Harrington

    12. We will overcome! I just lost my wonderful, young husband at the age of 31. I don’t know the plan of the Lord, but all I know is it’s for us to prosper. I have hope and faith that he will lift us up in this time of sadness and battle. God is our strength and our refuge!

    13. The Lord is my ability to face the journey in front of me, no matter how challenging or difficult. Going high requires more of one physically and mentally but He will sustain me spiritually which will give me the peace of mind to keep me physically and mentally. My weakness is no more as I am moving in His strength. In Him my footing is stable with every step I take. I will reach the high place He desires to take me. Receiving a new perspective that reveals greater insight from my higher view that I am equipped and prepared to use for His good work because I’ve been processed (I walked/endured, no elevator taken) through the journey for its purpose. Thank you Jesus!

    14. My GOD has been my peace through some of the hardest times of my life.He gave strength to forgive the unforgivable and rise up out of pain ,bitterness and seeking revenge when my baby girl was taken advantage of sexually at 14.He was there to give me show me how to move beyond the pain because she needed me to br strong and HE ALLOWED ME TO BE….

    15. I pray God would pour into your situation with a healing and love like never before. I understand your but i refuse to believe this is where your story ends. God move in this woman’s life and in her body. In Jesus’s name amen

    16. Buffy, I too was diagnosed with breast cancer in August and had a double mastectomy with reconstruction on Tuesday this week. God has been with me every step of the way and has held me up. He has given me SO many opportunities to share my faith through this journey. Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Praying for healing and strength for you.

    17. Simply Beautiful, WORDS OF A PROMISE, That no Matter what I’M facing or will Face GOD IS soo much BIGGER& His reach is unfathomable, I surrender all 2 U LORD!…….& RECIEVE TROUGH CHRIST, BEAUTY 4 ASHES!

    18. The LORD GOD is my EVERYTHING. He is everything that I am and especially that which i am not. When i look back at times when I found myself in situations I couldn’t overcome on my own, I KNOW (and knew) it was ONLY the PRESENCE of my Father in heaven who sustained me, delivered me, shielded me, wrapped me in his love and HIS ACTUAL physical presence. My Abba is my Defender and has destroyed my advisary and through the process He gives me COMPLETE peace and has made me to be strong, secure and confidant in moving forward so that I can overcome and be everything He created me to be.

    19. I know my God will never leave me nor forsake me, people will hurt you or discourage you, even those who are close to you, when that happens I know I need grab unto the hem of Jesus for HIs strength and love
      ” Thank you Jesus “


    21. To me this. Tells me that God has total control over everything just as well as the battles we seem to want to fight ourselves God is a reassurance that his love for all is real .We just need to be still at times so that what he says he’s doing or going to do manifest its self.We don’t need any army to fight for us we just need him in the name of Jesus also whatever I may go through he wants me to walk in the spirit and not jus take a stand.Amen

    22. To me it means that I need no one but God through my hard times and I need not stand through it while I go through it I am to call upon him who strengthen me for it is with God were I’m weak he makes me see strong Amen.

    23. Aloha Daughters of the King, let me express my heart, I am 55 years old this month making 56. Mother of 4 Grandmother of 18 and my 19 grand child on the way in Feb. 2017. Before I even ever surrendered to our LORD, I truly believe he has always been in the mist of my life, and by 1984 just watching ministrie on TV (we know GOD set that up) I’ve prayed and Surrender and in that time my Children were babies, I’ve always found my self talking to HIM whether I’m walking or about to do something or even just thinking. mean while my first marriage ended, my life seemed so Challenging. But GOD still held me up and directed my steps, I saw that he order me into Church Sanctuary Word of Life honolulu hawaii then When HE moves me I ended up meeting people on my street HIS move in our lives was powerful. I could go on but I’m going to just say is this Our LORD told let go of this person I didn’t and eventually soon after married him, I found myself spiraling into a stream of Heartbreak hurt distrust and so forth but our ABBA PAPA Never left me nor forsaken as HE has promised us. I found myself hanging on for dear life like Jacob. till this very day November 5,2016 I’ve Completely Surrender my life to our One and Only true KING CREATOR ABBA PAPA my LOVE my life my everything!!! HIS WORD IS Everything LOVE POWER STRENGTH LIFE GLORY MAJESTY GRACE SALVATION and ON and ON…….HIS WORD SPEAKS FOR HIMSELF. I LOVE YOU my GOD and KING of KINGS And LORD OF LORDS For All Eternity. Continue HOLY SPIRIT To Have YOUR Way With me in YOUR Mighty Name JESUS Amen!!! Psalms 23:, 24:, 25:, 27:, and ……….”I LOVE YOU PAPA” Amen!!!! I LOVE You All Daughters of the KING Church Amen!!!! Aloha Sister Chrissy

      1. This shows me that, I cannot function without The Lord! He is My Heart, My Soul, My King and Savior! I Have, as many others do dealing with physical and emotional pain. I know the Lord Has Blessed Me Many Times, and my son, I Love The Lord With and Everlasting Love! In Jesus Name To God Be The Glory!

    24. This year has had its ups and downs but in everything I give praise. My Heavenly Father has walked beside me and sometimes had to carry me to help me get past myself. But through everything he has never abandoned me his Love is uncondition and means everything to me.


    26. The Lord doesn’t want us to keep still but to keep walking – trusting and obeying – so that we can reach the mountaintop – of victory and joy. God is also the one who gives us strength to overcome any hardship and grief. Praise God who makes us more than conquerors in Jesus!

    27. Buffy God is able. I know someone now who is cancer free. Guess what He can do it for you too. God loves you and so do I.

    28. That no matter what you are face with in life.God able to see you threw it.Gods word give you the strength to keep going.

    29. I am 50 a mother and a grandmother but a widow for about 9 years. God has been faithful to me and He has brought through some dark valleys I thank Him for all of valleys and all of my mountain tops. Amen

    30. Sister you have people who love you and are praying for you. I dont know you but that will not keep me from praying for you. God will fight for us. We are his number one! He is our strength and our rock. Peace be with you!
      Love, your sister in Christ

    31. He is my present help in time of need.he will never leave me nor forsake me.Im bless by these devotional and I’m just blown by God’s love towards us.

    32. I’m so glad God is using this app to touch so many women’s lives. God is an amazing God and this scripture shows me no matter what happens in my life God will keep me from falling. He’s my everything and I’m nothing without him.

    33. I’m 45..these scriptures empowered me to keep Trusting the Lord that his word never fails and how much he Loves me..through the good bad and ugly..my lack of trust fail rebellious ways he keeps drawing me back..Thank u cause the messages is always on time and exactly what I’m dealing with and need answers to pray and redirection

    34. I thank God for his word, as a single mother without a job my trust is in God. God gives me the grace to go on I am brave because of him. My hope is in him all I have I give to him it is because of him I am able to stand. This means a lot to me thank God for his word .

    35. My sister, God can do it. I was 42 and also a single mother..but God did the work..the battle is not yours it is the Lords. Trust every word he gives during this time of recovery and you will be victorious! I an 15 years Cancer free! Glory to the King!

    36. I know that God is in control of my life and he is going to take care of me no matter what happens to this world he has got me in the palm of his hand I have nothing to fear it’s been a hard Road for me but that verified just what it’s been on my heart thank you God

    37. I am prepared, geared up and fortified thru
      Christ Jesus as my Lord and Savior. There is nothing that GOD allows in my life’s journey, that I can’t come thru it victoriously. Am B O L D as an army, confident as
      D A V I D and is strengthen with ” supernatural power” that I possess thru Christ Jesus who strengthens me!!!!

