Your God is Faithful

“God is not man, that he should lie, or a son of man, that he should change his mind. Has he said, and will he not do it? Or has he spoken, and will he not fulfill it?” Number 23:19, ESV

God will never let the pain of your past outweigh the glorious future He has in store for you. He is faithful! He is Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last. He has the final say in your life. He is not one to dangle a carrot in front of you knowing you will never obtain it. That’s not in His nature and that is not His character. If He showed it to you, you can believe you will obtain it. If He spoke it to you, you will see it manifested in your life.

Cast all of your cares on Him, every single one, because He cares greatly for you. He is covering you with His favor as with a shield and it has nothing to do with your ability or inability. He has given you the victory through Jesus. You will walk in victory in every area of your life. He has not brought you this far to leave you. He is with you and He has the final say. He is determined to be glorified!

Say out loud from your heart, “God is determined to be glorified in my life. He will be glorified in my home, in my body, in my family! He is faithful! He will keep His promise, and He will keep me. He will see me through to victory! He will not let the pain of my past outweigh His glorious future for my life! So I rejoice in my God who is not ashamed to be called my God and my King!”

Now shout the victory and praise the Lord your God because He is faithful!

(Read 1 Thessalonians 5:24; 1 Peter 5:7)

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55 thoughts on “Your God is Faithful”

  1. AMEN!

    Father, be glorified in me, my family and friends. We give You All the Praise! we cast all of our cares at your feet.
    In JESUS’ Precious Name, AMEN.
    Thank You Father.

  2. This daily quotes has help me a lot and it s so timely in its essence. Very powerful and I do even have the chance to share them with other women even to my daughter. God bless this work of our Father through faithful women like you.

  3. Thank you Father God. ..I receive this word . You will come through for me and my family n your daughters in Christ Jesus. Thank you love love you Jesus.

  4. Thank You Jesus..You love us so much that you gave us an invitation to come and cast all our cares on. Praise Your Holy Name!

  5. Oh! OUR God is great indeed. Glory to God in the Highest 😳 Thank you Lord Jesus for loving us mire and more each day no matter what, we Glorify Your Holy name thank you Lord😘

    1. Shawahl, I prayed for you yesterday. Please go back and pray it for yourself, as well. Love you my sister!!! Jesus loves you more!!! Hallelujah!!!! Glory to God!!!

  6. This spoke to my spirit, confirmation God didn’t bring me this far to leave me. He will give me the desires of my heart and be glorified in my life. Thank you for your daily devotions.

  7. Thank You Father that You remain the same yesterday today and forever. Thank You that You will never leave us nor forske us and will finish that which You have started. Father today I bring everyone going through a tough trial to You because only You are able to give us everything we need to get through it. Only You know our deepest hurt our deepest need and the truth concerning our circumstances. Only You are able to heal, deliver, restore and bring us to Yourself. Help us not to look at the arm of flesh, man, to restore us, but to look up at the One Who created us and Who can do extremely more than we can hope or dream. Nothing is impossible for You. Your will and plans for our lives are perfect and sure and far better than any plan man can offer or suggest. Help us to stay close to You and not to take our eyes off You for You are the Author and Finisher of our fate. Above all You stay faithful to complete that which You have started and bring it to completion. And Lord the internet can leave us without any way to do what we have to or want to do, sometimes for days, but You NEVER leave us without support. I just want to praise You for Who You are and for the plans You have for each and everyone of us. Thank You our King and Saviour.

