Learning to be one.

“That they may all be one, just as you, Father, are in me, and I in you, that they also may be in us, so that the world may believe that you have sent me.” John 17:21, ESV

The day my husband and I became married, we became one flesh. Everything I owned became his, and everything he owned became mine. We decided early on that we wouldn’t take separate vacations, have separate bank accounts or even have separate friends. We understood God’s heart behind marriage is that the two come together to operate as one.

Just as marriage is about learning how to become one with your spouse, entering into a covenant relationship with God is about learning how to become one with Him. Not only does your body, soul, and spirit belong to Him, but your time, your talents, and your treasures also. Jesus prayed that we may be one as He and the Father are one. Whenever you have a married couple that treat everything as though they are living two separate lives, it hinders the oneness God seeks to create within them.

In our relationship with God, the thing we must understand is that God has our best in mind. He’s not trying to get something from you, but trying to get something to you. Just as in any relationship, it requires trust in order for your relationship with God to work. You can trust Him with your life. You can trust Him with your heart. You can trust Him with your talents. You can trust Him with your treasures. The more you trust Him, the more successful you will be.

Prayer: Father God, I thank you for your rich words to me. Thank you for choosing to be in covenant relationship with me. You brought me out of a sinful life and placed me in a right relationship with you. I want to operate as one with you. No more trying to do things on my own. No more trying to live a separate life from you. Everything I have, I give it to you. Help me trust you with my life. Help me trust you with my heart. Help me trust you with my talents. Help me trust you with my treasures. You have my best interest at heart and I thank you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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43 thoughts on “Learning to be one.”

    1. Father, I thank you for all you have done, all you’re doing and, all you will do in me with me and for me in Jesus’ name, amen.

    2. Thank you Father..gives the wisdom yo keep going..PLEASE dont allow others interfere with the beautiful relationship me an my husband are cultivating..I know the enemy is trying to break us apart..please DONT allowed it..I want to continue to be in love..trust..companionship .feeling safe..and protected..Please remove all who are in one way or other interfering with You…In Jesus Name..I pray…love you daddy..

      1. Yes Lord protect this marriage for who tou brought together. No one take apart surround them with your angels protection. Provision your soveignty in Jesus name more GLORY daddy for your children

  1. Awesome word. I’m still single but believing the Lord for a husband. You are so right. I’ve seen many marriage fell because they are working against each other.

  2. wow!! what a word. l believe that when people are of one mind irrespective of their agenda, they achieve results. The story of the Tower of Babel is a case study. Lord l know you know my going in n my coming out.My mindset n everything about me. Please lead me on. Help me to follow your leadings n to be in union with your plans for my life. As Jesus said ” l and my father are one” may we as members of your body be one.May our oness be made complete in you. Amen.

  3. These messages I receive everyday are truly amazing. I am so thankful and grateful for each one everyday. I am single and seeking the Lord if it be His will for me to be married. Thanks again for all the wise words of knowledge.

  4. You are my strength Lord without you I am nothing so continue to have your way in my life for your honor and for your gloty. My eyes are on you and my hope is in you.

  5. When you trust God with your life and surrender your own will to His will. God’s works His own will in your favor. When , eleven years ago, I surrender and relinquished my own way and will to God’s way and will for me, I now know and realized that was the move I had made for my life. Like the word says :
    “Commit your way to the Lord, trust also in Him, and He shall bring it to pass.- Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him. (Psalm 37:5,6,7a)

  6. Gm DOTK, Wow,as I’m about to embark on new territory and tread on new grounds,I want to trust my Father with all things ,including my gifts and talents that I may show good Stewardship in everything that the Lord in trusted me with! I have really decided and prayed that I will not try to do things on my own but will give room for the power of God and his Holy spirit to lead and guide me in the ways that I should go and not could go. Father I set you before me in this day,lead and guide me in all that I do and say,help me to forever seek your face and do things your way. Let me operate in onky courage !In your precious son Jesus Christ name that I pray!!!Amen!

  7. Daddy, I only have tears to shed because I am heavy with this burden I am still carrying. I am not giving up on it! I am wrestling like Jacob for it! I won’t let go until You bless me, LORD!! Not in my power, but in Yours, Jesus. I don’t care what it looks like, I am walking in the fire, with Faith by my side! Hallelujah!! I feel a hallelujah forming in my gut! What? That could not be! Oh, glory, glory, glory, I better believe it! I receive it in radiant glory, for You are my mighty Healer and Restorer!! No, not me! No denying spirit in me in the Name of Jesus! I receive it! I believe in the resurrecting power of Your Name!!! I receive the redemption of the Lord!!! You are my Salvation, Jesus!! No other Name is!!! Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!!! Trumpet sounds in my soul!!! Blow! Blow! Blow! Blow! Blow! Blow! Blow! Blow the trumpet in his ear!!! Blow the trumpet around the walls of Jericho!!! He falls down under the glory of the Lord! He hits the big wall! It’s Jesus!!!! Hallelujah!!!! Stand up for me, mighty Jesus!!! Your love is relentless!!! The darkness must repent!!! The darkness must run to the pit!!! The darkness lost it, the battle for his soul!!! He let go and let God!!! God did it!!! God can do anything!!! I stand and wait to see what I believe in faith!!! You are my faith, sweet Jesus! Thank You, Emmanuel, for every mustard seed of faith You have planted in love!!! The sickness bleeds away and the strongholds that were tied in evil melt away! The refining fire burns with love and the Lord’s burning eyes of fire burn into my soul! I let go, Jesus! You’ve got this! I don’t have to be afraid! You have laid the path before me and it is straight! No crooked path that way! You are the Way! You are, Jesus! You breathe life into me and I am alive! I rise from the ashes in beautiful glorious victory! Who do they see? Jesus, it is only You! You are the Life, and there is only death without You! Now I blow the breath of life on those who enter my embrace! It is You that they taste when they breathe in! The sweet taste of unconditional love in the face of sin! It is You, Jesus, that erases sin! It is You, the Truth, that erases the lies from our mind! It is You, Jesus! It is You!!! Only You!!! Jesus, I am asking You to make me who You have called me to be, because I am completely in unfamiliar territory! I meant what I said, You shall see me through! Jesus breakthrough! I ain’t staying in this pit of fear no longer!!! I am out of here!!! In the Name of Jesus, I am up and I am standing! I am dropping the rest of this wretched fear here! I am here at Your throne! I am here at Your throne, Jesus! I have no time to waste. I need You to continue lining me up! My uneven sides began to glide smoothly against the world! They realize this must be the Lord! Hallelujah!!! What is that Name??? Jesus! Jesus!! Jesus!!! Jesus!!!! Jesus!!!!! Jesus!!!!!! Jesus!!!!!!!
    I am running in the wind with You, Lord! Oh, Lord, this is so beautiful! The glory is flying by us, in radiant colors of joy and hope! I let go of the rope!! Holy Spirit, thank You!!! Oh, my Lord, I left the noose behind! I am so happy to be tied to You!!! I am no longer blind!! I understand the rhyme!! My heart chimes in glorious rhythm, and I can’t hit rewind!!! The scroll rolls on and I am wandering in the clouds, where I saw You there! I saw You there so along ago in a dream! I was afraid I was not ready! Again and again, I dreamed it! I feared it! I relented it, yet, searched not for the heart that rode on those clouds in my dream!!! You are the Lord of my life, Jesus. There is none other! There never could be! Even if I turned away now, I would be snatched right back by the sovereign still, small voice saying, “No, My beloved!” I know Your voice now, and I follow it! The verse on the mirror reads true! I am Your sheep and I listen to Your voice! You know me, and I follow You! You give me eternal life, and I shall never perish! No one will snatch me out of Your hand! (John 10: 27-28) I follow You because I know Your voice!! (John 10:4)
    The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and I am helped. My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to him in song! (Ps. 28: 7) Hallelujah!!!

