When We Are Weak, He is Strong

“My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.” 2 Corinthians 12:9, NLT

When we are at our weakest, God is at His strongest. His grace is truly made perfect in our weakness.

On many occasions I’ve gone into my prayer closet feeling drained and completely burdened down with all the needs in my life. I crawl in like someone in a desert, crying, “Water. I need…water.” I go to the well of Salvation that never runs dry.

Life will drain you. People will drain you. Situations will drain you, and if you don’t get replenished, you will give out and be of no use to anyone. We’re most effective when we’re strengthened and re-energized by the Lord. Many times we’re easily offended because we’re tired. Most things that would normally get to you, won’t bother you much if you let God strengthen you in His presence. We fall into temptation when we’re drained. It is vital that you go to God, not to pray for others, but sometimes to pray for YOU. To lay hands on your head and say “Lord, I need you to strengthen me!”

God is faithful to do what He’s promised. So whether you initially feel stronger or not doesn’t matter. Go in by faith and receive by faith. You can trust that He will infuse His strength and power into you because He promised to supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

Prayer: Lord, I need you. Yes, I desperately need you to strengthen me. I humble myself right now and give you my life. I lay it all at your feet asking you to strengthen me Lord according to your word. You are the Vine and I am the branch. I draw everything I need from you. You are my strength and I love You and thank You for answering my prayer. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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60 thoughts on “When We Are Weak, He is Strong”

    1. Lord thank You this morning, I need Thee every hour give me strength today to endure. In the name of Jesus I receive this, thank you. Amen

      1. Amen. God grant Doris the strength she needs to endure. Shower her in grace. Displace all condemnation and rescuscitate her heart for You. I pray this prayer for me and my sister Doris. God bless us to endure the race and count the cost as paid already, by You, King Jesus. In Your Name we pray, Lord. Your Name we lift above all other names. Amen and amen.

  1. You r so right!God is my strength in my weakness and I can only depend on Him for restoration, by no means do I feel less than because I know greater works will I do!!!I’m still here by the grace of God!!Thank u sis for your powerful word and for allowing Our Father to use you!God Bless!!

    1. Yes, God pushes us out of our comfort zone, like a bird that is lovingly pushed out by the momma bird, to fly. But our strength can only come from his spirit that infusion that power in the wings like a bird to fly and soar. And without that ability, and rest with Christ alone, this cannot be accomplished. Thank you for your ministry, and encouraging words in the Lord. Please pray for our family, as we’re going through a major journey right now with my health, surgery and us working together as a large family. I love you guys

      1. Father God, I pray for strength and healing and restoration for Lisa and all family members in need of it, and in some way we all do. So I pray You bless each person connected to Lisa, according to Your Sovereign Will, which is the only way You will anyway, for You are pure goodness and our impurities melt away in the light of grace. You are the Beauty in the process of healing and restoration. God protect Lisa and her heart, mind, body, and soul from the enemy, in all directions, my Lord. Grant her health and vitality by Your Sovereign hand. I pray this in Your All Sovereign, All Powerful, All Authoritative Name, Jesus Christ. Bind the spirit of infirmity and any spirits that have bound themselves to Lisa and her family. Heal and restore broken and diseased bodies and put all things back into proper alignment in heart, mind, body, soul, relationship, marriage, and life. Thank You, Lord, for restoring lives and hearts and minds and souls, all for Your Glory!! Glory to God!!! Help us live for unity as a whole and as a family unit centered around You, my Lord. Protect, heal, and restore Lisa’s heart, mind, body, and soul. Father God, shall no weapon formed against her or her family prosper. In the Name of Jesus, I pray this for my sister Lisa and her family and for me and my own, as well. Amen.

        1. Yes yes yes thank you LORD God thank you so much i received that prayer also for my whole family to God be the GLORY and may God Our Father keep using you sister i don’t know you but the love in my heart does i love you my sister .

          1. Thank you Janice. God bless you and yours. I am so blessed by my Lord, for He sends me sweet sisters to love on and pray for and encourage and pray for me! God bless you my sister and my friend, Janice. May God grant You sufficient grace to run your race and carry your cross daily, for the Glory of God. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.

        2. I thank God for being my strength every day without him I wouldn’t know how to function everyday I just wanna say thank you Jesus for not just being there but for carrying me when I can’t carry myself.Amen!

          1. Yes, Lord, I second that prayer from my heart. I love You, Lord. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.

    2. Amen to Bridget B.’s declaration as my own and as a resounding amen to Bridget B.’s declaration of faith and for all the sisters who are hanging onto You in our weaknesses!! Yes, Lord, You are our Strength!!! Hallelujah!! Thank You Jesus!!

  2. We serve an all sufficient GOD… We yet must be reminded that “Greater is he who is in me than he who is in the world… For we are in this world but this is not our eternal home. Therefore be not dismayed or discouraged or down trotten because our GOD has defeated the enemy on our behalf through Christ JESUS. Therefore we have a High Priest that we can bring all of our burdens to and lay them at his feet… It is time, high time for the body to take its rightful position…. That of warring in the spirit against the enemy…. Scripture tells us that we are to fight the good fight of ” Faith”. How do we do that? We cast down every vain imagination and every high thing that exalts itself against Christ and bring every thought captive to the obedience of Christ and to his Word…. Therefore putting on the full armor of GOD, praying without ceasing, pleading his precious Blood over our lives, exalting his name, praising him, and testifying of his goodness, his mercy and his Grace… In all things we are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus…. Hallelujah… Amen.

