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    1. Thank you! Sis for all your amazing! Devotionals. They have kept me, on courseโ€ฆโ€ฆ.Theses past two years, have been very challenging ๐Ÿ˜ฅ my life, has literally been turned upside down. My once healthy body is now! Sick & broken. Trust me, Iโ€™ve wanted to give up many timesโ€ฆ. With the diagnosis I received from my doctor. But than I get on my phone & see your message/prayers ๐Ÿ™ & I get a fight back in me, I hear the Holy Spirit, through theses devotionals telling me, itโ€™s not over stay in it, to win it!!!
      So grateful, for your obedience. God Bless! Sonya Facenda.

    2. Thank you dear sister very in encouraging word you share, I m also going through very difficult times, I m living in joint family where my husband and me are followers of Jesus, but after 11 years of marriage its become hard for me to show love them again and again they don’t like me they, they gossip about me, they always complaing about me to my husband, my husband believes on them more then me, I m feeling helpless and alone, Very difficult to forgive them and love them, but You helped me to trust on God, God will multiply me.

    3. You are a true God sent woman. Your words are always so meaningful and inspiring. My life has been touched by your good spirits. I thank God for you and what you are doing for so many others. Sometimes when Iโ€™m reading your post, tears fill my eyes. I just thank God for blessing you and giving you the ability to help so many others. Again thank you for your awesome work. May God continue to bless and strengthen you. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฟ

  1. Well that was short and sweet lmao. I like how u switch things up keep us on our toes lol.

    Four trees from one, cuz it fell down? Sounds gud. I thank God cus I’m getting better from my mental health probs and coping better with being stalked plus abused by healthcare and social systems etc (refused medicines I need etc).
    I thank God cuz He there when literally no body gives a spit. N.o.b.o.d.y. no-body. Nada zero zilch nun nothin. So He forced me to learn to lean n trust Him cus there was zero else. Nothing. Went thru hell longtyme. So u see, how suffering becomes a blessing. Only thru God. No on else can turn opposite inside out.

    So yes I believe four trees from one. And then all those trees drop seeds also.

  2. I literally feel like I’m dying spiritually I don’t even know if this word is for me I hardened myself up can’t pray distanced myself from the Lord I have cried out so many times about my life my heart my marriage felt like I’m stuck feel alone I’ve been honest with the Lord about my heart and mind I just don’t know what want or feel led to comment please do so thank you

    1. I hear you. Better yet: God hears you.. โ€œI love the Lord because He hears my voice and my prayers for Mercy, because He bends down to listen, I will pray as long as I have breath! Psalm 116:1-2.

      God says: I know what happened.

      1. Is this for me u said God knows what happened I just wanted to see what the meant I’m sorry I’m alittle slow.

    2. My sister Johanna. Hang in there. I pray in the name of Jesus. He gives you the strength you need to push forward. I know you don’t know me but I myself have been there. “Stuck”-it seems like there’s no one in your corner to give you help. He is all you need. He will make a way for you. And He hears all your prayers. He sees and knows what you are going through. All He wants you to do is to continue to trust Him. Have faith in Him. It all will multiply for you soon. Keep your head up my sister!! Blessings to you. Have a good night!

    3. Hi Sis I felt led by Holy Spirit to just encourage you. I also love this site and it has helped me and connected with my daily readings so many times in gods word. There is a battle going on for our mind right now god loves you and is with you and though he may feel silent you must say I choose Life and not come in agreement with death and the Enemy Go and get scriptures on the mind 2Cor 10:3-6 and Romans 12:2 and Phillipians 4:6-9. Write them out meditate for 20 mins on each ponder on what god is saying to you personally in each change your speech and agree with life. I present before you Life and Death which one will you choose words of life or death we get to choose who we agree with. Literally I got attacked yesterday in my mind also God took me to songs of Solomon 2 after i finished felt led to click into keisha devotional it was the same exact thing. Listen Jesus loves you. Do this Cancel and repent for your agreement through your words with death. Come in agreement with life and jesus. He is your rock of salvation and lifter of your head. Dont worry about the lies your feelings and thoughts trying to tell you fight and go in the word also isiah 40:28-31 and Isaiah 51:11-13 and Isaiah 54:16-17. Jeremiah 33:3. Abba is Real He loves you. Do not rely on your feelings they will lie to you do not rely on your first thoughts the enemy tries to get us to agree with his lies and it ends up giving him and his friends open access. Death and life is in the power of your tongue. Your mouth is your weapon the word is your sword to conquer and overcome when u choose life and speak the word it is quick active and powerful and will bring life and life more abundantly. You must first say i choose life and then choose to speak it above your feelings and if thoughts dont line up with the word then it is from satan not god reject it out loud and give the devil back the word of truth. It cannot lie. Stand on it and Claim victory. Prov 3:5-6. Have a Blessed Day Sis It is Well.