    If it were for but a moment,
    that I could freely receive,
    without holding back in fear,
    all that You have for me,
    I would freely receive it,
    and not fear taking back
    what You, Yourself plant!
    I am in the moment!
    You are near to me!
    My broken heart is here!
    My crushed spirit is saved
    by the mighty hand
    defending me!!!
    I am walking in the shadow
    of the Most High!
    I hide in the Presence of the Almighty!
    The darkness can’t find me,
    because the shadow I am in, is full of Light!
    The cold, dark night fades away, and the snuggly warm, radiantly glorious day,
    shows up in my life and I am made new in Him!
    I am a new creation!
    My mind is renewed and I am shiny on the inside now!
    The glory radiates from the inside now!
    Lord, I am wowed!!
    All I can do is bow and declare that You are Lord!
    Help me more, for You are my final destination!
    This new creation is on fire for You!
    You set that refining fire down in me, just like I asked You to!!!
    Oh, You keep Your promises!!!
    It doesn’t matter if we think we can handle it!!!
    If we are crushed in spirit, Your Word says You will save us!
    So, I am saved, in the Name of Jesus!! My Salvation’s Name is Jesus!!! Together we pray! He is my witness! He never fails me! He never forsakes or abandons me!!! He never forgets about me or disregards me!!! He never wants anything else, but what’s best for me!!! Glory, glory, glory!!! What is this feeling inside of me? It is so peaceful!!! Jesus, Prince of Peace, lay it on me!!! Love me, love me, love me!!!! I give up!!! I can’t win with You!!! You love through the hardest exteriors!!! No one moves me like You!!! No ome has compassion like You do!!! No one is as tender and gentle as You! No one can compare to You! No one can steal You away from me! No one is more important to You, such that You would abandon me for them!!! You don’t have to abandon any of us!!! Your love is sovereign!!! It is everywhere!!! It is all powerful!!! It is all knowing!!! That’s why You can heal and restore even the most broken!!! Because You take the time to know us so well!!! You took the time to make us, and You just want to spend time with us!!! I really, really, really want to spend more time with You. I am walking in faith now!!! I am covered in a cloud of vengence before me!!! I don’t see, but I know You are on the battlegrounds before me, before I even get there!
    I see a flash of glory!!! Something blew up!!! Its a mirage in the cloud of glory, mixed with vengence for the glory of the Lord!!! The Lord shall take back what is His!!!! Hallelujah!!!! I’ll stand up for that promise!!! I claim it!!! I receive it, because I surely believe it!!! You are the wrecking ball, and You come in and bust up the walls of Jericho, with a loud thundering of Your voice, as a trumpet sounds, in triumph!!! I feel it literally in me!!! Glory, glory, glory!!! My body shakes!!! The foindation of the world quakes, and the sleepers awake!!! Oh, glory, glroy, glory!! What a marvelous story!!! Oh, the romance is captivating!!! I am taken captive unto the solitude of my Lord’s throne room!!! It is only You!!! It is only You, sweet Jesus!!! This love has taken my breath away!!! My insides sing unto Your glory!!! I am healed and restored unto completion!!! I receive this!!! I am healed and restored from the inside out!!! I am stepping out into the glorious light!!! I am walking in a walk of faith that defies all logic!!! I don’t care about the world’s logic!!! It never helped me!!! I have been called crazy, and cried in my own shame! Now You say, “Crazy, you are not! Don’t believe the world’s lies. I look at You, through the eyes that made you. So Who knows the Truth?”
    It is You, Daddy! You know the Truth! I am an heir to the Truth! I want to be crowned in truth! I have been lost in lies all of my life, and the fear kept me hidden! But we left that fear behind, now I want to be blind to the lies!!! May I only see Truth in my eyes! May my mind only hear Truth, and slander the lies before me!!! No lies in the Name of Jesus!! My mind is clear, concise, and consecrated unto the Lord!! There is no condemnation in those who are in Christ Jesus!!! Jesus, I am in You, and You are in me!!! That equals no condemnation for me!!! Glory, glory, glory!!! You reveal even more to me!!! This is no longer a secret to keep!!! I want to shout it upon the mountaintop!!! Look, look, look, Who saved me!!!! It was only He, King Jesus!!!! I want to rock Your world now, my Lord!!!! God, make the oppression stand down in Your Holy Name!!! I am praying harder!!! I saw a gap in the armor of the enemy!!! I am shooting the arrow of love beneath it!!! I pray that it hits and doesn’t miss!!! God, make it hit!!! Help me aim and hit where You say!!! An arrow of love to reverse the curse!!! No love potion number 9, just a sovereign rhyme!!! It is almost time, You say. Okay, ready me completely. I shall receive all that You have to give to me!!! I know You will never give up on me!!! I know it, because I have lived it!!! I know it, because You have sown it into my being!!! I love You so much, my Beloved!!! There is no one else that can touch me like You do. You sow in the love, and I just reep it with a yielding heart. Nothing special, I have done, but receive Your love!!! You are the Special One, Jesus!!! I was meant to be loved by You, and You were always meant to be loved by me!!! So, glory to God, in Your power and might, I shall catch up and surpass my former years of neglect of my Lord’s purpose and glory!!! I shall get it slapped upon me!!! Lord, brace me!!! Gird my loins up for me, because I am just weak, and I just intend to be a vessel for You to leak Your sovereign love upon the world through the cracks in me that bleed Your compassion freely!!! My scars are treasures for the Lord!!! My turmoil is turned into anointing oil!!! I shall burn the oil into the night!!! Take me there, if it is Your Will!!! I shall stand still because the Lord will fight for me, and I shall hold my peace and remain at rest! (Exodus 14: 14) This isn’t my test!!! Protect me from the arrows of the enemy, as they fly at me in the terrors of the night!!! There it went, right by my face, my hair blew back and the tears upon my face were erased, yet, no harm came to me!!! I shall come out unscathed!!! Noname shall rise above His Name!!! My hope is in Jesus!!! My hope is always in You, Jesus!!! You are my hope!!! You are my smile through the tears!!! You are the Redeemer of all lost years!!! You are the mighty feet that stomp on the fears that taunted me all of my life!!! They are smite!!! My fears are smite in the cold, dark night!!! I release a sigh that causes an avalanche of white snow upon the brokenhearted and crushed in spirit!!! Stay where You are!!! Jesus is near!!! If You are brokenhearted then Jesus is near!!!! (Ps. 34: 18) If You are crushed in spirit, then He is here to save you!!! Just stick your hand up!!! Lift it up from beneath the heavy laden snow upon your soul!!!! Just one hand!!! Lift it!!! He sees it!!! Lift it!!! Say, “Jesus, pull me up!!!” Say it!!!! Say it, “Jesus, pull me up!!!!” Shout it!!! Hallelujah!!! Say, “I’m up, Jesus!!! Thank You!!! Now what???” Say it!!!! He is waiting!!! He is listening!!! He is wanting to lift you up and warm you up!!! Open up your heart to the King of kings and the Lord of lords!!!! He is writing His love story on your heart!!! Read Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John!!! His love story is the best romance there ever was!!!! This Jesus, He will sweep you off your feet, and you will not be able to fail Him!!! It is His power that teaches us to love Him!!! We can all love Him so much more!!! Let’s open that door!!! I open the door to a bigger heart of love for You, my Beloved!!! I am so caught up and the Light weaves its glorious strands of unconditional love, compassion, and anointing empowerment upon me!!! I am the vessel!!! You are the Potter!!! Glory to God in the highest!!! His glory is poured upon me!!!! I am so undeserving, yet, You remember me as Your own!!! You have chosen me and I am freely receiving and yielding unto Your heart, my Lord!!! I am made more and stronger once more!!! I am built up in Your glory, and I steep in the holiness here!!! Soke it in, oh my soul!!! Soke in the Presence of the Lord!!! Let it carry me forth in reckless abandonment in love for the Lord!!! My wealth is in You!!! Jesus, You are all of my wealth!!! I am poor in life, but rich in spirit and heart!!! My life.circumstances may look poor, but I am standing in the door of my mansion!!!! I am a new creation in Jesus!!! I am rich in love!!!!! Yes, yes, yes!!! Amen and amen and amen!!! I am rich in Love!!! I shall be a good steward of this love You have given me and shown me!!! I shall be a good steward of the strength You have given me!!! Jesus, help me to never use the strength You have given me to beat a rod upon the heads of the peoples when I am called to sweep across them with the hem of a healing