    38. My name is Christine Davis. I love the Daughter’s of the King app. I’ve been physically, sexually & mentally abused my whole life. The Daughter’s of the King App encourages me every morning. It’s difficult to going through my day without reading their devotionals.

    39. Lord, we lift her up to you. Knowing that you have her in v
      THE palm of your hand. We will.never know all your plans, but I pray your love and peace encompass her as she trusts in you. In the name of Yahshua, we pray AMEN.

    40. This is Karyn Stewart-Morgan. God’s word is true & real. HALLELUJAH!!πŸ™πŸΎβœοΈ
      AMEN!!! The joy of The Lord is truly my strength. Our gracious, merciful God is ever FAITHFUL, even when we’re not. His promises are true. I KNOW FIRSTHAND!! I’m 66 & my husband (of 12 yrs) became absent from the body & present with The Lord 12 days ago (Oct 25). I have the peace of Christ, which surpasses ALL understanding, because I’ve wholeheartedly trusted God & with unwavering faith, I stood on His promises (& continue to).
      I pray His promises back to Him & declare, “Lord, You said in Your word…. ” or
      “Lord, You promised…”
      He has never left me, nor forsook me & I feel His presence, helping me & strengthening me. The Holy Spirit is the greatest Comforter, leading & guiding me. When My husband, Wayne, was diagnosed in May, I declared, “Lord, we don’t know what to do, but our eyes are on YOU! (Jehoshaphat’s prayer). We both strong faithfilled believers. I keep my eyes fixed on Jesus & in Him, I find rest. Worship &Praising
      God is utmost importance (& of course, obeying His commands & loving others)
      I praise Him in the storm.
      I find comfort knowing Wayne is with The Lord & he is not suffering anymore. I will see him on the other side; hopefully, not anytime soon.
      God bless all DOTK; much love β€οΈπŸ˜‡πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ˜‡πŸŽΆ

    41. Glory to God! His strength works even better in your weakness. He has promised to be with you always. I know he will make your story a testimony and for all of us

    42. Hi Bailey, yes rely on the Lord always. I will pray for your recovery. While you are going through this please eat healthy as possible because it will help you and your body. You are victorious! Amen

  2. I feel this is speaking to me and my need to have faith in Him as He walks me thru this season in my marriage where my husband will come to know the Lord in a mighty way and dedicate his life to serving Him and leading other’s to Him. I have a promise from God and I’m not letting it go!!!!

  3. Like the Hinds’ feet, I will walk in consistency with God’s will, divinely focused on his plans. I will be swift and secure while I move on the mountains.

  4. Praise The Living God!!
    This scripture mean alot to me because what I am facing now in my life. I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me. I been up since 4:00 this morning writing my last 3 essay for my online class. The Dean of the school told me as a single mother that work full-time & attending full-time night class taken this quarter in school now is like commiting suicide. In the Blood of The Prince of Peace, he will strengthen and guide me to pass ALL my four classes to show (Dean) Dr. Willeins that suicide is not in my DNA.. I am the daughter of the KING!!! PLEASE pray for me that Almighty God will show him & all my professor that I can do it in The Name of Jesus.. Son of Prince. Thank u & God bless…

      1. I agree with Shyrlena and plead the blood of Jesus on all of your circumstances. Keep pressing forward you got this in Jesus name

    1. The Lord will bless your efforts in a mighty way because you are to give Him the glory. In His power we are made strong. Praying for and with.
      Yesterday marked one month that my family has been grieving for my sweet younger (27) cousin. The only child of my Aunt. My father is in extreme pain waiting on a surgery that is another week away. My children are leaving the nest and yet OUR GoD blessed my husband and I, in later years in our lives, with a new little soul last year in our 3rd son, whom we appropriately named Seth. My faith is undeniable. I was the woman at the Well. With all that said, your original question was asking about this verse. My understanding is a simple one…He will raise YOU up.

    2. Yes, you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength! I cling to this verse time and time again. Just prayed for you. Praying for endurance as you press toward your goal. Praying also for your child(ren), and on those days you are totally exhausted, praying that God gives you strength to enjoy them. God WILL walk you through this season in life. Keep pressing on! πŸ™‚

      1. It means that no issues are bigger than God life happens we know that.but an almighty God hold us and he keeps us from falling.to all gods girls keep praying.

    3. Hi sis, I’m in school too, I’m 55 with a job also, it is not easy for either if us, but we are daughters of a King and yes, we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us!!! Your dean was wrong for saying that!!! You will do it!! My prayers for youπŸ˜‡

    4. You’re a child of the Most high God! I am praying for your strength and endurance as you obtain your degree. Praying that God gives you supernatural strength for each day, as you work, take care of your child/ children and do your assignments. May He give you an excess of knowledge of and understanding as you read and prepare your assignments. Praying that God gets the glory as you walk across the stage and shake that dean’s hand as you receive yor degree. In the name of Jesus Amen
      Stand strong, but rest in Him. Congratulations, my sister, on taking a chance and challenging yourself

    5. This post means so much to me. For some time I’ve been struggling with personal growth and my family is going through what seems to be a bit of a nightmare. It’s a reminder of all God is capable of and his goodness even when life is hard. That even in my situation, I’m able to grow and lean into him, because without him I would fail. He’s my rock now and always will be. God is faithful.

    6. Amen, sister! My the God of all give you not only strength, but peace that surpasses understanding. To Him be the glory, forever. Amen!

    7. God bless you you are a child of the living God.he will not give you more than you can handle and with God at the head of your life you will not fail.you are doing and you are right were you are suppose to be you will prove the Dean wrong stand in faith. God will not leave you..

    8. With God nothing is impossible. You are more than a concora, like you said your a daughter of the king, so your royalty, your best is yet to come. He said he will NEVER leave you nor forsake you. Continue to do all your doing. God will give you wisdom on how to keep everything balanced. SO YOU SOAR LIKE AN EAGLE AND COME OUT ON TOP, Remember You are the head & not the tail! YOUR life will be a testimonial of how God works, and a seed so they to will know God is for you, and is working for you good.
      Stay focused and God bless you and your family, as you continue to impact people lives through your everyday living and sharing of his word. I pray God will keep you and your family in peace, so you don’t lack anything.

    9. Praying for you my sister!
      You faith is shown and the almighty God will bless your faithfulness.
      Be encouraged πŸ’œ

    10. I agree wholeheartedly! In Jesus’s mighty name I pray that you will sense God’s Holy Spirit power enabling you to do what seems impossible…but with God all things are possible!! You can face your giants in the strength of the Lord and slay everyone one of them!

      I am so proud of you!

    11. Praise God my sisters, I thought my situation was devasting, but with my prayers and the prayers of sisters and brothers around me. What was meant for bad turned to good. I’ve learned that I can accomplish all things through Christ who strengthens me. I thank God for dot-k.com. I look forward to your posts every morning. Thank you.

    12. Ms. Morgan
      I am the mom of four little girls who worked full-time and went to college part-time for seven years. It was not easy but with God’s grace and faithfulness, I have a BA! During my senior year, the Lord also carried me through a divorce from my husband of fifteen years on grounds of domestic violence. God has blessed me so. Stay faithful sisters!

