You're not going backwards, you're going forward!

“Therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ, let us go on unto perfection; not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works, and of faith toward God.” Hebrews 6:1

It’s a new season, my sister, and it’s a new day! God is putting the wind back in your sails. He is showing you that nothing can stop you, and no one can hinder you when God is on your side. Those old fears will not work this time. You’re in a new place in God, and it’s time to receive His grace to continue your progress in Him. If you made it this far, you could go on! Go further than your mother did! Go further than your grandmother did! Go further, my sister! You have everything you need to fulfill God’s divine purpose for your life. It’s all in you! Instead of running from problems, watch God help you face them head on. Instead of caving into pressure, watch God help you stand on His truth. Anything that held you back before will not work this time. You’re not going backward; you’re going forward!

Declare this from your heart today: “God is with me and He is for me! I am not looking back. I am moving forward in Jesus! It’s a new season for me, and it’s a new day. God’s face is shining on me, and His grace is with me. I am a woman with a vision, I am a woman on a mission, and I am a woman with a purpose. God is building me into a kingdom woman, and I am totally surrendered to Him. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

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20 thoughts on “You're not going backwards, you're going forward!”

  1. Thank you Father for these words ! Nothing can stop us if he is for us an with us . God you are so good. I am a woman with a vision and a woman on a mission an nothing will stop me from going further ! In Jesus name I pray amen ! ❤️😍💝💗💜💚💙

  2. Yes “Forgetting what is behind and pressing on to what is ahead…And when then enemy tries to come and remind me of my past, I tell him talk to Jesus! I am forgiven and God remembers it no more. I am on a new path and a new mission. Ty Lord💜

  3. Thanks Always for an encouraging word from the Lord. I am moving forward and today is a new day! Blessings

  4. I will lift up my heart in praise for i know that the Lord is always there for me. Forward ever backward never. Thank you Almighty God for you are all in all. I will praise your name forever.

  5. Thank you JESUS Hallelujah, i am moving forward not backward, Thank you God, nothing can stop me from moving forward in Jesus who has made a way for me☺. I declare these words you have sent to use Daughters today In Jesus Name Amen 😙🙆‍♀️🙌💚💖💛💙❤💞🙏👐

  6. Hallelujah Thank you God for allowing Me to wake up to see this devotion I will not go backwards I’m moving forward with God grace and his Love and the true words of God from on high build me up Oh God and Jesus name a Amen. Beautiful Encouragement word Thank God again I say and the name of this is my season give me you God Hallelujah, Hallelujah Thank you God and the name of Jesus Amen ❤❤❤

  7. Thank You my FATHER GOD I Declare that I am moving forward and not backwards I am a new creation in CHRIST JESUS Have YOUR Wsy Dear LORD my ABBA PAPA I LOVE YOU my KING. Thank You Keisha for this Powerful Beautiful Word I LOVE And Stay BLESSED ALOHA Sister Chrissy

  8. Awesome. …Praise God.
    Thank you Jesus for today’s message.
    It confirm to me that we are going to proceed with our family plan.
    God is good all the time.
    We know we did the right thing.
    We admit to the Lord that we failed in most of the decision we made.
    But God knows what is best for us.
    Praised be thy name.
    Lord I Love you and I Praise your name today and forevermore. ..

    1. God does all things well, He is ordering my steps and I thank him, God is talking us to higher heights and deeper depts and I wI’ll trust him, just say yes Lord and keep moving forward in the name of Jesus

  9. Praise God ,I am a KINGDOM WOMAN I am not looking back but am moving forward… in Jesus Name. Good word for today THANK YOU JESUS.

  10. Amen Yahweh !! I just got home from church and read this tonight…..I can’t tell you how much this meant to me. Our message tonight was on trust. I stood up at the alter call stating I had trust issues and then I read this. All I can think to say is Hallelujah Sisters. You have shown me that I can get through this and trust in my God completely. I’ve always felt like I wasn’t trusting Him completely. It’s a new dawn for me.

    1. As I reflect on this message I realise that I need to change my focus, thank you Lord for speaking to me through this message.

  11. Thank you for this encouragement. ..Don’t look back God shuts doors for a reason a better and a newer one is opening..I am covered by the blood of Jesus and Satan has to flee..Thank you Lord for divine appointments. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me..Amen ❤

    1. No I’m not going back to my old ways are old life style Yes I’m a new woman in Jesus I know He has me and I thank God for this new day this new season I in a happy place in my life

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