    1. Amen!!! Love it! God bless my sister Debbie for sharing such a powerful word unto my heart from You, Lord. Amen.

  3. Get ready…Stay focused…
    We say come quickly Lord Jesus come quickly….
    The King is coming… The King ic coming!

    When preparing a meal preparation is everything.
    We… His people, a perculiar people, people after his own heart need to be prepared and ready in and out of season with a good Word for everyone who needs the Love of GOD. GOD is Love and his love is not only in us but should flow through us to a hurting and dying generation… May GOD get the Glory for all that we do in his name…


    1. Hallelujah!!! Praise the Name of Jesus!!! Thank You, Father!!! You are so worthy to be praised!!! Yahweh, You… make a girl speechless unto a new world of glorious wonder where she becomes a thundering voice of God from the storm where He lies in wait to conquer the strongholds that attempt to lay claim to a heart that is already claimed and named under the power and Authority of the One Lord and King, Jesus Christ.
      Well, there went being speechless. Yet, I am but I AM speaks. God reeks havoc on the enemy’s plot to destroy this day!! Yes, God Your Promises are true and shall come to pass!! Hallelujah!!! You defend broken souls and hearts everywhere!!! Oh, God, Your seal is upon my lips!! Jesus, make all things new in Your power and Authority to do so. I surrender and let go!! Oh, my soul, let go… and let GOD!! God, GO!!! Trample any impurities and iniquity still lying within me. Search me and reveal me to me, daily. Keep me in this process, relentlessly!! Thank You, for I know You will!! Thank You, because You already do!! Thank You, because Your Will is best for me, and I don’t have to be my own teacher anymore. Thank You, for revealing to my soul that I have been a pupil unto the enemy for entirely too long!! In Jesus’ Name I pray and declare and receive all things, according to Your Will and Your providential timing. God, grant me patience to endure the cross I bear this day. Thank You, for carrying my cross with me, Lord Jesus! You are my Beloved Savior!! Jesus reigns. Selah.

  5. Lord …I need your strength every day..from the tip of my toes to the top of my head…you know I love you. Thank you Father God.
    In Jesus name!