    1. I didn’t have internet all day and I went through a horrible thing last night and faced a wretched solitude this morning. But God, did provide. I only had one page bookmarked in my phone and God used the prayers I prayed and others on that day mightily go me in the spiritual realm today. Or I guess I should say, He manifested Himself unto me in them today, in a VERY REAL WAY… like prophetically speaking. God gave me the prayers I would need today, when I was at my most spiritually weakest point and had no access to the internet. He led me to pray them and led me to bookmark that one page and there were signs everywhere to get me right where I needed to be in my weakness. Today, I truly experienced grace, maybe for the first time, or maybe in a completely new and refreshing way. Either way, God used my solitude and alienation from the world and my circle of spiritual influence to speak volumes to me, that I otherwise would not have received so freely, as my stubborn and ignorant soul stumbled along. This way, I just laid down and God gently picked me up and carried me, with no struggles and fighting on my part, because once I truly saw His sovereign hand at work, I was own away. I was captivated. I was won over, like never before. He laid the groundwork and I just enjoyed the ride today. And I just say to myself, what is there to be afraid of?? I won’t share what my experience last night was. But it was very emotionally traumatic, and I did NOT handle it well. It WAS my WEAKEST moment in quite some time. But this morning, I truly woke up with a tinge of fear that I was going to receive my punishment for behaving in a way that I knew was not as a daughter of the King should behaved. I stumbled into my prayer closet, not from being tired and weary, though I was. I stumbled in, half afraid and half wanting to run. My soul wasn’t confident that I wasn’t going to get my punishment, though I went in anyway, in faith. When I discovered my safety “net” was gone… it was just me and the BOOK and my circumstances all around me and inside my head. God literally pointed to something for me to read with a glove. It was laying with some other clothes in the floor and the index finger was pointing toward something. No, I didn’t see it move, but I knew God was leading me. It was two books. One a devotional book of my 10 year old daughter’s and today’s devo spoke right to me. Then there was another book about a man’s travels through the places in the Bible. How he went to them and he and another man read the Bible at these places where the things written in the Bible ocurred. I read the first two chapters. The pictures really touched my heart. So God was warming me up to Him. Then I found out I
      had no access to internet phone, texting, nothing. I coildn’t communicate with either ofvmy teenage daughters, and this bothered me and I needed to call my youngest daughter’s school and let them know how she was getting home and had no way to do that. It was a circumstance that, in my emotional state COULD HAVE reaked havoc on my soul. But God held on. When I read everything He walked me through to pray, because I was spiritually weak and could not pray for myself and He knew I would need those prayers to receive the blessing He intended me to receive, I was FLOORED on the inside of my soul, to the very marrow of my being, that He had provided for me, in that very moment when I was at my weakest. I understood the depth of the scripture yesterday, that His grace truly is sufficient, and that His power, very obviously, must work the very best in weakness. And then I surmise, how else could we know how very much He is deserving of all of the love He so effortlessly, irrevocably, and unsurmountably places in our hearts to give to Him? I know I love Him so much more, because I know He still stood at the door knocking when I was still steady cocking the shotgun of sin back, getting ready to lock and load the devil’s ammunition unto my own soul some more. My mind had went somewhere it hadn’t been in a very long time and I had foolishly followed the voices in my head and proclaimed the nonsense over my life once more. I voiced it, and the morning after, the hangover was dragging me down to Hell. But …. God. God gave me EVERYTHING I needed to get through this day, even though I knew when I woke up, I deserved a good lecture and discipline unto my own soul. But, I guess the difference was, this time, I didn’t run. I stumbled into my sanctuary. The one in my heart. There was no quiet place to run with my three sons here and my mind unclear. But He PUSHED His way into my heart. HE IS FAITHFUL!!! HE IS SO, SO FAITHFUL!!! AND HE IS THE MOST FAITHFUL WHEN WE DESERVE IT THE LEAST!! I didn’t know this, so I received a divine revelation today. God said, expect another miracle tomorrow. And God already said expect something on the 29th, coming up. He said expect something in May, and either October or November, not sure which yet. I HAVE NEVER BEEN a believer!!! I HAVE NEVER BEEN a finisher!!! So this is ALL JESUS BLEEDING THROUGH ME!!! I AM A BELIEVER, MY LORD!! BECAUSE I AM A RECEIVER OF YOUR GRACE AND GLORY!!! I AM A FINISHER BECAUSE YOU ARE THE AUTHOR AND FINISHER OF MY FAITH!!! I AM STRONG BECAUSE I AM WEAK, AND I AM YOUR VERY OWN SHEEP, SO YOU LEAD THE MEEK AND CARRY THE LAME!! NO OTHER NAME SHALL SHEPHERD MY SOUL, LORD JESUS. I AM DEFINITELY HAPPY TO BE IN YOUR FLOCK!! YOU ARE SO AWESOME, GOD!!! YOU WILL TAKE ME WHERE I AM GOING!!! NOT BY THE WILL OF THIS WOMAN!!! BUT BY THE SOVEREIGN WILL OF THE LORD!!! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!! YOU SHALL CARRY ME UNTO THIS DIVINE DESTINY YOU HAVE WRITTEN UPON MY HEART!!! YOU BLESS ME SO MUCH, MY LORD!!! SHOW ME AND HELP ME BLESS YOU MORE AND MORE, IN YOUR POWER AND AUTHORITY, ALL FOR YOUR GLORY!!! MY STORY IS YOUR STORY!!! WRITE THE WORDS OF LOVE UPON MY SOUL AND I SHALL SPIT OUT COUPONS OF MERCY AND FORGIVENESS, AS A WITNESS UNTO YOUR GLORIOUS GRACE, UNENDING MERCY, ETERNAL HOPE, AND EVERLASTING LOVE!! SELAH.