garment!!!! I shall be available and a part of the broken, if that is what You have called me to. I shall be a healer in Your Name and power for the broken!!! Though I was brokenhearted, I am healed and restored!!! Though I was crushed in spirit, I am saved by the great Salvation!!! Jesus, do You want me to be like You in this? I shall be near to the brokenhearted and save the crushed in spirit in and through Your power, if this is what You have called me to, and my heart says you do!!! I am who You say I am! I go where You say I go! I have my life, love, and being in You! There is none other for me than You! Tell me what to do and I shall do it! Grant me the strength and courage, and in You, I will do it!!! I can do all things through You, Jesus! I can! I can! I can! I am “the little train that couldn’t”, being pushed up the mountain by the God of angel’s armies!!! I know I can!!! I know I can!!! I know I can!!! I believe to receive to achieve!! I believe to receive to achieve!!!! Glory, glory, glory, glory, glory, we are getting up that mountain, Lord!!!! We are!! We are!! We are!! Me and You, Jesus!!! I can because You get me there!!! You are the coal moving me along!!! You are the steam in my engine, pushing me down these tracks of love!!! My train picks up speed!!! The blood bleeds upon me!!! I see!!! I see!!! I see!!! I do believe!!! I do receive!!! I am achieving!!! Let the whole world here!!! I do achieve because He Who first died for me, loves me unto a beautiful destiny!!! I have a future and a hope!!! Disaster is far behind!!! I left no crumbs to find my way back there!!! Hallelujah!!! You are the sovereign Counselor!!! You are the sovereign Comforter!!! You are the sovereign Advocate I need!!! Thank You, Jesus, for saving me. My crushed spirit is rising from these ashes in glorious beauty because You saved me! And You don’t say things You don’t mean! And You don’t give promises You don’t intend to keep!! You are the best, Daddy!!! I am so happy to be Your daughter!!! So blessed to be used for Your purposes!!! Thank You, Jesus for Your mighty hand of healing and restoration! I am saved by the very sovereign hand that holds me!!! Holy, holy, holy!!! God bless me and my family!!! God bless me and my husband Steven and our marriage. God, bless my children, each one, Meredith, Cassidy, Preston, Hayley, Cameron, and Isaiah. God bless my parents and those who raised me as parents, Mark, Cheryl, Della, Dorothy, Lemar, and my Nanny Pat who is dead and gone. God rest her soul!! God bless my husband’s parents, Claudia, Bob, and Mark. God bless my extended family. Keep them all in Your sovereign hand. God, bless my sisters in Christ at DOTK, and all over the world, those known and unknown to me. God, bless my friends, those who are saved and those who are not. God, bless me to be who You call me to be!!! God, bless this ministry and all of Your purposes within it!!! God, bless my heart more!! God, make my heart more pure. It is overwhelming, really. I am not sure how You do it, but You turn me into someone I have never been, and truly have never seen or known!!! Now I know You as my own!!!! Jesus, You are mine and I am Yours!!! Glorious beauty in expansive measure, I receive!!! I am changed, completely from the inside out. The old me is dead, and the new me is standing on her own two feet. I have built up some muscles! I am standing up!!! My legs a bit wobbly still, but I am up!!! I am made new in You, Jesus! I stood up and realized I was subject to the rhyme, and I feel flat on my face, and said “It is You, Jesus! It is You!” There is none other! Hallelujah!!! I picked the right one for the first time ever, and I shall keep You forevermore unto eternity!!! This is so overwhelming!!! The thought of being loved by You forever!!! I give it all up to be who You call me to be. I love You, Jesus. I do! I do! I do! You make me faithful, and I am here still with my Daddy!!! Jesus, GLORY TO YOUR FANTASTIC NAME!!!! THERE IS NO OTHER NAME THAT CAN SWEEP ACROSS A NATION AND WAKE IT UP!!! THERE IS NO OTHER NAME TO BE LIFTED UP!!!! YOUR NAME IS MARVELOUS IN GLORY AND BEAUTY!!! JESUS!!!! YOUR NAME IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! IT KNOCKS ME OFF MY FEET, AND I STAND UP IN NEW FEET, SHOD IN PEACE!!!! WHOOP! WHOOP!! WHOOP!!! HALLELUJAH!!!! GET UP AND CELEBRATE THE NAME OF JESUS!!! HE FREED A WRETCHED SINNER LIKE ME!!!! PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME JUST LIKE ME!!!! MY LIFE WAS DEAD AND MY HEART WAS BEATING A PITIFUL RHYTHM OF SHAME!!! HE SHOWED UP AND CHANGED MY NAME!!! HE SENT ME TO BE A WITNESS IN FRONT OF THE GREAT CROWD OF WITNESSES BEFORE ME!!! READ MY TESTIMONY!!! SHALL IT CHANGE YOUR HEART, AS WELL!!! JESUS FREES CAPTIVES FROM JAIL CELLS OF HELL!!! HE READS YOUR PRAYERS EVEN WHEN THEY ARE BROKEN!!! HE HEARS YOUR MUMBLES EVEN WHEN THEY ARE SPOKEN IN FEAR!!! HE SEES YOUR TEARS EVEN WHEN YOU WIPE THEM AWAY AND HIDE THEM IN YOUR OWN SHAME!!! SHAME CAN NOT DEFEAT THE NAME OF JESUS!!!! SHAME BOWS DOWN UNDER THE FEET OF JESUS, AND IS CRUSHED IN SPIRIT, BY THE SALVATION OF YOUR SOUL!!! JESUS IS CLOSE TO THE BROKENHEARTED AND SAVES THE CRUSHED IN SPIRIT!!! I AM A WITNESS!!! I TESTIFY TO HIS GOODNESS AND MERCY AND RADICAL FORGIVENESS!!! HALLELUJAH!!! TAKE MY WORDS AND MAKE THEM MORE FOR THE GLORY OF THE LORD!!! HOLY SPIRIT, SWEEP ACROSS HEARTS AND UPROOT UNHOLY DESIRES! IN JESUS’ NAME, I PRAY, MAKE A WAY IN THE WILDERNESS, MY LORD!!!
    I am coasting along in the boat upon the river!!! I am moving with the holy current moving me!!! I locked my life and heart away unto the Lord, and He shall open the door to my purposeful destiny!!! For He knows the plans He has for me!!! Plans for hope and a future! Plans for welfare, and not evil!!! I have called upon You, prayed to You, and You have heard me! I have sought You, and found You, because I have sought You with all of my heart! You are restoring my fortunes and gathering me from all the nations and all the places You have driven me. You have brought me back to the place from which You sent me into exile!!! (Jeremiah 29: 11-14) Glory to God in the highest!!! I am no longer in exile!!! Daddy, You have welcomed me home!!! I am the happiest prodigal daughter of the King right now!!! I am so happy to be celebrating my return with my Daddy!!! This is all because of You, Jesus! It really is! Truth be told, I am nothing without You!!! Yet, I can do all things in Your power! I receive it now!!! Jesus, give me the power measured unto me, according to Your will. Not my will, but Yours!!! I shall stomp on down whichever road You send me down!!! I am marching now!!! March on Catherine!!!! March on in this month of March with me!!!! Glory, glory, glory!!! I am swept up in more glory!!!! The love story romances its way into the hearts of my sisters!!! Carmen, where are you, my friend? I miss you terribly, seeing your sweet comments and smiling face written on them!!! I am still praying and He is staying right by your side!!! Anne, sweet Anne! God has the plan!!! He is the plan!!! He shall lift you up and deliver sovereign wisdom unto your ear, in the Name of Jesus! Eve, Amber Simpson, Deanna Lynn, just a few of the names that come to mind, and other names that escape me that I haven’t seen lately! So many are on my heart, Lord. You weave them into my heart, and I need You to lift them all up in Your glory! No, not my power can do this, but Your power can relentlessly love the hell right out of a heart like mine! Cover my sisters in Your blood, Jesus– writers, readers, brokenhearted, crushed in spirit, weary and heavily laden, questioning and wondering, lost and wandering, earnestly seeking, and freely receiving with a yielded heart, mind, body, and soul!!! In Your enormous blanket of love, warm them up from the inside out, and their hearts shall thaw and be wowed!!! God, bless all of my sisters here, and brothers who read too!!! May Your Spirit descend upon them in love and truth!! I am finished with this test. I passed it with flying colors, because I was sailing in the rainbow of the Keeper of all of His promises! I tasted the rainbow that You left for me to see and know that the flood had receeded!!! The candy in it has sovereignly sweetened my soul!!! And Jesus painted a rainbow upon my soul!!! I am radiant in glory with my Lord and Savior!!! The colors of the rainbow become radiant, glorious, pure light!!! The glory of the Lord lights up the cold, dark night, and we look and see You, Jesus, with Your outstretched hand!!! The sovereign hand is beckoning you to Him!!! We live by believing, and not by seeing!!! I believe in the resurrecting power of Jesus! I believe You are my Redeemer! I believe the power of redemption is here and now! I receive it freely! I am taking mine and running with it, Lord!!! I shall run the race of endurance in Your resurrecting power in the Name of Jesus. Thank You, Daddy, for everything! You ARE my Everything! Make me a good steward in Your Kingdom with everything You bestow upon me and gift me with!!! In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.