    13. if God is for us who can be against us Ms Morgan you are the bomb I am 41 years old and I still don’t even have my high school diploma and to all those who mentioned about going to school I admire you your strength and courage to just go and be able to keep on going and to know that the Lord is your rock and your strength and he is he is going to pull you through I am praying for you Romans 8:28

    14. Amen… Dos who trust in Him will NEVER be ashamed. . Way to go young daughter in Jesus .. May D Lord prosper ALL dat you put your hand to… keep lookng to Jesus … D Author n Finisher of yr faith. . Luv I Jesus… Shirley… Thank you DOTK… YES I cling to dis promise… He Alone makes my feet like hinds’ feet.

  5. The Lord is my strength & invincible army. As a women taxi driver that works graveyard shift, it can get very scary but i know without a doubt that he is with me!!! TyJesus for your inspirational devotionals Keep up the Good work! Never stop building his Kingdom!

  6. He is my deliver and my healer, he is alway there for me in my times of trouble. The Lord God is awesome.

  7. The Lord IS…. He Has been there with me in the past to strengthen and carry me when I felt like I had nothing or no one. Or the strengtg to carry myself. When I just needed to be held His arms were holding me. He IS HERE NOW AS we face this day and the challenges ahead. Sitting by my husband’s bed side. And He Will be in the days to come. For HE IS the same yesterday today and forever.

    1. Yes he is and during my darkest and weakest and it looked like there was no way out but to pray and with one minute left to get out of the gates of hell and to fix broken wheel Axel all in front those who waiting to ambush my husband and I and were already celebrating victory I could hear them laughing.I wish I could of seen the looks on all their faces when my husband and I with the wheel fixed on our van was driving out through the gates at 8:59pm(at 9:00pm we would have been locked in)with one minute to spare and that is what the scripture means to me.For he is all that and more and thank you GOD.GOD BLESS ALL. Juanita

    2. Good morning my precious and Beautiful sister!! God is awesome and mighty !! God is show nough good!! He hold us together and blessed us with strength to stand in tough times! He is lifted us to where we belong! Depression got to get out! God is giving us peace and joy!!! Right now! Thanks God almighty for grace and mercy. Gennie Bradford AKA SISTER BEAUTIFUl

  8. A few years back my family and I went through what seemed unbearable. I lost my job, shortly after they found a tumor in my ovary and I had to go through surgery, right after I recovered my daughter became very ill, and needed hospitalization, she was kept in the hospital for 3 months, at the same time, my water heater blew up, and once on the top of the world I felt under, thoughts that God had forgotten me did cross my mind, but I didn’t allow them to stay, and although very dark at times I knew better than to think it was Him causing all this suffering, we almost lost our home too, we couldn’t even heat it. I only had two choices, sit still and let everything overwhelm me, or keep moving and somehow finding the strength to trust, I felt I was not strong enough for all this testing. So much happened. Its been a while now, and we are still recovering financially, my daughter is well now, and finishing her bachelor degree with honors, we didn’t loose our home, our bills are getting paid, we were a praying family before all of this, a few asked me if I had secret sins for which i was being punished, I felt more pity for them than for me. Bad things happen to everyone, it’s how we respond to the adversity what really sets us apart as Christians.

  9. I have had a difficult life changing experience and finding the Lord through church, devotional readings and prayers ha s given me the encouragement to push forward. I have found so much joy in life. Love, faith and living in God’s grace is what resonates with me.

  10. With our father we have a unseen force, we’re being carried by him hand in hand through any and all things we go through, we are not alone, the past can’t keep us down and the future is already won…. We are strong, we are beautiful, we are free we are royalty…. We are children of the most high ladies, own that status…
    God bless you and yours… Amen

  11. Our Almighty God gives me strength to get up every morning and to look forward to another day so I am able to work and help provide for my family, and to help others in need. He helps me to have a positive attitude and know that his loving arms are wrapped around me so I can show Love Kindness to others. He helps me to not fear this World with all of it’s negativity that surrounds us.

  12. God is all we need. He equips us to fulfill everything that He has called us to do. We must totally trust Him and wait upon Him. I am learning to seek Him for every area of my life first and then act upon them; instead of acting and then crying upon Him to rescue me out of the mess. God has a purpose and a plan for each one of us. So, I want to do His Will and accomplish the plan He has ordained for me. Thank you for your daily encouragement to us!

  13. Reading this scripture gives strength were there was none. When I have a full day I always repeat I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. He always brings me through. During the day I sing, strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow blessings all mine with 10 thousand beside, great is thy faithfulness. Amen x

  14. God is my strength when I am weak and feeling low. He will carry me through every situation in my life. When circumstances are bad in the earth, it is well with the children of God for he is our provider. He lifts us up high, and makes us stand tall and strong, God will fight our every battle, for on Christ the solid rock I stand all other ground is sinking sand.

  15. Thank you so much for such encouraging words every the messages are just 100% about my situation and immediately I’m strengthened. God reach richly bless you and please pray for me as I’m facing so many challenges at work which is also affecting my family and my spiritual walk with God. Continue with the good work you’re doing.

  16. God is my strength in time of trouble he has lifted me from the grave and I’m rejoicing and praising him the King of king a and Lord of Lords

  17. Those first five words are breathtaking. I’m involved in a women’s conference today and I struggle with belonging in the church and what role should I play. But God is my strength. There’s no fear where God is. I’m putting on my spiritual armor to make the spiritual progress that I need. There’s so much hope and comfort there. The Lord is my strength he makes me to walk. Do you know how often I come to church and sit there until service is over because fear keeps me in my seat? I don’t look to the left or right..just straight ahead. However in this scripture He is strengthen us. I needed this today.

    1. Hello my sisters, this scripture reminds me that I don’t ever walk alone and that our Father is always there. Anything that might try to come against me, my Father is always there, no matter what it may be!! I will stand strong and not be fearful!! Thank you Lord!!!

    2. Rebecca you will do awesome today because you my dear are three daughter of The King. I have been just where you are and it was nobody but God that broke the chains of fear off of me. Since God is no repecter of persons and He has no favorites He will do the same for you. I speak the courage of Joshua into your spirit right now in Jesus’ name. Just receive it. Amen.

  18. This scripture means to me is God is with me always; He has always been with me even when I didn’t realize it. God promises to be with me through the darkest hour a day we’ll as the good. God has gotten me through some tough times when Noone else was there or seen to care; but God, by His Mr y and Grace I’m still standing! Thank you Lord for keeping me and carrying me when I felt like I couldn’t go on. Thank you Lord cause you never eft me or forsake me. I can call on you anytime, any hour and I know you’re here.

  19. Good morning,
    1. Fear producing circumstances will occur in our lives
    2. Those times are fruit producing if we don’t give into the fear
    3. God is our courage and strength, our shelter in the storm
    4. We WILL come out on the other side better and wiser when we trust God and face our fear inducing situations

  20. To me this verse means no matter what is happening in this life, I have the Lord as my support system. I can always lab on Him and He will get me through.

  21. My God is my strength, He is my Strong Tower. He has been with me through some very ugly times in my life, He carried me through cancer, divorce, through raising my daughters alone. Through losing both my parents and so much more, all of this after I said yes Lord I’ll serve You. God is my strength, and now as He has called me to do things that are impossible for me, but possible for Him. He is teaching me to move in Him and not myself, He has helped me to find my voice for Him, and He puts the words in my mouth. I am about to be an ordained minister and I give Him all glory, all honor and all praise. Before I read today’s message, I was lying here thinking about Job’s story, his words rang in my ears
    ” though He slay me yet will I trust Him” I can say that now because He truly has been my everything. To God be the glory for the things He has done.

