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  1. No matter your circumstances, God will fight for you. He will open door no man can shut, but we must stay still and planted in his word. Although things may seem shaky, stay still. Sometimes we mess up God plans trying to make moves based off our own understanding.

    1. What stands out to me is being still. Staying in the word and keeping my mouth off the situation and don’t move ahead of God by trying to make happen what only he can. Being intentionally still and having childlike faith and trust in Him and his promise to bring His will to pass. And lastly keep a good and grateful attitude.

    2. Indeed! It is about trusting God with are whole being. Fully relying on God. Having Faith that Jehovah Elohim ElShaddai is faithful and cares for His own.

    3. My faith in God moves me and to be grounded being patient trusting that God will open all doors that have been closed will be open by his only begotten son the LORD JESUS CHRIST HIS WILL SHALL BE DONN AMEN

      1. What stands out yo me is that God will fight my battles! He will face my enemies! He will boast for me! I don’t have to do anything , except sing His praises! Hallelujah!!! Thank You Father God! Thank You for breathing breathe into my body so that I can worship You yet another day! It brings me joy to do so! Just as I know it brings You more joy to watch and listen to me do! Thank You Father God! I love You with my whole being!!! In Jesus Christ name I pray, Amen! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

    4. He is the great IAM for worrying is arrogant it shows your lack of trust in God the Great IAM …relax relate and release 💓🙏🏿 right in the hands it’s forever to be still in the Lord 💕

  2. That he will give us what we need.We don’t have to go anywhere else,,but to him and he is in control no matter the situation!

  3. What stands out to me is The Lord will fight for you. Often times I feel like I’m in this alone. Like there is no one with me. This verse encourages me to know that God is not only with me but he is fighting for me.

      1. Yes God is sovereign. Mighty Warrior. Our great defender. He us my all and all. Guve thanks for trials and truibulations, its Gods best tool in pruning our charcter and for preparing us for what is to come.. All we need to do is trust and obey. Our obedience is the highest form of praise. God sees and knows our heart, our issues. Just invite Him in.

        1. My God I needed this today ready every day hrs so amazing and to be reminded to stay still stay planted in his name and don’t try to go ahead of him I often remind myself that no one can help me but God I believe and trust and every time he answers my prayers I’m AMAZED EVERY SINGLE TIME 🙏🏽🙏🏽

  4. Most battles are not to be fought by us, He is the Victor and the defeater! Therfore He fights all the battles! We should just pause, praise, and trust!!

  5. That no matter what I’m going through or my loved ones God is in the midst fighting our battles for us! God is always walking towards us, He loves us so so so much!!!

  6. No matter what we go trew we have to be still and know that he is God, our provider our healer he will never leave us or forsake us he time is perfect and that what I am learning God is never late is walkways on time, I just have to be patience obedient and wait on the Lord and he will provide thank you my Lord Amen..

    1. The part that stands out most to me is only you be still. In many instances I loose patience and try and take matters into my own hands. But this scripture wants us to know that the battles that are too hard for us he will fight. But he can only do that if we be still and allow him to.

  7. The Lord will fight all my battles. I do not need to soil my hands. He asks me to trust in him completely, let go…and he will it.all for me. Love and Trust him.

  8. The lord fought for me when I had to go through a divorce with two babies and three other children when I felt like the world had turn their back on me. When you feel the most afraid and you don’t turn to the world and you turn to God even if you have very little faith he will move for you and work everything out!

    1. The don’t turn to the world part was what I am now learning. I would be dealing with a trial and I would go to all of these different people for help. But God hardened the heart of these people and made me learn to trust Him and trust His way.

  9. Be still stands out to me. I found out the hard way that I had to completely surrender my situation to God and simply wait on Him to work it all out. When I tried to do it my way it failed me. He is a faithful Father and will do just as He promised. As hard as your circumstances may be, trust in the only one that can turn it all around for your good. Nothing can stand against the power of our God! Let Him fight for you He always wins 🙌🏼❤️

  10. What that’s scripture saying to me is that the Lord is a way maker. And he wants to take care of us, all we have to do is surrender to him and let him work his miracle magic!

  11. What stands out for me is the importance of remaining still and trusting that God will come through for you. No anxiety, just confidence that His track record is perfect and He will deliver in His own time.

    1. I second that Miss Montgomery Lord thank you for standing out for me. The battle is always a l yours help me to remember just how much a I am full of You, Christ!

      Thank for boundaries and privacy, my Jesus my best friend.

      I only need one of you!!

  12. Trust God to fight your battles.
    Even if you feel trapped, don’t complain or give up.
    Stand firm, keep the faith & watch the Deliverance of God!!

  13. To be still. I’m the type of person that likes to take matters in her own hands. The Lord has been working on me and I’ve learned to trust in God.

  14. I give it all to God, He is in control. If I commune with Him, He knows my needs, the desires of my heart and what is best for me. I give it to My Father, He loves me and wants no harm to come to me. Isn’t He wo derful, awesome. So loving. My God, I could not do anything without Him at the helm. Praise my Lord and God. Lord of Lord, King of Kings, God of all mercies and grace. Thank you Father.

  15. Be Still stands out for me. We are often hurrying and scurrying around and not allowing ourselves to plug into the power source…..so, be still my child 🥰

  16. What stands out to me is the two words fight and still. This battle is not yours it’s the Lord. Come to the Lord, he’ll give you rest and peace will be your portion. Trust the Lord even when it doesn’t feel good.

  17. It means to me stop worrying and let Him have control …He will make a way where there seems to be no way …stop trying to make things happen

    1. Thank you for sharing this! I’ve been wrestling with decisions for my career and academic path for months. Just feeling stressed, overwhelmed and defeated. Your comment truly resonates with me.

  18. The whole verse is what stands out to me. The LORD is our vindicator. He said that vengeance is His!! When we fight the battle instead of allowing God to do it we will get beat up maybe even defeated because of different circumstances. The Lord has a different perspective then we do! He says be still and trust that even in the battle we still have the victory. Put our trust in Him.

  19. Be still and know that I am GOD is what stands out for me because I trust my JESUS. He’s always been there for me, I’m nothing without him, I love him.