    1. Hi criket crystal i looked for. U immediatly hi DOTK just glad to find a connection I fear darkness has wrapped around my neck a deadly noose littwrally gasping for air been a tough few weels on. Many levels dont know how ivw survived yet miles to still go im throwing and reaching fir a life line wanting to go home no way to get there in need of a hospital. Trying to fivure way there just found a safe haven for a moment and charger for my phone pleaae pray everyone i get to a hospital for proper treatment i find my way home fron. There deal with thise odsp issues to get rent paid and cell time. Have wifi for a moment you know over week ago everything became clear every dream. Vision spaning back twenty years then everything has snow balled and what I use to do with ease liteeally takes 100 tines more out of me to do. The simplest task now out here bouncing thinking these peoplr are my friends. As long as im serving i have nothing left all they care about is I look after tbeir needs I might get some of my needs met do a favour for someone here iam. And poor choices being as honest as i can . i badly need to look after me worked so hard to get this place of my own only to have that screwd up and that came with its own set of rules and expectarions im tired of livinfg according to everyone else holding people up till im six feet under now I can barely hold my self up. Beyond pure exhauation out of light my light being snuffed out. . everybody wantibgva oiece of me take a piece out of me take a piece out on me. I feel ive made tempiary safety dont know how i made it out alive once it started getting dangerous I looked for the oppuetunity and bolted out the door only to walk. Right. Back into the situation i left which drive me into the situation I juat got out of. I fear my sanity collaose lungs and heart failure infection so bad needing antibiotics major dr bone livver and gi dr im running out of steam i fear fir my life in more than one way, wondering hiw am i going ti get out of this mess and get the helo I need. Please pray I make right chiuces decisions tackle things one at a time Lors if I ever needed you it s now once again its now. Pleaae pray for my healing sanity safetu financial home addictiin freemen free Bless all of you I need all your blessings and prayers and find my way back to safety and tbe loving arms of my savior feel like head going to explode rest get ready for next obstacle have bout an hour thankyiu for safe harbour even fir a moment