      Zebi, God has truly used your prayers to feed my soul, many times when I had no words and prayers of my own, and my mind was saturated in confusion. God is definitely using you mightily for HIs Kingdom. I pray that He furthers this endeavor unto His heart. I pray that as He takes you apart to further your calling in Hisndivine purpose for You, that He isnsupernaturally gentle and grqcefully tender with your soul, as He unfolds nsearchable mysteries before your very own spiritual eyes. Shall no weapon formed against zebi, her family, her home, her automobiles and any other form of transportation, ministries she leads or is involved with, or all those she is touched and surrounded by, in her life, prosper!!! No weapon shall prosper against Zebi and her divine purpose and calling. It shall be filled completely, wholly, and running over to disciples everywhere!! It is You that shall do this, my Lord, all for Your glory!!! I am just a willing vessel, sailing in the sails of our love story!!! All for Your Glory, Lord!! Stamp this prayer with Your power and Authority and make us all believers in a MIGHTY AND AWESOME GOD WHO STILL WORKS WONDERS AND PERFORMS MIRACLES IN THESE FINAL DAYS!!! GOD GO!!! I AM HOLDING ON!!! I WILL FLY BEHIND YOU LIKE A KITE IN THE WIND!!! HALLELUJAH!!! THANK YOU JESUS!!!! AMEN AND AMEN AND AMEN AGAIN!!!

      1. OK cricket, its very clear your gifted in poetry,and I must say, I Love IT!!!Cricket u be intense at times with your words!I Love it!!! But I want to encourage you my sister with a scripture that lifts up my soul every time! GOD IS A VERY PRESENT HELP IN TIMES OF TROUBLE!!! THIS SCRIPTURE COMFORTS ME IN WEAKNESS.He is also a God that is full of Compassion!! He doesn’t deal with us according to our sins!Isn’t that good too know cricket! I am so happy for your experience with Father! Zebi thank u for your powerful prayer,I receive it!!! God bless!!

        1. God bless you for sharing Bridget! This scripture is confirmation for me. I see God is teaching me this very principle in His truth! And let me say that it IS truly good to know that He doesn’t deal with us according to our sins. I learned that lesson today. And He taught it to me gently and mercifully! He was my very present help in my time of trouble today!!! Thank you, so much for sharing. It confirms for me what should be very obvious to my heart, mind, and soul. But I am working against 38 years of lies, so I am having to learn longsuffering man patience in this process, and thank God, He holds me through the ENTIRE process!!! HE TRULY IS MY EVER PRESENT HELP IN TIME OF TROUBLE!!! HALLELUJAH!! God bless you, my sister for your encouragement and your word for me. May God bless you immeasurably for it. Love you my sister, Cricket, Crystal Marie made stronger by Jesus.