  20. The past few days the Lord has been reminding me to allow Him to be who He says He is. What stood out to me most was “be still”. To be still does not mean to lax on everything going on around me. However to lay rest my worries, doubts, fears, those what ifs, and excessive thoughts. Let God be God for and to you! Having a knowing that even though the weapons formed doesn’t mean they will prosper. The Lord has trust in us to persevere through those very things we are put up against. We must hang on to our trust towards Him, knowing He has already made defeated and put to rest what was coming against us.

  21. This means to let God defend us! Let him be the armor and the bearer. Nothing can go against him! Rest in the storm knowing that no rain, thunder, or lightning can touch you.

  22. At this time in my life this is an on time word. I need the daily reminder He will
    Fight for me and I need to just be still. It applies to me as a single mom with high earning potential, but in this season I am earning less than I have in many years because I have to prioritize my children. I feel like am in the fight of my life FOR their lives. This is ultimately a fight that I cannot fight and I have to be still and trust Him.

  23. Have no doubts or fears I am here, just stand and be still and know💞🙏🏽🙌🏽☺️😊

  24. When I read that scripture what stands out for me is,, you need to be still. Most of the time when we are going through our difficulties we often take it upon ourselves to solve them. When we are faced with the ones we can’t solve or control, we start to feel anxious and unstable. That’s when our Lord reminds us we need to be still and know He is God He fights all of our battles. He gives us the strategies to overcome. When our Lord says be still, He wants us to trust in Him because what’s impossible for us is not impossible for Him. Nothing is impossible for our God! He is creator of ALL THINGS! Who better to trust to fight for us Thank you Lord in Jesus mighty name Amen!

  25. The scripture as a whole stands out to me. I don’t have to do anything except for be still, trust Him & know without a doubt that He will fight for me. That He fights for me. It applies to me because I am HIS daughter. He loves me. He came & died for me. He made a way for me to have a relationship with Him. So no matter what happens in my life, no matter if I feel Him or think He is far away or being silent, all I have to do is Know that He is My God, that He fights for me & I just need to be still… just be still Alisa… remain calm, patient, know… just know & be still- He Is Fighting For Me. The proof is in what He did for me…

  26. I love this scripture! This scripture is one that the Lord had given me when I was dealing with a situation at work. A lady I worked with asked me a question about something in the Bible and I answered it and what I said got twisted into something that I never would have said and she went to her supervisor and told her a lie about what said and it could have costed me my job. I really wanted to say something to her and to the supervisor and remedy the situation but the Lord reminded me of this scripture and I kept quiet and let the Lord handle the situation and I not only was able to keep my job but was able to show this lady the love of the father even after she had lied on me and before long she left and is no longer working with us. So what stands out for me in this scripture is the fact that he is inviting us to trust that he will handle things in his time and in the right way if we will only be quiet and let him work

  27. I need not worry, fret or fight in my own strength as the Lord fights for me. I just need to be still and trust in His word and faithfulness as the battle belongs to Him my Heavenly Father!

  28. God continues to speak through this Scripture. He is assuring me yet again that the fierce battle I’m in He will fight. I only need to be still and trust that I am already victorious. Because He who is with me in greater than he who is against me. Hallelujah 🙌

  29. You only need to wait on God. He is our refuge, our strength, our all and all. He will take care of us if we only wait and allow him to do so.

  30. Today’s bible verse means to me that we are not to do anything. We are to give all things to God and He will fight for us (our battles) and for us to be still( keep our peace and trust Him and do nothing) Thank You Father for fighting for us as we stand behind You and staying still! We love You!!! AMEN

  31. You need only to be still. Last night I read a psalm “be still and know that I am God”
    . Pertaining to my situation I have been stressing myself thinking about every detail not able to tend to my relationship with God as much. Last night I met with him I said at first I didn’t want to talk about what was bothering me I just wanted to talk to him as God and to for him to speak to me as just his daughter without thinking about things outside of me, but I ended up telling him everything anyway …I told him because my burdens were to heavy, unbearable I had to give it God I was leading myself further away from him and carrying burdens I don’t have to carry or deal with alone. Being still is telling yourself stop worrying and planning out everything and thinking you know how everything will play it and let God show you what he can do. Just give him room to work instead of trying to control everything (how you respond, how you should react, the situation, how YOU think things should or will play out) be still. Just stop being you so God can be him.

  32. When I read the Bible verse , I saw an image of myself being still in the midst of an attack. The attack looked like a storm and my hair and clothes and surroundings were blown everywhere like it was really windy but I was firm standing.

  33. How can anyone or anything stand against the Almighty power of God? Quit trying to do it myself

  34. What stands out for me in the Word is the entire scripture , Exodus 14:14

    I know that the Lord will fight for me, so why won’t I continue to be still? This is so important because everything I’ve tried to do on my own had consequences ( it may have seen as if it were fixed, but wow.. the end results). Also it shows that I’m not trusting Him at all, or saying I don’t need Him; because without faith it’s impossible to please God. And also what Jesus said in John 15:5 is coming to my mind. So, day by day I’m learning to seek the Holy Spirit, for the Lord’s help in the name of Jesus. And the comfort of the inner peace that God gives in waiting on, being still and trusting in Him is going to be more desirable than anything for me. It also, increases my faith in Him and knowing that He is in control of everything, will bring me joy. Because, I can honestly say Lord we need You and we’re nothing without You.❤️

  35. To me ‘be still’ stands out. For me it means I don’t have to fight battles the victory already belongs to Jesus. All I need to do is pray focus on Him and trust Him and He will see me through

  36. You need only be still. Because if you believe in God and trust him that’s all the work you have to do.

  37. That the Lord will take care of me.
    That He well provide financially the team that I need for my business. The content that I made for my business on Facebook.
    That he will bring Divine connections into my life as business partners and as personal Friends 🧡 That he goes before me and makes the crooked pass straight. That of God is for me, who can be against me. That he gives me favor.
    That he forgives me, and then he loves me..

  38. Be still, and know that I am God;. He will fight my battles wait patiently on Him…Lead not to my own understanding. Trust in the Lord with all your hearts.

  39. What stands out to me is that good is working for us and to continue to have faith and be patient in his word. He will continue to guide us and being still to not get there faster than he wants us too.

  40. I need prayer for a financial blessing. I feel like my world is falling apart. But I know that God is there. I know that he has blessed me. I know that he is working behind the scenes. I know this of my heart. I know this of my mind and my soul I would like to be lifted up in prayer. Thank you so much because prayer is so powerful.
    Thank you for what you do and your obedience to God. And sharing his word.