  22. This verse solidifies that I am blessed and held close by the King and no matter what the circumstance, if I stay close to Him, I will succeed. I went back to school at 63 and have been blessed with a purpose that is a joy to go to everyday. I am so grateful to Yahweh for everything and showing me His light for my path.

  23. To me it means that no matter what happens in my life…no matter what alphabets or problems doctors or people say I have, and no matter what puts of hell try to come against me…God shines through. God takes care of every single detail of my life. He knows all there is, so he can fix and heal all the world throws at me. I have learned…God says “fear not” 365 times in his word, so literally every single day…I don’t have to be afraid. He also say…I can do ALL things. Not some. ALL, so I choose to believe God. I choose to stand firm on his promises. This is just one of them. Thanks, dad, for all of your promises. Thanks for being my strength when I need you most. 😚😍

  24. As a recovering alcoholic, God – my Father, my Husband, my Prince – is the Rockni hold on to every day. He alone is the place I can turn to, run to, hide in when necessary. He alone has led me through steps and held me through the revelations those steps have brought to light AND shown me there is a new life to be had on the other side. I owe Him my all.

  25. I thank the Lord ,for his devotion and using you in a mighty way. I was looking forward to meet your daily devotion .for women. it’s a blessing ,to me and encourage to me so thank you for Allowing God to use you .β™₯β™₯

  26. Love all the comments! God is my strength when Satan tries to trip me up I can walk over my circumstances. I have the victory through Jesus. No weapon is prospering against me! He is my rock and redeemer!

  27. The word of God is powerful indeed. These scriptures encourage meto remember when things get hard that I am powerful because mt Father is empowering me and HE IS ALL POWERFUL!!There is nothing impossible through him. We are victorious through all situations if we remember and believe these words.

  28. Praise the Lord I love this scripture! My husband and I are going through schooling to get our ministries license, we have also decided to pull our girls out of public school and we are homeschooling them and we both work full time jobs. I’m also going to be preaching in 4 days at our church. The old me would be scared and nervous, but I’m not I’m so excited and i can’t wait to bring the word that God gave me. I know if it wasn’t for my husband and I putting God first in everything we do and me trusting in the Lord to do what he’s been calling me to do I wouldn’t have the strength. He is my strength. Oh and to add to everything else we are moving.

  29. The lord strengthens me every day. I feel fear trying to get a hold of me praise Jesus i know he will be with me thank you Jesus

  30. As a child of God and pastors wife of 22 years it’s hard to put into words the meaning of this beautiful verse. I went through very heavy depression and found myself in a deep ,dark,lonely pit. It was something I never thought a bubbly happy Christian could face. But there was and is so much my Father wanted to teach me..I had never known the kind of terror I felt inside. I felt separated from God and abandoned. But God told me something at the beginning of my fight…He said I’m going to teach u to trust my Word not your feelings. So He began to make me stronger like the hindsfeet. He began to bring me out of the terror by teaching me more of who He was and less about what I can do. He has begun to make me brave not because of me but because of who He is. So I have seen this verse become meaning in my life. I know what David meant when he said” if I were a bird I would fly away but I can not”. David was wealthy he could have went anywhere he wanted but he could not get away from himself and the struggle he fought inside…only God can do that!!!! Only He can make u stand in His bravery and fight as a soldier. And some days put one foot in front of the other. GOD BLESS

  31. To me it means that by placing my hope and faith in Him during this incredibly painful season of my life (my husband and I have recently separted with little hope of reconciliation), that He will be/equip me with the strength and bravery to fight/keep going through all of this and that in the midst of it all, that He is doing a work in me that will forever transform me in such a way that Glorifies His Mighty Name. Thank you God, by the blood of Your Son Christ Jesus, for UNMERITED favour. Thank you for always pullling me back into your loving arms whenever I have strayed too far (and as many times as I have strayed). There is no love like your love because You are Love! There is no thing, no person or no place that could ever fill my heart and soul the way You do. I thank You for your Love and by Your love, Your Word which sustains me.

    1. I’m going thru separation as well. It’s hard cause you feel God is allowing it and if he is than why do I need to talk to him about bringing it together when he God may be pulling it apart. We get frustrated and start losing belief and faith cause we see no progress and fear sinks in. Remember that’s what God is trying to see if you can and will still have faith no matter what he does or take out your life. Do you really mean what you say and feel about God. God is putting your faith into action. Once you stop thinking about your husband and the situation satan will let go of him. He has him cause he see how you are and how it’s affecting you. Satan wants to get you too. If he can keep you down and out over it he has won and accomplish what is mission is. He cant get you no more so he said I know someone who I can use and its your husband. Satan never said he come to keep family together he said I come to steal kill and destroy. Ok. Are you gonna let him. Let your husband go. God has him. He said wives do not worry about your husbands. You must believe it. If you want God to change it let it Go. God may have him in the fire breaking him and you steady trying to pull him out of it. God don’t need your help you need his help. It’s up to you. God wants to use you to bring him back. The right way. Let your husband see your change. He watching trust me he is watching and just don’t know how or what to do . So it easier for husband to bail out. Fearful of not meeting God expectations of a Man. You can do it.

      1. I think God for your post it’s exactly what I needed to hear. Praise God, we’re always first in his heart, may it be so for us. Bless you, Sister, thank you for sharing the wisdom and Truth God has shown you!

    2. Amen Laura, Praise GOD how His strength is made PERFECT in our weakness!!! I’m sry to hear about ur marriage troubles, I too and going through something similar, we hv recently reconciled, but the devil is here to do nothing but kill steal and destroy! But the Lord knows your heart sweet sister and as long as you keep Him first and delight yourself in all of His ways, He will give you the desires of your Heart!!! Praying for you!!!

  32. To Him be the glory! Relying on His strength has taken me a lifetime! I am practicing this more and more. This revelation came too much after a life low and a long battle to surrender all to Him. Praise to Him that He loves me and I am His. I now get to live in His peace and strength, today, tomorrow and for always.

  33. He is the only one worthy to be Praised! He will love you and protect you from all trouble and discord. He will spiritually mature us and use us for HIS glory we need to keep trusting HIM and walking in the narrow path. To be brave and not afraid. We aren’t from this world thats why things are so difficult. Jesus suffered and so will we that follow HIM. Keep praising him in the storm. Keep praising him and give thanks for God is good and HIS mercy endures forever. Amen

  34. In a world filled with terror and chaos, this scripture gives me hope and reminds me to never allow fear to become a snare in my life.Its one of my favourites.

  35. I beleive the passage is basically reminding us to always be ready for battle. Keep your armour on especially when suffering times encounter our lives. God said we will suffer, he doesn’t lie. What he did was equip us with his belt of true.before enemy mess with mind oh no you have your helmet, b4 enemy cone for your heart, no no breastplate us on, how about enemy trying to redirect your path what are you crazy satan yes he is cause you have your shoes on to keep you moving in God. Yes it was all about the armour. Why don’t we put it on and stop crying and acknowledge you already won before it begun. God said you have the victory already. So you can’t lost. Some of us lose because we just don’t believe. How can you win the battle if you always running from the consequences. Love me some God. Rita Grant

  36. I’m always auf little bit insecure – can I take such an scripture personal for me?
    Or is she only for Israel?
    Christine from Germany

    1. Christene we all have insecurities but we must take gods word personnal and apply every word in our mind,hearts, even in our whole beings. Jesus came for us all to recieve salvation trust!!!god my sister πŸ’˜ delilah ,your sis. In jesus christ!