  8. PRAISE GOD! He is always faithful, as a believer just own up to it and He will provide what your heart desires. 👼🙌🙏🙌👼

  9. God bless you cricket.
    Thank you for your prayers .you are true warrior in Jesus…n in your prayers ..well cricket the enemy comes to steal ,kill and destroy. the enemy wans to stop us n he knows what God has for us..Satan is a liar n the father of lies.. Don’t know what you going through but his asigment is cancel over you now in Jesus mighty name. Greater is he Jesus in you cricket then he that’s in this world Jesus is your great I am. You are a overcomer. You coming back but you coming back stronger . we love you my sister cricket crystal Marie ..stronger by Jesus. Amen!

    1. God bless you immensely more Carmen. I love you my sister!! I really do!! Big hugs and laughs together in the spirit!! I am so thankful for your life and influence on mine. God thank Youcfor sending me such beautiful friends like these. Carmen, Zebi, Anne, Catherine Marchildon (I prayed for you on yesterday’s post. Please go back and read. God has laid you heavily on my heart and I have been lifting you up all day. And Lina L too. You have been on my heart too. God bless all of you. I love each and everyone of you as my beloved and precious sisters in Christ. I prayed for everyone involved in DOTK today!!! I prayed for my DOTK girls!!! We are sticking together, me and my sisters!! We are daughters of the King, and we shall be joined in the Spirit of Love!!! Hallelujah!!! We are lifting You up, King Jesus!!! Amen.

  10. AMEN, AMEN AND AMEN! !! GOD BLESS YOU ALL MIGHTILY LADIES ( DsOTK) For Being Good And Faithful, Fruitful Vasels. Keep The Good Work up .

  11. Today is my birthday and I was feeling a bit defeated until I read this and God reminded me of His faithfulness in my life throughout my journey with Him. He’s never left me nor has He forsaken me and He never will. Even when He seemed silent, He was still closer to me than I realized. Thank you for this devotion today…..I needed to hear that!

    1. Hpy birthday Jackie. May the Lord give yu a huge hrt hug ths day as my birthday present to yu. May yu hv answered prayers and may His goodness and mercies follow yu always. Hpy birthday sister

    2. Happy Birthday Jackie. God bless you and may He bless you especially abundantly in this new year in yiur life. May He open your eyes to a new and intimate relationship with Him before your next birthday. May you know by your next birthday that He will ABSOLUTELY, IRREVOCABLY, ALWAYS, ETERNALLY BE THERE FOR YOU AND HE WILL PULL NEVER PULL THE WOOL OVER YOUR EYES!!! HALLELUJAH!!! You just work in Your own timing, Lord, and it is so providential beautiful, just let me say. Thank You for all the days of Jackie’s life. Bless them and prosper them more. Shall no weapon formed against Jackie prosper. Bless her with a year of faith. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.

    1. God bless wanda. You have laid her on my heart as well, on many occasions. God grant her the overflowing living waters of Your fountain unto her soul!! Jesus, run in and flood her soul!!! Help her let go of anything that is holding her back. Break the strongholds that bind her unto those things that are not according to Yiur Will and Your purpose for her life. God shower blessings on Wanda and her family more and more until she stands back and says, “THAT is DEFINITELY God!!!” And shall everyone else in her sphere of influence be touched mightily by the sovereign hand that moves across her life and circumstances. In Jesus’ Name Ipray. Amen.

