Everything He has is yours.

“Jesus has become a surety of a better covenant.” Hebrews 7:22, KJV

God will never ask you to do something that He hasn’t already done. He requires our all, because He gave us His all. We are in covenant with God, and everything we have is His. Yet, at the same time, everything He has is ours. The most powerful revelation God wants us to receive is that everything He has is ours. Jesus paid the price for our sin so that we can be put in right standing with God the Father, and so we can receive from our covenant with Him.

He didn’t enter into this covenant relationship looking at what we can offer Him, but what He can offer us.

We then think to ourselves, why does He need my life, my time, my money, my soul? Why does He need all of this if He has everything? The truth of the matter is He has everything, but He doesn’t have everyone. He is not after getting more money, He owns it all. He wants hearts. He wants people in His Kingdom and to fill the seats at His table. He wants souls. God wants all of you because He wants to bless you and use you for the building of His Kingdom. You giving your life, your time, your talent and your treasures can help Him accomplish that mission in the earth.

He can reveal Himself through your life. He can make Himself known through your money. He reveals Himself through your goodness toward others.

Prayer: Father God, thank you for speaking directly to my heart. Help me to understand the meaning of covenant more deeply. Help me to wrap my heart around it. I give you my everything and I receive your everything. I give you my life, and I receive by faith your life. I give you my heart and I receive by faith your heart. I give you my mind, and I receive your mind. Father, I give you my treasures and everything I hold dear, and I receive the treasures you have laid up for me. Thank you Lord for pouring yourself out on me. I pour myself out for you. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

(Study Hebrews 8:6, Hebrews 9:15-23; Matthew 26:28)

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22 thoughts on “Everything He has is yours.”

  1. Order my steps dear Lord, Thank you for loving and being center of my life. Continue to use me to bear witnesses to others and win soul for your Kingdom. Thank for relationship I’ve with you, for being in charged of everything in my life and throughout this world. You’ve showed me your will and what you expect of me today, I love you Lord. Amen

  2. I am yours Lord everything I am and everything I want to be ,I yours. Use me God, a willing vessel, for your kingdom and Glory. Father I now give myself to you, all of me, I will received by faith the instructions you have for me .. In Jesus name.

  3. I say yes Lord to your will and to your way. Fill me till I over flow, I want more of you Lord that your kingdom will come on earth in my life as it is in heaven that your name will be glorified. I will worship you always because you alone are holy.

  4. Thank you God everything I have is yours and everything you have is mine. Everything belongs to you and Thank you for giving me what you have for me. Thank you Father In Jesus Name Amen.