  41. While God is FIGHTING for lil Ole ME!! I need to “Be Still”.

    I’m grateful for this reminder today that “NO MATTER what comes MY way God will & is Fighting on my behalf.”

    1. God is always on time. Just as a child must learn to trust their parents even though they don’t see them or understand that they are near to them and are just preparing for their next meal a short distance away. So must I. Even as an adult baby I must trust in the one who made me. Have a blessed day.

  42. What stands out to me is that I am NOT self sufficient. God is the one that fights – not me. Sure, he may lead me to join him in fighting by prayer and worship and spending time in His word, but HE is the one doing the fighting – I am simply remaining in Him.

    1. I also love that in the KJV translation it says “The Lord shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace.”
      It gives me a visual of holding onto, and gripping peace. We HOLD our peace, much like an warrior HOLDS and STANDS their ground.

  43. Be still: trust the Lord, rest in the Lord, do not speak or do anything because He will do it for you!

  44. He is Jehovah Tsaba, he is in control, My work environment is VERY HOSTILE, I know For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.

    I want to war in the flesh but I must let go and let GOD!!! BE STILL!

  45. I read the question and kind of panicked but I asked God what does it mean to me?
    Immediately I received this picture in my mind of Peter climbing out of the boat,
    but it’s such a tall boat there’s a ladder on the side
    and somehow Peter is on the ladder, close to the water,
    not in it though
    with his eyes fixated on Jesus, watching as the Jesus stomps on the turbulent waters,
    even the small bubbling waters,
    until all the water is at rest
    and calm and is as smooth as glass!

    Yesterday I asked God what to do about a certain situation and it took a few minutes but I sensed HIM telling me to “Wait on the Lord!” and to “Be still and know I am THE LORD YOUR GOD!” So I am waiting, being still, keeping my eyes on HIM
    as HE works out things until,
    HE says it’s time for me to make a move. But through my eyes I’m communicating to HIM that I’m trusting in THE LORD to do what only HE can do, and I’m not scared of the turbulent waters because HE is right there on top of them,
    and taking care of me at the same time.

  46. It’s interesting that the devotional comment was lead in this direction today,. I’ve been in a fight for my living situation being the beginning of the year. Fighting homelessness the past month., due to an error in govt policy at the granting of a housing voucher. I was forced to vacate my apartment because of that issue. Yes I have done all I could do. So I will let the LORD do what He promised…I’m gonna stand still and let God be God. Stay tuned for a testimony

  47. What stands out to me is me finally getting it in my mind that God will fight for me. I just need to spend time with Him and pray be quiet write down my trials and tribulations, burn them, trust He is handling it while I continue to sit at His feet, His table, trusting Him, believing Him, His truth, His word, aligning my mind , syncing it with His word.

  48. God wants me simply to wait for him to deliver on certain promises instead of fighting anxiously for them to happen. That’s his job. Not mine.

  49. God is my champion and He’s on my side..
    No matter what comes against me. I win !
    Because He fights for me. I rest ….. peacefully and completely confident in Him.

  50. “The Lord will fight for you”
    I have been going through a divorce for nearly 2 years and I have faith and trust in God that he has been fighting for me and the truth will come out!

  51. He is our defender. When anything happens in life, daily small things or big things, He sees all and He will defend us and make things right. All we have to do is trust Him and His ways. His ways are higher and they are the best!

  52. What this scripture means to me is to stop trying make things happen in your own strength. We have to allow God to fight our battles because only He knows what’s best for us and how the story will end.

  53. What stands out to me is be still.
    Be still and not only know but Trust me . Continue to leave yourself open to me Trusting I will be all that you need .

  54. I overcame anxiety in 2020 during COVID, but lately I am feeling overwhelmed with fear and anxiety and I am not sure why. I am waiting for something to go wrong. It is stealing my joy and this scripture I realized that I have been trying to take matters into my own hands and control situations. This scripture reminded me that the battle is not mine, but His. I need to hand it over and when I pick it back up hand it over again and again, because often we do. It’s no longer mine to carry. God is fighting the battle and is working all things out for my good.

  55. I tend to run ahead. This reminds me to Be still. Stop striving. Don’t force things to happen. God has a plan and I like to argue! So this reminds me to stop. Stand. Believe and Just Be! Be in Jesus Christ.

  56. When I read this scripture I immediately thought of my current situation. Wrongfully terminated from one job, then out on workman comp from another job, bill creditors piling up. But through it all God is with me and He will fight for me. I will be okay. He sad he won’t have His children begging for bread. I trust God.

  57. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is stay still and wait for god to move but I have found in the waiting that is when the father moves more so just be still

  58. Wow!!! I am so encouraged by the WORD today and all the uplifting comments.
    I am reminded to LET GOD BE GOD…He can do more than I can on my own.
    My plans will never work without Him…So I’m learning to take my hands off of things once I give it to HIM… I trust that HE WILL FIGHT MY BATTLE, IF I JUST KEEP STILL IN HIS PRESENCE!!!

  59. Thank you, Lord for fighting these battles we face. The fight is yours and not ours to own. Scripture has giving me confirmation that God will deliver and redeem me. I just have to obey and be still, Not get in his way.
    Praise God 🙏🏽❤️

  60. The part that says the LORD will fight for you the WILL part stands out to me the most as in its HIS will to fight for me ! When HE is willing I know I’ve already won the battle !HALLELUJAH!

  61. What stood out for me was you have to be still. Sometimes we want to do everything. No, be still God gots this 🙌.

  62. In circumstances my flesh will try to rise up, and convince me to fight battles on my own, and my way. My standing still and allowing the Lord to fight for me, is a reflection of my level of trust in God. It’s a reflection of my obedience to Him, and my desire to please Him. I’m reminded that greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world. That no weapon that’s formed against me shall prosper, if I trust God, if I’m obedient to His word, and if I stand still and let the Lord fight my battles. Allowing Him to do so keeps me protected and covered under His blood. It keeps me aligned with His will for my life, in His perfect peace, and forever winning!

  63. To me this scripture means; to continuously surrender my life completely to Christ everyday. To trust that He goes before me and He’s taking care of everything that lies ahead. Thank you LORD GOD that you are always faithful to keep your word. I rest in your goodness today.