  12. Amen, amen and amen.
    I knw i serve a faithful God. One who loves me and s always by my side even when I doubt Him, even when I don feel His presence near me. I am who I am coz of Him, I’ve won battles tha I never thought I would bcos He lives in me.
    Greater s He that s in me than he who s in the world.
    What s meant to be mine will never miss me coz God won’t allow what s mine to pass me. I’ll hv all that you’ve in store for me whether the devil and my haters like it or not!!
    I am yours, total abandonment to your will and I hope to find favour with you my loving father.
    Thank you so much dear Lord for ths ministry and for my sisters, May yu take us to places we’ve never been before. The places might be strange and scary, the paths might be slippery but with you on our side we’ve nothing to fear.
    We want ths walk with you, we want to explore in your goodness. We wanna taste and knw that you ar good. We want to live to tell of your goodness to generations.
    All ths and much more that we desire we’ll have them all coz yu promised to walk our walk with us and since your ar faithful, it’s already our portion!!!!

    1. God bless you, anne. Beautiful prayer. I am in agreement with you, for you and for me as well. GOD IS truly using you more than you already know. Your faith is growing, I feel it and see it and sense it spiritually. I am thankful for this and thankful for our friendship. God bless you for your beautiful friendship unto my heart. My heart swells as I think of it and I want to just cry. I have to control it. Its odd, but beautiful to me. Attempting to hold back tears of joy, instead of fighting to swallow a lump in my throat and attempting to contain sobs of anguish from rising from my chest, and stifling emotional wails of despair from my soul! This is beautiful to me… fighting to hold back the emotional joy in my heart for all of the love You have shown me through my sisters here. Thank You for helping me meet them here. Thank You for leading me to them and for leading them to me. Thank You for giving me blessed favor with my sisters. Thank You, Lord, for impressing upon their spirits and hearts to pray diligently and fervently. They may not know it, but their prayers protect me from the depths of Hell day and night. They may not realize it, but their prayers carry me and lift me up, just like the prayers You give me to pray for them. They may not see it, but they are a the rain on my head!!! I prayed and begged You for friends to love and support me and mentor me. Situationally and circumstantial that looked impossible to me. But You prove worthy, more and more!!! Each beautiful sister here is a raindrop of blessings on my head!!! These sweet friends You plant close to my heart to cheer me on, shower me in the desert, even though they don’t know it. Bless Anne, Catherine, Eve, Lina L, Wanda, Deanna Lynn, Amber Simpson, Doris, Belinda, R Jones, Kesha, Zebi, Carmen, Jackie, lizlove, Jovita Joy, Maria, Lora, Shawahl, Alberta, Sharon, Sandy, Mz flo, Hope, PML, Linda, Beverley, Mboli, Lee, Shalom, Louise C, Bonnie Blair, Bridget