3 thoughts on “DOTK Live Prayer with Kesha Trippett | “Deliverance from Messiness””

  1. Sister Kesha, I agree with all the things you have shared, but you can not make people like you and we can’t change them at all. It’s God’s job with the only thing we can do is show Christ’s love to them as we pray for them, and do good to them.
    Have you ever had someone try to tell you how to bless them or tell you how they want you to be good to them?
    What do you do when individuals want to stay offended? What do you do when individuals controls how others see you if they can get you to do what they want you to do?
    My best is all I can do. I try to be the person I want that person to be towards me. A lot of good points in this video.
    Thank you and God bless🙏✝️💞💞

  2. I went through that everything i ever told this girl she threw it in my face and told other people and we were friends for yrs i realize why i always told people i have more guy’s friends cause you don’t get into with them like that females are to much!!!!

  3. Messiness is drama upheaval arguments constant disorganization and backbiting that’s what messing this is messiness is when somebody is not happy with their lives they will come in and do what they can to interfere your happiness messiness is an interference with someone’s happiness

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