    1. Carmen, God bless you for your faithfulness and obedience unto the Lord. I have been sick and I was not able to get on and read all the prayers and replies, but I did see that you faithfully encouraged and prayed with and for your sisters. God bless you, my sister! You are a blessed encourager!!! God knows I was struggling physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. He is faithful to plant a new disciple in the place of one misplaced!!! God bless you in your stance to bless Him! God bless you as you dance around His throne and offer up hope to the masses!! God bless your smiling spirit!!! It bleeds through!!! Jesus bleeds through you!!! Hallelujah!! Thank You, sweet Jesus, for blessing Carmen’s prayers and encouraging heart more, unto her divine purpose. Help us pick up the crumbs of purpose and taste the delightful taste though it is at times crunchy and hurts to bite down with broken teeth!!! But You are faithful and loyal to always stay true and send love and hope where and when it is needed!!! You give me hope for a new season!!! You are the One I believe in!!! God, Bless me and Carmen!!! We are holding onto Your strong right arm!!! Draping our weak arm in Your strong arm, and we look up and see it there!!! The Light of Love approaches to conquer and consume me!!! Oh, Holy, Holy, Holy, You do more than I can see!!! Your Radiant Light is blinding me!!! Oh, Your Glory consumes me!! Expansive light floods my soul and I am opened up unto a wake unknown. Am I awake, now, my Lord? No, not yet, My beloved child. But you are no longer in a deep sleep!! Go ahead and dream of Me, and see what you wake up to!!! It will be better than your wildest dreams, because of how much I love you!
      Wow… God… I love You! I do. I am in awe. I am awestruck. Stuck here in my stance to wait out this chance at my midnight dance with the Lord. I shall go and get ready, my Lord! I shall prepare the feast for my Lord to eat! You shall eat of the fruits You plant in my heart, my Lord!! It is all for Your Glory!! Such a beautiful, breathtaking love story, this is. You take my breath away. You make my heart skip a beat. You wash MY feet, my Lord?? No, not me!!! I am not worthy!! You say, unless I wash you, you have no share with me!! So I say, okay my Lord, then wash my hands and all the way to the toes of my feet, my Lord. And You say, “The one who has bathed does not need to wash, except for his feet, but is completely clean.” … And I finally see, my Lord. But I still know I don’t really understand. I pray I shall not deny three times before the rooster crows, yet, I know You know Your servant”s heart better than I do. And I just want to say thank You for loving my hurt away!! Thank You for giving me this opportunity to know true love. Thank You for loving me and supplying me empowering strength in my weakness. Thank You for humbling my prideful spirit. Thank You for turning all my messes around for Your Glory, Lord. Thank You, sweet Jesus, for always being infinitely more than You were for me yesterday. Thank You for staying by my side, even as I am a woman like Peter, loving You and desiring with all my heart to love You more, but sometimes stumbling more!!! But YOU ARE ALWAYS MORE, KING JESUS!! YOU SEE ME IN MY WEAKNESS AND DON’T LOOK AWAY!!! YOU STAY AND SAY, HOLD ON!!! I AM MAKING YOU STRONGER, CRYSTAL MARIE AND CARMEN. I AM MAKING YOU STRONGER ANNE, DEBBIE, PML, SW, TRULY GRATEFUL, KESHA, LINA L. BRIDGET B., BRIDGIT WITH AN “I” INSTEAD OF “E”, EBONY, WANDA, AMANDA, AMBER SIMPSON, EVE, ZEBI, DEANNA LYNN, EVELYN, BELINDA, LISA, NEMICHELLE, CAROL, JUANITA, BONNIE, BRENDA, NICOLE, LISA MARIE, TERESA, DOROTHY, CHERYL, DIANE, CASSIDY, HAYLEY, MEREDITH, TAYLOR, AGNES, JOAN, ELIZABETH, MARY, MICHELE, CRYSTAL, CRYSTAL MARIE MADE STRONGER, MEGAN, ELLEN, SARITA, CLAUDIA, TAMARA, TRINA, LEE LEE, ISABELLA, OLIVIA, TINA, CHRISTINA, HELEN, CHERRY, SHERRI, DEE, FRANCINE, KATHY, DORIS, BOBBIE, BOBBIE JO, MY DEAR FRIEND AND SISTER IN CHRIST WHO IS DEAD TO THE LIGHT NOW, PAMELA, GEORGIA, ANNE MARIE, ANNAMARIE, TABITHA, EDEN, LAUREL, REBECCA, GAIL, ROSEMARY, RUTH, HAZEL, DELORES, HELEN, IRENE, JULIE, KENDRA, LOLITA, LILY, HOLLY, KATIE BETH, PRISCILLA, LEE ANNE, LOVE, NINA, DENA, ANNIE, ANGIE, PAULATE, MIRIAM, OPAL, FAYE, PATRICIA, LORETTA, DELLA, ALICE, ALICIA, ANITA, DEVITA, VIOLET, ESTELLE, LYNN, KRISTEN, RACHEL, KIMBERLY, AND ALL THE SISTERS WHOSE NAMES ARE WRITTEN ON YOUR HEART. YOU KNOW MY HEART. YOU KNOW THE NAMES I HAVE GIVEN AND THOSE YOU HAVE GIVEN UNTO MY HEART. TAKE EVERY CHILD OF GOD APART AND SEARCH HEARTS AND REVEAL TRUTH UNTO OUR SPIRITUAL EARS!!! HALLELUJAH!!! THANK YOU, JESUS!!! WE RECEIVE IT ALL IN YOUR PRECIOUS NAME. SEARCH OUR HEARTS AND REVEAL HIDDEN MYSTERIES. DISCIPLINE US IN YOUR SOVEREIGN AND TENDER WAY AND HELP US BE WHO WE ARE CALLED TO BE EVERY DAY, IN YOUR POWER AND STRENGTH, ACCORDING TO YOUR WILL, IN EVERY WAY. WE LOVE YOU AND PRAY THAT YOU SEE US AND HONOR OUR PRAYERS AND PRAISES UNTO YOUR HOLY NAME. HALLELUJAH!! THANK YOU, FATHER!! ALL GLORY AND HONOR UNTO THE NAME OF KING JESUS, MY LORD AND SAVIOR, ALWAYS AND FOREVERMORE. AMEN.

      1. Praise God …thank you cricket..I pray that you are totally heal from top of your head to the soles of your feet. very Sickness be cast to the sea. No weapons formed against you . in Jesus name.

  6. Humble yourselves [with an attitude of repentance and insignificance] in the presence of the Lord, and He will exalt you [He will lift you up, He will give you purpose]. – James 4:10

    I lost all I just wrote to You, my Lord. I am tired again. I want to cry. But instead I feel angry! I am so sick of the enemy and his taunts against my soul. Teach me patience and endurance. The enemy chases me relentlessly, the same way you love me relentlessly!! It is like a tug of war for my soul!! I prayed a whole prayer for my soul to let go and let God and what happened to my prayer, God??? Please tell me it went with God, just like my heart says it did, but my soul says, oh no it won’t!! I am ready to really be free of these strongholds that hold me down!! I am waking up to the realization that when we dig a deep pit of sin and dive deep into an ocean of pain and remorse and swallow it all up, it can take some time, after resuscitation, to emerge from leagues beneath the sea that lies in the cavern within the pit of sin we dug to run and hide in. Give me patience, my Lord. Steadfast longsuffering is what I need more of, to dole out freely on You and me, and everyone in front of me and beside me and behind me. Hallelujah!! You give me more words!! Thank You!! I won”t give up!! I am lifting Your Name up, Jesus!! You are my Freedom!!! You never give up on me!! Don’t let me give up on You. I have to go and tend to my family now. I set aside time and prayers to pray for my sisters here, but most was erased. But I won’t despair! I know You have a way of making things all as they should be, so I surrender myself unto YOUR plan for me. I love You, Lord. Pull me close unto You again soon. Pull my sisters close to You too. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.

  7. Lord, I heard You say it… it’s not about feelings and emotions. It is Your Sovereign Will that is the potion. I drink of it, Lord. Give me more of Your undying love to drink of until I am drunk in Your love for me!!! I want to be free to love You as relentlessly as You do me!! God, I love You so much!!! Thank You for Your Sovereign and providential touch. I wait for You to manifest Yourself unto me and my family in a most profound way. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.

