Joy Comes in the Morning

“…weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.” Psalm 30:5

You may have cried many tears over the course of your life, but hear and receive the Word of the Lord today. Your tears are being wiped away, and the Son is rising in your life. See His love for you and see His light shining on you. You have cried many days, but joy does come in the morning. No matter how you feel and no matter what you are going through, God has heard you and He is turning it around. He is turning your mourning into dancing and your sorrow into joy. He is giving you beauty for ashes. Yes, He is. What the enemy has meant for your bad, God is turning it around for your good. He is letting you know that He is with you and He is for you. “You will dance again,” God says. “You will laugh and smile again! You will leap for joy at how I bring you through! You’ve cried enough tears. Now, lift up your head and see My glory rising upon your life! See how I make all things new! See My victory in your life! Speak and declare from your mouth words of faith instead of words of defeat. Praise Me! For this is a special time in your life.”

Prayer: Father, I thank You for speaking to me. I speak it now, I will win! I am victorious through Jesus! I will see You glorified in my life. Take away all heaviness from me Father God and fill me with Your joy. Take away all sadness, all madness, and give me gladness of heart. I set my eyes on You and Your precious Son-rise in my life! Hallelujah! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

(Read Isaiah 61:3; Genesis 50:20)

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47 thoughts on “Joy Comes in the Morning”

  1. Thank you Heavenly Father your joy comes this morning as I lay down every thing at your throne giving all of me. This is the Day you have made Let rejoice and be glad in it.
    Amen and Amen.

    1. Thank you God for this message. I receive it and believe it! You have dried my tears and I hurt no more from this moment on. Thank you Lord!!! Hallelujah! I love and trust You Lord!
      Stephanie Moore

      1. Thank you Father for your joy that do comes in the morning.My tears are of your joy. I recieve you now.
        Glory be to God.I praise you in your son name Jesus name.Amen.

    2. What a wonderful word of encouragement, in my past I’ve gone through so much, but I thank God for his word.i want to say thanks to daughter’s of the king for their daily devotional it really helps me through this trying times. I look forward everyday for a word, I must say that this devotional is a great help to me

  2. Glory Glory Glory. Praise God. Lord I receive your word this morning and I declare it in the name of Jesus. Joy truly comes in the morning. Lets dance and praise the Lord. Yes.

  3. Yes yes yes I receive. Your blessings to me I receive your loving answers to my prayers you are a wonderful wonderful Father thank you thank you Jesus

  4. Powerful. I receive it in the name of Jesus. I vow to speak words of FAITH and not defeat! Thank you for the victory father God! God Bless Dot-k and continue to magnify their influence.

  5. Powerful Woman Of God
    I Praise the Lord for you and thanks for those wonderful words of encouragement.πŸ’ƒπŸ™Œ
    Have a successful peaceful joyful & blessed day!!!☺
    Happy Mother’s Day !!πŸ’

  6. Thank you for this message! I’m trusting My Father to replace all anguish with Joy! I praise and honor Him in all things, for I know my joy comes from Him!

  7. Shouting Hallelujah!!! Praise God!!! I am literally in tears at this time, this is a breakthrough moment for me. People don’t know the trouble I’ve seen, but thank God my Daddy hears me! It took awhile to submit to His will but I did and Im in love with being in love with Christ/Christian Walk, myself, and other areas in my life. Thank you! This is for me!

  8. Thank you Lord for this wonderful word and the encouragement it brings to my and the heart of many have been made glad. Thank you Lord for being touched by our pain and giving us beauty for ashes. Thank for the exchange. I love you so much!!!!!!

  9. Indeed joy comes in the morning! Weeping doesn’t go on for ever! In resisting the devil and ignoring His plans and schemes and standing strong focusing just on our Saviour Jesus, is great strength! He is our joy He is our strength He is our Deliverer in Him do we trust. If God is for us who can be against us! Rather fear God with awe and adoration than allowing the darkness to steal your Light! Thank You for breakthroughs thank You for Your unfailing love and unfailing faithfulness! In Your Light do we see the Light see our Salvation and deliverance! Nothing can take us out of Your hand and separate us from Your love! Amen n amen!

  10. You mend what once was shattered and you turn our tears to laughter. He does. Our God restores. I have had him take what I thought was wonderful into an upside- down mess. What was once wonderful turned black aND ugly. Only God could have taken those ashes aND painted something beautiful. He is faithful. A little hope a little faith and a whole lot of love was the colors He used. I am reminded to change my thoughts into Praise. Praise you Father. All the glory and honor goes to the artist.