  37. My Abba and Lord is my friend. I’ve been protected, provided for and keep from things and people I taught I needed in my life. Trusting isn’t always easy for me but God have shown me he is trust worthy! Giving up his only son to safe my sinful self. Loving me no matter what, who on earth is like that? Trust, hoping, expecting and believing have been my friends because as a single mother with no child support or assistance from no where I’ve seen God kept my household together over and over again!!!!!! Glory, praise, thankfulness and a heart of gratitude to my Father, Lord and Holy Spirit!!!!!

  38. This scripture means to me that I don’t have to struggle with trying to protect myself, or with trying to keep myself spiritually sound. It is God’s responsibility, will, & desire as my Father to do that. This really comforts me, but it also rebukes me. I never received that in the natural from my parents, so I grew up with the mentality of having to “fend for self”. And that mindset affects my walk with God, because I still tend to try to be to and for myself What and Who God alone is meant to be. It’s nice to be reminded that God’s got me simply because He wants to. My enemies(even the enemy inna me) don’t worry or intimidate my God. He’s more than capable of delivering me from both.

  39. Right now this scripture speaks life to me, the Lord is my strength because I am so weak right now, My thoughts are trying to get me down, but God, he has healed me of breast cancer(June 2016), my car was totaled(Oct 2016) no fault of my own, over 50 yrs old never been in a car accident, so now I am without a car, on top of that no job but God! I have a place to live, food to eat, clothes on my back. I know this season of trials and suffering will eventually be over and I will be stronger in discipline and character.
    I know even as I write this God is already working everything out for me. Please lift me in prayer as I go through this stressful time in my life.

    1. My sisters car blew up on the freeway 9/16…I prayed for her to get a car and 2 weeks later she was blessed to get a 2016 Honda civic OUR GOD IS AWESOME HE KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT WE NEED…Praying for you in the name of Jesus …More importantly I thank God sooo much that my sister was not harmed as she was in the car when it caught on fire…GOD YOU ARE SOOO AWESOME YOUR PRAISE WILL EVER BE ON MY LIPS .

  40. Good morning Royalty Princess’s. What I feel about this verse that no matter what I’m going through God will supply all my needs. He will fight all my battlers. He said vengeance is mines I shall repay.
    I have been going through a lot this year. I lose my job in May. In July my kids father was murder by a B.R police officer (made national news) my only transportation is broken over a month. My son is acting out in school cause he haven’t seen his daddy, he’s 5 so he don’t understand (had to get a counsel)I could be losing my house & my truck. I’m so behind on bills trying to fix my truck so I can get a job. I’m a emotional train wreck.
    But its well. God will delivered me from all this pain I’m going through. I have to trust him and hold on to my faith. So you ladies be ENCOURAGED….BE BLESSED

    1. Oh sweet girl, I am standing with you in your hour of need! Father God, please open the floodgates of heaven and let it rain on Your daughter! Thank you for supplying all her needs…emotionally, spiritually, relationally, physically and financially.

  41. This is what I needed to hear this morning. I’m going through a few things, but I know that my saviour will deliver me from it all. I’ve cried out to him and I can feel him working on me. I already claimed it and I’m continuing to walk by faith and not by sight.

  42. Taking care of my dad who has dementia is very trying and exhausting , but this verse just reminds me that God is there for me, always faithful .

  43. This verse reminds me to be as a child. Like the song says “I am week but he is strong”. Yes Jesus loves ME. We’ve had difficult days and months in the last year. My husband lost his job of 36 years. So we’ve learned more than ever to trust the one from whom all blessings flow. It has been difficult to say the least but He knows my ending from my beginning. I will trust his plan and know that He is Lord of Lord! Amen!

  44. I have recently been struggling in nursing school. This verse really speaks to me because I am realizing that I can’t continue in my own strength. I must put aside my pride and ask God to take control. He is the one that will pull me through to the end.

  45. To me, it means that He will propel us forward as we grow our faith, and honor our His promises to us. He will be our courage to do what seems insane to the world. I pray God show me what I am to do. I want to honor my God and further His kingdom. He is calling His people out to the places and responsibilities He has destined for us. Lord help me see where you want me to go, and what you want me to do for your name sakke. What a beautiful place in time to be.

  46. The lord said in his word I will never live you nor forsake you,his promises to us are assured and we are more than a conqueror, so whatever we are going to face in life as long as we trust him and believe God ,.we shall over come and see the manifestion of God.

  47. Praise the Lord! He is worthy to be praised! Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. My grandmother had taught me to claim his promises. I work on this all the time. Falling into many traps the enemy has put to trip me up and rob my peace and joy, I get up by the Grace of God and keep Looking to Jesus. Married 41 years to a non believer has been very challanging, but God has always been my strength. I am in another challanging time as we are moving to another state to be near his family of non believers and I must keep my eyes on Jesus. The enemy is at work seeking whom he may devour, but God is greater. Praising the Lord for The Kings Daughter ministry. Amen! Blessings! Debbie

  48. I have always love this scripture; it gives me great hope that it doesn’t matter what I am facing or will face in life, God will always be my strength, shelter and tower.


  50. Lovely stories of hope and strength…it’s a reminder for me that God was with me on my mountains in the past..divorce, depression, cancer, abuse..I’ve climbed quite a few mountains and I gladly boast that Christ was with me then!! And he will be with me now as I make my new steps in school, at work, with my kids and in my upcoming marriage. I am so thankful for what God has given me.

  51. Oh praise the Lord what a beautiful scripture God is the love of my life I fell in love with him at the age of 17 when I first met him life has not been a Bed of Roses but I’m thankful and grateful and I will continue to trust him no matter what the situation looks like seems like or feels like I’m in a battle for my marriage for my life health and for my strength and thank God for this devotional there so uplifting and it gives me strength and courage in the hardest times of my life and situations God bless you all I love you and thank you let us all continue to pray each other strength in the Lord have an awesome day.. The Best Is Yet To Come God is still on the throne and moving mightily every second of every day be encouraged weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morningπŸ˜…

  52. This scripture is powerful! He is my strength for I have none.In a battle right now.Had a Biopsy done Monday will find out results next week.Believing for a good report!!!I give him all the Praise!!! Please pray with me!!Thank you!!

  53. This is such a beautiful passage of scripture! And reading it in the Amplified Bible gave me a new perspective. I loved the part about personal bravery.

    I used to live in the land of fear. 8 years ago I was experiencing frequent panic attacks. BUT GOD. He revealed the lie I’d been believing. That whenever I started to feel unreasoning fear, I wasn’t operating in faith. Therefore God basically threw His hands up, stepping away from me. Saying I was on my own. It was as though my lack of faith was, in essense, the unpardonable sin.

    Once I understood that was a lie from the pit, and embraced God’s love and forgiveness, when the fear hit again I was able to stand on the Rock of my salvation and to press into Him. Ever since that day, Janunary 3rd, 2008, I haven’t had a single panic attack! Praise the Lord!! The truth is, I can step out and face my fears with a bravery that comes from the God Who supplies my every need…even if I’m quaking inside.