      1. Catherine, I don’t know when you will get this. I pray that you will get it soon. I pray that you will get to the hospital you need to get to, or are already there. Couldn’t sleep. Heavy emotions here. Have my own reasons, yet, I felt pulled to my phone. Been having problems with the charge on my phone. Doesn’t charge unless its off. Then it dies quickly, so I haven’t checked much today since I posted. First, do NOT give up. No matter what your weary heart and mind might lead you to believe, you are still held in the sovereign hand of God. Before I pray for you, I want to give you my email. I left it for you another time or two, but I am not sure if you got it. Now that I see you are having trouble with your cell time, I would like to offer it again, in case you didn’t get it. If you don’t feel comfortable with that, that’s okay. Don’t let it worry you. I just really, really feel drawn to you. I have for quite some time. So, I just really want to be a friend to you and a source of support. My email is cricketmkamyszek@gmail.com. I understand about holding people up til you’re six feet under. But glory, hallelujah!!! Jesus will hold YOU up in the Name of Jesus!!! Holy Spirit, breathe Your breath on me!!! I need to bleed these wounds dry that cry out into the night for Your embrace!!! I taste the loss. It is bittersweet. I can’t go on til You hold me tight! The tears are building up. I am no longer a slave to the rage in the Name of Jesus!!! I can cry about this. I need Your healing and restoration in this unspoken area in my heart, Lord Jesus. Hallelujah! Jesus breakthrough! God, I am trying to go there. Clear the air. Clear the despair from my lungs!!! Cough up the sputum of disgust and regret!!! Touch Catherine’s heart, my Lord. Get her to a hospital, Lord, yes, but should You do even more than that? I pray that You would for my dear friend Catherine. God, she just walked out a door that it sounds like she needed to. So, what is that You will do for my sister, Catherine! Make a way in the wilderness!!! Make the crooked way straight!!! Dance upon the clouds of rain blessings upon Catherine’s head!!! Let Your mercy pour out! Help me now! I can’t break clear! I am struggling to get the words to come near! Rebuke the oppression for me, Jesus!!! Tell it to sleep. I need a jumpstart. My heart is hurting. I am sad that I won’t see my baby soon, as I know I should be. I didn’t really expect these feelings. Please help me with them, my Lord. You know all of my deepest pains. Hold me close and wipe away my tears, so that I am strong for my dear Catherine. I am stronger than ever before, because You are the strength in me, Jesus. I am not strong on my own! I am a mess all alone! But You clear the way for me to get through the rubble everywhere. I can only see the wreckage of life’s mistakes. But these are kicked away by the sovereign feet leading the way, and nothing is as it seems! Just dream a little dream of happenstance and take a chance at a new dance with Me! I am in the dream! I am beckoning you unto Me! I am the daydream that never quits! I am the relentless still, small voice that whispers Truth unto the nonsense. The chaotic mumble rumbles along, but Catherine’s mind is made strong!!! Clarity, come near in the Name of Jesus!!! Make Catherine’s mind sound in the Name of Jesus!!! Hallelujah!!! I rebuke the enemy in the Name of Jesus!! I rebuke insanity in the Name of Jesus!!! I rebuke the darkness that grasps for Catherine’s air in the Name of Jesus!!! Hallelujah!!! Healing and restoration movement!!! Move with it!!! Wave in the glory of the Lord!!! Hallelujah!!! Heart beats true and new in the Name of Jesus! Alveoli clear in the Name of Jesus and are expanded in the Name of Jesus!!! Surfactant in proper amounts and lubrication needed delivered to Catherine’s lungs in the Name of Jesus! Expanding in and out in the Name of Jesus! Deep breath in, healing and restoration breathed in!! Let go, and blow away the infection and infirmity in the Name of Jesus! I rebuke the spirit of infirmity in the Name of Jesus!! I bind satan and all evil spirits and principalities in the Name of Jesus. The evil one shall leave Catherine alone in the Name of Jesus! Catherine is held in the sovereign hand holding her and me!! Glory, glory, glory!!! What beautiful eyes that You have, my Lord. They are so gentle and loving. I can only gaze into them for a moment, and I am tearing up!!! Those eyes burn holes right into the lies that try to steal my heart away from You!!! But, I rejoice because no one can steal my heart away from You! I am all Yours, for an eternity in the Name of Jesus!!! Free Catherine, my Lord!!! Free her from the strongholds that hold her tight and fight for her in the cold, dark night!!! The warm day is coming, Catherine!!! Hold onto Him!!! Jesus, get Catherine to the medical care she needs! Please get her home after that, my Lord!!! You are always more than all of our destitute circumstances. It doesn’t matter if our bad choices get us there. You knew those even before we did! Be so tender and gentle with Catherine that she shall know without a shadow of a doubt that You got this!!! Give her blessed assurance, my Lord. You shall meet her needs in the Name of Jesus. And You shall give her strength in her weakness in the Name of Jesus! All of these things You shall do for Catherine, sweet Jesus! Your love is relentless!!! So relentlessly crazy it is!!! Protect and bless Catherine, according to Your Will. Shall Your Kingdom come and Your will be done in Catherine’s heart, soul, life, and mind!!! God bless Catherine’s mind! Make it sound and keep her thoughts steadied on You, my Beloved! I know You won’t give up on Catherine, but will You please assure her of that, Lovely Jesus! Blessed assurance unto a badly broken and bruised heart, mind, body, and soul in the Name of Jesus! Claim it!!! It is yours, my sister! Jesus is singing a love song unto your heart. Come home, My beloved, come home to My heart, sweet Catherine! I have all the peace you need. I will show you who I really am. Just believe to receive to achieve what is possible with Me, your King. I am never leaving nor forsaking you. I won’t use you up and leave you high and dry. I won’t take all that I can to bleed you dry, then look away when you cry. I am here with you now. I speak to you in the darkness. Come out, Catherine! Come out unto the Light! Come away from the cold, dark night!
        Engulf the darkness in the radiant glory of the Lord in the Blessed Name of Jesus!
        Bless Catherine in her body. Put all things back into proper alignment in the Name of Jesus. Heal and restore all organs in the Name of Jesus. Heal lungs, kidneys, gut, liver, stomach, and every other organ that is diseased, malnourished , distressed, inflamed, or held under the stronghold of the enemy, in the Name of Jesus. Heal and restore Catherine from the inside out in the Name of Jesus. Water them dry bones, my Lord! Heal and restore and make stronger weak bones, my Lord. Calcium depleted bones are made new in the Name of Jesus. The chambers of the heart clear in the Name of Jesus. Tachycardia slows down, and the heart rests in sovereign healing and restoration. Infection subsides in the Name of Jesus. Good antibodies are produced by the body in the Name of Jesus. The liver rests and takes a breather. Addiction is bound in the Name of Jesus. Addiction must stand down and be under the power and authority of King Jesus. Grace empowers and the desire wanes away and away until gone all away. I rebuke the spirit of addiction in the Name of Jesus. I rebuke the spirit of idolatry in the Name of Jesus. I rebuke the spirit of heaviness in the Name of Jesus. I rebuke depression, self-loathsomeness, regret, and a faint spirit in the Name of Jesus! Praises unto Your Holy Name, my Lord! Jesus, I praise Your holy Name because healing and restoration is held in Your sovereign hand. We want it, my Lord! Pour it on us, please Daddy! Give us all the healing and restoration we can stand at one time! We need a jumpstart. Jumpstart the engine of Catherine’s heart. Rework all of her parts such that they all run and work the way they should. So that she can get up and chase Your glory, my Lord. Heal and restore Catherine from the inside out, such that she will be swept up in Your sovereign love, and You shall heal her from the depths of her core unto the superficial layers of her day to day life! Erase all pain and strife in the Name of Jesus. Pour blessings upon Catherine’s heart and mind that give her clarity in the most darkest of places. She may not see, but she shall hear Your still, small voice in the Name of Jesus. Even if she doesn’t read this prayer, I trust You to see it through. Jesus, break through! I do so want You to fix Catherine’s life, my Lord. But more than that, I pray that You will heal her heart. I feel and know a pain that she knows. I don’t know how deep that goes. But now it digs unto the depths of my soul, and it just won’t let go! Blow Your grace in whispers upon Catherine, Jesus. Run Your fingers through her hair, and remind her You number them, Daddy! Lift her up. Make my weak words more. You are my strength in weakness, Jesus. You drive the message home and get Catherine home in the Name of Jesus! Hallelujah!!! You shall clear the way and she shall get there in the Name of Jesus.Give the doctors wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, if that be Your will. If not, and it is Your will, then heal her speedily and supernaturally, Jesus. You surely can if You will it so. In the Name of Jesus, I stand up on this battlefield, though I am weary yet, myself! Catherine, you have a friend who doesn’t just want what she can get from you! You have two friends in me!! Glory to God! You have me and Jesus!!! We are here for you! We love you! We cheer you on!!! Run on, sweet Catherine!!! March on to your divine destiny in the Name of Jesus! Jesus is setting you free. Don’t be afraid, for He is always with you. ALWAYS!! Be strong and courageous, for He is with you!!! You are not alone!!! You shall find where you belong, and you, Catherine, shall be made stronger in the Name of Jesus! Hallelujah!!! Thank You, Jesus! Glory to God in the highest! I love You, Daddy! In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.