  64. It means that, I have to be still sometimes, and allow God to work. That means complete trust He’ll take care of it. It’s not just trust but a deep knowing. I have a hard time sitting still and being with the Lord and allowing Him to meet the needs. I can’t do it in my strength, I’ve been trying to do it in my strength along and that’s far from what He wants. LORD, help me to be still for once. Help me to trust you! In Jesus Name, Amen!

  65. To me this scripture means to die to myself everyday and allowing myself to completely surrender everything to God. He knows my heart, my thoughts, my need, in every circumstance. To be still and know he is fighting the battle for me. He knows my before, present, and future. He is already fighting the battle even though in those moments of trials I feel like he isn’t. He is sustaining me. He is faithful to his promises. Staying faithful and strong through it all.

  66. Whatever you may be going through that seems like the fight of your life, God will handle it. Trust in him a be still knowing he will work it out for the good of those who loves him as he declares in his word.

  67. I’m dealing with alot right now. And I’m doing it alone. My Grandson will be 2 and he isn’t crawling talking or able to sit up. I CONTINUE TO PRAY AND TRUST GOD TO HEAL XAVIER 🙏 This makes my other problems not so big. Contractor’s stealing from me. Health issues. Eyes & Sinus. I’m just tired and lonely.

    1. Hello

      A word of encouragement.

      My niece was not walking or talking at 2 yrs old either.

      The doctor told my brother and his wife that she probably never would. And that she would need a caregiver for the rest of her life.

      By the grace and healing power of God Almighty
      Everyone stayed in prayer.

      She is 31 years old now -walking, talking has a daughter and moving into her own apartment.

      Pray, trust and believe that same healing and keeping power flows from heaven daily and can be yours and your grandchild🙏🏾💕

  68. This is a timely scripture. To me, this scripture means that when I have done all that I can do in my own strength, that God will do the rest. God places us in situations where we feel completely powerless, so that we can depend completely on Him. So that we cannot boast that we did it in our own strength. So that when we look back and wonder how we got through it, that we can’t boast and say that we made it through because of some great quality of our own. We can’t say, “I did this and it was my doing.” When the situation is near impossible, God gets the glory. As He should, always. We cannot take the glory from Him, ever. Imagine the Israelites boasting in their own strength saying, “I did it. I got away from the Egyptians,” as if it was because of some quality of their own. As if they were so great and so powerful. They got away because God was fighting for them; working things out for them behind the scenes.

    Don’t worry about the outcome, just stand still. Stand firm on His word. His word is a firm foundation. It’s unshakable and it’s unmovable. That’s what we have to stand on. Not on our feelings or on what we see with our natural eyes.

    This verse reminds me that I only need to be still and know that the rest is in God’s hands and that he is in control. I can’t conjure it up. I can’t manipulate it to work in my favor. I just have to let God work and let God be God. There is nothing that I can do in my own strength. It’s a complete surrender. My complete trust is in Him and I only need to trust Him with the outcome. It’s not in my strength. Don’t be afraid. Just stand firm and be still. I think the definition of being still means to be immovable in our faith and to stand firm footed on His word and on His promises. When the Lord is on our side, He will fight for us. We don’t know how it’s going to work out, but we just have to trust that it will. If we know and believe that the Lord has good plans for our life, then we can trust that He will things out for our good. He has our best interest at heart.

  69. I don’t have to do nutten….I don’t have to strive, struggle nor get all worked up, if I am ill, I just need to follow his gentle nudges and he will address everything else. Hold it like a real “G”.

  70. To me all I need to do is be quiet n know He Jesus will helped. It took sooo long for me to get out of my own ” free will” n lean on the Lord for everything. I got to the point of total frustration when I tried to solve or fix something when all I had to do was look in to Holy Spirit n look up to God for help. Now I ask first…and within minutes my tiniest problems are eliminated. Now I listen for His voice in everything like a whisper !!! Thank you Lord !!

  71. The Lord will fight for me means a lot to me because I’m a recovered worrier. I still fall off the wagon more and again trying to ‘take care’ of things myself but I’ve been trying really hard to let the Lord and His army handle all my issues and keep moving.

  72. This verse reminds me to simply be still. There is no need to try controlling situations. Allow God to do what He said, He will fight for me, He will move on my behalf, I need only be still and trust the Word of the Lord. For He is not a man that He should lie.
    For each of us living this life be mindful to not lean to our own understanding, acknowledge the Lord and watch our path be directed in the way we should go. Simply be still and trust that God never fails, He is faithful!

  73. The Lord will fight for me, let’s me know that He’s with me and for me! It reminds me that He has everything under control and there’s no need for me to worry or fear the circumstances around me. Although, too often I forget this truth. Thanks for the reminder ❤️

  74. Care Taker – “The company” I work over for 8 or 9 yrs on &: of. They have been quite cold & indifferent.

    The last close to four years, I’ve taken cared of three clients in 1 family, brother, the wife & now brother married to wife. Phil passed,, Maxine passed 2 months ago & now Donald. It’s been a long journey, challenging & yet honor that God has allowed to care for them through his strength.

    This what scripture stands to me. Thank you Father God, yours is the honor, praise & glory! 🙏 🙌 ❤️‍🔥

    “The LORD: will “fight” for (Joyce you) need only to be ( (Joyce) still” Exodus 14:14,

  75. What stands out to me is “The Lord will for you” & “You just need to be still.” To me the word of the Lord is saying “do you trust me?” Do you trust me enough, to give me what you can’t handle, don’t understand, and you don’t know what to do with it, well if you trust me, leave it alone, give it to me….I sees it, and just go on about your day.. not worrying. I have been in many situations where it was life or death, A situation no one…no police, family or anyone could stop this situation but God. I gave it and is continuing to give it over to Jesus, I spoke prophetically in the name of Jesus, told my family to trust i the Lord with all of our hearts, not half…because fear will make you say, you trust but it will be lip service..but I spoke, believe, gave it to God and worked and is working it out…I’m standing still by not worrying, we avoid talking about it, because we trust God. Be bless everyone

  76. Standing still for me means to stop stressing and over thinking which causes worry and doubt. God is fighting for me I just need to be calm and stop trying to help Him but watch and move when he says move…Amen

  77. What stands out to me is “The Lord will fight for you” & “You just need to be still.” To me the word of the Lord is saying “do you trust me?” Do you trust me enough to give me what you can’t handle, don’t understand, and you don’t know what to do with it, well if you trust me, leave it alone, and give it to me….I see it, so just go on about your day.. not worrying. I have been in many situations where it was life or death, A situation no one…no police, family or anyone could stop this situation but God. I gave it and is continuing to give it over to Jesus. I spoke prophetically in the name of Jesus, told my family to trust
    the Lord with all of our hearts, not half…because fear will make you say, you trust but it will be lip service..but I spoke, believe, gave it to God and he worked and is working it out…I’m standing still by not worrying, we avoid talking about it, because we trust God. Be bless everyone in Jesus mighty name.