B., Diane, Cheryl, Elizabeth, Lynn, Bobbie, Nemichelle, Paulate, Carol, Evelyn, Juanita, Amber, Amanda, Michele, Megan, Beatrice, Opal, Hazel, Ming, Mak, ANNAMARIE, Lolita, Lisa, Melissa, Lee Lee, Sally, Nicki and her long lost daughter wherever she is, Irma, Brooke, Meredith, Cassidy, Hayley, my future daughters in law whom I shall love as my own, Brenda, Leslie, Carrie. God bless those Kingdom girls whose name is written on Your heart and I can’t find them!!! Too many to name all of them!!! Hear the Sovereign Lord calling unto Your hearts in the day and the night!!! Surrender, my sisters, to the mind blowing, life altering love from the Father!! I feel a name calling out in the night for you in her own distressful mess!!! Take the distrust from her heart now, my Lord!!! Show her Truth, according to the Word. Speak truth to souls that hear lies in the night!!! Speak hope to the masses of despairing and hopeless souls today!!! Breathe hope on our faces, Lord!!! We are encouraged in the Lord!!! Hallelujah!!! Thank You, King Jesus!!! Your love is crazy relentless!!! I am crazy in love with You!!! See this purpose through, Jesus!!! I am surrendering it all up in Your Name!!! I want nothing more than I want You!!! More of You and less of me, unto eternity!!! More Holy Spirit, and less fleshly desires. I die to the pride of life!!! I die to the desires of my flesh!!! I die to the lusts of my spirit. I die to myself!!! Take my prayer and complete it as I know You will, according to Your Sovereign Will. You shall do it for me, and I shall just stand still and watch You do it for me!!! You are so tenderly sweet to me!! Its like an anointing oil of healing unto my own soul!!! I heard You say You anointed my head with the oil of grace today, whatever that meant. I know I feel it. It is a queer feeling to me, really. But I am SO ABSOLUTELY CAUGHT UP IN YOUR WEB OF SOVEREIGNTY AND GRACE. I looked into Your face and saw a face I had never before seen. I am held in Your gaze STILL!!! Oh, sweet Jesus, let me stamd still and savor in this precious moment more and more!! You are Lord, Jesus! You are the King of kings and the Lord of lords!! You are my Everything, Jesus! You are my Refuge and Strength!! You are the Courage that walks me into the fire!!! You are the Ammunition I aim at the devil, from higher ground!!! You are the higher ground I stand on!!! You are!! You are!! You are!!! You are my Bright Shining Morning Star!!! I wake up Jesus, and there You are dawning upon my soul in gloriously radiant Light!!! I woke up in the night, and You showered Your glorious Light upon my darkened heart in the pit of filth and sin!!! The stench of death and disease didn’t intimidate my King!!! He just smiled at me, on my death bed, and said, “The bed of nails you sleep on is about to be burned up as a sacrifice unto Your King!! The incense shall rise and sing praises unto My Holy Name! Lay down on it, and bear the sting and pain of laying on the bed of sin you made and soon you shall wake up and the bed of nails shall be a bed of roses, My beloved!!! I am moving mountains in the distance for you. I am moving hearts in the distance for My Glory! I AM doing all that I say I AM!!! I CAN NOT LIE!!! I CAN NOT BREAK MY PROMISES!!! IT IS AGAINST MY VERY