        1. Thankyou and bless you crykitt. Ctystal my new found friend . thankyou die posting your email. Again youe right I didnt see it before but. i see. Now i will take it make contact when a bit stronger and time on cell running odf wifi now. Im at rest now till. i get to a hospital the least walkin clinic waiting for ride. Ipraying I wouldnt need ambulance. Want to be at hospital in my own city they know my issues health concerns paat two yeaes and much less wait time. Right now its Dr Jesus and you and DOTK. My sister new found friend you hit so many nails only Jesus in you could toych those words I only know. So thankyou a true soldier frim a true soldier wounded in so much battle thankyou for your recovering prayer taking authority at whats eating me. i cant thank you enough. I eas looking for your reply thankyou like an excited child. i know you do what you can. I feel your lo e and heart felt prayers your pain your joy your glory. Thankyou for that overhaul prayer boy did i breath in air when I hit tbat part of your prayer. Thankyou for everysingle word and bindng the enemy. We are fearless warriors we are his secret weappns we are his. Thankyou for safety and not judgrment condemning me to hell. But your life giving words prayers abd heartfelt concernsfir exercising your power and influence over this darkness in me thriugh our Lord and savior I stabd witb you as it all stands down in Jesus name I thankyou That I can dream a little dream a big dream thankyou for your covering. Im going to take advantage of this rest for now until.my next move.. Ghe Lord directs my path my journey home within without. The Lird bless yiu and keep you his face shine down upon yougive us an avalange of joy and laughter peace hooe healing.warm.liquid love oil for our lanterns ti never run dry and yes for these bobes. I receive all my sister and friend has prayed over me for me in Jesus name my heart is not heavy it is rejoicing right now my heart beating lungs still breathing make a joyful.noise sound the trumpet Im coming home this prodical daughter but not witbout souls the Lord has led me to to pray to bless to nake wise to give an address to point the way to speak deztiny and enciuagement the Lord wastes nothing and I thankyou for all their salvationscand destinies. For mine as well.thankyou again be in touch soon email fir now this way bless you thankyou