  78. No matter what I am going through the Lord will take care of me as he Always has. This is actually a perfect verse for me right now as my trust is being tested. I know 100% that God has be taken care of but the flesh is always trying to take control.

  79. It means remembering that God’s ways, thoughts are higher than mine and He has good plans for me. I need to remain faithful despite how my situation may look and cling to His direction for my path. I say this as someone who is still learning to submit everything totally to Him for He says I have the victory through Him! Thank You Jesus, I love and praise You! 💜 🙏🏽 🤲🏼

  80. Let go, let God! All my life Jesus has led me so beautifully, despite so many challenges. In the Valleys, He is there, on the mountains, He is there. He’s never failed me, and He won’t start now. 🙏🏼🙌🏼

  81. I keep trying to fight battles that only belong to God. My life is truly transitioning from addiction homelessness and hopelessness. In this transformation the journey seems hard but it’s only because I want to be in control BUT GOD is truly in control.

    1. Ms. Denita,
      You are exactly where God wants you, for you to glorify Him in your struggles and adversities. Your control is over your own thoughts, aim them at Him. Each moment you recover or slip, give it to Him with a grateful heart that He sees you and will fight for you. In time you will look back on these days and thank Him for bringing you through, and then realize that your hardships have formed you into an amazing woman of His, a daughter of the King, and you will glorify Him by helping or just encouraging others who struggle. Try to remember that His control is way more “calm, cool and collected”, than our human control could ever be.
      Peace be with you.

  82. As the years pass by in my life, His truth becomes more and more obvious. This passage not only reminds us His promise to fight for us, but it spells out what our part is. To be still, and let Him. As we slow down our daily lives long enough to enjoy and or appreciate what we’ve been given, we see that by being still, we can focus more on His will in our lives as opposed to being so busy trying to do it all.

  83. I received a word from the Lord not too long ago, I bolived thus is a confirmation from the Lord.
    2 Kings 6:17
    17 And Elisha prayed, “Open his eyes, Lord, so that he may see.” Then the Lord opened the servant’s eyes, and he looked and saw the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha.
    Praised the Lord because we don’t fight alone, He fights for us.
    Thank you Lord!!!

  84. Be Still.. The Lord has been really slowing me down lately! I have been in such a rush & trying to get so many things done but not accomplishing what I want to & if I would just be still long enough I know HE will show me how to get so much more done in much less time.

  85. Psalm 46:10
    He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”
    It is so important to be still, to listen God’s instructions, while we fighting a battle He gives instructions. How? When? What?
    He will direct our path and takes to victory. Praise be His name. Aleluhia!!!!

  86. Just like when Jesus spoke to the storm, “Peace be still!” He showed us we could trust him! I need not lean on my own understanding but let God be God, fighting my battles and allowing me to be still in peace! He’s carried me through so much and I am so very grateful. From 30 years of addiction to crack to living for Him.

  87. I don’t have to fight to be seen. God will put me in the right places at the right time. He will get the glory.

  88. Be still and let God be God! The battle is more yours. It’s the Lord’s!

  89. Sometimes its hardest to stay still while were waiting. Help me not to busy myself with unnecessary things or worry, pls Lord Jesus

  90. What is there for me to complain about when I have the wonderful promise
    “The LORD will fight for me “
    Unbelief complains, but faith obeys and brings glory to the Lord
    Be Still, and know that I am GOD

  91. God will fight for me. When I give everything over to him in prayer. God will fight every battle for me.. He is my God my protector my protection my provision my refugee strong and mighty in all storms. So I will be still and I know he is in control. He is calming all storm that I shall be victorious in him.

  92. There have been times , I carry stress, anxiety and worry. When all I have to do is give it to the Lord, he is the constant in my life, my redeemer, my healer of all things! We should pray for his help daily not just when things are DIRE! “All we need is to call on him and “be still”!

  93. What stands out to me is “be still” in this scripture. I’m currently in a season of “being still” and learning how to trust God’s timing and actions even when I don’t see an inkling of a shift in my situation. I have to believe that He’s working it out for my good and He knows best!

    What helps with this mindset is reminding myself of the prayers that He has answered in the past and ways that He has surpassed my own expectations. It’s only confirmation that He can and will do it again! 🙌🏽❤️

  94. I am to trust God. He has my back. He won’t let my enemies take me out as well as He wouldn’t let me be tempted beyond what I can handle. I need to let God work without any negative interference.

  95. Lord,knows,this been having hard time doing,where I live at the moment,so much ungodlyness,I constantly having to keep darkness at bay,rebuking alot,praying for so many love ones to surrender to Jesus, to be still usually at night when reading God’s word, mind running and trying to just be still to hear,what God is saying, I think I’m been missing alot from My Father God,hard to hear his voice speaking love words,he uses your devotionals to get through, not only me,but others,Holy Spirit prompts who needs to hear also,I ask for my spiritual ears to be totally open to hear him clearly, to be still and know his voice of wisdom and Love always.

  96. I believe when ever I am in any situation I most believe the Lord is with me and He will lead me. The end results will be victorious.

  97. You need only to be still,
    stands out to me. I have trouble wanting to take control of situations wanting things to go my way, leaning on my own understanding.
    I need to learn how to trust God and give all my worries and anxieties to Him.

  98. The part in scripture that says “Be Still” tells me not to leave my husband that has done me and our children so wrong God is working on him. God has been telling me that since recent events and this scripture confirms it.

  99. The Lord with FIGHT for me, means in ANY circumstance that I can handle or not, he will ALWAYS do the work for me. No need to stress, worry or get depressed, because IN THE END God will have done a FINISHED work for, and IN me!!!

  100. I believe it means that we have to let God do His job and be our defender! We need to not put our hands where they don’t belong. This has proven to me several times in my life! Whenever I have let God take care of my situations, they always turn out better than anything I could have done on my own!!!

  101. This word speaks directly to my heart . I am facing an impossible situation but I know the LORD my God will fight for me and He will take care of all that concerns me. He promised me He will do it . He said
    I will
    I will
    I will most certainly do it !