  5. Thankyou Lord for all that I have all that I am take my whole heart make it yoyrs I receive yoyr heart. i belobg to you and you to me this is our covinent you died you roae again you took it all for me so I dont have to die live in the abyss the eternal flames if hell. Sin leads to death. Sickness disease emptiness lonkiness despair discouragement darkness eternal hell. But you took the keys to sin hades and death you sufderred so long on that cross . i should be ashamed to take thus very lifhtly. Thankyiu that you took my shame. That you loved me enough to take my place that when yiu ledt to be with our father God yoo still lived on in my heart that the same wonderfull Holy Spirit who raiaed you from the dead lives on in me for guidance protection poqer warning relationship to pount to you and the father one for all all for one. So Lord I have givrn you my mist orescious things treasures gifta abilities and mantles my lived ones my most divine treasures my income my home I have given you myself. My familymy pain my desperation my fear and my love. i have been strippwd and laid bare quite a process of letting go. You have my reputaion my desires my dreams you are perfect I am not thankyou for that releaae and relief you take me as I am you make me fruitful tofether wholeaome liceable worthy wanted and livrd even ehen I fall short dont measure up I give you thia day the cimpany that I keep let you do your work lradingbguiding imoloring changing let me do my part walk and talk oraise dance and worship.be still eniufh to hear your viice let you do this eternal healing within to hear your voice to really know you not of you forgive me for being so dismissive of you. Forget me not. For you are holy I am. Not. You wash me clean make me white as snow. Pure my heart is pure my intent is pure my desires are pure You have annointed me to preach giod nees to set the captives free. To. Break out of bondage. I thankyiu for setting me free for breaking these chains to make me feel like a vurgin again. Brand new .new beginnings new start new life the old has past make me brand new. You have placed my feet upon a rock .given me hinds feet to climb tall mountaina you hide me un the cledts of theae mountains sheild me from danger set my feet in the right direction right path. i want to thankyou and DOTK fir seeing me through last night tosay abd always. For the breakthroughs last night. The tides have turned praise Gos. Safe and sound for now. Still a. Ways to go. Onestep ine second minute hiur day to day I will go and I will stay. Thankyou for the lufe line ehen I was sinking. Thankyoy dor restoeing my faith health mind sanity just thankyou take me I am yours. God bless all of you . God bleßs me help me stay in your rest your proviaion you are more than enough for me thankyou for a safe journey for safe passage thankyou for my life thia life andthis day this very moment until we meet again. May his face shine down upon us all through us in us may we all reflect his glory his goodness his character and nature his desires his kingdom glory father show me your glory more glory open the flois gates and oour us out a blessing and thanlyou for your angels and your people. Thankyou fir the lost lovrless untoychables unreachables margins outcasts oerfectirscdrudgers harrassers bullya etc perpwrtaraitoes all if them all you

  6. Thank U Father n the name of Jesus for waking me up this morning!… Now I receive your Word. Have your way in every decision today that I make; let Holy Spirit guide me in every one of them!.. And of course, it will be to the Overflow of You blessing me in that everyone will realize that U indeed are alive and is still blessing me and All who call upon the Name of Jesus!…the ONLY ONE TRUE LIVING GOD OF ALL THINGS!
    Thank U Father in advance Today for allowing me to be a vessel for You! In Jesus Name I PRAY. AMEN.

  7. Thankyou Lord thankyou for your blood and taking my blood battling theae open wounds for two years blood always pouring deep cleansing and healing thankyou for giving me life and reversi g the curse. Thankyuo for identity hraritage and inheritence i give you mine thankyou for the air I breath you takr every breath you literally are the air I breath. Thankyou for the journry insights secrets to happiness and peace thankyou for your joy your prophecies daily your word daily. Your wisdom correction for calming the storm for the wine press for this crisis to catapult me into my destiny. Thankyou I can still walk twirl once for you till I can dance again. Thankyou for sunshine rain clouds thunder and lightening and even the grey storm clousds for your rest for my family you placed me in my community my nation the freedoms I have living here. Sometimes too much so much I miss the mark the point. Thankyou for believing in me when I cant for seeing the possibilities when I cant for a hope and a future when i cant. Thankyou for each destination and resting place. Thank you for findingy voice when I had none. Thankyou for your. Gift of recovery. The still small. Voice my perceptions are your perceptions . your glory is my glory your division and reconcilliations are.mine for eyes to see ears to hear perception underatanding Godly wisdom four yoyr mourning has become mine and my mourning has become your mourning your gift of prophesy your promises. jesus is my assuriry bailaman and bondsman bout with a randsom prescious blood a precious life thanyou for protecting my innocenses on many levels for prorectinh me for. This life you have given me. Thankyou that I can inquire of you that you do listen you

  8. Thankyou for your qualificationa when I feel disqualified thankyou that I made it when I thought I blew it for setting me apart for choosing me help me and forgive not to take this life and giftings so lightly. For wickedness disobedience and rebellion you gave me puritry love humble meek heart and character you give me honesty for dishonesty. .when imeak you give me your strength when im fearful anxities you give me peace love power and a sound mind for my hate. Yiu. Guve me love formy shame you give me your riighteousness for disbelieve and drspair you give me belief hope and a future. You give me so much I give you so little. You take my baggage fir your yoke is light for dishonour you give me honour like the woman at the well. Thankyou fir shelter a warm. Bed and blankets fresh clotbes and fior this day. For a charger a cell phone wifi and internet everything I take fir granted for pride and ego you humble me for mediocraty and failure you make me a winner you give me excellense and better you give me rest and dilifense when I want to give up give in you give me integrity