    Now I am stepping out and writing the books He’s placed in my heart. He’s calling me to a new level of bravery. From now on I will picture that invisible army…the LORD of hosts right beside me, and I will face the giants of inadequacy and a fear of failure with the knowledge that God will never leave me or forsake me! I don’t have to supply the strength…I just have to step out, even on wobbly knees. He is the one who empowers me with His amazing strength!

  54. When I am weak He is my strength. Because of God I can be bold and when the enemy rise up against me God is right there beside me. With God I can defeat sickness, suffering and financial strains and I can conquer anything. To God Be The Glory!! Great Things He Has Done!!

  55. This scripture is prophesies to my soon to be future! I have walked through very tough terrain that I know only God has carried me, as thoughts and hardships placed upon me by the enemy to destroy me were set. God activated his angels to protect me from the dark principalities and to bring me out. HE called me out, lifTed me onto higher ground, a new foundation, life & purpose when I thought all was lost. GOD is moving! He has moved things and people from my life leaving me baffled although thankful that he believes in me more than myself and willing to show me how important and loved I truly am when I was ready to give up on me. He’s HOLY, worthy and wonderful to be praised!! To God be the glory!!!

  56. The Lord God is the strength, bravery, stamina necessary for me to conquerthe difficult things. My excuses are only valid if I’m referring to what I can do. He’s doing the strengthening and preparation to make me win if I would just walk and not fear.

  57. The Lord God is my All, my everything; He is the source of my strength and my life. Praise Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the One and only true God!

  58. God my help. In good times or bad He is and was always there. The One I can and could depend on. There is nothing that I have been through that He has not seen me through.
    When I was litterally at my lowest and said I couldn’t do the He always sent someone to show I can and would make it. I remember being pregnant and taking care of my mom. He said He was going to take her and I prayed everyday. I didn’t read but I praised Him. I wouldn’t go to church But He sent me people to attend to while going through. When that day came i never left her side until I had to. I called out to God and He sentva peace. No matter what we go through He is always there and will not let us fall.

  59. When I read this scripture….I see myself standing in the middle of a battle field. I’m standing in the valley and there are mountains before me, to my right our sand dunes, to my left is the ocean. As the enemy and his principalities come at me from the mountains I use my shield of faith to extinguish the flaming arrows, I grab the sword of the spirit to attack what is coming from the left and the right! He the all mighty God is the passion in my heart, the anchor in my feet, and the wisdom in my mind. TO OVER TAKE ANYTHING…..ANYTHING THE ENEMY THROWS MY WAY!! Ladies we got this!!!

  60. This verse means everything to me. Our father is the sovereign one, He allows us to dwell in the secret place of the most high. Our father doesn’t allow hurt harm or dangerous to come near our tent.

  61. To me this scripture means that Father God will deliver us in times of trouble and equip us with what we need to not just endure what we’re facing but to embrace it πŸ˜‰

  62. I have never read this scripture from The Amplified. I have been a Christian for 26 years. I never thought I would be facing anything I could not handle as a born again Christian, until 3 years ago when I found out my husband of 32 years was addicted to porn. This has devasted me and some days I felt crippled. I have chosen to stay married. This verse says, He will make high places, spiritual places out of the troubled mess! What a mighty God we serve. He will make me WALK (not stand in terror) through to VICTORY and He will get all the glory!

  63. Good morning blessed women of God. I read the scripture and in my heart I know that God is my Army General who handles my battles. He understands the stuggle more than I do; he knows what the outcome will be and He abides with me through it all. I will adore Him forever.

  64. Good Morning, To me this scripture means that God is always with you. When you feel like you can’t go another day, He will lift you up and help you stand as sure footed as a deer. He is there when everyone has abandoned you when you are at your lowest and is in need. He is there when you have lost everything, your only son, your job, your home, your car, everything. He is there when the only family you have are toxic and abusive, and plot evil against you, who take advantage of you because you are at your lowest. Just ask Him for protection. I can tell you He will do it! He will keep you in your right mind through all of this. Just stay close to Him by reading His Word and Promises. Your mind has to be stayed on Him, because you have to be ready to listen to His guidance so he can tell you which way to go, what to do and say, to respond the right way. He will even make the enemy do right by you. He is your strength because you will find that you can deal with, go through, and handle things that you never thought you could. Remind yourself that God and Jesus loves you, that He hasn’t brought you this far for nothing, that He will supply all your needs when no one will help you, that He will walk you through your valley and out, that he will keep you in your right mind, that He will never leave you nor forsake you. He will open doors for you, but you have to be patient. It’s hard to wait on God, but while you are, stay close to Him by staying in His Word. Sometimes we have to wait because He’s working things out and aligning people up before we get there, or He’s trying to show or teach us something. Stay close to God, He is our rock and strong tower. Be Blessed.

  65. My thoughts are that we have to let God fight our battles. Surrender to his will and let him guide you. Remain obedient as our fight is not against flesh.

  66. This is a very encouraging scripture. No matter what our life journey is God is with us. We have to trust in him and never doubt what his plans for us are. We can choose to let our trials make us better or bitter in our faith walk. We can live for God & share in all his glory. I absolutely love the devotions DOTK shares daily.

    Thank You & God Bless Your Ministry,


  67. This beautiful verse for means that I don’t have to be strong because God is already strong for me,fighting my battle.Hind is a female deer,the unique thing about it is, its behind feet step the exact spot that the front feet step when its walking.It means its next stepping place is tested.For me because I have one pair of legs I believe the other pair is Gods,ie as am going up this tough mountain,He steps ahead of my step ensures its stable and sure before my foot steps.I love Jesus.

  68. He is my all and all..there is nothing in this world that can stand against me as long as I am standing firm in Him. I have no fear

  69. I am a 57 year old single woman…being divorced several times…after living my whole life with rejection from my family all kinds of abuse I met jesus…he is transforming me I moved to a different county away from my family…i miss them terribly…just trying to reach out terrifies me sometimes I feel despair of ever seeing a change…its me I need the Lord to change…the enemy wants you to think you are all aalone..e is a liar…God truly will give you binds feet to climb insurmountable obstacles to do it afraid…He gives strength to the weak…nothing is too difficult for him…when the enemy is trying to feed me his lies God reminds me where He has already brought me from…In Christ alone I can make it through we all can apart from him all vanity…these are hostile times we are in…but The Lord goes before us and keeps us safe…

  70. What I got from this post is, that no matter what God guides my feet, my thoughts and my mouth to deal and handle every situation. I know that before I accepted Christ, I survived, but with Christ in my life, there is nothing that has si far come my way that I can’t handle. I have learned to let Him have it, and everything will fall into place, not necessarily the way I want it to, but always His will be done.

  71. Just read this in the perfect time just when I felt so sad and discouraged of life. This remembered me that is not by my own strength. I just can’t fight anymore right now . So let’s pray and trust him!

  72. This ministry blesses me daily. What speaks to me is that when I am at my weakest He is my source and strength. I am a single mother who was widowed in my 30’s, and left with 3 kids to care for. I remarried, a year later and lost my mother to cancer. She was the rock in my family. 2 years after her death, my husband walked out on my, leaving me in a home, jobless,and it broke my heart. That blow took the wind out of me. I was depressed, on medication for anxiety and sleep. I could not sleep for more the 2-3 hours a night. I became a drunken person, and was completely a wreck full of depression. I thought i was going crazy, and I did almost lose my mind. I was never in a darker place. I met a man who was the opposite of anything i wanted, but i stayed in it, confused, weak in my mind, compromising my character for him…i chose that. Spiritually i was a wreck, seeking, praying, drinking, depression, anxiety, anger, fighting…you name it. BUT GOD. I was committed to a mental facility for 3 days and i know it was God who was with me against every attack of the enemy. He didnt let me go Crazy, and succumb to the accusations of the enemy. He fought for me, giving me strength to call on his name. And today 5 years later, im still standing. Moving, free of the bondages that had me. GOD MINISTERD to me one on one, in the late hours. He alone carried me. Noone could do it. But GOD!