    4. My Dear Sister
      I was compelled to reply to your message because I understand what that feels like. I too once felt spiritually dead and alone. I felt like God was listening to everyone else but me. But it was through studying his word that I realized that the enemy was filling my mind with lies. See He knows how much our Father loves us but he can make us feel like Godโ€™ does not then he wins.
      I had to learn to pray even when I didnโ€™t feel like it. See prayers build us up when we pray in the spirit. You are not Spiritually dead because you are seeking God. Itโ€™s a terrible feeling but I like to think of it as birthing pains
      God has blessed me with ministering and encourageimg others I know now a little better why I had to go through that period.
      God will use this season you are going through for his Glory.
      Keep pressing and study psalms 91
      I will pray for your strength in the lord

    5. Please know Jesus is drawn to people in despair. Draw close to Him for he greatly loves you. Above all else He is always there for you to call upon.โคAlways…

  3. Good evening Sister Kesha!! I receive it, and I will trust the process with the plans God have for my life. May He be glorified by my life that He has given to me for His purpose. Apart from Him, I can do nothing!!! May you and you family as well as mine prosper in health as our souls prosper. May we keep Him as “The Source” and “TrueVine” staying connected, that we be rooted and grounded in Him. Thank you and God bless.

  4. Kesha, thank you. Thank you for your Fortitude and Faith. And girl, I get it. I also have 6 children. You are an inspiration. Sometimes I hear the lies (mostly from other peoples voices) that I canโ€™t do anything but be a mom because of the number of kids I have. I look at them and laugh and say, nothing is as it seems. I can do all things. With the Grace and strength of the Lord, I can do all things. I admire your perseverance in this devotional. Even if some of them are repeats! You are committed! And your are an inspiration to the testimony of Christ! Thank you!

  5. Iโ€™m in one of the hardest seasons of my life (my perspective) but Iโ€™m determined to stay attached~ aligned~ in agreement for the assignment in GOD through Christ through the anointing of the Holy Spirit!

    He is present, providing, protecting for his divine will, glory for that which he is producing through me! ๐Ÿ•Š

  6. Thk u Jesus i needed to hear that. I’ve been through some hard Hits in my life. I trust u Lord. U have never left me,even when I didn’t deserve u. Amen

  7. Abba father thank you for locating me and multiplying & restoring all that concerns me, I am thankful father that you’ve connected me to this ministry it has impacted my life with so much encouragement from you lord I pray that yiu continue to do mighty things through your daughter shalom.

  8. Blessings Sister Keisha Thankyou so much for your beautiful words daily of Encouragement it Blesses me so much. Thankyou for all you do. Grace be to you and peace from Yahweh our Father and our Saviour Jesus/Yahshua upon your ministry and Family.

  9. This was a word for me today. Have been going through, not able to sleep. But today through your message I have a reason not to fear. I am sitting here praising God giving him all the glory that he justly deserves. Hallelujah to the glorious name of Jesus. Heโ€™s worthy of all my praise. Thank you for the beautiful message.

  10. I recently had covid and was in isolation, I prayed, I worshiped God, I sang, I read God’s word, I prayed some more. The enemy has been after my life since birth but God has had other plans. I felt this deep in my heart and I thank God for my life now. He has changed me in this process, truly I believe that what doesn’t kill you makes you stonger. God’s hand has been on my life. He alone is my joy, peace, comfort, and greatest love!

  11. Hallelujah! I had a vision 4 years ago of a tree like this falling and root exposed. This picture posted shows a whole new light.

    Praise the Lord

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