  9. I thankyou for energy making it 0 from minus 100 overnight thankyou for your rest clean water to drink flush out those impurities and enequities. Life giving water water I say for every drink I take thankyou for this body I have abused so bad to be better do more feel better to drown out my sorrows numb myself from emotional and physical pain Ive had rough living and clean living emptiness and abundance failure and success death and life I have learned the art of true forgiveness when revenge is in me one uping. The Lord says vegeance. Is mine I will restore all your fortunes double fir your trouble his fortunes are my fortunes. I have lrarned to be content in little or much I have guven greatly and have. Taken greatly you Lord bring out the best in me expose and pull out squeeze out the worst in me. Seeds of greatness for failure you turn it all around fir my best for others for you for your kingdom fir your display honour and glory truth and jutice grace and mercy arise and shine for my GLORY is upon you over you with in you, carry my glory wherever you go explode us invade us with your GLORY your goodness TRANSFORMATIONAL GLORY ignite my fire passion my smouldering wick more oil to keep this light burning bright and beautiful powerful to illuminate the way create a shelter thankyou DOTK all of you

  10. Thank You Jesus for each and everyday, Your mercy, Your Grace, and Your strength You give to me and my family everyday. All is Yours and all You want from us is our heart and obedience. Thank You for loving us the way You do. I love You and depend on You each day. I can’t do anything without You. Amen.

  11. My sisters and dear friends, please pray for me. Please pray for my protection and for comfort for my heart and soul. Please help me, Lord, now for I am weak. When I am at my weakest, it is then that You are the strongest. Help me for I am so weak, right now, my Beloved. Please hide me in the shelter of Your wings! Keep me safe and forbid the enemy to get to me in the Name of Jesus. Shall no weapon formed against me propsper in the Name of Jesus. Help me now, Lord. Put all things back into proper alignment in my life, Jesus. Though ten thousand surround me, I shall see them all fall before my very eyes!! Your grace is all sufficient!! Your strength is made perfect in weakness, so I am strong now in You, Jesus. Help me, Lord. I know that you are near to the brokenhearted! I KNOW it!!! I know that You save the crushed in spirit! I know this!!! I know it in the Name of Jesus!!! Truth shall set me free!!! Liberty has come to set the captives free!!! I am set free in the Name of Jesus! I am free in the Name of Jesus! I am free to soar upon eagle’s wings unto Your everlasting Light and not retreat unto the despair of the cold, dark night, no matter how cold and dark it gets out here, my Beloved!!! I am free to be me and make mistakes without the whole world coming down upon me in vengence and punishment! I am free to be weak with You. I am free to be vulnerae with You. I am free to be safe in Your embrace and never be hurt by it! You would never squeeze the life out of me, or try to force me to love you in force and power. Not You, Jesus. Not You! I love You, Lord! I know You shall see me through in the Name of Jesus!! Amen.
    Thank you my sisters for your prayers. You are dear friends to me! God bless you all in the Name of Jesus. Amen and amen.