        2. So awespme keep repeating outloud till my srrength returns. I am at peace heart still rejoicing thankyiu fir entering the battlefield andstanding in my behalf thankyou for tbe breakthrough and victories present and future gives us rest in your assurance the battle is won sweet lavender oil the Rose of Sharon the fragrance of the Lird invade us now. Take times to stop and smell the roses. Take in their beauty their fragrance breathing deeply letting go all the oain stresses of the day battles of fatigue mesmorised by their beauty his beauty his sweet smell as a baby a puppy hot cocoa. Embrace his warmth his live his protection his innosencse

    2. Thankyou for my sister eho is flying high on and above thankyou fir weaving us into her heart which is your heart. Thankyou that when. Im loat i can repeat outloud her prayers it hits a frequency for healing restoration jutice peace content joy dance worship loyalty and royalty d soveurgn. Honest wisdom prophecy and great Godly wisdom. Yoyr words mend my soul my brokeness give me utterances a hope and a future. Thankyou for remembering me all of us giving us a voice continue to sing and chirp to makr beautiful. Melodies for our Lord and us to give us a hand out of the grace . to shine the light to. Be so brave. jesus continue to bless crykit crystal in all she does who she is her husband and children that her words and her life bless everyone she comes into contact for she speaks life and life abundantly. A true soilder thankyou for shining your light and thankyou to the makers of DOTK to make all this possible continue to bless them across the nations

  8. Thank you God you are one with me. Thank you i can trust you with my life. And trust you with the covenant you chose for me and my husband as one. Lead us to where you want us to be, I Love you Father, IN Jesus Name Amen.

  9. Thank you Father for having my best interests at heart and thank you for everything you’ve done for me and guiding me and loving me and taking care me Lord I love you too and I’m so happy that I know you as my father in Jesus name I pray amen

  10. Amen!
    Lord, I really need to trust in you. I need to believe that you’ve my best interest at hand. Just like mama Mary, I wonna be your handmaid. Just like Jesus I when He accepted His father’s will thou He knew it would be painful for Him. I need to trust in you, I really need to my dear Lord.
    Fill me with your Spirit to help me trust in Yu more even when things seem not to work in my favour. I ‘ve a hand that’s holding me that strong enough to lift me up when I fall.
    Thank you daddie