  73. No matter the journey or problems that i face then now and in the future i know that God is with me. He’s been in my life all of my life. I see his hand prints every where in my life. He gives Grace to the humble and i am humbled by His Grace. The righteous cry and the Lord hear and deliver us from all our troubles. It is good that man should both hope and quietly wait on the salvation of the Lord. I am a child of the most high God and no weapon formed against me shall prosper. Be blessed all of the women of God!!❀❀❀❀❀

  74. This scripture touches my heart by telling me to continue focusing on God and any challenges that arise in my life God will help me thru them. No weapons formed against me shall prosper!! I will keep moving forward in life with a positive mindset. Amen!!!!

  75. I recently got divorced and not by choice. After being married for 24 years he decided to call it quits. No further explanation and I have a very angry teenager to deal with that doesn’t want to know anything about God.

    Often I tremble with frustration and feelings of helplessness but God has been my refuge and strength. He has supported my feet to walk over adversities. He has supplied all my needs, even when I did not have a job and transportation before. Now I work across the street from home.

    Every morning I read these devotionals and reach out to God and other hurting people to find my purpose in this life.
    God all mighty walks right beside you if we let him.

    This verse encourages you and even when you feel you can’t take another step and freeze, God will take you by the hand and guide you. This is what it means to me.

  76. This is an awesome affirmation of God’s promise to us!! Letting us know HE is all we need to fight the battles in our lives. He will deliver us out of our trials and fears. He is our army and armour! As long as we put our armour on and keep him in front we will continue walking to our salvation and continue winning the wars of sin and troubles in our lives. What an amazing promise to know all we need to do is take Him with us into every situation and He will prevail for us!! Simply put on our armour of trust, hope and faith in our Saviour!!
    Remember all the action we took this week… we are stronger in our actions with God!
    Much love and many blessings! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’Ÿ

  77. To this verse tells me to increase my faith .that’s to trust God no matter what l go tru.To let him be my total Comfort. Because at the Final Destination he is waiting for me regardless wat l go tru.just trust him

  78. When I hear this first I think of a mountain goat, in the Steep Mountain Rocky places, where it’s extremely hard to travel…yet they don’t just walk, they run and leap! So this first shows me that God is carrying us, to places where we would not be able to go – but He’s showing us the path -making us as a child in trust, and able to make progress in high places of difficulty and trouble, yet with secure footsteps, until we reach the summit and then to continue following where He has gone first – walking in His faith, transformed in the journey, with Him!

  79. Remembering the only true living God is still on the throne. He knows all, Sees all. He has already walked before us on the path he has planned for us. No matter what he will never leave us. learning to be at peace with what happens in life and being well with my soul. Hallelujah!

  80. This scripture to me tells me when I’m in a dry place Gods refreshing water will quiche my thirst an full me where needed thru out the day.

  81. Shalom! I am in the middle of a trial right now. It is an instance where my character is being tried in the fire. This scripture gives me constant reassurance that Abba is bigger than any of my circumstances. I am fighting to continue to trust Him. I know that is the only way I will not fail. He is my everything!

  82. Amen! To me this means that no matter how hard it may seem. I am able to stand firm and without fear of whatever comes, because God lives and God is within me I shall not fail!

  83. God will strengthen us through our trials. He will cause us to rise and our enemies become our footstool. He will supply us with strength. Let us all lift him up in praise for what he is going to do for us as he strengthens us along the way and provide comfort in our sad times! Amen, glory to our father in heaven!!

  84. My God give me strength in everything, my daily walk in life how to overcome battles I face, GOD ALWAYS have a way out of every situation that comes my way. He is all I have beside my family but GOD comes FIRST. He is the way the truth and the life
    In Jesus Name Amen…Thank you Father πŸ’œπŸ’ŸπŸ’˜πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ•‡πŸ•‡πŸ•‡

  85. To me it means that the Lord Himself is the source of my strength. He personally makes me brave and He personally makes me brave and He is my unseen army. When I face a fierce battle He personally takes over. When I am weak,He makes me strong. He makes me to walk even when I am tired.I will not be afraid but I will walk.I will not be terrified by any situation but I will walk,and face my situation head on. Situations which are my high places will be my low places. They will bow as I advance because I am a daughter of a King.Hallelujah Praise the Lord.

  86. The Lord is my strength, in my weaknesses He is made strong. With God I can achieve or do things I wouldn’t have done by myself.

  87. God is Awesome, Magnificent, All providing every need I may ever face in my daily walk. I need to focus on His All sufficient provision of who He is & what He always provides & never focus on my inability or shortcomings because He has already given it to me.

  88. God is MY HERO!! He is my strength and with HIM I can go forth and accomplish the tasks at hand!!! That’s what that scripture means to me.

  89. This evening I read the devotion and made me cry because I can’t describe the words that I am going through. In those days I have been struggling with my life daily with my family. AS I am only christian at home and gap between God and family. It is tough journey for almost 10 years now. Since my husband decided to give up ministry with deaf church and turned into the world. it is long journey in this path. I do make many mistakes and not perfect christian. AS I do have Christians who are praying for me and my husband and my kids everyday. When I read different devotions everyday it does lift me up. I am so grateful because My God will not leave me or forsake or saying to me ” yeah it proof my case” he would not say that. My God will not deflating or look me down, the way my husband does that to me. I am here to ask you to pray for me to go on sometimes I have no strength to go on with this tough journey.

    1. Dear Cori,
      I will definitely pray for you. Please do not give up the wonderful Lord God King of thr heaven and earth is with you. He will never ever leave your side. God will always be there for you and will protect His precious daughter. Jesus loves you so much with all His heart. He cares about you and wants the best for you. Also I would like to end by saying that You are so strong and by the grace of God you can overcome anything that you are facing. I like to meditate on this verse sometimes


  90. For me this scriptureview means I’m not going through tough times alone, that I have an amazing God who is wit me, giving me strength and fighting battles for me and all I need to do is focus on Him and all wI’ll be right. β™‘

  91. This is a wonderful affirmation that our Heavenly Father is my strength , and no matter what I may encounter I can stand and not fear because he’s my Protector. It’s a gentle reminder that as he elevate me, I can freely move about in the high places with “hind feet “because he’s my EVERYTHING!! Praise God! Psalms 23:4-5

  92. I am 39 yes old and everyday the battle is on and gets hotter it is these scriptures that gives me hope that I am not alone in this warefare an I just want to give him all the glory and praise for not leaving me alone.

  93. I believe this scripture states that we should stand tall, stand firm on God’s word. Give all you troubles to God and let him fight your battle.

  94. I am a nurse and I try daily to be the hands and feet of Jesus and to serve His people like He would. No matter their history or circumstance, I love on them like I would want someone to care for my family.