  102. The words “The LORD will fight” stand out to me. For me, it means that the LORD’s active participation on my behalf is ABSOLUTE. I struggle with doubt and guilt often – even with knowing that the LORD can and the LORD has brought me out so many times. But, the absolute surety that He will is so comforting. No matter what I’ve done in my past or the moments where my circumstances are all I see, the knowledge that the LORD WILL settles me and brings me peace.

  103. Be still. Stop. Rest. Just be. The Lord is calling me to be still and just be with Him. He is calling me to Sabbath. It has been too long. With all the demands upon me and my time, there never seems to be time to just stop, rest, and be His daughter. Today I hear Him calling me to be still.

  104. This verse means to me that God will vindicate and advocate for me. That I can rest in Him.

  105. STILL.: Secure. Quiet. Steady. Constant. Ongoing. Past to present. Always.
    Things I do: get in my own way, let my emotions run, forget who I am, move too fast, waver, get distracted, allow uneasiness in my spirit, overthink, lose confidence, need to control.
    As a daughter of the King, that list should read opposite…***whew***.
    Lord please help me to be STILL. Amen.

  106. This scripture tells not to get to busy trying to sort things out on your own. Be still an Let God be God in your situation..

  107. The Lord requires me to rest on His promises, which bring me peace, and He will show Himself faithful, as He promises.

  108. What stood out to me was that the Lord will fight for me. What I need is to be still. Being still though does not mean to not move because in verse Exodus 14: 15, God told Moses to tell the Israelites to move on. Being still, means that as I fight the good fight of fight by “walking” by faith not by the sight of Pharoah, the Lord will fight for me. Being still means to rest in His Sovereignty. Trusting that He who is All Powerful knows the beginning and ending of the journey to freedom that He has me on and that He plans to give me an expected end. I will arrive at my destination because His plans are for my good and not to harm me (Jeremiah 29:11). The enemy wants me back in bondage so that He can continue to use my gifts and abilities for His services, (Exodus 14:5) so he pursues and tries to cause harm. When I see the enemy or feel him striking at my faith, I must know that he cannot hurt me because my God is before and behind me. When I feel worried or afraid and want to run back to the false comfort of Egypt, (Numbers 11:4-6) I must move forward with and in God, trusting the Word that He spoke to me. I shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of His mouth. God did not bring me out of Egypt for me and my child to die (Exodus 14:12). He brought me out to preserve my life, so that the gifts and abilities He put inside me would not die. He no longer wants me to produce to build Egypt. He wants me to produce to build His Kingdom. He brought me out of Egypt by His Mighty Hand so that I may use what He has placed in my hands to help deliver others so that they will trust Him too in order to reach their expected ends for their good, the good of their loved ones and the good of others. Everything all in all and above all for “His good pleasure”. For it is God who works in me both to will and to work, for His Good pleasure (Philippians 2:13 ESV).

    Yes, I agree my sister, I am a visible display of the glorious riches of our Father’s grace. I’ve been pondering this quote in my heart for days now. To God be the glory for the things He has done and will do in and through my life and the lives of His daughters.

  109. What stood out to me in this scripture is we’re so quick to try to figure out our next move or quick to fight our own battles when we don’t have to do that. We have to trust God plans and let him fight for us! Lean NOT to our own understanding. God has proven to us over and over again that he’ll bring us through storm after storm. Put your worrying to the side and trust that God knows best.

  110. Read this yesterday and then found out I may have uterine cancer. Rereading it today along with yesterday’s when I got home from the doctor gives me peace and hope . Thank you for being such a Spirit filled messenger of the Lord. Blessings to you and your family.

  111. My husband is in jail for something he didn’t do. We are fighting to get him released. I am in dispute with my banks about a 20 year old debts. Fighting to clear that. Lawyers are now evolved. I’m praying and fighting for my son who has crippling depression and self harms. I’m fighting to stay above water financially. This scripture hit me like lightning…He is fighting for me. I am done fighting. I feel I have permission to stop fighting and let God take over now. I feel a huge sense of peace.

    1. Dee. You know. There IS freedom in letting God take the reigns.
      My husband was an alcoholic. He was a wonderful, kind loving and faithful man but he lost his battle and took his own life in 2016. I was left with debt from our business and had to file bankruptcy. I know financial struggle. I made my last payment 4 days ago to complete my chapter 13. I hope to be free of that burden by June when it is discharged.
      I lost my son in August.
      Life has been very hard. Because I have Jesus and the hope and truth that He stands for in my life, I can tell you that I am whole and happy and I laugh and praise Him daily. I share His goodness with anyone I can through my life story. He told us life would be hard. We are NOT meant for THIS life. Not at all. I live each day knowing that He will take care of everything for me and that someday, I will join my husband and son in paradise. For a little while, Dee. Thats all this is…stay strong in Him. I understand the pain of legal “stuff” and the agony of a hurting child. God IS bigger than it all. Pray without ceasing, my sister.

  112. Israel stands out to me. Many Christians use God’s beautiful promises to Israel for themselves. We can do that because we are grafted into the Olive Tree but let us not forget ISRAEL – His Beloved Chosen People. We are here because of them. Yeshua came first to the lost sheep of the house of Israel, secondly to save the nations. Blessings on this beautiful ministry. Shalom Nel

  113. I have waited on Our Lord God to provide so we can move forward into all He has laid on our hearts to do to bless others. Still, waiting, has been my way of life for the last 40 years. Trusting, waiting.

  114. The battle is not mine, it is the Lords. Trusting God no matter what it looks like, how it feels God is BIGGER than any storm in our lives. He is our shield and buckler, a strong tower he is. Battles come to make us STRONG, not bow out or fold under. He is our source. He promises to protect us no matter what. Standing strong in the midst of it all. Keeping our eyes on Jesus! Oh how I love you Jesus!

  115. I am in a place in my life that I desire to move back to my home. I moved away when my husband died and left my family and my dear sisters in Christ.
    It has been 7 years. I just lost my son as well in August. I was ready then to RUN back home but God has settled my heart and I am committing to one more year where I am.
    There are lots of uncertainties and lots of logistics. Moving is hard. But I WANT to go. My heart wants to be home.
    This verse is telling me that ny God is fighting for me. HE is making my way clear. HE is securing a home and a job. I need only to remain faithful. HE will do it. And when He does, I will come right back here and tell you all about it.

