You are Covered!

“For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.” Psalms 91:11

Sometimes when I pray, I kneel down and cover myself with a blanket because it symbolizes that God is my shield and is the One who covers me. I thank God for my husband, but he can’t protect me the way God can. I thank God for law enforcement, but they can’t protect me the way God can. Nothing and no one can beat God’s divine protection in our lives. In Him, we are safe and we are secure.

As soon as I walk out the door of my house and turn on the car, I say, “Thank you God for divine protection in Jesus’ name.” God sees what we fail to see. He sees hidden danger and knows that we need His protection every minute of every hour. So He gives His angels charge over us to keep us in all our ways. He covers us under the blood of Jesus, and shelters us under His mighty wings. No matter where you are, know that God has you covered. No matter the threats that have come your way, know that God has you covered. No matter what has been done against you, know that God has you covered.

Say out of your mouth, “Thank you God for covering me. Thank you for giving your angels charge over me to keep me in all my ways. Thank you that I am covered under the precious blood of Jesus. Thank you that you are my shield and I am safe in your arms. In Jesus’ name.”

(Read Psalms 91)

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26 thoughts on “You are Covered!”

  1. Thank You God for COVERING me!!!!!!!!!!!!and my entire family 🙏🏽🙌🏽👏🏽😓 Hallelujah Praise God 🙌🏽 That means I am Fully insured by the blood of Jesus 🙌🏽.Full Coverage, PERIODT!!!!!!! AND because God lives in me, I Can Face Tomorrow, no matter what the circumstances are 🙌🏽👏🏽💃 Thank You God 🙌🏽 Bless this world🙏🏽🙌🏽 We need You right Now 🙌🏽👏🏽🙏🏽 You are our Redeemer 🙌🏽👏🏽😓 Only You, and You along can bring Restoration, Stimulation, Recovery, back to this Lost world🙌🏽👏🏽😓 I Trust You, God😓😓😓🙌🏽 and I surrender my all unto You 🙌🏽😓 Hallelujah 🙌🏽 Hallelujah 🙌🏽 Hallelujah 🙌🏽 Hallelujah, Praise God. 👏🏽🙌🏽🙏🏽 Amen and AMEN

    1. Thank you for covering us God!! Thank you for the word on today. This is a time where the people of God need to know that despite what’s going on around them that God is still in control and that he has us covered. Again, thank you for allowing God to use you. May God continue to bless you abundantly.

  2. Thank you so much for reminding me that God got me covered. I really needed to hear this. God bless you

  3. Thank you Father for this reminder, indeed I am covered and am sheltered under your mighty wings. Hallelujah, Hallelujah to the king nothing compares with you and there is none like you.

  4. Thank you Father God that I am covered under the blood of Jesus. You are Lord over my life and I’m thanking You for protection, for provision and for peace! I AM COVERED!!!

  5. Yes thank You Lord God, that You have sent angels to camp round about us and our families. Thank You, Thank You Lord.

  6. Good morning to All of my sistas-n-love!! Lord I thank you for this day of GRACE and MERCY for they are new each morning!! This blessed my soul to know that I am COVERED by the BLOOD of Jesus and His ANGELS are accending and deccending….warring and ministering on our behalf!! I also cover myself with my prayer shawl when i go into God’s presence and I visualize myself laying my head in the lap of Jesus and weeping…praising and worshipping in His Holy name!!! I can never say this enough….God blessyou richly and abundantly in EVERY area of you and your family’s life Sis Kesha!! You are such an “anointed” jewel to women ALL over the world!! I love All of you-2-life so have a great God-bless-you Friday!!

  7. God was sooo faithful to hold me and blanket me through the death of my precious Son, Rick,
    He gave me the strength to even Officiate at His Service. Then-
    6-days after my Son went to be with our Lord, my Beautiful Belgium/Shepherd-Service Dog-Sarai, died.
    I know that I know! what it is like to be “blanketed and carried by our Lord Jesus Christ”
    He will never leave us nor forsake


  8. Thank you cuzzin Barbara for allowing God to use you this morning to send me this Wird of Assurance. God bless you and you family for blessing me & mine.

  9. Thank You Lord for Your protection!!!
    You said that You would and I believe You have !!!
    Thank You Lord !!!

  10. 🌾 Thank you Yaweh. I’ve speak it and have known you got my family and husband and I Covered with Blood of Christ and your Angels watching over us as well. I Praise your name and give thanks to you everyday and this morning, as tears of Joy run down my face. I cause I think back of the times of trouble I’ve experience and a Tornado right 🌪 down the street in our city of Mabelvale Arkansas. We were protected cause of you Yaweh. I’ve always known, cause I write them and bind them on my forehead and tablets of my heart. Praise your Holy name. There’s no other words to describe you cause you are a Awesome God in good and in bad times. Love your daughter in Christ. 🦋 Sookariyah C.

  11. Thank God in the name of His Son Jesus and through the blessed Holy Spirit for protection and provision every day. The Lord is gracious ,loving and forgiving and does not give us more than we can bear.He is totally in control at all times.Bless His Holy name.

  12. Thank you Lord. Thank you for the Repost. It’s a Blessed day. The Lord reminds us that we are covered by Him. For He is in Heaven sitting on the right hand of His Father ( GOD) protect His children.
    That’s Good News

  13. THANK YOU LORD for being “MY SHIELD”. THANK YOU LORD for covering me through hidden dangers. THANK YOU LORD for giving “YOUR ANGELS” charge over me as I go on about my day. THANK YOU LORD for “DIVINE PROTECTION”❣️

  14. Thank you Father God for your protection me everywhere I go in the mighty blood of Jesus glory to My God Oh yes it’s God 🙌🏽🙌🏽❤

  15. Thank you Lord for covering me and my family. Thank you for ALWAYS being my shield. With you Lord my family and I are protected.

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