    1. Thankyou Paige for those encouraging words my whole world turned upside down again. Its been a long haul. Thank you for hope things will be turned around right side up again I will dance a again

  11. Needed this today…thank you Lord and thanks to the writer for bringing forth your Word so clearly.

  12. Thank you Heavenly Father for this message today because I know it is for me. You are my redemer my Lord. My savior my light in darkness my strength. You are my best friend my bright and morning star. You are my everything and without you i am nothing. I just wanted to say thank you for loving me and giving me a new life in you. I love you Heavenly Father God, I love you Jesus Christ, I love you Holy Ghost. In your wonderful and blessed Holy name I pray Amen.

  13. Goood Moring Lady’s DOTK I want to say Yes Yes Yes I have won my joy is here Now. My opinion is that really my joy was alway here even though I was going throw some thing I keep the Faith noing that God was gonna see me throw it so lady we win even doing the bad times.And yes its heard to Have a lot of joy doing those times. But God say THIS JOY THAT WE HAVE THE WORLD DIDN’T GIVE IT SO THE WORLD CAN’T TAKE IT AWAYπŸ˜ƒπŸ’–πŸ’’So now I can just REJOICE.Have a Blessed Day LadysπŸ’–πŸ˜Š

  14. I received it in JESUS name!!!. JESUS is shining on me HIS glory. HIS love keeps me going . Every situation is there for me and my family. I lovd u LORD , YOU are wonderful.

  15. This was VERY, near word for word what the Lord spoke to me through Faylene Sparks three weeks ago, this was just much more compacted. God bless you.

  16. When I say A friend sent me this during a midst of a turmoil in my life where I have no choice but to act as if I have it together when I often want to completely just say forget it cause I know that Enemies I have is waiting on the moment to rejoice in defeat. But victory is mine joy is mine God has already favored me and I know he will take care of me. I stand in agreement with every one who is battling a struggle a hardship or tribulation in their life #HeIsAble I decree that He will not only turn things around he will make the very thing that caused us pain bring us Joy in Jesus Name!!!!! We will not only laugh we will sing we will shout and Testify #HeDidIt not our will but his Will give him The Glory he deserves cause while we worrying he is fighting our battles!!!!!! Amen Amen Amen # Encourage YourSelf

    1. Thank you Thomisinia you were sent for me this morning morning I receive receive receive thank you two can put ten thousand to flight psalm 91 and David encouraged himself Psalm27 pulling up with everything I have bless you

  17. Thank you Jesus for this beautiful word today, I’m in tears because this is my answer for what I was praying this morning. HALLELUJAH HALLELUJAH HALLELUJAH THANK YOU JESUS FOR THIS WORD I RECEIVE IT IN JESUS NAME AMEN. PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!

  18. Weeping may endure for a night but, joy does come in the morning light. I believe that I receive the windows of heavens blessings and I thank you FATHER for defeating the devour for my name sake.
    I receive this message and above all exercise my faith on a level unknown by my peers. I thank you for the support that you have shown throughout the years and I will continue to seek, find and reveal in your love every where I go.

  19. I’m battling so much still every time I get up knocked down again and again. And again.. I prayed and said to God I can’t take to much more this sickness and pain all this bleeding bei g awakened from the pain hourly but though I awakened in physical pain I was also given a dream to think about. All night all morning. god is good. My body vibrates and shakes from the pain. Its stressful and anxiety producing. I’ve reached out for help last night praying for an intervention pray Monday comes with an answer hope a way out of all this destruction a healing deliverance. I prayed for strength to endure. This morning I feel peace through it all . fatigued. Thank you my Lord and Savior and all DOTK more strength and Hope to endure. I m walking around saying out loud Lord I trust you you through it all . you will. Make all things right and I will heal I will recover through you send your Glory rain fire love send it all. Release your beali g angels. Thank you for your love for showing me how you love me when its so hard to see right now. The last dream. Was this cream colored bird had this red collar. Around his neck his feathers rare looking bird yet so beautiful and he hopped on NY bedroom floor up on the bed on the comforter on my bed now in my chest at up around my head. I thought maybe his leg hurt because he was hoping. Maybe he wasn’t hurt he was just coming to me gently and I woke up. Praying for interpretation beautiful experience creation us beautiful. Through all this pain suffering fatigue and bleeding. Praying God removing all infectiin and poison receiving his goodness and glory mercy love forgiveness. Pray for more relief more sleep heal all this damage. Thank you for sustaining me other wise I would lose my mind.. Sometimes pray for death tale it away pray against spirit of death of death to go away.release me from this affliction addiction death and disease turmoil self hate and loathing thank you for your love hope are as on to go on. To believe you will restore me again beauty for ashes make all things new and right. Thank you for your joy and peace some relief I return to sleep again. This word today


  21. Oh Lord my God how excellent is your name above all names! To God be the glory and the honor for the things he has done and will do! Praising you despite of! Trusting and believing in you today tomorrow and always Hosanna!

  22. Please pray for me too have faith and trust in God completly, i need healing and restoration from depression and anxiety once and for all, i know you can and will do it lord,injn Amen

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