    1. Daddy, Please grant Anne with the trust she desires to have in You. I know that You can make even the most fearful and unbelieving heart become a profoundly loudly beating heart of bold love for You!!! I bind fear in the Name of Jesus! I loose trust in the Lord in the Name of Jesus. In the Name of Jesus, peace is loosed and settles upon the souls seeking You!!! Hallelujah!!! Sweet Jesus, You teach me what real love is!!! This ain’t a hit and miss, this is sovereign planning by the Lord of heaven and earth! Anne, you shall find your worth in your LORD, your God! You shall find a way to His heart with no fear stopping you from diving right into His sovereign love in the Name of Jesus. Daddy, help Anne trust you when she is unsure where You are leading her. Help her have a blessed assurance and an unwavering confidence in Who she is in You! Fill her heart with purpose for You, my Lord. Show up and show out in her life in the Name of Jesus. Start a refining fire down deep in her soul!!! Help her let go, in Your gentle and tender way. Draw her to You with lovingkindness, unending mercies, and radical forgiveness! Make her a witness to Your eternal and all-comsuming love in the Name of Jesus. Thank You, for always being with us in all of our weaknesses, and making us stronger in You, Jesus. Thank You, for always speaking to us and never ignoring us. Thank You for always caring, even when no one else does. Thank You, for getting us through when we are weary and heavy laden! Thank You for being the strong arm that always lifts us up in the Name of Jesus!!! Hallelujah!!! I am in love with You, Jesus!!! You swept me off my feet and I get butterflies thinking of it!! I am so happy to be loved by You! I am so blessed to be Your beloved! I am so highly favored as Your prodigal daughter, and I don’t deserve any of it. Its all for Your glory, Lord. You saved my life and I give You mine, over and over again. I die to my pride in the Name of Jesus. I bind the spirit of pride in the Name of Jesus. I bind the spirit of idatry in the Name of Jesus. I bind the spirit of deceit in the Name of Jesus. I rebuke suspicion, distrust, fear, disbelief, denial, anxiety, and repression in the Name of Jesus. I rebuke the enemy in the Name of Jesus. I rebuke the lies in the Name of Jesus! Hallelujah!!! Truth is loosed in the Name of Jesus! It rushes in like a flood and Anne is lifted up!!! Hallelujah!!! I am so in love with my Lord and Savior!!! Hallelujah!!! We love You so much, Jesus! I am so swept up in the love You show and bestow and glow in, Marvelous Jesus! Bless Anne in her heart, mind, body, and soul in Jesus’ Name. Protect her from the enemy in every way, in every direction, from the inside out in the Name of Jesus. Shall no weapon formed against Anne prosper in the Name of Jesus! Whoosh!!! The noose is loosed!!! Hallelujah!!! This is the day of redemption so says the Lord! Wake up, oh sleeper, arise and hear the Truth in your ear. Come here. I am near, Brokenhearted. I shall save you, Crushed in spirit. You shall be a witness to My healing and restoration unto brokenhearted souls who lay in a slump on the floor, because they are crushed in spirit. Yet, they shall be saved by Me, only Me!
      Thank You, Daddy. You are the most awesome there ever was and ever shall be! Glory, glory, glory to God in the highest! My Jesus paid the price and now we are priceless to Him!!! There is no price tag He places on us. He just stamps us, paid for by Jesus. Our net worth is wrapped up in the sovereign plan of our Lord! My net worth is zero and You are my 100 percent, my Lord!!! Thank You for the sweet dance here and now! Anne and I are here to boogy and dance to the Name we love in the Name of Jesus! We love Your Name Jesus! Its the best Name we know! We blow the trumpet now! The trumpet sounds and thenspirit of idolatry stands down! You are all we need, Daddy! Plant this blessed assurance in our hearts and minds, never to be stolen from the enemy in the Name of Jesus! We only need You. If the world around us faded away, and all we had left was You, Jesus, we would still stay and play hide and seek around Your throne today! We love You, Jesus! We are Your adorable daughters, who have come to play truth or dare, Daddy. We want to tell the truth, hear truth, bask in the truth, and understand truth in the Name of Jesus. Dare us in Your sovereign promise to know and see and understand Truth always in the Name of Jesus. We shall know and declare, and walk in sovereign truth always, because You make us strong enough to do it. Not in any power of our own, but in Yours, Jesus! You are the King of kings and the Lord of lords! You are the Love of loves!!! Hallelujah!!! We trust You first and foremost, Jesus!!! Hallelujah!!! We trust You the absolute most, Jesus!!! You are the Lord of hosts and we know You as our God. We shall trust You in all circumstances in our lives in the Name of Jesus. You shall heal all that stops us from being where we want to be in our intimate relationship with You, Jesus! You shall heal the brokenhearted and bindnup our wounds!!! We are healed in heart amd mind, and we find trusting our God comes easily, because He plants a sovereign seed of trust in Him that can not be uprooted in the Name of Jesus!!! Hallelujah!!! Thank You, Daddy!!! We are so happy to be ALL YOURS!!! Thank You for closing doors to those things that hurt us and opening those doors that lead us straight to You! You are not letting up, not giving up and not getting up from Your sovereign place upon the throne of our hearts in the Name of Jesus. Your Presence is beautiful, it is. It is contagiously spreading like a wild fire, my Lord, in the Name of Jesus. Blow Your holy breath upon the refining fires here, my Lord! We are here to be close to You, Who are near to the brokenhearted. And we have come to be saved by You, Who saves the crushed in spirit!!! Garment of praise for a faint spirit in the Name of Jesus!!! I praise Your Holy Name, Jesus. It is the most beautiful Name I have ever known!!! We are not alone!!! We stand up on this battlefield of the Lord!!! We fight for this Love we know as Jesus, and long to keep as a Refuge and an ever present help in all times of trouble. We pour our hearts out and all the distraught emotions there. We talk to You in earnest, and we see that You listen intently, with love and devotion!!! What’s the commotion? Jesus is walking upon the water! I am standing up! I am getting out of the boat, my Lord! I won’t look at the wind and waves, only Your face, Jesus. I shall not look to the left or to the right, or let the sound of the thunder, the wind and the waves beating upon me, or the unsteady movement of the seas beneath my feet stop me!!! Glory, glory, glory!!! Hallelujah!!! I love You, Daddy! I really do!! You shall plant the trust Anne needs in her heart in the Name of Jesus’. I pray all things in His holy and sovereign Name. Jesus reigns! Amen and amen.

  11. AMENπŸ’πŸ’πŸ’ Beautifully written DOTKπŸ˜‡β—per usual πŸ’―πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜THANK YOU SWEET JESUSπŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘an on time⌚GODπŸ™ŒπŸ™‹πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸŽπŸŽ‰πŸŽ€πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

  12. Lord help. Me trust u again ive completly trusted. U with. My life when oush comes to shove . im afraid ive strayed to far this this time . well. Bow Lord im aski g for your help to trust u 100% again. To trust you right now withMy life heart emotions my mind my body fiances chiuces decsions time talent for antibiotics hospital way there rent paid somewhere to live I can call my own in safety in goid health to truat u with my burdens gifts and taleents. My giftts and talents I fear are a waste as my body is wasting im praying for the right path this very second. I pray mu lungs and heart hold out this infection nit breathing propweky doesnt take me out. i need safety ineed rest so bad i n3ed a hospital if I cant reach I need a miracle upon miracle. You promised me you would look after me heal me not to worry about anything food shelter clothinf basic nessesities in life to break theae long life addiction poor choices in men i had repreive and favour for so many many years. I trusted you ive been hit with tsunami seven years i was suicidal a few days ago so here i am what are you breaking in me now , what r u trying to get to me wjere can I put the old to rest once and fir all. Where when how. Have metcy on me take pity on this wretched soul thus beautiful spirit help me to. Become one in me and stay one with you helo help. Help

  13. Let me thanlyou that u have my best interest as my mother says do they have your best interest. Rven she needs the Lord. I oray fir restoration reconcilliation with my family with you Lord with myself illuminate the way help me find my faith again my sanity break these chains and strangle jolds offf me right now in Jesus name let me rise back uo to that galliant warroor you have called me to be to lead to be lead to walk with to walk and talk with you againas adam and eve did before their great sin nakedness darkness sin the luring of the enemy the choices ive made hoe Jesus you gave your life how u managed and dud not sin how you took it all the fall of humanity the fall of myself. Lord im chiising ti lay down my life yet feel so hopeless to stand in it im choosing to oraisw you forgive you firgive me um chiising to go worship u rivht now if only for a second please turn it all around please let me stand in awe of you again please take all thia hurt heartache dissapointnents discouragements heal me now in Jesus name make me whole again um giing to go dance and wirship you before the next battle olwaae go before ne make a way where there is no way give me hope again life again seven chance again you word says you hem in frim behind you have my rear gaurd you have established me you have healex me you have me i love you Lord im sorey I fall short deviate become rebellious reckless im tired og hanging on i cant do this alone where are u its really dark out here

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