You are soaring in God!

“But those who wait for the LORD [who expect, look for, and hope in Him] will gain new strength and renew their power; they will lift up their wings [and rise up close to God] like eagles [rising toward the sun]; they will run and not become weary, they will walk and not grow tired” Isaiah 40:31, Amplified.

In this season of your life, anything is possible! You’re a new woman now, and God is showing you how to operate in His kingdom. The adversary that stood before you and terrorized you is now under your feet. You are now able to rest in the Lord like never before! You can hold your head up and put your shoulders back because God has given you the victory! He has gone before you, and He has prospered your way. He has shifted you into a new place in Him, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. He is causing you to soar, my sister, and there’s no one who can reach up to pull you down. You have waited on the Lord, and now you are mounting up with wings as an eagle. Enjoy life from His view! You can swoop down to rescue your sisters and brothers by God’s love and power, but it won’t stop you from soaring in Him! You will keep going to new heights in Jesus! You will keep soaring and will go from glory to glory until you enter into eternal glory with your Lord!

Declare from your heart today: “I am soaring in God! Anything is possible for me because I believe in Him! My heart is set on the Lord, and His favor is set on me. I have the victory through Jesus, and I walk in His love and power. The adversary that was before me is now under my feet. I rest in the Lord, and my life is in His hands. I am soaring in God, and no one can pull me down. I will enjoy life from His view. In Jesus’ name!”

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12 thoughts on “You are soaring in God!”

  1. Hallelujah in the name of Jesus tears of joy is floating down my eyes Thank you God I’m soaking in your love and in your power in the name of Jesus hallelujah and the name of Jesus Amen

  2. “ I’am Soaring In God “
    Mirror,Mirror On The Wall
    I passed by a distorted mirror one day and had to pause,because looking back at me was fraud. The enemy quickly came to compound the lie,the longer I stared,the more I feared,but God’s Word immediately rang true.
    “I made you fearful and wonderful” Psalms 139:14
    “You are the apple of My eye”Zechariah 2:8
    “You’re blessed beyond measure and highly
    favored” Luke 1:28
    Still the enemy persisted on prodding and jabbing with his falsehoods.
    The Father’s Words rang even louder!!!!!!!!!!!!
    “No weapon formed against you shall
    Prosper “ Isaiah 54:17
    “No evil shall come near
    you” Psalms 91:10
    “I have given My angels charge over you to keep you at all times”
    “Daughter,I have sacrificed My Life for you,I’VE Got You” Romans 5:8
    The mirror shattered and immediately the thoughts
    Ceased. I walked on that day even more empowered and invigorated.
    Thank You God For Your Unconditional Love💞💞💞
    John 3:16
    😘💕Love And Blessings!!!

      1. Peace & Blessings My Dear Sister 😘💕Harris💖!!!
        That is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL💝!! So real, relatable & poetic!!
        Love Always💕

  3. Thank you Father. I am ready to Soar with You! No one can pull me down. The enemy is under my feet! I will enjoy life from Your view cause Your favor and blessings are upon me and all my DOTK sisters🙌 Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus💜

  4. Amen! How faithful You are, finishing that which You have started! I soar with You on angels wings, my Redeemer and King!

  5. Lord I receive your word. I say yes to your Will in Jesus Name. Be unto me according to your Word. Amen.

  6. Amen..Amen..Amen!!!!!!!!!!
    Lord, I Thank You for this Blessed & Awesome New Season in my life! I can BOLDLY walk with my head held high, KNOWING that “No Weapons Formed Against Me Shall Prosper”, KNOWING, I have God’s FAVOR ALL AROUND ME!! & there is absolutely NOTHING that can hinder or stop God’s Blessings for me!! I am SOARING & seeing MY life from His view..Thank You Lord for FAVOR!! I want to reach out to as many of my Sisters & Brothers as possible & rescue them..introduce them to the Magnificent Unconditional Love Of God & Pray that they experience the JOY that I have😄!!!
    Lord, Please Continue To Bless & Shine Your Light Of Love Upon Your Obedient Servant Sister Kesha, Her Awesome Team, This Amazing Ministry, My Sister Felicia & My DOTK Sisters💖!!
    Be Blessed, Stay Humble & Encouraged!!!
    Love Always, Your DOTK Sister In Christ, Wendy💕

  7. What a word, I receive it into my spirit as I soar like an eagle knowing that with God’s wings as my hiding place no thing can stop me

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