NATURE!!! THE FOUNDATION OF ALL EXISTENCE RELIES ON MY STEADFAST NATURE!!! I AM ONLY LOYAL AND TRUE!!! I CAN’T TAKE BACK THE TRUTH ONCE I HAVE SPOKEN IT!!! TRUST THE PROCESS, IT IS WORKING FOR YOU, SWEET CRICKET!! TRUST THE ARMS THAT ARE HOLDING YOU!! THEY ARE NEVER LETTING GO OF YOU!!! TRUST THE HEART THAT LEADS YOU!!! THIS HEART IS THE HEART OF JESUS. TRUST ME!! TRUST YOUR LORD AND SAVIOR MORE AND MORE. I AM GETTING YOU THERE! YES, MY LOVE, ITS JUST YOU AND ME! I AM ENJOYING THIS SWEET TIME OF PUPPY LOVE WITH YOU!! IT ISNSO SPECIAL TO ME!! I REALLY LOVE YOU, CRYSTAL MARIE!!! IT IS ME!!! THE TRINITY, CARRYING YOU, UNTO VARIOUS REALMS OF DARKNESS UNTIL YOU SHALL EMERGE VICTORIOUS IN ME FROM THE CAVES OF HEALING AND RESTORATION THAT YOU WANDER!!! JESUS IS APPROACHING!!! HE HEARD MY WAILS AND SCREAMS UNTO THE NIGHT!! HE SAW ME WANDERING AND CURSING MYSELF INTO THE NIGHT!!! HE SAW ME CUTTING MYSELF MORE AND MORE AND TRYING TO DIE IN MY SINFUL PRIDE!!! HE IS CALLING ME OUT OF THE CAVE!!! HE IS ABOUT TO SET ME COMPLETELY FREE!!! HALLELUJAH!!! THANK YOU, SWEET JESUS!!! YOUR RELENTLESS LOVE MAKES ME CRAZY… HEE HEE HEE!! OH, I LIKE BEING SILLY WITH MY LORD!!! WHOSE THE CRAZIEST, ME OR MY LORD??? I SAY JESUS, CUZ HIS LOVE IS THE MOST RELENTLESSLY CRAZY!! HE SAVED A CRAZY GIRL AND TURNED HER INTO A KINGDOM GIRL!!! YOU AND ME, JESUS, LET’S GO ROCK THE WORLD FOR YOUR GLORY!! I AM STILL IN AWE OF WHO I SEE IN THE MIRROR!! THANK YOU, JESUS, INFINITELY AND BEYOND WHAT MY WORDS CAN EXPRESS, LET MY LOVE LAND ON YOUR HEART, MULTIPLY IT AND SOW IT IN UNTO YOUR GLORY!!! OH, I HAVE NEVER MADE IT THROUGH UNTO COMPLETION IN ANYTHING IN MY LIFE!!! YOU ARE ABOUT TO OPEN MY EYES TO THE JOYS OF ENDURING THE RACE WITH FAITH!!! YOU MAKE ME BRAVE, JESUS!!! YOU GOT ME HERE!!! YOU GAVE ME THE STRENGTH TO GET HERE!! YOU LAY THE FOUNDATION, CLEAR THE WAY, MAKE A PATH, SUPPLY GRACE LIBERALLY TO CARRY ME DOWN THE PATH THAT YOU LIGHT UP BEFORE ME, SLAY THE ENEMIES BEFORE THEY CAN TOUCH ME, HOLD UP MY SHIELD OF FAITH FOR ME, AND GIVE ME SWEET VICTORY!!! ALL YOU SAID TO ME WAS LOVE ME!!! AND EVEN IN THAT I SEE YOU CARRY ME AND GRACEFULLY SUPPLY ME THE POWER TO DO THAT IN MY OWN WEAKNESSES TOO!!! WHO IS THIS JESUS??? HE IS MORE THAN I THOUGHT HE WAS!!! I AM LOOKING UP!!! I AM SO IN LOVE WITH YOU, MY LORD!!! NO ONE CAN SNATCH ME FROM YOUR HANDS!!! NO ONE CAN TAKE YOUR LOVE AWAY FROM ME!!! NOT EVEN ME!!! I CAN’T MESS THIS UP, CUZ YOU ARE THE SOVEREIGN LORD AND YOU ARE ALWAYS INFINITELY MORE THAN ANYTHING THAT SETS ITSELF UP AGAINST ME AND THE GLORY OF THE FATHER!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH FATHER!!! YOU MAKE ME THE HAPPIEST OF DAUGHTERS!! YOUR GOODNESS IS MY TREASURE, IT TRULY IS!!! IT IS SO OVERWHELMING!!! I HAVE NEVER KNOWN SUCH GOODNESS!!! OH, YOUR GOODNESS IS RELENTLESSLY OVERPOWERING AND SO AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL TO ME!! YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL TO ME, JESUS!!! MAKE ME LOVE YOU WITH A RELENTLESSLY CRAZY LOVE, MY LORD!! I LOVE YOU MORE AND MORE!! I REALLY DO!! BECAUSE YOU MAKE ME WHO I AM CALLED TO BE, MY LORD!! I OWE MY ALL TO YOU, KING JESUS! IN YOUR PRECIOUS NAME I PRAY. AMEN AND AMEN.