  116. God has stood up and stood out to me and for me in big ways. I am 2 years into my sobriety and I got baptized last month. Also it has been 10 years since I lost my 3 little girls because of a very toxic relationship that was abusive to me and them by their own dad and I was lost in Addiction to cope with that. About 2 weeks ago after alot of prayers and faith God let me talk to my daughters again!! It was truly a blessing to hear their voices again And know that they still love me after all this time!!

  117. I am fighting spiritual battle right now I have for deliverance. I understand now I must’ be still and let God work in my life.

  118. My family will serve him no matter what is happening right now God my mighty Father is in work in our life 🙌🏼 the moment of conversion is here🥰👊🏼 Aleluya!!! I celebrate in my Jesus Victory!!

  119. I have a tendency to react immediately, and without the right attitude and spirit, a situation can be prolonged. Just last night, I decided to be still and not react at all while engaged with a family member who did not speak to me in an acceptable manner. After he left, I just sat still and trusted immediately in God. A few minutes later, he apologized to me with a sincere heart. I have to stand on solid ground with God and wholeheartedly believe that He is my rock, way maker, and peacekeeper! As Yolanda Adam’s said, “Be still and know…” God will fight our battles! Thank You, Lord, and Thank You, Holy Spirit, for shifting the atmosphere 🙌🏽♥️

  120. What stands out to me is sometimes I just need to sit quietly and meditate on the Lord and allow him to guide me

  121. You need not to run and grab your weapons when trouble or war comes. Be still. Listen. Your next move comes from him. How can you hear him over the loudness of armor rattling that you are trying to speedily put on? Be still. He will tell you when to move, and when you move what to do. Rest in your stillness and waiting. I know you’re tired always running to the armor and weapons when you see something coming. Be still and Let God place HIS armor on you.

  122. Thank you God for this message. I’ve been questioning about spiritual warfare and this is a reminder to rest in Him. The battle is not mine it’s the Lords. I need only to be still. Thank you father.

  123. “The LORD will fight for you” stands out to be because it tells me how I need not to defend myself or even worry and that He fights my battles. It means that the Lord has it all under control and I need only to stand on His promises, not the problems.

  124. To be STILL! So many times we want to fix things ourself or we get impatient and try to get ahead of God! We have good ideas but not God ideas!!! We need to be still!!!

  125. The Lord will fight for me I know that I’m not alone in this he is always with me and to knowing that he will fight for me makes me feel safe

  126. I’m constantly trying to right a wrong on my own and forgetting the battle is his, not mine. Being still is difficult for me but it’s where i will find peace and comfort in him. Lord please remind me, to hand the battles over to you and to be still so i may hear your voice and be comforted. In Jesus name Amen.

    1. I need to be still and allow God to fight for me. I need to let go off the reigns. Stop trying to figure out how things will work out or how this battle will be won and trust God to do what He has to and He alone can do.
      I am too busy moving about. Too busy over thinking. Too busy trying to be figure out, to solve. I really need to be still in his presence so He can work on my behalf.

  127. What stands out to me is that God gives us peace even in the middle of battle. It’s not our olace to fight with our own strength but to surrender to Him and let Him win the battle for us.

  128. I need to Only Be Still, because the battle is already won, when God fights for us HE Don’t Lose. AMEN

  129. The Lord has sent out His Word, all I need to do is believe.
    No matter what is happening around me, I should not be troubled because the Lord has fought and won the battles, all I need to do is be still (believe).

  130. If I just stand, be still, God will do the rest!! Hallelujah!! I don’t have to fret, I don’t have to fight, I don’t have to fear and I don’t have to worry! My battle is won and victory is assuredly mine!! Whatever it means to each of us, this is a mighty POWERFUL scripture!

  131. When facing trials and tribulations, I need not be afraid, I need not fight or justify myself. Because God will fight for me, He will right all the wrongs. He will bring me to a place of favor. I only need to pray, and let Him take over my battles.

  132. This scripture blesses me so much. For me this means to stay in position. Don’t look behind me at things gone by. Don’t look to the world. Don’t entertain doubt. Renew my mind with his promises. And keep moving forward even if it feels like nothing is happening or I’m standing still.

  133. What stands out for me is two things 1. The lord will fight for me. This gives me great confidence in knowing that I don’t have face the battle alone nor do I have to be afraid for my father in heaven is go before slaying any and all weapons forming against me. The second is Be still. In the mist of storm the battle I must not be moved to doing on my own I must trust in the lord and his timing that all things will work for my good.

  134. When I try to handle things on my own I can really make a mess! But, when I trust my Heavenly Father to guide me and to reveal solutions in His perfect timing, things work out far better than I could ever have imagined!

  135. I believe God wants us to be still and listen for His voice , He will fight our every battle , He has already won ,Amen. I thank God that He gives us the instruction to be still , we want to rush God at times , it clearly says He will fight for me ,and you. Amen ❤️

  136. “Be still and know that I am God! I am in control, I am still God”! This is what the Holy Spirit brought to my remembrance after reading Exodus 14:14.
    Praise God❤️🙏

  137. This is one of my all-time-favorite verses, and it has been floating around in my mind a lot recently, due to life things. What stands out to me is the reminder to just be still. It reminds me that in whatever situation it is, if God is asking me to be still, it means He knows I have done MY best, and HE is ready to handle the rest. It also reminds me that no matter what any human does, my God fights for what is right. My God always fights for me, even when others turn against me. And when I am worn out and exhausted from being a simple human who has been spinning her wheels trying to prove herself, or fix a situation, He swoops in, gently lifts me up, places me into a pit stop and says, “Stop racing, my Child. I am taking the wheel now.” This short verse says so much, and I love it.

  138. Knowing Gods Grace is Sufficient and he will carry me through life and it’s challenges! I Trust You Lord 🙏🏽💗

  139. That God is Sovereign, Faithful and Just to do what only He can do! I only have to stand on His word and know that He will do what He said he will do! Trusting Him with every but of my being! God will prevail!

  140. Praise God!!

    What stands out to me is The fight NEVER even began for ME!! My Big Brother Jesus WON the fight on Calvary!!!! I’m Redeemed ALL because of Him!!!! I’m simply to stand still like He said and SEE MY VICTORY! I don’t have to fight what’s already won all I have to do is GIVE THANKS with the fruit of my lips!!!! Praise God!!!