    1. You are such a big and powerful God. You are limitless in what you can do. I pray a blessing over Cricket and her husband and her loved ones. You are so faithful Lord God almighty. Cricket is a women after your own heart. I claim your promises over her life. You will supply her needs. Father you can do all things.Break her free of her strong holds of the enemy. She is a women after your own heart who has such a deep desire to please you. Take her heart, mind, body soul, and do a major tranformation in her for your Glory so she can walk in complete freedom and be at peace. I shout praises to your name Lord. Heavenly father, cover her and her loved ones and her childrens decendents with the blood of Jesus. Protect them from all evil and fullfill your deepest potential in their lives. Give her a heart of flesh. Bring people in her life which you will use to bless her in abundance. Praise your name. God bless you cricket. You are a blessing. Father bless her and her husband with an excessively happy marriage where you are always center of it. Praise God. Thank you Lord for your goodness, your favour. For what your doing in Crickets life and for what your about to do. Amen

      1. God bless you Eve for yiur beautiful prayer for me. God bless Eve than her prayer blesses me! Thank You for capturing my heart, Lord. In Jesus Name. Amen.

  8. Thank you Jesus for strengthen me when I am weak. I gave it all to you, (this morning in prayer ) Thank you for giving me conformation most times when I read the daily devotional from the DOTK Family. Thank you DOTK FAMILY!!!!


    1. PLease excuse the..typo👉👉Y 👆☝up there…. I have no questions At all❗🌠🌠🌠🌠MUCH LOVE and RESPECT💝💝💝💘💯🙌

    1. Yes, God!!! The year of Strong Faith!!! I claim this promise as my own!! Hallelujah!! Thank You, sweet Jesus!

  10. Thank You Father for never letting us out of Your sight, for even knowing the amount of hair we have on our heads! I know that You are closer than we can even imagine and that You’re just a prayer away. What a wonderful knowing that You are in control and we don’t have to fight for our lives You have the authority over everything and Jesus You have already overcome the world. If we are in You we are perfectly safe no demon from hell can touch us. Help us to dwell in the Secret place of the Most High (Ps91) then we will remain stable and fixed and then You deliver us from the snare of the fowler. Lead us how to love You so intense that we feel as if we are so surrounded by Your love that we are inside Your heart and You in ours. Make our hearts minds and emotions become one with You. Thank You for bringing our friend Cricket back and helping her overcome the obstacles still in her way. In You we are victorious. If You are for us who can be against us? Bless Your Holy name.

    1. Amen my sister zebi! God bless you!! I love you, my precious sister and friend!

  11. Oh! Lord i need Thee, come into my life as I seek Your presence always.Lord I love You there is no love better then Yours Oh Lord.Thank you Lord Jesus dying on the cross for me and my sins.Lord let your presence guard and guide me in all I do.I Lord Jesus Christ have no place for uncertainty, negativity in my life, but one thing I can be sure of is that all is well with my soul.Why? Because I have You Lord in my life Thank You😳

    1. God bless Shawahl! God grant her serenity and peace. Holy Spirit, speak through me unto Your server’s ear. God forgive me malicious mouth when it gets going. I am speaking to You from my heart to clear the air and my heart. You say the power of life and death is in the tongue!! Oh, how I really didn’t understand this scripture fully snd surely still don’t!! But, oh Lord, I know way more than I did. Slap a lid shut on my flapping tongue, even to myself, if it doesn’t want to say anything good!!! Cuz You are nothing but Good!!! I want to be like You, Jesus!!! Help me more and more!!! Help me reach the hardened hearts in Your way!! Take the forceful pressure away!!! Help me lead the way You do. Won’t even pretend that I really know You. I am just chasing the trail of love dust Y ok u leave behind for me to inhale and exhale holiness and merciful love unto the air!! I need an especially soft heart for my husband Steven, my daughter Cassidy, my son Preston, and my mother Cheryl. Help me more. More and more of You and less and less of me!!! I am so lost in love with You!! Help me pray for my sister Shawahl, now!!
      Place Your divine purpose on a plate of sovereign and providential favor. Oh, my knees are weak. Holy Spirit, loose, speak through me!!! Divine purpose floating in the air!! Lift our hands up to the air!!! We are calling out in the night that swallows lesser women whole!!! But we are made whole in Who??? King Jesus, the only religious experience!!! Oh, Hallelujah!! My body shakes!! Hold back, my soul. Don’t let go yet. Woah… breathe!!! Speak in controlled movement and speech. We are walking on the battlefield of love. It is difficult to make out the aroma of holiness where we stand in the mist, yet we stand fighting a fight that we have missed completely!! There it went in a mirage of chaos in images like a telecast unto my soul. Woah!! Was that the enemy’s arrows that flew right by my head??? It was warm but it didn’t burn!! Oh, no, that’s the Holy Spirit burn girl!! Little girl standing big in King Jesus’ feet!! What could one do with these words unto His soul!!! Blow the trumpet louder my Lord!!! Blow the trumpet louder inside this heart of mine!! The walls of Jericho are about to fall down!! Don’t stop, soul!! Don’t be afraid to let go!!! Oh, Jehovah Shalom, peace shall persist as an incessant relentless pursuit of my very own soul!!! Prince of Peace, You speak volumes to me!! You thunder love unto my very own soul!!! You place love where hate once sat!! You spat at the enemy when You passed him standing there!! You humiliated him in my place of desecration!! You spat on the enemy in his own pitiful demise!! Take that unto the darkness to play Light unto the souls blanketed in oppression!! I shall carry my cross well, because I don’t carry anything well, so its Jesus in me carrying this cross for me!!! Its Jesus in me standing tall on this battlefield!!! Its Jesus in me carrying ME!!! LOOK AND YOU WILL SEE SOMEONE VERY SPECIAL IN ME!!! HIS NAME IS JESUS!!! HE IS THE KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS!!! HE IS MY ALL AND STILL MANAGES TO BE MORE AND MORE ENDLESSLY!!! HE IS RELENTLESSLY HOLY AND SOVEREIGN!!! NOTHING CAN CONQUER MY LORD!!! HE IS ALWAYS MORE!!! I AM JUST A VESSEL BLOWING IN HIS HOLY BREATH!!! MY SOUL SHALL SAIL WHERE YOU TAKE IT, MY LORD!!!! I LOVE YOU MORE AND MORE!!! JESUS SEE IT THROUGH UNTO FULLNESS AND COMPLETION!!! AMEN AND AMEN FOR ME AND SHAWAHL AND ALL MY SISTERS SEEKING YOU ON THE BATTLEFIELD, HUNKERING DOWN UNDER YOUR WINGS, AND SAYING, PLEASE LAY YOUR LOVE DOWN ON ME NOW, MY LORD!!! HELP US LOVE YOU MORE!!! SELAH.