  13. Thank you so much for this devotion and got this ministry. You have no idea how much these devotions are helping me through a particularly rough time in my life. Thank-you Lord for the trials. Thank you for helping me build my faith in you. You are in control totally and have an amazing plan for my life. I will not be weighed down and side tracked by worry and fear. These are not of you. Help me to continually lay my cares at your feet (and leave them there). Thank you Lord. Amen

  14. I really need prayer my family is falling apart my husband puts other women before me my daughters are not talking to each other my grandson is being taking away from my daughter my husband huts my feelings I tried telling him he doesn’t listed I pray for grace favour over my girls things just keep falling apart please pray.

    1. Shalom dear,it shall be will in Jesus name! Nothing s permanent except tha goodness of our Lord. That s the only thing that never changes with time. The Lord will hold your hand in ths storm,He’ll calm the storm for yu! You’ll walk on water, walk over and past your problems of only yu believe in Him and don’t doubt Him. A praying woman holds her family together, my dear sister don cease praying, pray and all will b well.

  15. Aʍɛռ, Gʟօʀʏ tօ ɦis ռaʍɛ. Pʀaɨsɛ tɦɛ Lօʀɖ. Mʏ Gօɖ ɨs Faɨtɦʄʊʟ unto tɦɛ ɛռɖ.Iռ ɦɨʍ I aʍ ʋɨċtօʀɨօʊs Tɦaռҡ ʏօʊ Lօʀɖ ʄօʀ ʄaɨtɦʄʊʟռɛss.

  16. Praise the Lord hallelujah!
    For not letting the pain of my past outweigh my glorious future, and speaking to my heart💕

  17. DOTK,it perked me in my spirit when u said,”GOD will NEVER let Tue pain of your past outweigh the Glorious Future!He is FAITHFUL,Wow!THAT spoke to me very LOUD!!!I’m going to meditate on those words! Thank u

  18. Catherine Marchildon, I prayed for you on yesterday’s post. Please go back and pray it for yourself. I love you my sister. God has laid you close to my heart. It beats with you in the dark. My prayers are carrying you, according to His Will and in His power and Authority. I am standing with you on the battlefield. I am holding your hand in prayer and encouragement and I am your fellow soldier in this battle. My sister, I am with you. God bless and protect my dear sister Catherine. Lead her back to these messages and prayers meant for her. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.

  19. Lina L, God just insisted that I encourage you and my phone is about dead. So quickly, Lord, bless Lina L’s heart and life. Whatever her struggles are I trust You to work them out in Your sovereign will snd providential timing, in Your beautiful grace and unending merciful love. I trust You to set Lina L free, just like You do me and are doing in my life right now. I love You Jesus. In Your Name. Amen.

  20. That is Beautiful Lord!!!! Absolutely Beautiful Heavenly Father!!! Your words Father are a lamp unto my feet!!! In the name of Jesus!!!! Precious Jesus!!!
    Holy Spirit thank you for Powerful Awesome Words Lord, your words Father!!!
    God bless your Daughters Father

  21. O Father how Great You are being aware of each ones struggles and having compassion for us . Thank You beautiful Holy Spirit for working through us and comforting those who need that prayer at that time! Your timing is perfect! On our own we are nothing and can do nothing. Without love we are like clinging cymbals which is noisy but when Your love is poured into our hearts we can do all things believe all things and love others through You. We are indeed Your hands and feet and are so greatful and feel so humble that the Creator of heaven and earth has a use for every one of us without us even being aware of what You are doing through us at that moment. Make us more aware of the needs of others and help us to move as You lead then we won’t be able to jump in while it might not have been Your will at that stage. Father You put the love in our hearts for each other. Help us to be a blessing and to assist where Your Presence is needed. Thank You for every blessing on this channel in the shape of a person. Bless them all their hearts are for You in sincerity. Thank You Cricket for blessing me through your prayers and pure innocent love. You are a treasure in His Kingdom. Thank you for Carmen , Anne , and every lady who so diligently pray for others so faithfully give them more of You more of Your Power through the Holy Spirit. In Jesus name. Amen!

  22. Yes indeed🙌👐👏 OUR GOD👑👑 is FAITHFUL and JUST❗💝🎉🎁🎉🎁🎉💯hallelujah SWEET JESUS WE LOVE YOU….THANK you for LOVING😢💝😘US FIRST ❗🌠🌠🌠

  23. I know God will not let the pain of my past win, he is faithful and just, thank you lord! Praise your holy name!

  24. To God be the glory! Lord I thank you for your faithfulness. Hallelujah! You are worthy to be praised. God does not lie and His
    words will never return void to us who trust and believe. Thank you Lord for your mercy. Lord thank you for all the ladies who post on DOTK. Bless each of you. Hallelujah! ! ! ! Glory!! ! ! 😃

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