  95. For me it means that…
    He HIMSELF, by His Presence, His Spirit, the Person of Jesus Christ…
    is my PERSONAL bravery/courage – not somewhere distant, out there for the great multitudes, but deeply, personally, intimately…
    That in those deer-in-the-headlight moments where I would otherwise be paralysed with fear, He enables me to, not only stand, but walk with dignity and strength…
    With the agility of hind that masters the incomparable majestic cliffs, He enables me to take up responsibility which in my own self would be far beyond me…

  96. Hi, I’m 25 years, from Nigeria. I have to say this devotional has helped me through really tough situations, always word in season! Always. The scripture for me is clear cut, God is the reason I can wake up everyday and want to face life! I don’t think there is an alternative to God’s place, without him, I don’t want to take any step; I don’t think I could even if I wanted. He is literarily all that I have.

  97. God is truly my strength without him I’m weak I need him everyday I fail him daily and he still loves me through my weakness he picks me up when I fall I thank him so much for loving me unconditionally I thank him for grace and his mercy. Please pray for me that I will grow stronger in the Lord also I ask prayer for my family. In Jesus name i pray. Amen!

  98. He maketh my feet like hinds’ feet, and setteth me upon my high places. He teacheth my hands to war, so that a bow of steel is broken by mine arms. Thou hast also given me the shield of thy salvation: and thy right hand hath holden me up, and thy gentleness hath made me great. Thou hast enlarged my steps under me, that my feet did not slip. I have pursued mine enemies, and overtaken them: neither did I turn again till they were consumed. I have wounded them that they were not able to rise: they are fallen under my feet. For thou hast girded me with strength unto the battle: thou hast subdued under me those that rose up against me. Thou hast also given me the necks of mine enemies; that I might destroy them that hate me. They cried, but there was none to save them: even unto the Lord , but he answered them not. Then did I beat them small as the dust before the wind: I did cast them out as the dirt in the streets.
    Psalms 18:33‭-‬42 KJV

    Wow there’s one line repeated here in psalm 18 and Habakkuk 3. He saved me from the demons that were troubling me. I ask God to help me when I have sleep paralysis. I was terified before and don’t have the courage to pray against it. But now it’s as if God is training me to be mighty warrior. When I see the line “He teacheth my hands to war” that time I realized why I was having these attacks. God is good all the time.

  99. This Scripture means to me is that God doesn’t always change our circumstances, but He can change us to meet our circumstances. That’s what it means to live by faith. It shows the courageous way in which Habakkuk faces possible calamities & triumphs over them through knowledge & faith in his Savior. Thank you so much for the daily DOTK devotionals. They have truly got me through a rough year. 2016 has hit me with some expected and low unexpected blows, in January my divorce was finalized (after 2yrs of separation), then passing of my mother (who was my best friend and helped me with my kids), and later on in the year the ultimate betrayal, a deceitful action from a friend. Lord knows I would not have made it through any of these situations if my hope wasn’t in the Lord. My faith never waivered..He is my strength, my strong tower!

  100. Praise God for His word that is a sustainer, a strength and a reminder to put on the full armor of God. His source is the best strategy for any battle we must face. We can do nothing without our Lord; however it is freedom to know that we can do all things through Him who gives us strength to win the fight.πŸ’ͺπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸƒπŸΏβ€β™€οΈπŸ’ž

  101. 🌟Almighty GOD is my Everything! I am His beloved daughter. He will never leave me nor forsake because I am His and He is mine🌟…in Jesus’ Precious Name, Amen!

  102. To me it means he is a provider,a doctor in the sick room,a comforter,a waymaker,when my mom died he was there ,when my father abuse me he was there.He wiill nrver leave me nor forsake me ,he is my all in all,and my rock.Thank you dotk for all your inspirations.

  103. Today I read this as I leave the presence of my boyfriend who has PTSD so bad that he feels he will never live a normal life apart from it. God is good and has a plan. He has thwarted several suicide attempts & continues to place ppl in Tim’s life to help him. He is on an ice cream pail full of meds & sees 4 doctors who work well together. This passage that you posted is a message of strength to myself & Tim about God and the strength, protection & guidance he gives us for our journey. Thank you, you are a true blessing to our life.

  104. When I am weak or weary I know that the Lord is in the background working in my favor because in the end when times get better I knew it was Him there all along. Things I did not understand why it was happening to me was God working. I’ve seen people walk out of my life, that boss who you wonder why is so mean, or even losing posessions. It was all to set me up in the end for a better life with new and better friends, jobs and lowering my bills so I can finally live more comfortable and humbling my spirit at the same time. Thank God for all he has done in the background to make me who I am today even though at the time I was devastated, now I rejoice in him.

  105. 😊 Even though I’m reading this a day later .. this scripture boils down to two words for me – I win! He gives me all that I need to win in every situation. In every season. On every mountain. In every valley. I will not be overcome. I will not be crushed. In Him I am brave. I am an overcomer and I am a crusher! He is all that I need to walk in Victory because He IS MY VICTORY! πŸ™ŒπŸΎβ€οΈπŸ‘ŠπŸΎπŸ’―

  106. What it means to me is he IS my EVERYTHING I cannot live without his protection spiritually and naturally, his grace,his mercy and most of all his LOVE!! In him I truly have my being!!! He is really a necessity not accessory!! He is the Potter and I am the clay!!! I am everything in him and nothing with out him…..that what this means to me

  107. This scripture says to me that the Lord is my rock. He makes me strong when I am weak. I shall fear nothing or nobody no matter the circumstance. I am an overcomer and I have authority over this land. I shall walk out in faith with the obedience of God and be made whole and complete. I shall conquer all fears and the world. I am who I am in GOD!

  108. Hi. Thanks so much for this Daughter’s of the King Devotionals. I really enjoy reading all of them as I recieve them each every morning. πŸ‘Ό But this one hits to my spirit, cause I’m reading a book called. Hinds Feet and Higher Places. Its like the life I’ve lived before and now. He says. You can do all things through Christ that gives me Strength. And Lord told me. Don’t allow fear to stop you. Do it afraid , but don’t live afraid. These are the scriptures I meditate on. Proverbs 3: 5-6 Joshua 1:9. πŸ˜‡ I’m in LOVEπŸ’žπŸ˜˜ With Yaweh

  109. Because of Him, I survived a major surgery two months ago. I am a Total Colectomy Survivor!!! #no colonstillrollin #ittakesgutsandawholelotoffaith

  110. Hello Everyone! Newbie here… never commented before but felt compelled because I am truly inspired by all of your stories. However, just reading this. Seem to have had a slight glitch in my daily emails but now I have the app. Praise God! The hind is a female red deer whose home is in the mountains. The rear feet of the hind step in precisely the same spot where the front feet have just been. Every motion of the hind is followed through with single-focused consistency, making it the most sure-footed of all mountain animals. That said, I am a woman who has battled depression and anxiety for most of my life. I thank God for giving me the gift everyday of knowing that He IS my strength. That’s all I really need to survive in today’s world. We may all have some form of fear / anxiety. Probably more so now after our recent election. But in Him, we are all strong and brave. No longer do I stand in terror everyday. I refuse. Fear undermines my faith and love for God. When I am at my weakest I KNOW He carries me. My “hindsfeet” are His feet. Therefore, as many of you so beautifully and eloquently stated, I can do NOTHING without Him. I will not fear! I may have my moments and when I do, I grasp back onto Him posthaste. Each instance assures me that I have and am continuously growing in my spirit while gaining a deeper awareness that I am always safe. Thanks for sharing. God bless πŸ˜‡πŸ™πŸΎβœ¨

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