  141. If we are rushing about and filling our minds with distractions, we may miss out on what God is trying to tell us. Be still and be present to receive the blessing.

  142. The Lord is with me through this process and he wants me to trust Him enough to know that He will fight for me and get me to the other side. I need to spend time with Him and rest in him and allow the healing to take place in my body and in my mind.

  143. What stands out to me is Be Still!! As humans we try to fix what is broken or hurt . We try to figure out everything instead of going to God and asking him for help and guidance . I’m at a be still stage waiting for God to do what only he can . So I’m trusting . It’s scary and sometimes it feels like nothing is happening but God is faithful and just . So I’m excited because with God we Win !!

  144. With God Fighting For Us We Remain In Peace If We Keep Our Focus On Him No Matter How Hard It Gets Or How Bad It Looks To Others! We Stay Out Of Sin If We Rest In God Let Him Fight And Remain In His Will. 🙏🙏🙏

  145. The Lord will fight for me. I only need to be still.
    Firstly, He has be be Lord of my life, my everything needs yo be surrendered yo His control. I find that so hard at times when I think I’ve let go, I find myself back in the rubble as that is familiar. I’m used to doing it by myself since I was a child. No one tonsupport, nourish me. The Holy Spirit nudges me, as His Word reminds me of the posture I need to take, as a child,as sheep for He is the ultimate Shepherd and protector. Under His wings I feel safe. Oh! and in order to benefit, I must be still, still in His presence. Still from the noises and the comparisons and the what ifs I do more. To REST!!. Lord have mercy on us as we push on, not striving but in order to thrive!. We can’t do it without being intentional.about time spent with Him , so we learn how He speaks to us, his love language to us. When He says, stop and go. Faith in action, despite what we see, truly focusing on our relationship with Him. In obedience we will find peace.

  146. Confirmation 🙌🏽 .
    The Holy Spirit has been telling me to just BE, not DO. Stop trying to help God and figure out what to do.

    Just BE.

  147. The LORD will fight for me: I don’t have to be discouraged or afraid. If I call on Him in my time of need. He will answer. Being still means that if I called on Him, I have to allow for Him to do with the situation as He sees fit. I have already done my part by seeking Him. So I need to get out of His way and allow Him to do what I entrusted Him to do. Standing still humbles you. Often we feel as though we have to show up to every fight we are invited to: this tells me that if I send word: through prayer or praise, My God will contend for me! And we will be victorious!

  148. I must learn to trust in Him more. Allow His will to be the way. As He is the only source that will provide the resources I need.

  149. The whole scripture. This is completely true in my life and helps me to respond rather than react based on this truth. Reminding myself that my identity is in Him. Remaining still is the beautiful challenge!

  150. This stands out for the reason of my daughter not wanting me as a mom and having my grandbabies taken from me. My heart is in pieces from all the lies and brokenness from such dedication I devoted to keeping my family together. I have nobody now and I feel so empty and worthless.

  151. “What stands out to you?

    Read the following scripture and share what stands out to you and how it applies to you:The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still. Exodus 14:14, Berean Study Bible

    To be still and know that he is God is to slow down, take a pause, in all the craziness of life being able to chill in Gods presence and word. Allowing God to be who He is in our lives. In the moment of struggle and strife God is our comforter and peace.
    Although I go through allot of stress( trials & tribulations ) I have God and I need to lay down my burdens and give them to Him.

  152. Grace and Mercy! The whole scripture stands out for me at this time. My family has fallen apart and I wanted to fight for us to be together again but the funny thing is that I had no fight in for me. I know that this is a battle that is beyond me so I’m trusting in God to restore. Although I have been humiliated, my name has been slandered. I’ve cried many nights this ONE YEAR of separation I remained silent and I continue to pray that God restores my family and may He heal not only myself but everyone that has been effected and may the entire family get saved. I trust God and I stand on His word. I’m learning patience through this. It’s a hard battle but NOTHING is too big or small for God. He is the beginning and the end. My faith is not my feeling and my feelings is not my faith. Please keep me and my family in your prayers!

  153. This was needed for me today . I am having surgery soon and have concerns about financial stability during this time. God is good all the time and I need to stay close to him and prayed up.

  154. Exodus 14:14
    What stands out for me is that the battle is not mine but the Lords. I am totally covered by Him and nothing can touch me without His knowledge or permission. I should rest in my trust in Him.

  155. The whole scripture stand out to me,letting me know that everything going to be ok because he has my back no matter what I’m going through♥️🙏

  156. In the verse just above, it says “be not afraid stand firm and see the deliverance of the Lord”. That’s what empowers my ability to to be still wait on God to fight for me.

  157. Ex 14:14 means battles will come for sure, but I don’t have to fight them the way I used to. My Heavrnly Father tells me to be sill because He will fight for mex

  158. I only need to be still! I don’t have to be afraid he is with me and will fight my battles! I need to trust Him!

  159. I do not have to defend myself. The Lord will fight for me in all situations. Be still. Be quiet.

  160. In order ffor *God* to *fight* for us, *we* must be *still*

    It is imperative that we apply the condition.

  161. God us speaking and He loves us so much that He would reiterate the message there were at least 2 times this week that the message on DOK was “Be Still”. The other also said rest. We could be frozen still with fear but He is calling us to rest in Him. Be still and KNOW that He IS GOD!” As for me I’ve been receiving this same message now for over 2 years. I’ve journaled at least 150 times that I’ve gotten this message. I don’t know why or what the meaning is but ” I’m going to wait on Him. And while I’m waiting I’ll be praying/praising”~Maverick City Music- Wait on Him

  162. I looked at it in the KJV and it said hold your peace…and I’ve been going through a whole lot and trying to fight for myself and defend myself against some things that almost broke me and shattered my heart. One day I finally did exactly what this verse says..I finally cried to the Lord and I said I can’t keep fighting the same battle over and over, so I’m giving it to you to fight for me..not only to keep my peace, to be still and quiet, but to keep my inner peace that only God gives…I know that God saw it all and that is the only thing that really matters…I choose peace over proving a point…I know God can fight it way better than I can…

  163. Oh wow God told me to “be still that I didn’t have to fight for it” that was 3 years ago seeing this is confirmation that I did hear correctly and for me to continue to keep still! I can just praise his name right here glory hallelujah thank you in Jesus name amen🙌🏾🙏🏾🙌🏾🙏🏾

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