  12. Amen!
    A faithful God yu ar, one who leaves us not and closer than a brother. Thanks for your promises bcos they help us pray in victory and we emerge victorious.
    Sometimes we ar lost and we feel all alone, overwhelmed by different problems and we tend to think that you’ve left us. In such situations helps ys remember that you promised never to leave us, never to abandon us!!!
    Now Lord we want to abandon ourselves in your loving arms. Watch over us at all times, strengthen us when we ar weak and always remind us yu ar our strength in weaknesses.
    Thank yu Lord for bringing our sweet sister back. Thank you so much, we pray that yu make her stronger every day.
    Thanks for your love and mercies. Thanks for opening your arms wide to embrace us in our weaknesses. May your love and mercies follow us all the days of our lives

    1. Amen my sister anne! I touch in agreement with you, for myself and for you as well!! I love you my sweet sister anne!!! Thank you for being such a wonderful and supportive friend to me!! I feel so honored to call myself your friend! Thank you for all of your encouragement and uplifting prayers. Thank you for your diligence to pray for me in your own weakness. Thank you for holding your candle in the night for me!!! Oh, I am tearing up. I feel so much love for you and for other sisters here that I know nothing to do with except pray my heart away unto the Lord!!! Oh God, let my prayers touch the faces of my sisters here!! They are so dear to me!! Keep them in your sovereign and providential care for me, please, King Jesus. Thank You for making me a friend to the friendless and a hope to the hopeless and a love to the loveless!!! I receive this unto fullness and completion!!! Thank You for loving the most loveless of them all… me. Thank You for being a friend to me when I was a hater to the Lover of my soul! Thank You for defending me and sending me sisters to pray me through this storm!! Thank You for giving me a heart to pray for my sisters first!!! Thank You for teaching me Who You really are!!! God, I love Who You are!!! Thank You for Who You are, in all that You are! And my words just escape me, because You just wrapped me up in the secret mysteries of a love unknown!! So, I shall just rest here in this cocoon of love, and wait to emerge as the cricket who sings hope and love unto the night!!! I shall light up the night for the Light of my life!!! I shall wait and see what He does with the likes of me!!! Hallelujah!!! I am chosen!!! I love You, so much Jesus!! I know You will see this through, according to Your Will. May Your Kingdom come, as I know it will, but quicken Your pace unto me, and hasten rest and peace unto my soul!! Chastened the enemy for messing with me!!! I am Your little girl and You, King Jesus, rock my world!!! In Your Name I pray and sing a song of love from my soul!!! Let my love pour over You like anointing oil of Glory!!! Burn my idols in the fire tonight!!! In Jesus’ Name I pray. Show me the Light and take me there!! I lay it all down. Thank You for showing me how. Jesus reigns! Jesus stays the same! All else falls away unto the sea and He remains!!! Jesus stays!! Jesus remains!! Jesus sustains. In Jesus Name, God bless the Son, Jesus Christ, the Light of the world!! Emmanuel, I am holding Your hand tightly now. Wow! The battlefield just changed somehow! I love You, Father. Amen.