    1. Thankyou for my sister we are a bond in you heare her prayer thankyou for her liggt her vouce her words she truly is a lighthouse brought me to safe harbour when I was drowning un despair i put out an SOS she heard she answered through me a line reeled me in. Im stilling recovering. I cant say enough words are not enough just aknowledge her the best I can. Dispatch a legion. Of angels to take charge. We ate in this race to win. Sometimes we mive swiftly like an elk sometimes like a deer in head lights sometimes we are angels in disguise in the flesh my sister andsiaters and brithers in the faith. She went to war for me im sure you exhausted as I am . you crystal crycet you were there in the trenches praying warring interceding proclaiming decreeing declaring standing breakthrough some really really rough waters breaking new and old ground you were there through it all so my sister Im not surprised if you a little or alit drained you did it for me thankyou thankyou thankyou. Now my Lord let her rest in your everlasting arms calm any fears do not give the devil an entrance sheild her us all in youe love warm blanket of liove give her rest on everyside up and down within without sleep well my darling daughter you fouggt well you dared to enter in and be brave you are a princess a warrior you are loved beloved betrothed to me come rest in me my yoke is light. Lay in the clouds pleasant dreams my friend. Sleep well good rest healing powers take control power of Christ within. You are a great intercessor im so proud and honoured to serve with you till our next flight dream a little dream . bless us all tonight. Safety harmony healing and rest allow us to fly higher awaken the dreamers its time to fly its time to rise and shine ooaition yourself launchung time catapult higher further than we ever dreamed possible for I am the God of the impossible sleep well for tomorrow will take care of itself dont worry i have heard you. You have heard me loud and clear dreamers arise its your time anyone hidden in the darknrss for suchh a tiimeas this arise and shine we are radical in love obedience purity radical about our Savior and his kingdom we are not perfect we fall we stumble we get backnup we rest we flee we charge we go into the sexret place the war room the cave thr firs shall be last and the last shall be first shifting gears shifting hemispheres dream a little dream

    2. The Lord is your shepherd dear Cricket you’ll have everything you need. He’ll give yu new strength and guide you in the right paths. Even if you go through the deepest darkness fear not for He’s with you.
      The Lord will pasture you in greener pastures. Yes, He’s the best shepherd that we”ve! He’ll protect you from all that’s not for your good. He’ll fight your enemies just to keep yu safe and among His flock.
      He’s pasturing you in greener pastures where you will feed and get healthy. You’ll be strong and not fear, feed on this pasture dear sister and you’ll face it all and emerge victorious.
      Fear ain’t your portion!
      Discouragement ain’t your portion!
      Sickness ain’t your portion!
      Remember that the Lord has commanded you to be strong, remain strong and the Lord will fight your battles.
      The devil is a liar! Devil, haven’t you realised that Cricket is a kingdom girl? She’s an adorable daughter of the king. Devil, you still need some more time to proof that? You’ve all the time in the world go right ahead but before you go, just know that she belongs to God. We hide her deeper in the wounds of our loving saviour and you wont get her!!!
      Dear Lord, keep our dear sister safe and sound. Hide her under your wings, protect her like the apple of your own eyes. We keep her under your care and we know it shall be well with her

      1. Bless you Ann cover her with your loving wings loving arms rain on her drench her with the dew of heaven honey for her tummy bless you my sister he will see you through turn your mourning into dancing fill her tp overflow protect always and yes you are the apple of his eye his loving eyes are on you come closer come closer I can see him arms stretched he has a red rose for you and a beautiful red heart boquets s of flowers a beautiful garden streets pavrd witj liquid gold earm liquid honey i have bottle every tear every bitter taste its time for you to smile you have loved ones around above within theyy love you so much so times the paons too much release your pain drop a tear or two its safe sometimes we breakdown to brealtbrough I see the sun shing beautiful breathtaking mountains clean fresh air filling you lungs air it is good something good is about to happen takr that trip I bless you my sister my deepest love respect and honour you are a galliant warriar intercessor you are to lead a new breed you are amazing your giftings and your love you have such love and depth and presence let your light shine your beauty shine God uses everything you have the ability to reach many.

  12. Thank you father God for your hand of protection and your daily blessings over my family and my life. Have your way over everything that concerns me father God. Make me a vessel that you can use for your Glory. In Jesus name. Amen.

  13. Thank you Father God for help me to understand you better everyday of my life you are worthy and I love you God My God is Awesome Amen

  14. Amazing Love❗SAVIOR 👑👑👑of the WORLD 🌍 your LOVE…. ran RED❗💯😘😘😘🎉🎉🎉THANK YOU❗

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