Resting as you Wait

“The Lord is good to those who wait for Him, to the soul who seeks Him. It is good that one should hope and wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord” Lamentations 3:25-26, NKJV.

God healed me physically, but far greater than that, He healed my soul. The physical healing was the taste of His goodness that drew me in, but I never expected my mind and emotions to be healed, even though this is where I was the most broken. I wanted my circumstances to change, but God saw where my real problem was. I was malnourished spiritually and starved for His love. A good earthly father wouldn’t pour his efforts into providing an endless supply of toys when he could clearly see that his child was hungry, would he? Wouldn’t a good father put his resources into feeding his child first? Wouldn’t an even better Father Who sees His children’s hearts know what His children need most? And wouldn’t He then provide it first?

Some of the things we have asked for, God knows we aren’t ready to receive. He hears our desperate pleas, but in His goodness, He waits to give us what we asked for. As we walk on with Him, we see more and more of what our omniscient, all-knowing God always knew. We realize that He was doing what was best for us, even when we thought He was not listening or responding as quickly as we wanted Him to. Realize that your Father truly knows best, and rest in the safety of knowing He is in control.

Prayer: Father, I am so happy to be Your daughter, and to be able to have this relationship with You that is not tainted by sin. Thank You, Jesus! My heart is changed and that is a miracle above all else! Let me not forget how far You have brought me from the shackles of sin and death. I may not always like Your timing or understand everything, but I know that I can trust You and Your love for me! Help me to wait. Help me to not be afraid of the unknown because I know that You are in control and that You are doing what is best for me at all times! In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.

(Read Psalm 34:8, Psalm 27:14, Matthew 7:9-11)

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11 thoughts on “Resting as you Wait”

  1. It s s awesome to read these passsages, te uplift me and hit me right where I am in the spirit. Since I’ve had this app it’s spoken to me right where I am. Thanks Dork, this is so inspiring.

  2. My Heavenly Father, thank you for loving me enough to do what’s best for me regardless of what I ask. Thank you for being the best Heavenly Father that a girl could have. Thank you for giving me what I need, when I need it, in your perfect time for me. Thank you for teaching me not only how to pray, but also how to wait on YOU because you know what is best for me.

  3. Amen I know the lord is up to something good hallelujah my Jesus gets the last laugh glory he just sing over some Bonnie. Nope what people is doing to me sometime I feel like screaming /lashing out ,but it’s coming a time for judgment we all must give in account good /bad for what we have done hallelujah. …
    I thank God for my mansion I can feel a praise just thinking about Jesus on this morning amen!

  4. The journey to the Promised Land was by no means an easy one. It was a long and difficult road paved with tragedy and turmoil. It was filled with overwhelming obstacles that seemed to shout, “Your God’s not for you. Just look around you! This sure doesn’t look like the road to fulfilled promises to me.”

    Maybe you’re in a place like that right now. You’re trying to cling to the promises of God and keep moving forward in faith, but difficult circumstances are shouting oh so loudly in your ear. Daring you to doubt the goodness of God. Inviting you to label Him forgetful or even unfair. Tempting you to panic and give up hope.

    We’ve all been there. We’ve all walked through seasons where our circumstances don’t seem to line up with God’s promises. But just because they don’t line up doesn’t mean God isn’t going to show up.

    That’s why I love seeing the complete and total faithfulness of God in today’s passage. Even though it may have appeared at times to the children of Israel that God wasn’t going to come through on any of His promises, Joshua 21:43-45 tells us God came through on all of them.

    He gave the Israelites all of the land. He gave them rest all around. He gave all of their enemies into their hands. And He fulfilled all of His promises. Every. Single. One.

    Our God is a God of completion. He makes promises and then He fulfills them. (Hebrews 10:23) Yes, the journey may be harder than we expected. The road to our promise may not look anything like we thought it would. But we can rest assured there is never a question of whether or not our God will be faithful.

    I don’t know what difficulties you are facing right now, sweet friend. But I do know that we cannot let the difficulty of our circumstances define the faithfulness of our God.

    We can trust Him. Even when the road gets hard. Even when life takes unexpected twists and turns. Our God is a promise-keeping God.

    Pray Lord, thank You for reminding me today of exactly who You are—a loving and faithful God. I know how prone I am to panic when I forget Your promises. Especially when I’m in the midst of painful and difficult circumstances. So I’m asking You to help me keep Your promises ever before me. And help me remember that You will fulfill every single one. You are the faithful One. You are the sure One. And I can safely place all of my hope in You. In Jesus’ name, amen.

  5. Thank you for letting me see it’s ME that is broken not everyone else,
    I am in need of a total transformation in my life
    Thank you for allowing God to reach out with your testimony
    Thank you
    Pastors wife

  6. Thank you God I’m waiting patiently for you God you are the one I need and you are so awesome and my life I just can’t stop praise you Lord you are my everything Thank you God I’m waiting for to move and my life and Jesus name Amen Amen Amen and again

  7. This is so True and Beautiful DOTK 👑🌹🌞Thank you so much for releasing🙌 GOD’SWISDOM 🎁🎉🎊It Encourages OUR HEARTS💃😄💃and helps US to REST WISELY during these days❗💥

    1. This is so true….I had little hope of surviving cancer. Facing death brought on great fear. I was out of the world but because of fear. Everything took a turn when I placed it all in God’s hands. That time of my life was a great spiritual journey for me. Many times I cried in awe as God revealed His love and presence in my life. I survived because of God. I also changed my life and removed a long abusive relationship I’d been enduring for over 33yrs. Today it’s just me and God and I am truly happy and eternally grateful for all He has done and continues to do. His blessings are abundant. I love Him so and can truthfully say He’s all I ever needed. With God…Everything is possible. 💕💙💝💜

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