  13. Thank You for saving my husband’s soul and molding him into the man of God YOU made him to be. Thank You for pouring holy water on the fire in my heart to make a man what he should be!!! This is not a quest for the likes of me!!! This is a job for the divine trinity. I surrender my weakness up. I am just a woman under the authority of her husband. I hear You clearly, Lord. I am standing in the fire longer for my husband to become stronger!! I am made stronger and stronger!! And You shall blow an anointing power on him that shall knock him off his feet. And You shall hold me still in this place, on this holy ground, in the expanse of Your sovereign love. I shall stand on the battlefield, sustained in Your overpowering strength until then. Your grace is surely sufficient!! Your power definitely works best in weakness!! I surrender my weaknesses unto Your Will, so that You can best defend and use me. It is my choice and I choose You, Jesus, above all else!! I reject the road to Hell!! I renounce the enemy. I know the enemy’s name well. But I shall know Yours so much more!! The enemy must return what he stole sevenfold and I shall be delivered completely from his hold on me, because my name is written on Your scars. The scars on my arm are a reminder of what he did to me. Mutilated and desecrated my soul!!! That’s what the enemy did to me!! But You are the opposite of all things evil. You mend and fill my soul up with healing, love, and restoration. I love You and honor You and recognize and acknowledge all that You are to me. I lift You up in my heart and life and praise Your Holy Name!!! No other Name defends me as You do!!! No other Lover is completely full of Goodness!!! No other Light smothers the darkness in hope!! There is no other truth!!! No, only You, Lord Jesus!! You are the Way, the Truth, and the Life!! Thank You for providing Light unto hopeless, darkened, and desolate hearts everywhere!!! Thank You, sweet Jesus!!! Thank You and God bless Your Holy Name, Jesus. You are the part of God with me, sweet Emmanuel. Always You are with me, unto the depths of Hell, You defend my soul from the enemy!!! God bless the hearts who struggle to hear the message clearly! God, bless the message to volume the Glory of God. God, maximize the ministry to reach hearts that can not read the words written on their souls. Help them let go and hear You clearly, knocking at the door of their heart. Let them recognize Your voice and open the door wide, allowing You to rush in and flood parched souls with love and mercy unto graceful deliverance. In Jesus’ Name I pray this prayer for me and my siblings in Christ everywhere. You stand and deliver the message of hope, Lord. Not me! It’s all JESUS!!! I am just Your willing vessel, Lord. Less of me and more of You!!! More of the Sovereign Will of the Lord and less of my own selfish desires. Less irresponsibility and more commitment unto the Lord. Less empty promises and more fulfilled and received ones. Help me believe to receive them now, Lord. Every day, is a step closer unto the heart of my King. Everything points more and more to the absolute promise that You are my Everything!! If You can make a believer out of me, then I can’t wait to see what You will do with me!!! I am so excited to be loved by You, my Lord!!! Super excited!!! Bless me supernaturally, Lord, to receive what You have in store for me. Every day is a piece of the Promise. I receive it. Thank You for feeding me and watering the mustard seed of faith that I receive by just believing that You will do it for me for Your Glory! What a beautiful love story!! I didn’t know this is what real love was like!!! You truly do light up my life!! You truly do feed my famished soul by day and lead my soul by the Glory of God by night!! You truly are the sweetest Name I have ever, in my entire 39 years of life, ever, ever known. I am blessed and humbled in Your Presence. I never knew the essence of Love lay dormant in this heart here, beating inside of me, screaming to get out!! I didn’t know You could teach a heart like mine to love from the inside out!! I didn’t know You, did I, Lord??? Teach me Who You are!!! Why should I be afraid??? You have put my shame to death. Given me a breath of rest. Given me silence to quench the chaos in my mind. Given me peace to flood my soul in Light! My disgrace lies on its death bed. The Glory of God waits to take its place. I smile, as I envision something I can not see in my spirit. Oh, but I feel it. I feel His Sovereign Hand leading me. I reach out and He just squeezes my hand, because He never let go of me!! His Sovereign Hand is holding me in His Sovereign and providential plan for my life. I am still held in the same destiny. It just looks a little different to a heart that is changing, that’s all!! Jesus still stands tall in me!! He is busy changing me and I just watch the flaming arrows fly by me, missing their target!! And if one should hit Cricket, He quickly douses it with the living waters of His soul!! The fountain of living waters floods my soul and overflows and the blood of the Lamb of God blankets me in a blessed sacrifice. My Jesus is the sacrifice and I am just a willing recipient. I am just freely receiving what You are giving, King Jesus. I am yielding into Your Holy Spirit. Consume me and rescue me from the enemy in every way!! God, make a way!! And light the path unto my feet!! And step into my shoes and strengthen my in my weakness and deliver me from the darkness, all for Your Glory. I am a woman after Your own heart!!! I am chasing hard!! Help me chase harder and harder than before. GOD, YOU ARE MORE!! Jehovah SHALOM, my heart is Your home!! In Jesus’ Name I pray. Receive and declare my resounding amen from the King of kings and Lord of Lords. Lord Jesus, this prayer is offered up in Your Name and power and Authority, for You are always infinitely more!!! Hallelujah!!! Jesus reigns and stays the same yesterday, tomorrow, and forevermore!! Amen.

  14. This is a prayer for my sister Catherine Marchildon. God, speak truth into my ear. Goose bumps cover my body. What is it You want me to say and pray for my sister, my Lord. I am nothing special, Lord. Just a vessel for the Lord. You save the best for last You say. Okay, hold on, let me set the pace for this race. Okay.. 67 percent battery strength on this here phone. Bout to break it down for the Lord!! Just a vessel for the Lord!! Don’t look at me world!! I am just a broken vessel floating in the winds of destiny, that my Lord and Savior makes possible. For I am so, so, so weak. He made me to be the woman that I am that needs so much of Him in me!!! He made me to be weak, so His glorious power would flow best through me!! Hallelujah!!! Yes!!! His grace is more than enough!!!! His grace pasts the test every single time!!!! His best rhyme comes from within when I am lost in the moment of misunderstanding. When I let down my own preconceived notions and drink of His Heavenly potion, I lose all control over emotion. I drop the facade, Lord!! Look me in my face and see the real me looking into Your eyes. No more lies to tell my Beloved!!! I am hunkered down under Your wings, my Lord!! Release it now!!! Spirit of God moving!! Holy Spirit, loose and move the stumbling blocks before me. Oh no, I ain’t stumbling here. No trembling in fear here. Come near and whisper truth unto my ear. Oh my soul, perk up and listen!!! Bounce on out this trap!!! Jump up and down and slap the devil in his face for me, Lord!!! Show the enemy Who is Lord!!! Would the real Lord and Savior please stand up!!!! There He is, King Jesus!!!! Better believe it!!!! Gonna lift Him up!!! Me and Catherine, lifting You up!!! March on, on this heart of mine and Catherine!! We lay down our hopes and dreams for something more from the King of kings and the Lord of lords. We are caught up in a prophecy we do not understand. We don’t see the grand plan, but You do, my Lord. You set us up to meet here in the air. You deliver messages to me through my sisters here. Please allow me to do the same for my sister Catherine. March on Lord. Marching right behind You, my Lord! Me and Catherine marching in favor and grace beyond measure. Your grace is our treasure. Your hope is our rope unto the anchor of our soul!! We know You won’t let go!! Though our bodies may fight against us in the day and night and our minds defy truth and logic unto our sight, we still stand and fight against the cold, dark night!!! Standing in the Light of night!!! Delivering hope and encouragement to the others though our well runs dry!!! But You are the fountain of living waters and when we are thirsty we run quickly to the endless supply of grace and mercy and love found there!!!! We drop to our knees and say… water… Lord… water… I need water!!! Fountain of living waters, water my soul!!! Saturate it and drench it in Your grace and strength and courage more!!! I stumbled into my prayer closet and slammed shut the door!!! I am screaming, I just want to be where You are!!! Hallelujah!!! I made it this far!!! I made it to my sanctuary!!! I am held in the Sovereign arms of my Lord finally!! Oh our souls long to be held by You endlessly, for ourr hearts and lives are starved of true love!!! You are the One True Love!!! I lift Your Name up!!!Jesus, You are the same yesterday, today, and forevermore. I pray You help us more and more … me and Catherine. She is my new friend and I pray You bless her for her kindness unto me and love for me in a beautiful sisterly way!!! Bless her for allcthe prayers she prays. Bless her prayers and gift of prophecy more and more. Grace her with mercy and abounding favor more and more. Lift her above her circumstances and bind the enemy in his plots to trip up my sister!! Your sovereign plan shall unfold upon her life like a blue print that was always written, as it always was!!! Your way is the best!! Your plan is the way to rest!!! Your love fits our hearts best!!! You heal bodies, souls, hearts and minds, according to Your providential timing. God bless Catherine’s health. Bind the spirit of infirmity and all principalities and evil demons and strongholds holding onto my sister Catherine’s heart, mind, body, relationships, and life. Erase all pain and strife from her heart and mind in Your beautifully sovereign timing!! Help me keep on rhyming, my Lord. My life interferes with the prayer at hand, but my Lord demands that I go on. Okay, help me, Lord. I am a little kilter here. Do I need a filter here?? Why am I filtering Your Spirit through the wholes in my umbrella?? I standnin the rain with an umbrella above my head and Your blessings pour through the wholes in my umbrella, Lord!! When will You lift up this umbrella, my Lord??? When will I stop having to taste drips of rain on my tongue and feel drops of rain on my mane, by still see it all looks the same??? When will You rain down the flood of blessings upon my life??? Who am I speaking for here??? Me I know! But oh, if my sister needs an uplifting than so shall it be!!! Who is the Sovereign hand that holds you, My dear??? Who else shall you call near in the darkness, in your weakness, in your most desperate moments of fear?? Who else shall you call near??? It is only Me. I am He Who sings peace unto the writhing souls of fear!!! I AM that I AM!! Who do you say I AM?? Am I the one who forgets you there in your misery and trembling? No, I am the One Who calls your name in the cold’ dark night. Catherine, march on over here to Your King’s ear and whisper all of your sweet nothings in my ear, and I absolutely will turn them into sweet somethings!!! I will turn your world completely upside
    down and your frown upside down!! I will take you out on the town. Let’s go see a city on its knees!!! It is I, you call out to. It is I that speaks to you. From the confines of your heart, I am delivering you from the tar that paints your soul sticky and icky!! I shall be smooth and flowing freely in the spirit within you. Apply the lubrication needed, My beloved child. Here it is. It is an overflowing, all sufficient bottle of grace. It will taste so good!! Taste it now!!! Oh, the joys of those who take refuge in Me!!! Tasty, tasty, tasty!!! There’s nothing that tastes as sweet as My Name on your lips. Just take a sip and you will be hooked on it for eternity!!!
    I am drinking down your love, God!! Jesus, Your Name is sealed upon my lips. I am so hooked!!! You speak clearly, right down to the marrow of my soul!!! You speak volumes unto my own soul!! You are the Freedom to let go!!! Cuz when I fall back, I shall fall back into the loving, faithful, steadfast Embrace of the Lord!!! Jesus is my Defender!! He is my Refuge!! I am speaking for me and Catherine, here!!! He is our source of strength in the weakness that fights to conquer us in the daily grind and rewind of old memories to burn away!!! We shall burn them away. Show us the way!!! God, hug my sister Catherine. I feel she needs one, and Yours are the very best hugs!!! Hallelujah!!! Heavenly hugs and sovereign kisses planted on the cheeks of my sisters face!!! You erased something there!!! Thank You, for that!! You are the Holy One of Israel and there is none other than You to bust down heavily guarded cage doors. So, Holy Knight in shining armor, wield Your sword and go in and save Your precious damsel in distress in her tears and sinful mess. No judgement here!!! My mess is the messiest of them all!! I just feel a heaviness upon me for her that correlates divinely with my place in life now, somehow. So for the Glory of the Lord, put the smackdown on the enemy for taunting and messing with Your precious little girl, Catherine!!! God bless my dear friend immensely and clear the way for her to see You manifested unto her life in full measure and unto divine completion. More of You, Lord, and less of us. More Jesus for us and less flesh for the devil to grab hold of!!! Hallelujah!!! The Light just lit up in that room over there!! Thank You for hope and encouragement in the air!!! God, You are the signs of the season. Help us stop and reason Who You are to us, in reality and in exponential unending glorious mystery!!! We worship and revere You in fearful love and awestruck glory. Your love story writes Light upon our hearts and lives!!! Thank You much my Sovereign Beloved King!!! My words could never touch the worship and adoration You deserve, but You give them to me, so glorify Your Name in them. Make my prayers more than just eloquent words, all for the Glory of the Sovereign Lord and Risen King, Jesus Christ, the Light of the world!!! We shall stand as Your lighthouses, leading ships in the storm unto the safety of Your loving arms!!! God grant us glory to carry our crosses daily in Your strength and in Your blessed favor. Help us savor the process, for there are some things we only receive in our sufferings. Help us rejoice in our sufferings and carry them with Jesus, with joy in our hearts and homes that overflows and conquers even the bleakest of circumstances. The meekest shall take stances of circumstantial hope in Jesus, for He is the mustard seed we have sown into our very own soul!!! Hallelujah!!! Jesus reigns. Selah. His Name carries this prayer unto the Father in blood, power, and favor, for my words are written in grace across the most beautiful of all Names, Jesus. Amen and amen.

    1. Fathet God, I pray a special blessing over my sister Carol. God bless her heart, mind, body, and soul. For every difficulty, may there be a beautiful intricacy sewn in for her to see the beauty that flows endlessly from Your heart unto hers. May Your Light approach as a radiant glow that takes hold and snatches her up unto a new level of intimacy and a beautiful renewal of her relationship with You, in which she will have to gasp for air when the Holy Spirit rushes in and takes over! With a breath of fresh, refreshing, renewing revival, blow it now upon her heart and life. I pray this for my sister Carol, Lord. In Your Beautiful and Sovereignly Holy Name I pray, Jesus Christ. Light up the night! Hallelujah!! Thank You, my Lord and Savior! You are always infinitely, irrevocably more and more and more and more and more!!! Hallelujah!!! Go God and set these temples on fire for You even more!!! Glory to God!! HALLELUJAH!! AMEN.

    1. God bless R Jones. Help my sister believe to receive to achieve. Help her leave the burdens at Your feet and not retreat and run back and pick them up!! Help her drop it all and run hard after Your heart first and foremost. We want You most and more than the most!!! God, I am so caught up in Your love for me!! It is so holy and sacred!! It is so undeniably rewarding and full of goodness and compassion and mercy and tenderness and kindness and steadfast loyalty. Where else could we find such a love?? Nowhere, my Beloved!! We only want Your love first!! Help us love You first and help us carry our cross, knowing that we are absolutely NOT alone!!! No, no, no we are not alone!! We are never on our own!!! You never ignore us!!! You never disregard our hurting hearts or our struggles in the dark!!! You turn the switch on!!! You speak Light unto the darkness upon the expanse of our souls!!! You help us let go and You just say, “Light, be!” And woah… look at me, my sister!! Look at yourself, my sister!! It isn’t winter in our souls anymore!!! Spring is blossoming in our hearts, minds, souls, relationships, and lives!!! The mustard seed has emerged and the fruit trees are growing! The fruits are producing. They are ripe for the picking!!! Mmmm… tasty, the fruits of the Lord!! Thank You Jesus, You are my mustard seed!! You carry me well!! Thank You for saving me from the depths of Hell!! In Jesus’ Name I pray. Make a way, Lord. Move YHWH. Amen.

  15. I thank God for being my strength every day without him I wouldn’t know how to function everyday I just wanna say thank you Jesus for not just being there but for carrying me when I can’t carry myself.Amen!

  16. I am tired God. Please take my prayers and make them more for Your Namesake for the Glory of God, Lord Jesus. Amen

  17. Lord God I Need You To Strengthen Me, I will Stand Strong on your promises for my strength, Thank you for holding on to me never leaving me.

  18. Lord, I have my handsful and alot of ground to cover, and I know that with you by my side I will do just fine. Lord, help me to stay focused on you and the things that I have to do, so many distractions every day. Amen.

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